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Cautionary Fairytale

Under the hot spray of the shower jets, Sam sighed heavily, his fingers running through his long hair and brushing it all back. His heart was about to leap up out of his throat and flee his body. Or at least that was what it felt like. And he couldn't get rid of the now permanent feel of wanting to vomit either as his stomach did yet another unexpected cartwheel.

He was getting married.

He was actually getting married.

Reaching out blindly, he pressed a hand flat against the wall and bowed his head as another wave of severe nausea rushed through him. He had felt like this ever since Dean had decided for them that the wedding was still going to happen today no matter what. All of this was just nerves. Stupid, silly nerves.

Chuckling tiredly, he groaned and let his head fall backwards to the feel the warm water cascading on his face. He wanted this. More than he had ever wanted anything before. Dean was right. Broken clocks and all that. Gabe was his happily ever after. Hence why he was such a nervous wreck.

This had been a long time coming.

There were mountains of crap he and Gabe needed to work through. And the waves of lies lately were crashing against them mercilessly, trying to rip them apart and take them out to sea. And yet he didn't want to waste another day. They had waited so long already. He was tired of waiting. Damn tired. He wanted it, the apple pie life his brother raved about for years now. He wanted it so damn bad.

A choked cry rose from him then. He pressed his lips against his white knuckles to muffle the noise just in case anyone was listening. Not that he thought anyone really was. They were all getting ready. In fact, before he had entered the guest bathroom for his shower, he had seen Dean heading outside with Cas following in the navy suit Dean had once admitted was the one he loved best.

After feeling like a freak for so long, feeling like he didn't belong, that everyone he ever loved would always die and leave him, that he was destined to be alone forever, he wouldn't be anymore. His apple pie was a spicy, bourbon-infused kind with sprinkles, Skittles, and Sour Patch Kids. More laughs rumbled from deep within, his body shaking from the force. And, hell, if that disgusting pie to everyone else wasn't just what he craved these days.

He had spent weeks planning this surprise wedding. Only to have Gabe tear it all down out of fear of losing Sam. It had taken Dean of all people to fix it again. It was mind-blowing to think of all that. Sam had been so focused on their wedding, trying to get every detail right and perfect. Now, he literally didn't know anything other than who the wedding singer was, what suit he himself was wearing, and it was at his brother's house. That was it. And it was . . . something. Something he didn't have time to really focus on, but he was glad that it was taken out of his hands. Now, he only had to focus on himself, his emotions, his well being.

Rubbing at his face, he felt the scruff of his growing beard against his hand. And again, he smiled. He had considered shaving it off yesterday when they had still thought the wedding was on. But it was a two-week old beard, and he was getting used to it finally. It itched like hell, sure, but he secretly found himself liking it. Plus, he knew there was no way Gabe was shaving his off fully. And if he did for some strange reason, then Sam was going to mourn for weeks.

He grabbed his shampoo from the ledge beside him, pouring a generous amount into his hand. He had a spent enough time stuck in his own head for the time being. He needed to focus, or Dean would be dragging him out by his ear to the backyard.

He scrubbed at his long hair, from roots to tips, and repeated it a few more times obsessively. Ducking his head back under the warm stream a few moments later, he felt the thick foam rush down his long frame. He repeated this ritual with the conditioner he knew that made his hair extra fluffy and silky smooth. It had a bit of a fruity smell mixed with sandalwood to it, so he only used this one on special occasions. And he knew it drove Gabe insane.

Once he had washed all that out, he moved on to washing the rest of his body, scrubbing with a washcloth. His mind wandered again, recalling all the times before when Gabe had murmured soft praises against his skin and showered him in lewd comments of what he'd do to Sam later. He startled himself back to the present with a chuckle. No need to think about that right now. He'd see Gabe soon enough. As the warm water washed away all the grime and dirt (and all the remnants from their earlier lovemaking), he swallowed as his nerves reasserted themselves and reminded him of their presence.

His hand slammed down onto the shower knob, shutting off the water a moment later. And he bent forward again, drawing in a few deep breaths prior to standing tall again and stepping out onto the bathmat. He could do this. It was a piece of cake. He could so get through this without vomiting. He could. Right? He just needed to breathe. He toweled off, focusing on that and his breathing.

It was stupid. Utterly fucking ridiculous. He hated it but realized that his nerves were just a physical response to how badly he wanted this. When he heard a soft beep from his phone on the edge of the counter, he glanced at it and finished wrapping his hair into the towel before flipping his head back as he stood up. He wrapped another towel to cover his lower half and reached for his phone. The second he brought it up and saw Gabe's smiling face with the notification, he smiled widely. With a swipe up on his screen, he glanced at the message. It was nothing but emojis of eggplants, handcuffs, and confetti. He then chuckled when a photo popped up a moment later of a steamed-up mirror with the words 'Still want to be tied to this ol' dick forever?' marked on it.

Hazel eyes glanced up at the mirror in front of him, grinning widely when he saw how steamed up it was. Excellent. He set his phone back down and quickly finger-painted his answer into the fog. He snatched his phone, snapped the photo, and sent it back, snickering before he shut his phone off. He set to dressing quickly, realizing he had spent too much time in the shower. He could only imagine what sort of conniption fit his brother would have over his being late to his own wedding.

Ten minutes later, hair dried and styled just the way he wanted and fluffier than a damn bunny, he glanced at himself in the mirror, readjusting his navy-with-golden-hearts tie again. He still had a good fifteen minutes before he had to be outside, but he couldn't stand being in there any longer.

He cracked the door open slightly and glanced out. When he caught Jack walking down the hallway tugging on his shirt sleeves of his suit jacket, he smiled and whispered his nephew's name.

Soft baby blues darted up like a deer in headlights.

"Where's Gabe?" Sam asked.

"In Dads' room still."

"Okay . . . where are your dads?"

"In their room with Uncle Gabriel." When Sam's eyes narrowed in confusion, Jack added, "He fainted, I guess, according to Dad. I don't know." He then hastily said, "But he declared the wedding is still most definitely happening. He's perfectly fine. Just got overheated."

Sam laughed, nodding. Yeah. Overheated. Sure. That was the reason. "Where's your sister?"

"In her room panicking." He shrugged. "Supposedly, Kaia said she wanted to see Claire's dress the other day and now isn't answering, so Claire's pacing in there, thinking the sky is falling over it." He held up a hand, cutting Sam off. "Don't worry, though, Uncle Sam. I've got this."

He inclined his head towards his nephew. "Understood."

"I like your rings by the way," Jack stated a moment later. "I know I'm probably not supposed to look at them, just hold onto them until they're ready for them to hold, but I thought they were nice."

Sam smiled before he headed across the hallway, clapping a hand on his nephew's left shoulder. Jack looked good in his suit, taking after his dads. "It's fine. You can look at them. We don't mind."

"What does the writing say inside it, though? It was in a funny language."

Unable to keep the blush from his face, Sam glanced down. "Sorry, Jack. That's, uh, private."

"All right. Well, I should go see how Claire's doing."

Sam nodded and stepped aside, watching him leave. When the doorbell rang a moment later, he headed towards the front door. He waved Dean away when his brother stepped out into the hallway.

"I got it," he announced, thankful that his brother didn't argue. Answering the door was probably just the distraction Sam needed at this point.

He unlocked the door a second later and opened it, finding a bearded man about Gabe's height wearing an elegant face mask with the initials 'CS' written in ivory. He glanced down with a frown at the black-and-white suit-wearing man with a guitar case beside him. It took a second longer before it clicked that this was his wedding singer. He blamed the face mask and black thick framed glasses.

"Oh! Hi! Come in!" Sam stepped aside to let him in. He winced when he realized he wasn't wearing a mask. Idiot. It was too late now unfortunately. "You found the place all right?"

"Oh, yes. Thank your assistant for the directions, Sam," replied the shorter man warmly. "She made this easier than I had thought it'd be."

"I'm glad. Um, here. Let me show you where everything's happening." He turned away and headed towards the patio doors that led to the backyard. When he didn't hear the man following, he turned back and found the guy staring at a family photo of Dean, Cas, and the kids hanging on the wall. "That's my brother, brother-in-law, and their children," Sam explained quietly. It was a few years old.

"They're a very beautiful family."

"Yeah. I'll tell them you said that." He then motioned for the guy to follow, which happened this time thankfully. When they stepped outside, Sam's eyes widened, taking in all the white fairy lights strung up from tree to tree guiding down a makeshift aisle to a simple rustic wooden arch that had been shoved into two wooden barrels to keep it upright. Flower bouquets of something Sam couldn't readily identify were placed in the upper left corner and another in the middle of the right supporting beam with two more flower baskets on top of the barrels to hide where the beams came into it. It was . . . he had no words for how beautiful it was. Dean must have been up all the night working on this.

"Looks amazing. You're a very lucky man."

Sam chuckled, nodding. "Yeah. I am. Um, do you need anything? Water? A beer maybe?"

The jolly man laughed back, shaking his head. "No, Sam. I'm good. Thank you, though."

"All right. Well, you can put your guitar wherever you'd like while you wait. I have to get back inside or my brother's going to have a fit." He turned away, pausing a step later when he heard a noise that strangely sounded like something dropping from a tree behind him.

"Get the hell away from Sam. Now!"

Sam whirled back around at the new voice, his eyes widening in horror.

His wedding singer chuckled lightly, clearly unfazed by the newcomer that Sam was shocked to see was the same man from Radio Shed who had sold him Gabe's phone more than a week ago. "Lucifer! Son!" His singer chuckled harder. "I was wondering where you were hiding yourself."

