It was a warm and sunny afternoon in Kurain Village. Spring was in full bloom within the village as the flowers had blossomed with their own colorful patterns of red, white, yellow, and violet which were a constant sight within the village; and the sakura trees, which were planted by the villagers, were decorated with vibrant red and pink petals. Finally, the blue sky was almost devoid of any clouds aside from a few small, puffy ones that were dotted at random points throughout.

At present, the streets were mostly empty as the villagers had gone to work and the acolytes were currently training. However, there was one sole exception: a little raven-haired girl named Maya Fey who was currently skipping throughout the streets with a wide, toothy grin plastered on her face. Her purple hair baubles clacked together noisily as she continued her happy little trot. At one point, she was so contained in her bliss that she nearly tripped on her rather long hair. Luckily, she was able to catch herself in time and continued on her merry little way to a huge mansion near the village gate.

The reason for the little girl's happiness was because her Aunt Morgan was going to have a new baby soon! When she first heard the news, Maya was ecstatic about having someone new to play with. She had been quite lonely in the village ever since her sister left a couple years ago to find the man who ruined their mother's life. Though Mia always made time for Maya and the two were just as close as they had been before, it just didn't feel the same.

It was for that reason that she had gone up to the medium who was currently in charge of training the acolytes in her aunt's absence, and asked if she could have some time off from training when her aunt was supposed to be due. The medium refused to honor her request at first, and even her aunt had insisted on her taking her training as the future Master more seriously than that of the birth of her new cousin. However, Maya was determined to be one of the first people to meet her little cousin, and thus, continued to demand that she have some time off. Eventually, the medium and her aunt caved in much to Maya's delight. They allowed her to have a few days off from training but only on the condition that she go through extra training after her cousin was born. Maya accepted this deal graciously.

Once she got to the Fey Manor, she bounded up the stairs before rapidly pounding on the door. Soon after, it creaked open to reveal an older woman standing behind it. This woman was known as "Mystic Mabel" in Kurain and was a member of one of the many branch families in the Fey clan. She also took care of Maya when her aunt was too busy to deal with her. Mabel smiled gently and bowed politely upon seeing the young medium.

"Greetings, Mystic Maya." Mabel greeted politely. Maya returned the favor before replying.

"Greetings, Mystic Mabel." Maya hopped inside the Fey Manor and looked around excitedly before turning to the older woman, "Can I see my cousin yet?" She asked with her head tilted curiously. Mabel let out an amused chuckle.

"Not yet, but Mystic Morgan asked me to retrieve you when you are allowed to see her." Mabel explained simply. The young medium frowned in disappointment but nodded understandingly. Mabel knelt down to Maya's eye level and smiled kindly, "Why don't you sit on one of those zabutons, and I'll make us some tea while we wait?" She asked before gesturing to one of the zabutons in the corner of the room. Maya clamped her hands together enthusiastically and beamed.

"That sounds good to me!" She agreed. Maya sat herself down on one of the zabutons as the older woman went to make tea and waited patiently for her. After a few minutes or so, Mabel returned with a platter holding two cups of tea with steam rising from them. She handed one of the cups to Maya.

"Be careful, it's hot." Mabel cautioned. Maya nodded and offered a look of silent gratitude to the older woman. She blew on the liquid before taking her first sip and found that the liquid tasted very sweet; combined with the pleasing aroma that wafted from tea into Maya's nostrils, the experience of drinking it was so delightful that she didn't want it to end. Upon finishing her tea, Maya handed her empty cup to Mabel who left the room.

Mabel was gone for what felt like hours. During that time, Maya twiddled her thumbs nervously and waited in her seat, anticipating the arrival of her newborn cousin. Then, she heard a door creak open and she shot her head immediately in the direction of the noise. She practically hopped out of her seat when she saw that it was Mabel and raced towards her, looking hopeful.

"Can I see them now?" Maya asked. The older woman nodded and motioned for Maya to follow her. She led her to one of the rooms in the Fey Manor which was restricted for women in the Fey family who were pregnant or had recently given birth, as well as any loved ones. Mabel slid the door open and peered her head inside before calling.

"Mystic Morgan, you have a visitor!" She said.

"Send her in." Her aunt spoke in a tired voice. Maya went into the room and gazed in awe of her new surroundings. In the center of the room were a row of beds; on the walls were shelves filled to the brim with objects that Maya couldn't quite identify; and finally, on the leftmost wall was a scroll with some kanji inscribed on it.

The young medium spotted her aunt lying down on one of the beds on the left side of the room and scampered to her bedside. Despite her noisy footsteps, her aunt didn't seem to notice her as her attention was fixed entirely on the newborn baby she was cradling in her arms. Her gaze showed a mixture of pride and love, and she was smiling. Maya cleared her throat to grab her aunt's attention causing Morgan to jolt up in shock. She turned her head around and upon seeing her niece, her smile turned into a disappointed frown.

"Greetings Mystic Maya." She greeted politely, "My apologies, I'm afraid I didn't see you there." She apologized in her usual honeyed voice. Maya shook her head and smiled warmly. She edged closer to the bed, gripping the bedside with her small fingers.

"It's ok, Aunt Morgan!" She stated, oblivious to her aunt's annoyance. She stood on her tiptoes and pulled herself up the bedside in order to get a better view of the bundle of joy that her aunt was holding in her arms. She rested her head and folded her arms on the bed and tilted her head curiously, "So, what did you name them?" Her aunt's gaze fell back on her baby, and her prideful smile returned to her face. It was upon closer inspection that Maya noticed that her aunt's smile didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Her name's Pearl," Morgan corrected. She caressed Pearl's cheek with one of her hands and started murmuring to herself, "My precious Pearl…" Maya had a faint idea of what a pearl was from what her sister had told her once. Mia said that pearls were these beautiful, round gems that came from the ocean bed. She wanted to get a closer look at her little cousin to see if her head was round like a pearl.

"Can I hold her, Aunt Morgan?" Maya asked. Morgan's eyes widened, and she held her baby closer to her in fear.

"I'm sorry, Mystic Maya, I cannot allow you to do that." Morgan stated, "You see the baby's…sensitive and I'm afraid you might accidentally hurt her." Morgan explained patronizingly. Maya hung her head in disappointment.

"Well, ok. Can I at least get to look at her?" She asked. Morgan sighed reluctantly before holding her baby in a manner that Maya could get a good look at her.

Upon seeing Pearl, Maya's face broke out into a wide grin. Little Pearl was absolutely adorable; though Maya couldn't see what color her eyes were as they were currently shut, she had a tiny tuft of light brown hair growing on her forehead and best of all, her face was round just like a little pearl. Maya stared at her little cousin in awe, and as she did so, she felt a rush of warmth spread throughout her little body. It was hard for Maya to imagine that her little cousin was finally here, but there she was, swaddled up in a pale blue blanket.

Abruptly, her aunt took her little cousin away and returned her to her former position. She made a shooing motion with her hands towards Maya.

"You've seen your cousin. Run along now." Maya nodded politely before running off. Once Maya exited the room, Morgan looked down at her daughter's sleeping form and grinned sinisterly. She held her baby closer to her and started whispering to her.

"Don't pay attention to that foolish girl, my dear Pearl. One day, the Fey family will be rid of her and the title of Master will be restored to its proper owner." Morgan rocked her baby gently as she started to lay out her plans for Pearl's future.