"Maličký?" A voice as soft as silk called to her, making her eyes snap open and her nostrils flare. A beautiful stranger was leaning over her, peering down at her with bright gold eyes and a tentative smile. Her face was slim, her pale lips full, and her skin was the color of milk. Her hair was a pale blonde, almost silver; straight as a ruler and chin-length. She smelled like vanilla and her scent comforted her.

She opened her mouth to speak when she felt an intense burn in the back of her throat. She hissed, moving faster than humanly possible and jumping to her feet. The burn was beyond unbearable, it felt agonizing.

An amazing aroma overwhelmed her, it was rich and clung to her clothes and it made the burn in her throat feel worse. She whined as she looked down at her shirt, scratching at the bloodstains that had dried. Liquid pooled in her cheeks, she swallowed it down but more kept rising.

"It's alright, sestra, you just need to feed." It was then she noticed another woman was with them, "This should do for now."

At her feet were three dead elks, they were warm, she could still smell the blood they carried and she snarled, throwing herself to the ground and biting through flesh. She drank deeply, trying to sate her thirst. The blood didn't taste good, but it didn't taste bad either. It was as though something was missing. It's too bland.

Warm blood drizzled from the corner of her lips and ran down her throat, staining her clothes and making her growl. Not a drop should be wasted, not until it effectively soothed the burn in her throat. She felt strength course through her body, energized by the warm blood seeping down her throat.

When she finished she pulled away, growling as she wiped the blood from her mouth and licked it off her fingers. While the burn was still present it had been dulled, making it only uncomfortable rather than agonizing. Oddly enough she felt full, satisfied.

"Very good, maličký," the first woman praised, awaking her from her stupor and making her scramble away from the carcasses. She was on her feet in an instant, breathing heavily as she tried to calm herself.

She looked down at her blood-covered shirt and back at the bloodless elk, "What?" She felt invigorated, and now that she had drunk her fill, her head felt clearer and panic set in, "Am I a demon?"

The woman that stood before her laughed, "A demon? Oh, you're too cute." She had long, wavy strawberry blonde hair. She was slightly shorter than she was with bright gold eyes that stared at her curiously.

Now that she wasn't as thirsty she could take in the two women. They were gorgeous, so much so that she blanched at the sight of them. While they were both shorter than she was, their confidence and stature were very imposing, making her feel far smaller than they were.

"I…" she squeaked when the woman invaded her personal space.

"Oh, newborns are so adorable," she purred, lightly gripping her chin and drawing her closer, "You in particular." She growled, overcome with an abrupt feeling of lust as her hands flew to the stranger's hips, "And so aggressive-"

"Tanya, leave her alone." Tanya scowled at her companion.

"You used to be more fun, Irina," she grumbled, planting a kiss on her cheek before pulling away, "Maybe later." She nearly whined, confused by her rampant emotions and frustrated by the ordeal.

Irina moved forward, glaring at the blonde before turning to her and giving her a gentle smile, "I apologize for my sister, and for your abrupt awakening." Her voice soothed her, made the lust disappear and her panic evaporate, "We're not technically demons, but vampires. However, to many, there's little distinction between the two."

Vampire, that means...she ran a tongue over her canines, no fangs. She frowned, concentrating as hard as she could, bat, bat, bat! Nothing happened. She tried again but still, nothing.

She wrinkled her nose, looking down at her hands with a frown, "Vampire?" She looked at Irina, about to voice her disbelief when she took in bright gold eyes and was once again reminded of how beautiful they were, "You don't look like vampires...you look like angels."

Tanya grinned while Irina chuckled, "You're very sweet, maličký." What does that mean? She then grimaced, "I'm sorry you weren't given a choice. When I found you...well, you were nearly dead. I had to turn you." She told her. Why would she save me? How did I nearly die? "But, before you ask more questions I believe introductions are in order. I'm Irina Denali, and that's my sister Tanya."

"I'm…" realization dawned on her, "I'm…do you know who I am? Do I know you?" I don't even know what I look like.

The vampires exchanged wide-eyed glances before Irina said, "I apologize, we don't know you. At times, vampires awake with no memory of their human life, sometimes the change is too traumatic...in your case I would call you lucky."

That only made her more confused. She tried to remember what happened prior to opening her eyes but she couldn't remember a thing. Only that the short blonde vampire had been at her side. Was I being reckless? Was I attacked by a bear? Why the hell was I out in the middle of the woods?

"Do you know what happened to me?"

Irina's jaw tightened and Tanya spoke for her, "A vampire attacked you, we intervened before he could kill you, but your injuries were too severe for you to make it to a hospital in time."

Her eyes widened, is that why I'm covered in blood? The burn in her throat intensified for a moment when its scent washed over her. This is my blood, I smelled amazing. She stared at her blood-covered shirt, aggravated that the sweet scent was mixed with the duller scent of elk blood. Is that why he attacked me?