A gun fired a second later.

Forty minutes earlier, Gabriel found himself in the large main bathroom, leaning against the sink counter and drawing in slow, steady breaths after cleaning up his beard. His head was bent forward with his eyes closed. His heart raced, thumping wildly as the vacant shower ran behind him. His mind swam with dizzying thoughts. More than a few times, he found himself wondering if the world itself was spinning or if it was all just in his head. He needed to calm down. He knew that. But there were only so many times he could recite the damn US capitals or count back from a hundred that he could do. Neither strategy was working. In fact, he could have sworn it was making things worse because he was so focused on not screwing that up that his anxiety-ridden and intruding thoughts became even worse.

Grabbing his phone from the edge where he had set it, he quickly searched for the number in his recent contacts. He needed Sam. Sam would work his magic and distract him, and everything would be good again. The second he found the number, he tapped it and closed his eyes, trying to calm himself in any way he could think as he waited for Sam to pick up.


His head snapped up in surprise when someone other than his fiancé picked up. His eyes darted to his phone noticing the familiar dark-haired woman on his screen.

"Eileen?" he gasped.

Well, that definitely snapped him out of his spiral. He panted heavily, blinking in confusion. Hadn't he called Sam? Why had it gone to her? He then noticed the words 'Sam's work' at the top of his screen. Well, shit! That explained that at least.

"Should I call Sam?" she asked kindly, staring back at him with wide, concerned eyes.

He shook his head, though. "No. No I'll be fine." Eventually. He winced when he felt his head lowering out of shame, realizing how stupid that action was a minute later and quickly forcing his head back up so she could continue to see his lips to read them. "Just had a pre-wedding panic moment and thought I called Sam but called you instead. Sorry."

She smiled warmly, her eyes lighting up in the gentle light of the office. "Your secret is safe with me." She mimed zipping her lips up and throwing away a key.

He chuckled back, feeling his heart start to recover slowly again. She deserved more than what she earned at that lousy law firm she and Sam worked at. So much more.

Needing the distraction like a glass of mezcal, he admitted, "Sam told me about your offer."

Her eyes narrowed briefly as she stared back. "Offer?"

"To be our future baby mama."

"Ah." She laughed and shrugged flippantly. "Considering the money I've already spent on it, why waste the hormones already injected, you know?"

He nodded slowly. "You're an amazing woman, Eileen. I hope you know that."

"You're just realizing this now?" she sassily replied, smirking. "Maybe if you'd come up from Sam every now and then, you'd know that already."

Chuckling loudly, he batted his hand towards the screen. "Oh, whatever."

"You know I'm right."


"Most definitely," she smiled widely. "This will be $500 by the way."

"What?" His head tilted as his brows furrowed. "What's $500?"

"This conversation," she deadpanned. "It's my hourly retainer fee."

Gabriel half-choked and half-laughed. "What?! No. Sorry, Duchess Sass-a-lot. You're going to have to talk to my sexy lawyer about that."

She crossed her arms and leaned back. "I'm sorry, Mr. Novak. He's currently unavailable today, and he's given me explicit orders not to disturb him under any circumstances."

"Is that so?"

She nodded firmly. "Yes. He's getting married to some Hollywood hotshot director."

He snorted, shaking his head. "Dude sounds like a dick already."

"Oh, I know. I told him as much." She shrugged flippantly. "However, he was quite adamant and laid out his case." Her lips twitched in amusement as she tried to continue her teasing. "The jury had no choice then but to give him a mandatory life sentence without parole."

Gabriel rolled his eyes. "You lawyers and your fancy jargon. Nerds. All of you."

Her eyes lit up with pure joy. "Careful. You're marrying one soon enough."

"Oh, I know. Clearly I can now successfully plead insanity later."

"Well, you could have," she replied glibly. "However, with your statement, you've now—"

"Oh, okay there, Judge Leahy. All right. I get it," he interrupted, shaking his head when he heard her snickering. "If you'll forgive me, though . . ."

She laughed warmly. "Go get your prince, Sir Gabriel."

"Prince? No. He's no prince. He's a fucking king." He smiled back one last time and then ended the call with a soft wave, feeling loads calmer than in days. She was one of the good ones.

The more he thought on it, the more he realized Dean was right. If Gabriel worried about what ifs, he'd miss out on so much. His older brother had always been out there somewhere. And it was only recently Gabriel had started to fixate on that truth.

He needed Sam like a flower needed water and sun. Sam was his reason to stand and bask in the rare warmth of the cruel world he had grown up in. Well, fuck that shit of letting fear win. He was going to get his happily ever after with his king, and Hell was just going to have to wait its turn for once.

He stripped off his boxers and stepped out of them, glancing briefly at his good shirt and pants hanging on the back of the door. He had no doubt Sam was going to be wearing a suit, jacket and all. And, damn, if that wasn't going to get him hard. Sam was always so damn fuckable in a suit. Shaking his head, he turned away and stepped inside the shower. He'd look like a slob compared no doubt.

The second he felt the cascading heat from the rainfall shower head, he closed his eyes and inhaled the steam deeply. All his worries evaporated away as he felt himself relax and give in. He knew he didn't have time to waste, having talked to Eileen for a good ten minutes. So, he quickly set to work.

His fingers massaged his scalp with the lavender mint complex Sam had claimed would be perfect for him years ago. Not that Gabriel necessarily cared that much. Hair was hair to him honestly. And as long as his waves weren't ratty or too unruly, he didn't care. But for Sam and his never-ending quest to help everyone have luscious locks like his, Gabriel used these silly $40 bottles of shampoo and conditioner. And he'd admit, he did smell rather nice after using them. They weren't too overpowering. And if he happened to recall times when Sam swept his fingers through the long waves, giving each one its own special attention while the two shared a shower, well, that was entirely beside the point.

He stuck his head under the shower head a second later, letting out a loud groan. It wasn't nearly as good as his shower back in LA, but it was a close second. He chuckled as his groan echoed against the walls. Poor Dean-o was probably hiding himself outside to escape, but, damn, this shower was nice.

He skipped the conditioner, feeling how silky smooth his hair already was with just that damned $40 shampoo. Honestly. And it was a wonder where his money went? $40 shampoo—what he did for love. Snorting, he grabbed the bar of soap beside him. Here in the palm of his hands was more of his money, thanks to Sam: Cedarwood and clove with a splash of whiskey.

The first time using it, he had noticed people all around the set sniffing him like crazy and later walking away with dazed looks. He decided right then and there that this soap would only be used for special occasions. Like, when one was getting married. It was, in fact, his third time ever using it.

His second time had been the night he had proposed, which his use had totally been accidental. However, the moment he glanced at Sam that night (having wanted to ask if they should leave early), everything just went Topsy-turvy. Like an out of body experience, he saw himself holding out the blue Ring Pop, his breath catching as his heart stopped, lost in Sam's eyes. It felt right. Like all the pieces he had been snapping into place over his life had finally finished the puzzle of his heart.

"I'm getting married today." He chuckled, shaking his head slowly as he rubbed the bar of soap over his skin. "Holy fuck. I'm actually getting married." Full-on belly laughs erupted from him then. He was downright giddy almost. "Not so much a coward and destined loner after all, am I, Dad?" He rinsed off once he had soaped up everywhere, inhaling the rich, manly scents. He didn't smell half bad. The water turned off a moment later, and he quickly stepped out and toweled off.

When his eyes caught the fogged-over mirror, he chuckled deeply. Oh . . . it was too good to pass up really. One of those ridiculous moments in a movie. And yet he couldn't just not do it. Who would he be if he didn't? So, once he was mostly dry and half-dressed, having used that entire time to think up his message, he smeared his words onto the mirror a few minutes later. He grinned when he finished, quickly snapping a photo and sending it and the emoji-laced message to Sam.

Turning away, he finished buttoning up his white dress shirt. If he had known he was getting married during lock down, he'd have chosen better clothes than this. In fact, he only had these ones because he was so used to having dress clothes on trips that he packed them without a thought.

When he heard his phone, he glanced at it, catching Sam's bubble floating about his screen. A second later, he brought up the reply and nearly dropped his phone as a result.

The photo reply was simply the words 'My ass is rather partial to your ol' dick, so . . . 😉' with below it a crude drawing of two dicks hanging from wedding bells—actually on second thought, Gabriel was pretty sure they were balls.

He stepped back from the sink, slipping as he did and tumbling backwards. When he slammed back against the door, he yelped and then groaned, rubbing at the back of his head.

"Dude, you good?" Dean yelled through the closed door.

"Other than going to hell for corrupting your brother," Gabriel muttered under his breath, slowly pushing himself up to his feet. "Yeah. I'm good," he called back before he fell back with a groan. Maybe he wasn't good on second thought. He closed his eyes and let out another low pained noise.

When the door opened a moment later, forcing him to move over or get hit, he grimaced more, rubbing his sore head.

"What the hell!" Dean shouted the second he likely saw Gabriel's bare feet. "Cas, get in here!" Bright green eyes then found Gabriel sprawled out. It took Dean a few tries but eventually he was able to squeeze through the cracked door and kneel in front of Gabriel. "What happened?" He gingerly reached out, frowning when Gabriel leaned back instinctively.

"Nothing. I just, uh, got a little overheated," he lied. When Dean grabbed a hold of him a second later and lifted him up to his feet, he stifled a gasp, closing his eyes. Damn, his head hurt.

