It was quite a shock, both the fact that Miracle Queen and Style Queen have betrayed Hawk Moth and the power that was released across the world. Style Queen used the magic mirror for herself and made a wish that the world was hers. No telling what happened from that, but the rangers are about to find out. After the wish was granted, all of them were knocked out.

"Aw… My head." Nino said.

"Is everyone okay?" Francis asked as they all tried to get back up.

"I think so. What happened?" Marinette said.

"Guys… You might want to look around." Alya said. All of them looked around and it was not a great sight. Paris looked like it was a poor kingdom now. There were posters of Style Queen and Miracle Queen everywhere saying that they rule over.

"What is all this?" Adrien asked.

"Don't you guys remember?" Luka said. "Style Queen used that mirror and made a wish for her to rule the world. Looks like it came true." All of them saw what became of their city and couldn't imagine what the rest of the world looked like. As they searched, Alya noticed something.

"Guys! Our morphers are gone!" Alya said. All of them looked and saw she was right. None of them had their morphers anymore.

"I'm starting to get freaked here. What happened exactly?" Nino said.

"Let's have a look around. Maybe we can find some answers." Francis said. All of them got moving and tried to figure out what happened to their world. As they looked around, they saw akumas everywhere and innocent people seemed miserable.

"That's right!" All of them looked as they stayed out of sight as they saw Miracle Queen. "The world belongs to me and Style Queen now. Bow to us for we are your queens!" Everyone seemed terrified of her and the rangers didn't like this.

"What is going on around here?" Luka asked.

"If Miracle Queen and Style Queen rule over, what happened to Hawk Moth and Mayura?" Adrien asked.

"I'm not sure." Francis said as he looked around. He soon spotted Chloe. "Chloe!" He moved quickly and got down next to her. "Chloe…"

"Francis? What do you want?" Chloe said.

"What's happening?" Francis said.

"Get your eyes check. We're currently in the presence of Miracle Queen." Chloe said. "We've got to bow to her or we'll be punished."

"Everyone seems miserable." Francis said.

"Of course. Everyone is afraid of her and Style Queen. You do one little thing they don't like and you get punished." Chloe said. Francis wasn't liking the sound of all this.

"What about the Power Rangers? Surely there is no way they would allow this to happen." Francis said.

"Who are you talking about?" Chloe questioned and Francis liked that a lot less. Francis got moving and made sure Miracle Queen didn't see him and rejoined the others.

"Well?" Marinette asked.

"It's bad. Miracle Queen and Style Queen really do rule over." Francis said. "According to Chloe, the Power Rangers don't exist. She didn't know who they were." None of them were liking the sound of that.

"Maybe we should go check on Master Fu. Maybe there's something he can do." Alya said. They're all hoping Master Fu is even there.

The Rangers

All of them hurried over to where their base was suppose to be. They made it to the building, but it already didn't look good. Francis struggled to get the door open, but when he did, there was dust and cobwebs everywhere.

"Look at this place." Francis said. "It doesn't look like Master Fu is here."

"It looks like no one has been here for years." Nino said.

"I'm starting to get scared. Where's Master Fu? Where are our morphers?" Marinette said. "How come no one seems to remember the Power Rangers?" Francis thought of everything that has happened and has put the pieces together.

"Style Queen made a wish that the rangers, Hawk Moth, and no one would have the power to challenge her." Francis said. "She removed any obstacles that could stand in her way. Her wish actually took away the miraculous power. Without the miraculous power, we don't have our powers and Master Fu never came to Paris. She even took everything from Hawk Moth for herself. That must be why the akumas are still around."

"But how come everyone except us thinks this is how things have always been?" Alya said. "How come only we know the truth?"

"We were morphed when that wish was made." Francis said. "Our powers must have protected us before the world changed."

"Are you saying we don't have our powers anymore?" Nino said.

"Without our powers, how can we fight?" Adrien said. None of them could believe this was happening.

"No. There must be something we can do." Marinette said. "There's got to be some way for us to reverse this and restore everything back to normal."

"There is." All of them were shocked. As they turned around, they were faced with Sol Knight.


