In early spring the Megakat city was leading a steady life. And during the last weeks, nothing special happened. Some ordinary cases like a bank robbery or a fire on docks were solved quickly and didn't demand the SWAT Kats. This time Feral was right and the Enforcers handled everything.

That day, when the story broke out, cold winds with rain were wafting above the rooftops of the evening metropolis. The sky was darkening rapidly, and there didn't seem to be anyone on the empty bridge. What living soul would want to stand here in the open space in darkness, cold and solitude? However, there was someone, watching the panorama and finalizing his malevolent plan.

– Soon we shall share eternity, my dearling.

Will she accept him now when there were no servants to be protected? When they both were out of their time and desperately alone in the so-called modern world? In fact, the last statement was false. She was to be resurrected yet.

Glancing at the murky waters of the Nedlog strait he wondered about experiencing the free-falling. There was nothing to lose, was it?

Before he stepped into the abyss, his pocket watch showed a quarter past ten.


Meanwhile Chance was ruling his tow truck outside the salvage yard. He was alone this time since Jake went for some affairs to his hometown. No one was complaining about going through the shortcut and the big kat was already missing the grumble of his partner. In some way, Chance was also leading towards his stamping ground: the new edition of Kat Kommandoes should be already issued! That was a good pretext to come to visit Bob Perkins. He wished it was not sold out yet.

Passing the strait Chance saw someone's little posture standing on a bridge arm. He snorted:

– What for?

The posture disappeared in one instant. Did he jump?

This little scene left a hard feeling in Chance's heart. He always thought life deserves to fight for and that kat didn't share his opinion. In his judgment, there was no need to hurry cause one day everyone would meet their end. How strange, he never liked thinking a lot about such things, but...

– Hey, watch where you're going!

Chance's car almost got hit by another one. Better be more careful. That was not a Turbokat in the sky. He tried to get off turning on the radio and quickly forgot about the incident. Finally, he was approaching the comic kiosk!


– Chance, I'm back! Is everything OK?

The cinnamon kat entered the empty repair shop. Finally, he was at home. He meant his real home, not the place of birth... But the silence and darkness were the only ones who met him. Jake stopped on the threshold.

– Chance? - there was no sound from the distant part of the garage. That was a little weird. Where would Chance go so lately? 10.30 p.m. Probably something happened? But the portative alarm trigger remained silent.

Having left his suitcase Jake went out of the shop only to find that the tow truck was also missing. Well, everyone has his own affairs, he tried to find a suitable explanation. At least he could change clothes after travel. Having mounted upstairs Jake peered into the Chance's room. There was a carton box on his bed with some comics laying outside. Jake let himself have a tired smile:

– Ah, sometimes he's like a little child.

He approached the bedside table and lied on a new issue of Kat Kommandoes bagged in cellophane. Probably that purchase was in vain, but still, it was a nice try to make something pleasant.


The Megakat city historical site keeping rare ruins of its predecessor was empty and spooky. In the beginning, Pastmaster thought about founding the grave of the queen Callista. Though her ashes were gone many centuries ago, there was a thing he could pick up. To resurrect his belle amour, Pastmaster needed the earth from her grave, something that belonged to her and, obviously, the Tome of Times. That last part was the clearest in his plan. He needed to direct to that Museum where the things being modern for him were exhibited as something ancient. But for now...

– Invoco servorum.

Some crumbly skeletons rose from the ground and knelt down in front of their lord. Pastmaster looked more decisive than the previous times since he was dealing not with a hunger for power, but a willingness of his love to be satisfied.

– Finden Callista immediately!

While his minions separated to find the necessary tombstone Pastmaster willed to approach the little Stonehenge-like arcade depicting four kats in long dresses with spiritual facial expressions. The barely seen Gothic writing said: "Here lien... faithful advocates of... first queen... known... Council of Elders... Dominus forgive... sins. 1193 AD".

– Where are ye now, my dear foes? I would like to settle my old scores for my long-term incarceration. - He grinned. - Ah, ye are dead. And I'm not. Soon I shall give a quietus to our argument.

– Looord... - groaned one of the minions.

Leaving the socle of the Elders' monument Pastmaster hissed:

– Callista is mine.


Parking the truck Chance felt two emotions. The first was anger, because as he expected the new issue did be sold out. The second one was confusion because he saw lights turned on in the garage. Who was that? Did Jake come back earlier than he announced? against every eventuality, the tabby grabbed a little blaster from the hidden locker. With a weapon hold up, he came up to the building. Someone definitely was there. Chance heard footsteps. And if the situation was not so dangerous?...

– Jake? - Chance called.

– Chance, you finally came! - he heard the familiar voice. Jake descended back slowly to the ground floor moaning. - Why are you so moody?

– I went to Bob Perkins and he sold all the comics about Kat Kommandoes, - he mumbled going back to the truck and hiding the blaster.

– No need to worry since I've bought a copy for you.

– Really? - Chance brightened. - Jeez, thank you, Jake!

Very pleased that his collection remained complete, Chance went to his room, carefully carrying a comic book in his hands. Neither he nor Jake had any idea that one of them would stop living that night.


- *beep* I will destroy you *beep* with this pathetic city *beep* of biological creatures to ashes.

- Go ahead and try it. You'll get your tail kicked, you bombarded piece of iron!

In the plot of the new issue the Kat Kommandoes were once again struggling with terrible Red Robokat, the "local" archnemesis, when the half-light garage sank in the sound of the alarm. Chance suppressed a second of irritation, postponed the comic book, and quickly jumped from his bed. As he went downstairs, he heard Jake pick up the phone.

- Yes, Ms. Briggs?

- SWAT Kats! Disturbing news from the History Museum. It seems the Pastmaster has returned from oblivion again.

- We're on our way, - Chance approached and answered fervently.


– Well, all that's left is to take back what's always been mine.

After jumping into the water Pastmaster decided to indulge in "being" without magic, so he broke the glass with his bare hand and entered the broken window. The shards tore his hoodie a little, but the bones remained intact as expected.