"That's it. Cas, tell Sam—"

"No!" Gabriel snapped, his fingers clamping down hard on Dean's forearm. "No! I'm marrying him, Dean. Come hell or high water. I'm marrying your brother today! Understand me? I am marrying that gorgeous, Thor-like moose today."

"Dude, you passed out!"

"Doesn't matter. I'm fine," he argued, shaking his head and pointedly ignoring the slight ache he felt in the back of his neck at that action. He was going to marry Sam, and he'd fight heaven and hell to do it if he had to honestly.

When his brother's deep sapphire eyes met his after Cas had walked in, he glanced away guiltily, keeping his eyes far from the stupid mirror that had set off this whole chain of misfortune events.


Gabriel just barely held in his groan at the sound of his nephew's voice. Great. More people.

"Everything's fine, Jack. Your uncle just got a little overheated and passed out."

"Is he all right?" his nephew called out. Damn kiddo had his dads' good hearts.

"Yeah. He's good. Just make sure Uncle Sammy knows wedding's still on, all right?"

"Got it."

Dean's head then turned, unfortunately towards the mirror. Green eyes widened to saucers before he whirled back with a murderous glare. He took a threatening step towards Gabriel.

"And don't worry about Claire," Jack called out innocently, having no clue he just saved his uncle from certain death. "I'll handle her too, Dad. Love you."

"Claire?" Dean whirled back towards his bedroom, seemingly forgetting all about Gabriel. "What the hell did he mean by that?" He glanced at Cas. "What's wrong with Claire?"

"Kaia asked to see a photo of her in her dress before the wedding since she can't make it today. However, Claire hasn't received a reply since she sent the photo."


Gabriel glanced at Dean, realizing with relief that his brother-in-law was still talking to Cas, not him. Whew! At least the attention was off him for once.

"How do you know this?"

"Because when I went to check on her," Cas replied with a deep frown, "she told me and then promptly kicked me out, claiming I couldn't understand what she was going through."

"Poor kid," Gabriel muttered, eyes widening when he heard himself. Oh, crap!

"Poor kid?" Dean repeated growling, glancing back at the groom-to-be with a pointed look. He then inhaled sharply before he spoke again. "Look, man. I get it. I've been there. The whole blitzed out, happy jitters time before a wedding, but you have to learn boundaries. Like, for real here. I mean, how would you like it if I fucked your brother directly in front of you, dude?"

"Well," he replied, shrugging, "you sort of eye fuck every chance you get, so . . ."

The doorbell ringing saved him from the no doubt snarled reply that was to come.

When Dean stepped out in the hallway soon after, leaving the two brothers alone, Cas and Gabriel glanced at one another awkwardly. Without a word, his youngest brother wrapped an arm around his waist, helping him to one of the bedroom chairs.

"I understand," Cas quietly murmured after a moment of silence. He smiled faintly when amber eyes darted upwards in surprise. "Dean and I snuck out before our wedding, claiming how we needed space. In reality, though, we just needed to see each other. To have a moment that was just ours."

Gabriel half-laughed. "I sort of fucked up your wedding that day, didn't I?"

"On the contrary," Cas countered with a shrug, "you may have actually helped it by being otherwise distracted." When he caught the confusion, he explained. "If you had been at my side, attending to my every need, I likely would have hit you for fussing over me. Or Dean would have."

The older Novak chuckled before he went to his feet and pulled Cas in for a hug. He said nothing when Cas instinctively tensed, only waited for the eventual slackening. "In case I haven't said it enough, Cassie, I'm glad we're brothers. And I'm glad you found your other half—even if he is a smartass."

A moment or two later, Gabriel sighed when he caught Dean silently step back into the room.

"How's the head?" grunted his brother-in-law, glancing between the brothers with a deep frown.

"Fine. Doesn't even hurt," he answered. He then sighed at the look of obvious disbelief. "Okay. A little sore, but I'm fine. Really. I know who I am. That I'm in Kansas and not Oz. I'm fine. Honest."

"All right. But if it gets worse or you start to feel nauseated or anything—"

"Trust me. Not going to puke on your brother." Amber eyes then narrowed when he caught the outline on Dean's hip. "Expecting trouble?" he clarified, jerking his head at the now holstered gun.

"More like a deterrent for you, asshole," his brother-in-law drawled with a forced thin smirk.

"Hilarious. But I'm serious." He caught Dean's pained look and felt his mood instantly sour. "Something happened, didn't it?" What mind fuckery shit happened this time? "What is it, Dean?"

Dean's lips pinched together before he said, "They caught your brother earlier at the hospital."

"Lucifer?" That'd be the best wedding present ever. Seriously. But it didn't make sense.

"No. Raphael."

Gabriel felt a chill run down his spine, his hand unconsciously moving to his side. "I'm sorry. I think I misheard you. Did you say Raphael? As in murderous bastard in Leavenworth serving—Dean?"

"He escaped."

"No shit! I figured that for myself, dumbass!" he seethed. "You knew?" he growled at Cas.

"Yes," replied his brother quietly, blue eyes lowering guiltily.

"Awesome." Gabriel stroked his beard with a cold scoff. "That's just fucking awesome!"

The doorbell ringing again drew their attention away.

Needing to feel useful and walk off his growing irritation, he went to answer the door, deciding if he saw Sam on his wedding day so be it. As if that would be the worst thing to happen now. He stepped into the hallway, turning to the door but stopped when he heard a familiar voice in the backyard.

"I was wondering where you were hiding yourself," laughed the jovial blast from his past.

Gabriel's head snapped towards the voice. Sam!

He rushed towards the backyard, his heart in his throat. No! Sam unfortunately stood between Gabriel and his older brother Lucifer and his deadbeat dad. As he caught Luci's hand raise, he felt it all instinctively slip back into place as if it had never left: all the training, all the darkness, all of it return.

The gun fired a second later.

The second Lucifer dropped down out of the tree he had been hiding in, he lifted his chin up defiantly and glared coldly. It had been decades since he had come face to face with the bastard that had fathered him. He could recall their last meeting vividly. The crack of his sister's head against his father's desk's edge still echoed in his head at night most nights, along with the piercing indictment on how it was all Lucifer's fault for startling her in the first place.

He knew better now.

Stepping forward with his head high, Lucifer stared back with eyes rivaling his father's that day.

"Get the hell away from Sam. Now!" he snarled, his eyes flashing in pure fury.

He would not stand idly by this time. He would fight and end this once and for all. Only then would he be truly free of his father. Free to be with his beautiful Chloe. Free to live in contentment.

He raised a hand up, ready to strike. Vaguely, out of the corner of his eye, he saw Sam whirl around in surprise. He brushed it off and kept his eyes trained on his father, however, knowing just how deadly and destructive the man truly was.

Too many people had been fooled over the years. Too many people had been destroyed. Too many people had believed the lies and the oh-so-innocent act Chuck Shurley had perfected for so long.

Lucifer knew the truth, though.

Gabriel knew the truth.

Castiel knew the truth.

And soon the world would know it too. They would know all about Chuck Shurley: infamous best-selling horror author by night/murderous monster by day.

He heard his father's amused chuckles and forced his emotions down even further inside. He could not miss. For if one were battling a snake like his father, the root of all evil, one had to make damn sure then he struck and cut off its head.

"Lucifer! Son!" his father called out. "I was wondering where you were hiding yourself."

A gun fired a second later.

Chuck watched his future son-in-law's retreating form silently with a faint smile. He could see why Gavriel was so enamored. Sam was the kindest, gentlest souls he'd ever met. And yet there was a fight, a darkness even. Yes, Sam was exactly the person Chuck wanted for a son-in-law.

It would take time to break Sam of course. Just as it would with Dean no doubt. But Chuck knew it could be done. The Winchesters may have been rumored to be a force to be reckoned with, but that only made it sweeter in his experience when they'd eventually break. He'd be merciful, though. He wasn't a monster. For if he were, Dean never would've been rescued all those years ago. Did anyone know the truth of his interference? He supposed not. The scene had been staged too well.

At the sound of a loud thump behind him, Chuck whirled around, taken by rare surprise.

"Get the hell away from Sam. Now!"

Chuck stared back, merely chuckling in response. His stormy blue eyes sparkled in glee at the sight of his wayward son. Here he thought he'd only bring Gavriel and Cassiel back. Never had he dreamed in a million eons of the prospect of collecting his rumored most favored of all too.

"Lucifer! Son!" Relief shone brightly. "I was wondering where you were hiding yourself."

Oh, this made so much sense. Of course! Of course Lucifer would've come here! Oh, his boys! His foolish boys! It had been too long. So long since they had all been together. Since they had been a family instead of the fractured house of horrors they were nowadays.

When he heard the patio door open shrilly a second later, he whirled back towards it. His eyes widened at the approaching man from inside the house.


All at once, he recalled the horror-filled whiskey eyes staring back numbly the night before his son ran. Now, he could see the results of that ill-fated day. What came out of that horror and fears.

Where once was his sweet little boy, afraid to embrace his true self, now stood the man, born from the pain inflicted upon him by his loving father.

The gun fired a second later.

The jarring sound of a gun firing exploded a moment of complete silence.

The world held itself still, refusing to turn.

Everyone in the backyard stood stunned.

And then noises burst free, causing the world to turn once more.

First, the birds flapped wildly, fleeing the area in terror.

Then, the dogs off in the distance howled and barked their outrage.

Next came the low pained groan.