"I can't believe this is happening." Gabriel said as he was home, or what was left of it. "Miracle Queen and Style Queen have turned against me. Now I've lost everything."

"At least the miraculous protected us from the mirror's power." Natalie said. "I don't understand. Why would they do this?"

"It's my fault. I created them." Gabriel said. "For once, I did too well of a job. I made those two with the persona of mighty queens. Now they think they're superior to everyone and deserve everything. I thought that would help them win, but not this. Now, everything is gone." Gabriel was entering a state of despair. Natalie walked over to him and placed her hands on his shoulders.

"Perhaps the rangers will find a way to fix this." Natalie said.

"Ironic. I'm hoping my enemies will prevail." Hawk Moth said.


The Rangers

All of them were surprised to see Sol Knight show himself. He also seemed to have remembered everything.

"Sol Knight? You know the truth?" Marinette asked.

"Yes. My enchanted armor protected me." Sol Knight said. "I know of a way we can fix this."

"Why should we take your help?" Nino said. "We wanted the mirror safe, but you acted against us. If you would have worked with us, none of this would have happened."

"What good is assigning blame?" Sol Knight said. "Listen, I know you rangers don't agree with my methods, but there is only one way to reverse this. The mirror's magic is gone, but there is another." They didn't like him, but they listened to him. "There is one magical item that can fix this. The sun crystal."

"Sun crystal?" Francis asked.

"A magic crystal that can reverse this wish." Sol Knight said. "It's our only hope. If you can use its power, you can restore everything back to normal."

"But how do we get it?" Alya asked.

"I can transport you there to get it." Sol Knight said. "I can't go because if you fail, there must be someone here who's willing to fight. You must be careful for it will be guarded."

"We're suppose to get it without our powers?" Adrien questioned. None of them seemed sure they could do it.

"It might be dangerous, but we have to take it." Francis said. "This could be our only chance to turn everything back to normal. We'll take it."

"Very well." Sol Knight said. He pulled out his sword and gathered his power. He struck his sword into the floor and light began to surround the six of them to send them away.


Style Queen

Style Queen stood on the Eiffel Tower. She looked over the world that she believes belongs to her. She isn't going to let anyone take it away from her. Style Queen continued to look, but she noticed a powerful light in the distance. It was the rangers and they were all placed into a ball of light and flew off.

"It's so much fun ruling the world!" Miracle Queen said as she came by. "Those peasants kneel before me and I love it!"

"Yes. Hawk Moth created us and look what happened. He thought we would serve him." Style Queen said.

"As if. We don't do the serving." Miracle Queen said.

"Exactly. Which is why if we lost this, we'll be groveling for forgiveness and I won't allow that." Style Queen said. "You stay here. I've got six pesky flies to get rid of." She transformed herself into a stream of light and took off with Miracle Queen confused with what she's doing.

The Rangers

The rangers were transported away from the city and they landed roughly in a sandy area. All of them looked around and saw it was really just a wasteland.

"Where are we?" Marinette asked as Adrien helped her up.

"I'm not sure." Adrien said.

"Sol Knight said he transport us to the sun crystal." Francis said. "I might not agree with his methods, but I doubt he would just get rid of us."

"Look!" Nino said as he pointed across the field and they all saw a pedestal with a crystal in the shape of a sun glowing. "That's got to be it."

"You're right!" Alya said as she was happy they found it so easy. They ran for the crystal, but they were cut off as some warriors emerged from the sand and blocked them from getting near the crystal.

"Of course. Sol Knight said it would be guarded." Francis said. "These must be guards that are set to defend the crystal. We'll have to get that crystal with a fight."

"How? We don't have our powers. We can't morph." Marinette said.

"I don't think that matters to them. Here they come!" Luka said as the warriors charged at them and there was one for each of them. One attacked Francis as Francis ducked down. Francis tried kicking him, but the warrior caught it and hit him in the stomach. He kicked Francis back and knocked him down.