"You shot me?" Lucifer's hand slapped hard against his bleeding shoulder, as he applied firm pressure. "What the hell! I'm on your goddamn side, you imbecile!"

Gabriel stared back blankly, though, his gun still pointed in Lucifer's direction. He had only clipped Lucifer's shoulder, leaving behind a flesh wound. Hardly the worst he could have done.

"Now, Gavriel, was that really necessary?" Chuck chided with a quiet chuckle. "He wasn't going to harm me. Lucifer knows what'll happen if he does. Don't you?"

"If you so much as—" Lucifer growled, his voice cutting out sharply.

Chuck tsked, though, shaking his head. "Really now. What have I told you about saying things like that?" He then glanced back towards his other son. "You finally did it. You finally accepted who you are. I am so—Gavriel, I am so—" He forced another laugh. "When they told me about the accident, I couldn't believe it. Not you. Not my boy." He stepped towards his son, stopping when the gun moved in his direction. A flicker of irritation flashed across his face before Chuck blinked it back. He couldn't be upset over his son's reaction. It was instinctive, protective even. The lion he knew his son would always be if given the chance was before him in control. He'd be a fool if he didn't recognize it.

Another voice then added its presence. "Hands in the air!"

Frowning, Chuck glanced at the opened patio door. He snorted, his lip twitching slightly.

"Hello, Dean," he calmly said, leaning back as he folded his arms across his chest.

"You good?" Dean asked, pointedly ignoring Chuck.

Gabriel ignored the question, though. "Can't say I remember inviting either of you assholes to my wedding. Guess I should've figured you'd try crashing it." The humor was far from his dry voice.

"You think I'd have missed this?" Chuck questioned, trying to meet his son's gaze but failing as the amber eyes stayed far from his. "Gavriel—"

"His name is Gabriel now," Sam cut in sharply, stepping up beside his fiancé. "Gabriel Novak."

Chuck's eye twitched at the show of blatant disrespect. He'd give his future son-in-law a pass this time. Sam didn't know any better. He'd learn, though. Both Winchesters would learn in the end.

"Gabriel," Chuck corrected, inclining his head slowly. He'd play nice then. For now. "You're getting married, my sweet boy. I missed Dean and Cassiel's—"

"Yeah, he goes by Castiel now, you stupid son of a bitch!" Dean interrupted, earning himself a Chuck eye twitch as well.

"Of course. Of course. I'm sorry. –and Castiel's wedding. I wasn't going to miss yours, though." Chuck gave his favored child a soft, proud paternal look. "Now, you've had your fun. All of you." He glanced towards Cassiel and Lucifer. "But it's time to come home, guys. Your family needs you."

"Yeah, I'm good, Dad," Gabriel spat back. "Got all the family I need these days. Thanks."

"They're not your blood!" His patience was whittling away with these rebellious boys of his.

His son shrugged back dismissively. "No. They're not. But they're more family than you and the rest of the jackholes ever were."

"Gavriel!" bellowed Chuck, his last strand snapped in half. "Do not disrespect me like this! You are my son, my blood, my heir!" His eyes flashed furiously as his voice growled, "You will obey me!"

Soulful whiskey eyes lit up in sheer dark amusement, though. "Fuck. You!"

Wrathful blues glared back murderously before Chuck took a step towards his foolish child. When his son-in-law fired a warning shot near him, he sneered back. If that was how he wanted to play.

"Is that how you repay me, Dean?" Chuck raised a brow. "Really? After what I did for you?"

"Repay you?" he tossed back in utter disgust. "Repay you for what, dumbass? For abusing your sons? For making their lives hell? For being a sperm donor? What? What the fuck did you do for me?"

Chuck lifted his chin haughtily, his sneer growing even nastier. "I'm the reason you're not still tied up to that chair in that rundown house bleeding like a stuck pig. I'm the one who got you released from the cartel. Me! Not your precious FBI and all their resources. Me, Dean." When he caught the blink of surprise, he chuckled darkly. "Don't feel too bad, though. Michael said when he plucked you out, you were half-dead already, mumbling Cas's name the entire time."

"You?" Dean stared back, completely in shock, which was mirrored by Castiel and Sam as well.

"Me," Chuck repeated smugly. He then glanced at his boys. "You boys didn't honestly think that once I found out, I wouldn't keep tabs on you, did you? I have always done everything to protect you. To give you the best chances to achieve your true potentials. I'd have thought you realized that by now."

"You attacked Chloe!"

"To keep you in line, Lucifer," Chuck hissed back, glaring at his bratty child. "If you had just played your part like I asked, she'd have been fine. But, no, you had to grow a conscience all of a sudden. You had to pretend you're a good man." Chuck huffed a dark snort. "Tell me. How are the nightmares? Still hear your sister dying as you watched?"

"Because you made me watch her die!" roared Lucifer, taking a threatening step towards his father. He only stopped when a hand went to his chest.

"You caused her death, Lucifer! Not me! What purpose would I have had for her death? No, I loved her. Anna would have been a great addition to our family. She'd have done so much for our cause. If only you would have quit twisting her mind and telling her those ridiculous stories of yours."

"Ridiculous? You killed her best friend, Dad! You slaughtered that entire family and covered it up. I bet everyone back in Pontiac still thinks the Talbots are all on a fishing trip, don't they?"

"I never laid a hand on that family!"

"No. That's the thing. You didn't have to, Dad. You only had to snap your fingers, and all your yes men were oh so happy to please you. And if they didn't, they were never to be seen again. You forget. You raised us, ol' man, to be sinners and killers. Well, here we are. Together again."

"Yes. Here you are," Chuck replied quietly, staring at his second eldest. He then snapped his fingers, amused when he noticed at least one of his boys flinched. So, at least one wouldn't need too much retraining again.

Gabriel and Cas quickly moved in front of Sam and Dean respectively in obvious protective stances. Lucifer's eyes narrowed on the newcomers.


"Lucifer," replied the tall, lean, muscular, pale green-eyed man as he stepped from out behind the side of the house. He was flanked by two other men and two ladies.

"Luci, it's not what you—" murmured one of the men quietly, raising his hand placatingly.

"If you finish that ridiculous lie, Amenadiel, I will kick your ass," growled Lucifer before glancing back at his father.

"Naomi?" Cas whispered, though, when his former boss stepped up beside Chuck.

"Hello, Castiel," she replied with a faint smile, lightly placing a hand on Chuck in a loving way.


"Yes." She nodded. "I know what you're thinking. But he didn't brainwash me or any of that. What your father is trying to accomplish—"

"He's trying to murder the world for his damned stories!"

"No, Castiel. He isn't. Your father is merely trying to fix a broken world. I know what he did to you. What he did to all of you," she admitted, glancing at the estranged Shurley sons. "However, he had to, gentleman. I mean, just look at yourselves now. The leader. The lover. The fierce warrior. The defender. He did that. He made all of you into the strong soldiers you are now. Don't you see that?"

"Where's Crowley?" Dean barked, still holding his gun pointed in their direction regardless of the fact they were grossly outnumbered.

"Unconscious in the basement. He'll be fine once the sedative wears off," she answered calmly. "I made sure no harm came to him."

"And the rest of the team?"

"Subdued," Michael replied flatly.

"But don't worry. They'll be fine as well," Amenadiel stated, holding out a hand. "Father asked us not to harm any of them."

"Except for Andres the other day at the safe house, you mean," Gabriel remarked dryly, glaring at his older brother.

"He disrespected you," Chuck explained with a huff of disbelief, meeting the angry amber. "I wasn't going to stand for it. So, he had to learn a lesson. Be made an example to others."

"And Billie? Where's she?"

"Not your problem, Dean," Chuck stated with a flippant shrug. His entire personality then shifted away from the cold, unfeeling father to complete softness and warmth. "Hello, kids."

Jack and Claire hovered in the doorway of the house with matching confused looks.

"And you must be Kaia," Chuck grinned when he noticed the nicely dressed young woman standing behind Claire. "You're very beautiful, and I've heard such wonderful things about you."

"Who are—Dad?" Both Jack and Claire turned towards Dean and Cas.

"Stay inside the house, kids. It's all right," Dean replied firmly, his glare leveled on Chuck.

"How can you follow him?" Gabriel demanded of his brothers, pointedly ignoring Hannah and Naomi. "After what he did to us? How can you still follow him?"

"Because Naomi's right," Amenadiel remarked. "Everything Father has done, it's for the good of mankind. He needed to prepare us for the harsh realities of life. Who are we to question—"

"He's a monster, Amenadiel," Lucifer stated coldly. "Open your eyes. He will do whatever it takes to win, to continue his blood lust, to play out his perfect story."

"It's not blood—wow!" Chuck scoffed, shaking his head. "I mean, wow! I knew you resented me, but to say that? I-I'm utterly flabbergasted. I honestly have no words right now."

"Good. It'll make this easier then," another voice joined in.

"You?" Chuck growled as Billie then walked out from where Michael had earlier. "How did you get out?" He glanced at his eldest who didn't react in the slightest at this setback.

"Me? Eh." She shrugged lightly. "You clearly didn't do your homework." She smiled haughtily. "My dad was a Navy Commander. He'd have been ashamed if I didn't know how to slip out of ropes."

Chuck sneered and shook his head in disgust. "Well, odds still are in my favor, so, you know." He waved his hand dismissively. "Now, come on, boys," he addressed his rebellious children. "Let's go home. Before I get really, really mad. And you really don't want that, do you?"

"You know, Daddio, I've had a long time to think on your words from that night," Gabriel admitted, lifting his head up with a blank look. "How you sat me down in your study. Told me how I was being a coward for not wanting to choose between Cas and Anna. How the answer was obvious. How if I kept on my path, I'd be weak, pathetic, alone, unloved, etc."

Chuck's brow raised but he said nothing.

"You wanted a lion? You wanted me to be a leader? To be you, Dad?"

"Yes," Chuck stated, nodding. "That's all I've ever wanted. For you to take your rightful place. To be who you were meant to be, Gavriel! The others never understood what needed to be done. They didn't understand what we do. That people deserve to be punished for their actions. That pain teaches lessons the best out of everything. That actions have consequences. If there are no lessons—"

"—then there is no pain. And if there is no pain, how will one ever know true happiness?" Gabriel recited neutrally, his eyes blank and heartless.

"Exactly! You remember!" Chuck laughed happily, ignoring the others. "I was worried you wouldn't. That you had shed that part of you to embrace this new persona." When Sam's hand gently reached out towards his son, Chuck felt a brief spark of wrathful fury rise, but he pushed it down again. "I won't punish you for running. I promise. I know now you needed it. You needed to be on your own two feet. I was holding you back. It's clear now. But you learned. I can see it in your eyes. You know the truth, Gavriel. You know I'm right."

"I do," his son replied flatly.

"Then come back. Sam is yours. He's untouchable. So are Dean and the kids. And Chloe too, Lucifer. You can all have your pets. I don't care. If that's what you need to come home, then fine. I'll accept it. They can come as well. Honestly, it'll make it easier later on in the next installment."

His favorite seemed to consider the words for a moment before a quiet, amused chuckle erupted.

"Gavriel?" Chuck took a step towards his son, moving out of Naomi's reach.

"You see, there's just a tiny flaw here, though."

"Oh? What's that?" he asked, unexpectedly feeling uneasy at the statement. There couldn't be.

His son's eyes lit up happily. Pure sunshine radiated out of the soulful whiskey that held Chuck's icy, cold blues.

"Gavriel?" he repeated quietly, his mind racing to figure out what he was missing here.

A second later, a fist slammed hard against Chuck's face, sending him sprawling backwards onto the ground with a cry of surprise. He slammed hard onto the ground with the wind knocked out of him.

Naomi gasped in surprise, glancing down at Chuck with wide eyes.

Michael instantly pointed his gun at her then, staring at her taciturnly.

Amenadiel grabbed a hold of Hannah in turn to keep her from escaping, glancing back at his brother who stared down at their father a second later with a self-satisfied smirk on his face.

Castiel pointed his weapon at Uriel, who looked on disdainfully.

"Long live the king," Gabriel stated brusquely, his lips twitching into a dark grin as he kept his weapon trained on his shocked father.

"Wha—I don't understand," Chuck stuttered, glancing up at his son.

How was this possible?

"Chuck Shurley, you are under arrest for the murders of—frankly too many people to list right now," Billie remarked dryly, nodding to Michael who yanked a stunned Chuck to his feet. She slapped her handcuffs onto Chuck's wrists a moment later.

A few minutes later, more agents rushed into the backyard with their weapons drawn, quickly taking control of the scene and rounding up Naomi and Hannah, whom Michael and Amenadiel had respectively taken into custody already. Another agent bagged and tagged Gabriel's gun, handing him a slip of paper with the number of the local office. The ladies with Chuck and Uriel were then escorted away soon after without further incident, leaving them alone again in the backyard.

"What the hell just happened?" Sam asked, glancing from Gabriel to Billie to his brother.

"Dude, did you just Lion King your dad?" Dean interrupted, though, laughing loudly. "Fuck!"

"Gabe, seriously, what the hell just fucking happened here?" Sam repeated, glancing over at Amenadiel and Michael suspiciously.

"I apologize for ruining your wedding day, gentlemen," Billie stated with a gentle smile as she stepped forward to take charge. "Michael reached out earlier with this plan, and I approved it."

Dean inhaled sharply.

"Wait. You knew Naomi was involved that day, didn't you?" Dean asked with a scoff. "You dangled me in front of her. It's why you didn't dress me down for not following orders."

"Yes," she admitted. "My first meeting with her she was very curious about you for some reason. I thought it was over the fact that you had wounded Castiel years ago, but something just felt off. So, naturally, I dug a little and learned of her trips to Pontiac the past few years. I didn't realize she was involved with Chuck until Michael approached me."

Sam carried it on from there. "So you two were—"

"Playing our parts so to speak, yes," Amenadiel replied with a kind smile. He then glanced at Lucifer. "I was sorry to hear about Chloe."

"Not sorry enough to tell me about this idiot plan of yours, though, clearly," Lucifer shot back huffily, wincing as he applied more pressure against his bleeding shoulder. His eyes darted to Michael then. "And you . . ."

"Sorry to disappoint you yet again, but still not the dick you believe me to be," Michael replied with a half-shrug.

"You used us as bait," Sam declared.

"Yes. We did."

"However, you were protected every step of the way, Sam," Billie claimed. "I assure you."

Dean placed a placating hand on his brother's arm. He tapped his thumb gently against him, giving Sam a pointed look.

"I regret any anxiety you may have had after learning you had spoken with me," Lucifer stated apologetically. "I didn't mean to unsettle you, Sam. I merely wished to speak with you just once. To make sure you were . . . worthy of my foolish brother."


"You are. Undeniably. However, I saw your actions in the backyard before you left and found myself curious as to what you were really up to. Growing up as we did, I was naturally suspicious of everyone who comes into our lives. We've been conditioned that way. But I also knew enough to trust my brother and his instincts, and it was clear he cared for you greatly. So with Gabriel and I both believing harm coming to you, but with a bit of skepticism on my part in case I was wrong, I could only do what I thought was right and protect you as well. As I've protected him secretly over the years."

"What?" Gabriel's head turned to his older brother. "What do you mean 'protected me?"

"Do you honestly think I was in LA by chance?" Lucifer replied with a raised brow, nodding grateful when he grabbed the offered towel. "I wasn't. I was there because I learned you were. Which I assure you—learning your brother directed your favorite pornography was an eye-opening experience."

There were a few quiet laughs.

"And then when I arrived in LA and saw you pick Castiel up from school, all I could think then was how Dad would discover how you were both alive and ruin your newfound happiness. So, I covered your tracks. I became showy, making sure Dad only focused on me, his rebellious son who lived to piss him off. And it worked brilliantly. That was until your proposal went viral."

"Father lashed out once he had learned Lucifer was the one hiding you. He had us comb through the records, discovering about Castiel as well."

"Amenadiel and I were able to keep him from coming sooner," Michael admitted. "However, once he learned of the wedding, Dad was like a dog with a bone, rabid and desperate. I reached out to Billie as soon as I could then, alerting her to his plans."

"But aren't you all, like, bad guys or something?" Claire asked as the kids slowly approached from the house, all wearing matching confused looks.

"Hardly," stated Amenadiel with his head inclining respectfully towards the kids.

"For the record, every kill I have ever committed was in self-defense and for the greater good of the country, not because of Dad," Michael replied a second later, crossing his arms. "I was to play Dad's role of Just Defender." He pointed at Gabriel. "He was to be Chosen Leader." He then motioned at Lucifer. "Loving Loyalist." He pointed to Castiel. "And Fierce Warrior." Michael shrugged. "Only we had better plans for ourselves that didn't involve murdering people for the hell of it."

"What about you, Amenadiel? What was your nickname?"

The man chuckled quietly. "Neither I nor Raphael factored into Father's plans. We were solely considered enforcers only."

"In other words, Daddy dearest was a racist asshole in addition to being a murderous monster."

"That," Michael agreed with a fierce nod.

"But all the murders—"

"Dad ordered them. Uriel and others like him carried his orders out. Everyone Dad ever told me to kill, however, are very much alive." Michael then glanced at Billie. "And if you don't believe me, then speak with your boss, Dean. I gave her a list of everyone ever ordered to death. And the locations of all known victims of our father."

"As have I," Amenadiel stated flatly. "It was a condition of our deal in fact."

Dean glanced at Billie, who nodded back in return.

"So, wait, you're good guys then?" Jack asked clearly puzzled.

"Eh," Lucifer answered with a dismissive shrug "I'm not really one for labels truthfully. Makes things horribly messy later when I color outside the lines."

Michael rolled his eyes as Amenadiel sighed heavily and hung his head.

When three more people walked into the backyard, everyone instantly went on their guard.

"You're late," Dean remarked wearily at the newcomers, glancing at the men dressed in suits.

"Oh, eat me, Winchester," grumbled Crowley as he strode towards them. "We were only locked in your bloody basement!"

"What he said," Ketch huffed, brushing off his suit with a disgusted look.

Benny, however, was the only one of the three who glanced at Sam and Gabriel. "Judgin' by your glares, you two sad saps still ain't married, are ya?" He snorted and shook his head when they didn't reply. "Well, shit, let's get you two married. What the hell are we all waitin' for here? Sunset?"

"Agent LaFitte?"

"Yes, ma'am?" Benny replied, glancing at Billie sheepishly as if he had just noticed her.

"Quit pissing off the grooms."

"Understood, ma'am," he mumbled, his eyes falling to the ground.

"Wait. I saw you hanging around the house like a creeper lately," Claire declared, staring at the balding man in the very nice tailored suit.

"Name's Crowley, love," he replied, tipping his head politely towards her. "I was tasked with protecting your family."

"Not well," Dean remarked.

"None of you are bleeding or dead, are you?"