"Whoa!" Alya ducked down from one attacking her. She grabbed a piece of wood and tried using it as a club, but the warrior sliced it with its twin blades. He grabbed her and tossed her to the ground. Nino tried tackling his opponent, but the warrior drove his knee against him and hit Nino in the back. He lifted Nino up so he could toss him away. Luka moved away from an axe being used against him, but the warrior kicked his legs and knocked Luka down. He gave Luka a powerful kick and caused him to slide against the sand.

"Yikes!" Marinette ducked down from a sword being used on her, but the warrior lifted her back up. He drove her knee against her and tossed her aside with him kicking her in the back. Adrien tried hitting his opponent, but the warrior caught his arm and shoved him against the ground. He lifted Adrien back up and tossed him away with the others being pushed around.

"These guys are really tough." Nino said.

"We need our powers, but we don't have them." Alya said. "We don't stand a chance without them." They were all starting to feel the same.

"No!" Francis said as he stood back up. "Powers or no powers, we're still rangers! We don't give up!"

"He's right." Marinette said as she was feeling the same. "So many people are counting on us. We can't let them down." The others were starting to feel motivated again. They all got back in and got back in the fight. Francis jumped and swung his legs around against his opponent. He chopped and kicked him back. Alya flipped to avoid a sword from her opponent and gave him a powerful kick. Nino was able to tackle his opponent this time and had them roll against the ground. He stood back up and pile drive against him.

"Come on!" Luka dared his opponent. He tried swinging his arm, but the warrior caught it. Luka was able to switch positions with his arm and gave the warrior a powerful hit. One warrior swung a spear at Marinette, but she stepped down on it and held it in place. She spun around and gave him a powerful kick. One tried swinging an axe at Adrien, but he kicked it out of the way. He drove his elbow against the warrior and gave him a powerful kick. Francis was finishing his fight. The warrior kept swinging twin swords at him, but he flipped back. Francis moved his weapons out of the way. He kicked him and drove his elbow against him. Francis finished it with a powerful palm strike and sent that warrior flying against the others.

"Had enough?" Francis questioned. They were ready for more, but the warriors turned to sand.

"I guess they have." Luka said.

"The crystal!" Marinette said. Now that it seemed like they were in the clear, they headed straight for the crystal. It was beautiful sight to behold with a bright light coming from it. Francis carefully grabbed it and it felt like the warmth of the sun was right in his hands.

"It's amazing. I can feel the power in it." Francis said.

"So what are you waiting for? Use it and return the world to normal." Alya said.

"I know, but what am I suppose to do exactly?" Francis said as he tried to figure out what to do. He didn't get the chance because it was blasted right out of his hands and it shattered. "No!"

"The crystal!" Adrien said as they all gathered around it and Francis picked up a few of the shards.

"So sad. That was your last hope, wasn't it?" All of them looked and were surprised to see Style Queen was able to follow them. "You were going to use that to take the world from me. Too bad. The world is mine now and I'm not giving it up."

"You witch!" Francis said.

"Wrong. I'm a queen." Style Queen said. "I'm a queen that will be around for a really long time and no one will ever take me from my throne. Now, let's get you all home." Style became a stream of light again and went at all the rangers as she took them with her.



Style Queen was able to take them all the way back to Paris. They landed down with the rangers falling to the ground. As soon as they arrived, akumas showed up and grabbed a hold of each of them.

"You thought you could take away my power, but you can't. You won't." Style Queen said.

"You won't get away with this!" Francis said as he tried to break free, but the akumas hold was strong.

"How can you stop me? You were planning on using that crystal to take away my power, but I don't have to worry about that anymore." Style Queen said. Francis looked in his hand and saw he still had a few shards of the sun crystal with him. "There is no hope. There are no more power rangers."

"Why are you doing this? Why did you betray Hawk Moth when he created you in the first place?" Marinette said.

"Why? It's just how I was created." Style Queen said. "It's practically my nature to rule over others like a mighty queen. A queen is exactly what I am and the rest of you are just trash. You have no choice, but to play by my rules in my world now." The sun crystal was there only hope of breaking the wish and now it's gone. What more can they do now?

To Be Continued…