"I am," Lucifer spoke up, earning a few glares from the others. "But I'll live naturally. Not than anyone cares here it seems," he muttered.

"Um, Sam, can I, uh, see you in the house for a minute?" Gabriel quietly asked after a moment, grabbing his fiancé's hand. He didn't wait for the answer before he pulled Sam behind and into the guest room. As soon as they were inside, he shut the door behind them, finally noticing Sam's look.


His hands were shaking, he noticed numbly as he stared at them. When he felt hands on his back a moment later, he let out a shaky exhale and turned back to Sam, glancing up and meeting the hazel staring down at him in obvious concern.

"Do you even still want to marry me today?" Gabriel asked. The words punched out of him fearfully. "Or, like, ever? After all that?"

Sam gave him a dimpled grin, though, and gently cupped Gabriel's face in his large hands.

"Breathe. All right? Just breathe."

He brushed off Sam's words, though. "I get—I mean, I'll understand if you don't—"

"Gabe, breathe."

"I don't know what—it was like everything just rushed back. And I just—he trained me to be like, but that's not me, Sam. I'm not—I swear I'm not—"

"Shh." Sam pulled him into a tight embrace, swiftly setting his chin on top of Gabe's head. "I know. I know you're not. Just breathe for me, though. Okay? Just breathe for me."

"It's not okay. It's so not—" He buried his face into further Sam's chest, drawing in as much of the offered strength as he could. "I haven't even touched a gun in years. Not since Cas was training to be a marshal." He closed his eyes, inhaling deeply. The scent of the musky cologne Sam wore surrounded him with the hint of Moroccan oil shampoo he used as well. "The second he told me how he wanted to be a marshal, I was right there, looking up to see what he needed to be one. I sacrificed everything for him. He was a year below the minimum requirement, so it gave us some time and see what skills he needed to work on. I quizzed him on stupid obscure laws and stuff, and if he got it wrong, we'd spar to keep him in fighting shape. It wasn't long before he was able to kick my ass. But it quickly became obvious how damn nervous he was around guns. It was why Dad was so hard on him, I think. Because Cassie didn't live up to what Dad envisioned for him. He didn't play the part, toe the line so to speak."

Sam said nothing as Gabriel continued rambling. He just merely continued holding him silently.

"I was the opposite. I mean, I'm not a gun fanatic by any means, but—" His voice cut out sharply. "So I took Cassie to the range every day for at least six months, and we were there almost eight or nine hours every day after his last class of the day. Until he could shoot without any hesitation, dead on his marks every time to the point where it was almost second nature. Until I was convinced he'd be a damn good marshal who could protect himself and others effectively—and smartly. Until I was sure he'd be safe and get himself out of any situation and come back home alive." Gabriel sighed heavily, burying his face further into Sam. He remembered the first year after his brother became a marshal and how many sleepless nights he had, worried out of his mind that something would happen. "And the second he told me they had accepted him into the program and how they had been so impressed with him, I locked that gun up in my room and didn't think about it again. I didn't. Not until Lucifer's call. And then all I could think about was protecting you. Keeping you safe. Making sure I didn't lose you. Because I love you. I love you with every fucking bit of my being."

"I know you do," Sam murmured, rubbing his back.

"It would destroy me if anything happened to you. So, after Dean told me that Lucifer had followed me out here, I kept that gun with me at the ready ever since. Just in case. Because I needed to keep you safe. I knew Dean would protect Cassie—and that Cassie could even protect himself. He had become a better shot than me, you see. But seeing Lucifer and Dad just now—I had to keep you safe."

"Gabe, it's okay."

"It's not, though. Nothing about this was okay." He pulled back, stepping out of Sam's embrace. "I lied to you. I hid this part of myself from you. And you—"

"And I'm safe. Dean and Cas are safe. The kids are safe." Sam stepped back into his space and cupped Gabe's face in his hands again, pushing his head back up somewhat so their gaze met. "We're all safe, Gabe. And your dad is locked up now. He can't hurt anyone anymore. Okay?" His eyes softened slightly. "Is it a little unsettling to find out that you had a loaded gun hidden away and were going to bring it to our wedding for a just in case? Yeah. It is, but so did Cas and Dean, it seems." He brushed his lips lovingly over Gabriel's before pressing their heads together lightly. "And, sure, when I imagined our wedding, I didn't ever think you'd shoot someone at it, but that's—well, shit happens."

Gabriel half-laughed, pulling back to stare back incredulously. "Shit happens?"

"It's seriously the only thing I can think of right now," Sam admitted with a shrug. "But your question if I still want to marry you, Gabe? The answer is always yes." He splayed his hand against Gabriel's chest. "I know your heart, your soul. I know how everything you've ever done is to protect the ones you love. To keep them safe. How you would do anything for us. Even if it meant hiding crap just to keep the peace, to give us a chance at happiness."

Amber eyes glanced down at the floor.

"However, that changes now. No more self-sacrificing bullshit. On either of our parts. Got it?" Sam gently pushed his chin back up. "We're partners. So, in the words of my brother, your shit is now my shit and vice versa. All right? No more secrets. No more hiding. No more lies. Not even if we think it's in the either's best interest. Because look what happens." He shrugged. "I end up inviting your serial killer father to our wedding and you shoot your older brother."

Gabriel smiled faintly, nodding slowly.

"Though, I will say this. Seeing you take charge like that, all in command and looking all damn powerful—I know it's a part you don't like—but I have never been more hard than seeing that."

"What?" he croaked, blinking rapidly.

Sam chuckled awkwardly, his eyes glancing guiltily down at the floor briefly before returning to Gabe's. "I may have a bit of a, well, power play kink. Possibly."

"Well, that I knew, Samshine, but . . . seriously?"

"Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying we enter the whole Fifty Shades domain—"

"Damn. I'll cancel the sex room addition then," Gabriel joked, grinning widely as his insides untangled at the lightness around them. Sam truly wasn't terrified of that part of him? Seriously?

Sam rolled his eyes at the interruption. "I'm just saying I secretly enjoyed seeing that side."

"Because you're a needy bottom?"

He shoved Gabriel back from him, scoffing. "Oh, shut up, asshole."

"Why don't you make me?" he challenged, his lips twitching.

They were crazy. No doubt about it. Crazy in love that was. Or maybe just crazy. Jury was still out deliberating that.

Or maybe it was the dust and drama finally settling, letting them be Sam and Gabe again.

"Because that'd make us even later to our wedding, and I'm tired of being interrupted."

"You seriously still want to marry me?"

"Yes." Sam glanced back with a hesitant frown. "Don't you?"

"Definitely, but now I've got that lovely admission of yours rooting around in my mind," he said, tapping his fingers against his head.

"What?" Sam barked a laugh.

"That's what made you interested, isn't it?"

"You mean, the night in the strip club bathroom?" When Gabriel nodded slowly, Sam grinned and shrugged. "You knew what you wanted and were completely honest about it, albeit obnoxious a little even. And the lines—Gabe, you have to admit. We have epic lines full of all the sexual tension one could handle. Eileen even says our lines are fucking hot sometimes."

He snorted, rolling his eyes. "So, my coming on way too damn strong—"

"You made me feel like I was the only person in the entire world that night. Like everyone else was just background noise, and it's just you and me against the world. And when you direct that damn attention even more on me? Man, I'm lost in it. Like nothing else matters."

"I'm a freaking mess, though."

"Maybe, but you're working on living with it. Gabe, I mean, you're putting in so much work. To make sure we are good as well as yourself. And that—that's something that is so—you want this. I want this for you. For us. I want to wake up with the sun on our faces in your arms, knowing how in your eyes I'm your happy ending, how I'm your never-ending Christmas gift. Yours. Just like you're mine."

"That's incredibly sappy of you."

"Yeah, maybe, but it's the truth. You're my missing piece, and I couldn't bare to live without you any longer. So, now that the darkness, the fears, you've been hiding for so long, now that it's all over with, let's get married. Let's scream our love to each other at the world. Let's get our happy ending, our piece of the good life, our family. Put all this in the past and embrace our future."

"I want to."

"Then, seriously, what's stopping you?"

"How fucking delicious you look in that suit currently." The words tumbled from his lips before he could stop it. "I'm seriously seconds away from saying 'Fuck it' and shoving you onto that bed." And that was no lie. He was only holding himself back because he didn't want to ruin their clothes.

Sam burst out laughing, shaking his head before he pressed their chests firmly together so every part was touching. His hand easily slid through the sandy waves before he gently tugged Gabriel's head back. His lips lowered then, and he pressed teasing kisses over Gabriel's carotid, nipping and lapping at it every now and then.

"You think I look good in this?" he murmured against the reddening flesh.

"Undeniably," he groaned, melting under Sam's fingers. Touch starvation was something he learned was definitely real and something he suffered from, thanks to this beautiful man of his.

"Just wait until you see the present I have for you underneath it," Sam smirked in pure delight and mischief into his ear. His chuckles were low.

Gabriel choked instantly, his eyes widening as he bit back a trembling groan. "What?"

His Samheart released him a second later, though, taking a step back. "Now, I think we've delayed long enough. Don't you?"

"You're being a complete brat today," he grumbled, stuffing a hand into his pocket to readjust himself slightly. A brat who wasn't playing fair in the slightest. Though, Gabriel only had himself to blame for this if he were honest. He had been the one to corrupt Sam after all.

"Come on. The quicker we say 'I do,' the quicker you can drive that thick cock of yours—"


His pure sunshiny moose chuckled, though, bounding out of the room. His shoulder slammed hard into the door frame before he continued and bounced off a wall in the hallway as Gabriel chased after him through the house. They both flew out the opened patio door towards their guests.

"What the hell?" someone remarked.

Gabriel, however, leapt off the steps, tackling his chortling fiancé from behind and sending them both hard onto the ground. He ignored everyone's outraged looks, focused entirely on his trouble-making fiancé. Sam's laughter increased, shaking them both. Gabriel grabbed a handful of leaves and mud from beside them and smashed it against Sam's face a second later, hearing the responding coughs and sputters of shock. Served him right.

A second later, Sam managed somehow to roll them into another puddle of mud, ruining their good clothes entirely. The two men then quickly felt themselves ripped apart from one another. And then came the raucous laughter as they caught sight of each other.

"Your hair!" Gabriel cried, doubling over at the sight of the fluffy, mud-caked locks.

"My hair? You should see yours!" Sam retorted, wiping at his muddy tears.

They were laughing so hard they were practically sobbing. However, both had only eyes for the other. Sam tossed his ruined jacket a second later, motioning for Dean to let him go. His brother reluctantly released him with a hesitant look.

"Ready?" he asked, holding his hand out to Gabriel with his palm up.

"Hells yeah," Gabriel drawled back, lacing their fingers together.

They then glanced at the onlookers of their friends and family who were staring back entirely shocked at their behavior.

"What? Haven't you ever seen a Wreck-the-Suits wedding before?" Sam said with a flippant shrug before he and Gabriel walked towards the archway.

"Idjits," a familiar voice grumbled from one of the iPads either Claire or Jack was holding.

"Oh, hush, Bobby," laughed another voice. "Let the boys do it their way."

"So, who's marrying us anyway?" Gabriel asked, glancing back when everyone remained where they were in shock still.

"That'd be me," Ketch replied, slowly walking forward. He raised a brow as he walked around the couple before he gave a quiet laugh. "You boys certainly know how to throw a wedding, don't you?"

"You have no idea," Sam quipped, squeezing Gabriel's hand.

Ketch lowered his voice. "I'm correct to assume we're doing this the non-traditional way, yes?"

They nodded in agreement with Ketch.

"Understood." He then addressed the rest of the crowd. "If the men of honor could join us up here sometime soon please?"

A moment later, Cas and Dean headed up there at the makeshift altar, stepping off to their respective sides next to their brothers as everyone else moved to gather around.

"Thank you," Ketch quietly stated. "We are gathered here today to witness the joyous, albeit slightly strange, wedding of Gabriel Novak and Sam Winchester. They have elected, as I'm sure comes as no surprise to anyone, to adopt a non-traditional ceremony." His eyes sharply glanced at the couple, catching Sam's minute nod to the unasked question. "Sam?" He stepped back a second later.

Loving hazel eyes met the radiant amber.

"I had these amazing vows all ready, sappier and sweeter than anything, but now—I don't know. They don't seem good enough for this moment." Sam gave a quiet laugh, brushing back his muddy hair. "Since you came strolling into my life, I've found everything I ever thought about myself be questioned constantly. You challenge me in ways I never thought were possible. And you show me undying love, unwavering support, and unending protection. Every time I think I have you figured out, you switch up the game on me. And I know the one constant, the one thing, here going for us is that our lives will always be a never-ending adventure. And just when we think it's getting boring and sappy, something will come up to challenge us and we'll kick it in the ass too. So," Sam turned towards his brother and held out his hand, grabbing the black band that had symbols engraved into it "with this ring, I pledge to remain by your side, even when you're driving me up the wall like usual. I swear to love you, even when you make that damn hard. I promise to fulfill your needs and wants, even when I really only want to punch you in the face instead. And I vow with my entire soul to be yours and yours alone."

"No 'even when?" Gabriel quipped, his eyes sparkling with silent laughter.

"Not with that one," Sam replied, smiling faintly as he slid the wedding band up Gabriel's finger. They squeezed one another's hands lightly, rubbing their thumbs against the other's back of their hand.

"Gabriel?" Ketch stated quietly a moment later.

"Yeah. I know." He forced a soft chuckle. "Just trying to think up what to say." He pressed his lips together in deep thought for a few more moments. "All right. I think I got something here."

Sam laughed, rolling his eyes in response.

"You are the first person I've ever truly loved, romantically speaking of course." Gabriel's eyes quickly darted from Sam's when he saw the shock. He needed to keep going. "I always talked a big game, thinking it was the only thing I had going for me. So, that night when you played the game with me, I found myself intrigued but reluctant that it could be real. Because I always found that once the fun was over with and the mystery was solved, I was left alone again. So I had prepared myself for it. But then you strode into my studio, not taking no for an answer until we talked. You showed me time after time that in your eyes I was worth something. And then we started dating, keeping it quiet. And you didn't argue once about why I would want to keep that quiet. We sneaked around for years. Then I asked you to marry me, and you surprised me yet again by saying 'Yes' when you had no reason to." He swallowed down his nerves, closing his eyes and drawing in a slow breath. "And lately everything I've hid from you has given you plenty reasons why you shouldn't. For every lie, every misdirection, every bit of darkness that's seen the light of day now, you just pushed it aside, though. You've seen me at my worst so many times. And for some reason, you still want to marry me. So, in the words of Asia—"

Sam instantly clapped his hand over Gabriel's mouth.

"No. Just no," he said, shaking his head firmly before he lowered his hand.

"—it was the Heat of the Moment!"

Sam groaned loudly as Gabriel snickered, turning and holding his hand out to Cas.

"With this ring, I pledge to love you forever. I promise to protect you and keep you safe always. I swear I will always be by your side, sickness or health, good or bad, even after you eat an entire pint of ice cream." Dean chuckled at this. "And I vow that there is no one else my heart will ever be tied to but yours and yours alone." He then gave a quiet laugh. "Until our kid comes around at least. Then I'm dumping your ass to spoil our child and love them with every ounce of my soul." He slid the black ring with silver engraved ruins up Sam's ring finger gradually before lifting Sam's hand up and kissing his ring while holding Sam's eyes.

"Well, now," Ketch smirked lasciviously "by the power vested in me by the state of Kansas, I now pronounce you both husband and husband. You may kiss." He then added under his breath, "Not that either of you have ever needed the permission before."

The couple laughed before they stepped into one another's space. Sam bent down slightly, laughing when he caught Gabriel going up on his tiptoes to meet him halfway. They turned their heads, lips brushing feather light against one another's for a second. When Gabriel pulled him further down, he chuckled but submitted, his fingers curling into Gabriel's shirt. They were complete and utter mud balls, caked with dirt and leaves. But neither cared.

Sam's free hand came up to slide against the side of his husband's neck, feeling the steady thrum of his heartbeat underneath. They tipped their heads more, angling more to be even closer to one another. The rest of the world was far from them. It was only them in this moment alone.

When he felt the surprisingly hesitant tongue gently prod, he parted instantly, inhaling deeply when he felt the familiar warmth. They breathed one another in more, tangling up even tighter. Their kiss turned more heated as time passed. Their fingers curled more, Gabe's in Sam's hair and Sam's in Gabe's shirt and against his neck.

When their lower bodies rocked against each other unexpectedly, the world yanked them back to the present at the sudden sensation that shook them. The newlyweds chuckled lowly, catching the other's gleeful, apologetic look. Their fingers twisted around each other in secret whispers of promises of later. Because there would be a fucking later. That was for damn sure.

They turned around and instantly were bathed in confetti and different colored powders by their friends and family. Sam chuckled quietly, shaking his head and sending more confetti to fall onto the ground. He glanced down at the ground with a soft smile before glancing out of the corner of his eye.

Gabriel instantly brought his free hand up and tousled his hair, sending the rainbow confetti and powder flying every which way with flecks of loose mud as well. He then made a face before he sneezed, more confetti and powder flying as a result. He smiled when Sam kissed his cheek.

"You're adorable," Sam whispered.

Amber eyes sparkled with such warmth back before Gabriel returned the favor, murmuring near Sam's ear, "And you're not going to be able to walk straight for a week after I'm done with you." He caught Sam's sharp inhale at once and chuckled quietly as he pulled back with a self-satisfied smirk.

As the day drew on, more laughs rang out as the fears of the past became distant memories. The family, chosen and otherwise, enjoyed themselves under the glow of the waning sun. An array of random music (country, pop, and classic rock from many eras) played in the background with sounds of joy filling the air. COVID was temporarily forgotten in their happy bubble.

"No. Seriously. I'm telling you."

"You aren't telling me shit, dude," Dean drawled back at his brother-in-law, sipping on his fifth beer with Cas at his side. "You're spinning your ridiculous tall tales again. That's all. Plain and simple."

"Then, how about a friendly wager, gentlemen?"

"Luci," frowned Amenadiel.

"What?" the second oldest brother remarked before he turned towards Michael who was off to the side talking to Billie, where he had been half the night already. "Mikey! Quit talking to the beautiful woman and answer this. Who do you think would win in a game of beer pong? Gabe or Dean?"

Michael crossed his arms in response before he pointedly turned his back to them.

"Well, that was rude." Lucifer then glanced towards his new brother-in-law. "What say you, Sam? Your husband or your brother?"

Sam snorted, taking a long sip of his beer wisely.

"You're an idiot," Dean scoffed. "Sammy knows I'd win hands down."

Gabriel scoffed, rolling his eyes. "No. Your brother just doesn't want to decide between the man he loves and the man who helped raise him. Cassie would be the same way."

"Gabriel," Cas said quietly, glancing down.

"Yeah, Cassie?"

His brother shook his head, though. "No. Gabriel would win at beer pong," Cas stated softly.

"Ha! See! Even my brother says so!" shouted the proud big brother happily. "In your face, Winchester!"

"Um, I hate to break the fun up, but, uh," Claire interrupted as she and Kaia stepped up to them.

"I have to be heading home unfortunately," Kaia continued with a shy smile, brushing back her long hair from her face. "I just wanted to offer my congratulations before I left."

"Thank you," Sam said, stepping towards her with an offered pink and blue dyed hand.

She glanced at it for a few seconds before she grabbed it and hugged him warmly instead. She then embraced Gabriel, laughing when he offered a hushed suggestion only for her ears.

"It was nice to meet you in person, Kaia. You're always welcome here," Dean declared, offering his hand as well to her.

Her face lit up brightly before she threw her arms around him, kissing his cheek. "Thank you." She then smiled at Cas, giving him a brief hug. "Thank you all for being so welcoming. Claire was nervous that—"

"Hey, I was not!" argued the blonde.

"—you wouldn't be once you found out we're together. It's not that she thought you wouldn't be okay with it. She does. It's just I've done some stupid stuff in my past I'm not really proud of honestly, but I'm getting better every day. And I love your daughter, sirs. I really do."

Dean nodded slowly, clearly at a loss of what to say.

"I'll walk you out," Claire quietly said, motioning Kaia towards the house.

"All right. What did you tell her?" Sam asked as soon as the two were out of earshot.

"Who?" Gabriel asked with a frown.

"Kaia. What did you whisper to her when you were hugging?"

"Yeah, man. What'd you say?" Dean asked, playing his favorite pastime, gang up Gabriel.

He shrugged back. "Nothing perverted. Just that they looked happy together and how she should go for giving Claire a quick kiss before she left."

"Well, aren't you Mr. Romance?" Lucifer snorted.

"I read," Gabriel drawled, taking a long sip from his glass of whiskey. His eyes then darted towards Michael and Billie as they finally approached.

"I should be heading out soon," Michael quietly stated. "Thank you for allowing me to stay. It's been some time since I've actually enjoyed myself honestly."

Gabriel nodded slowly, his throat dry. Everything he thought he knew was . . . different now.

"This is usually where the big brother tells you to watch over his bratty little brother," Michael said to Sam, "but . . . let's face it. Gabe's been watching out for him and Castiel longer than I've known him at this point. So, I'm merely going to say instead, 'Love him to your dying day' then."

"I will."

"I know," Michael replied with a soft laugh as he shook Sam's hand. He then glanced at Dean and sighed quietly. "I want you to know. I didn't know at the time you were married to Castiel. I merely followed my father's orders and extracted you. I only knew the basic intel concerning you. Your name. Your job. Your marital status. How many kids you had. Dad kept the fact that you were married to Cas hidden from me." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a business card, holding it out. "I know you probably have questions about then. I understand the need to have closure. So, whenever you need to talk or want to ask something about that time, you have my number. Just be aware I may not pick up right away. Nature of my job and all. But I will always get your message."

Dean glanced at the card in his hand and nodded slowly, swallowing thickly.

"Goodbye, Castiel." Michael's eyes then darted to his other silent brother. "Gabriel." He grasped his brother's hand and arm firmly, meeting his gaze. "You did good." He released him a moment later and sighed heavily. "Come on, Lucifer. Let's get you back to Chloe."

"But—" He yelped when Michael grabbed his ear and yanked him to the door with Amenadiel following closely behind.

"I don't suppose you can let us know what you were talking to Michael about," Dean asked his boss quietly.

Billie gave a gentle smile and shook her head. "Unfortunately, no. However, I do have something else for you, though." She pulled out a folded letter a moment later and handed it to him.

"It's approved?" Dean breathed in obvious disbelief.

"Yes." She inclined her head towards him. "Effective immediately. As requested."

"Dean?" Cas murmured, brows knitting together as he glanced at the paper.

He slowly unfolded the piece of paper and sighed, closing his eyes for a brief moment.

"Thank you, Billie."

"Don't mention it," she replied, waving away Dean's words. "Just do me a favor, Winchester. Hold onto that apple pie life of yours with both hands." She held his gaze. "Not all of us are so lucky to get that chance in life, especially not in the one we've lived."

His lips twitched as he nodded back jerkily, holding the paper numbly in his hands.

"Now, if you'll forgive me, I've got some paperwork to catch up concerning the mess you've left me." She glanced at Crowley and Benny. "I think it's safe to say we can remove the detail. So, consider yourselves off duty effective immediately. And enjoy yourselves, gentlemen. But I expect you both on Zoom at 0700 tomorrow morning with no complaints. Understood?"

"Yes, ma'am," both agents replied politely.

She swiftly turned away a second later and strode away.

"Dean?" Cas quietly asked, tilting his head slight to the right. "What is it?"

He laughed quietly, his eyes shining with unshed tears. "They're my retirement papers, Cas."

"Retirement?" Sam repeated, grabbing the paper from his brother's hand and reading it over. "You're no longer an agent?"

Crowley, Ketch, and Benny were silent but all smiled proudly but with a little resignation too.

"Nope," Dean declared. "This ass is finally going to do what I said all those years ago. Cas, me, Jack, and Claire. Toes in the sand. Couple of those umbrella drinks, man. Cas and me in matching Hawaiian shirts obviously. Some hula girls maybe." Dean's smile was wide as his eyes were bright and full of life. "It's time, Sammy. It's time I hung it up for good. I've been talking to Billie about it for years now, but if this shit taught me anything, well, hell, it's that nothing's guaranteed. And I want to live out the rest of my life with my family, the kids and Cas. I've done enough. It's in others' hands now." He chuckled when Cas stared at him with watery eyes.

"You've shouldered a great—"

"I know," Dean interrupted. "But I'm done. For real. From now on, it's just you, me, and the kids, Cas. That's it. Until you get sick of me and ship me off to Sammy's I mean."

"Never." Cas gently kissed him, full body sighing in relief. "I could never."

"Then you're stuck with me, angel."

Jack and Claire instantly hugged their dads tightly.

"Well, I'll be damned. Good for you, Dean-o." Gabriel raised his glass to him.

"Thanks, man." Dean kissed the top of the kids' heads and sighed. "Sammy?"


"Since your idea didn't work with the wedding singer, you mind if I do your idea?"

"What?" Sam jerked in surprise.

"I know the song, man. So I'm offering."

"You do?"

"Yeah. Eileen had sent it to me awhile back in case she couldn't get anyone lined up."


"Would I lie about that, dude?"

"Uh, yeah, I mean, if you could, I'd—that'd be awesome."

"Let me get my guitar then." Dean gave Cas a quick peck on the cheek before he rushed inside.

"What song?" Gabriel asked bewildered.

Sam chuckled, though. "You'll recognize it. Trust me."

Dean came back a few minutes later with his guitar in hand. He started strumming it with familiar chords, Gabriel's eyes widening instantly.

"Ain't no reason why I should have to worry," Dean sang in a deep country drawl. "I can run all night and I don't have to lie." He chuckled quietly. "Another lonely boy out to take a chance—" His fingers strummed slowly as he approached. "—in a lonely world filled with circumstance for each."

"Whoa. Dad can sing? Since when?"

"When the sun goes down, I can hear the laughter," Cas picked up, singing in a similar but slightly more on pitch drawl. "People all around that don't know what they want." His eyes twinkled in silent amusement. "Standing all in line, just to get a glance." His smile grew. "Spending all their time, searching for romance." His head cocked to the side. "It's nothing that's real."

"Living at night, woah-oah!" Cas and Dean both sang together. "Living at night, woah-oah!" Their smiles grew even wider. "Living at night!"

Dean gave a little bit of a flourish as he plucked before he glanced at his brother and nodded.

"When I see the lights, I can feel the tension," sang Sam, wincing when he realized he was too far ahead and Dean was trying to compensate for it. "The words aren't always right but the music's always loud." He held Gabriel's shocked eyes. "Standing all alone, do you wanna dance?" he sang, grabbing his husband's hands. "Well, I can take you home for a wild romance with me." He spun Gabe into his chest, swaying with the guitar and rocking against his husband's body, before he murmured low and almost raspy, "With me."

Gabriel joined in then as the three started to sing the chorus. "Living at night, woah-oah!" They all laughed, singing at one another. "Living at night, woah-oah!" Dean sang loudly. "Living at night, woah-oah!" Cas shouted up at the heavens. "Living at night, woah-oah!" Sam belted out, swaying with Gabe in his arms. The newlyweds were completely soft with one another, singing their song.

Dean played his power ballad guitar solo then, acting like he was performing in front of a sold-out show. The others laughed quietly with him as he exaggerated his strumming and did his best Slash impression. He then nodded a few moments later, signaling they could all continue.

"Living at night, woah-oah!" Jack and Claire sang at the top of their lungs, finally joining in, before they dissolved into fits of laughter. "Living at night, woah-oah!"

"There ain't no reason why," Sam crooned, grinning widely as he glanced down at Gabriel. "that I should have to worry"

"Living at night, woah-oah," Cas, Dean, and the kids sang in the background.

"I can run all night," Gabe's eyes raised, meeting the loving hazel, "and I don't have to lie."

"Living at night, woah-oah!" The family all sang loud and proud before bursting out laughing.