When she was desperate for blood she had drained the elk quickly, surely he would have drained me just as quickly. She swallowed thickly, trying to ignore the way her human blood made her mouth fill with even more liquid. Did he want to see me suffer? Is he still out there?

She noticed her lack of heartbeat, and she was certain if she were still human she would have had a heart attack. Did he know me?

Noticing her distress Irina quickly said, "He's dead, he can't hurt you anymore." Her voice was drenched in anger, and she could hear a tinge of sadness.

"I'm sorry."

She frowned, "What?"

"You sound sad."

Tanya stepped forward, placing a hand on her sister's shoulders as she looked away from her, "That vampire was part of our coven. He claimed he wanted to change but...evidently that was a lie." What?

"If he was your friend, why did you kill him? You don't know me."

Irina looked at her sharply, "We don't hurt or feed on humans, maličký. We drink animal blood as a substitute." She sighed, shaking herself from her anger and grief and allowing a small smile to take shape, "And, you remind us of an old friend."

She had so many questions, her thoughts were racing but she found herself at a loss for words. An old friend? Animal blood? She had more questions about the vampire that attacked her, but with how heavy the subject was, she thought better than to ask more about him.

"Well, thanks." Tanya chuckled and she said, "What-" she noticed the sky begin to lighten and she panicked, "The sun, should we-"

She was cut off by Irina's quiet laugh, "The sun doesn't hurt us." Tanya joined in, laughing loudly and making her cross her arms and scowl.

"Are you sure we're vampires? They have fangs and explode in the sunlight. I don't have fangs, I don't burn in the sun, and I've tried to turn into a bat, just to be sure, and nothing!" Their laugher increased in volume and Tanya leaned forward, cupping her cheeks in her hands and smiling widely.

"So cute!" She then looked at her sister, "Irina, please-"

"No, she's young, I won't have you toying with her!" She snapped, grabbing her arm and pulling her away.

Tanya rolled her eyes, "Makers." She grumbled.

Irina huffed before looking at her, "Those are just myths, maličký. We can't turn into bats and our teeth are naturally very sharp."

She felt stupid, "Oh." She then looked around, "So...what do we do now? Where even are we?"

"Forks Washington," Irina supplied, "Tanya and I have a coven in Alaska, normally we'd return to them but you're a newborn," at the sight of her confused head tilt she said, "You're new to being a vampire, making you a newborn. Newborns are dangerous, impulsive, so we can't risk returning home yet. If we ran into a human you could hurt them and expose our existence, and we can't allow that to happen." She said, "It will take a while to get accustomed to the animal diet...if that's the path you'd like to take. Tanya and I would welcome you into our coven if that is what you wish."

She's letting me choose. She woke up with no memory of who she was, and she couldn't imagine leaving Irina's side. The sisters had saved her, and now they were offering to teach her restraint and to take care of her. She didn't want to hurt anyone, and drinking animal blood seemed like a good way to avoid that. They've already done so much for me, why would I refuse their offer?

Irina seemed unnerved by her silence, "I'm your maker, meaning you feel a need to stay by my side. Makers are supposed to be the mentors of those they change, we share a bond, and that will probably affect your decision. The bond is the strongest in your newborn stage, but after that, the bond weakens, then you can separate if you wish-"

"I don't want to leave." She said, smiling slightly, "I'd love to be part of your coven." That explained why she found comfort in her presence. The information didn't bother her, Irina was kind, kind enough to kill her friend and save her life. She couldn't imagine turning her back on her or Tanya.

Irina smiled, grabbing her hand, "Welcome, sestra." What language is that? "Our cousins, the Cullens, used to live here. We'll stay in their house since it's far away enough from town. We'll be here for a few months, a year at most, and you'll learn how to control your thirst and strength." Cousins? I'm assuming they're also vampires.

Before she could ask, Tanya began to walk away, "I call Rosalie's room." That name her eyes widen, Rosalie...her name was so familiar but she couldn't conjure up a face to match the name. The name made her feel a myriad of emotions; happiness and pain and a twinge of anxiety. Did I know her? Was she my friend?

Then, the Denali disappeared in a burst of speed, making her mouth fall open and Irina laughed, "Come, maličký, run with us."

Her speed was incredible, she felt powerful, invincible. I'm something to be feared, I'm a vampire. Her senses were sharp, she could see everything with a startling clarity despite darting through the forest at an unbelievable speed. A surprised laugh escaped her as she ran after Tanya while Irina stayed at her side, smiling as she watched her. What else can I do?

She jumped, gasping when she flew through the air, sailing over Tanya's head and going higher than some of the tall pine trees. This is insane. As she came down she laughed again, the slight burn in her throat was at the back of her mind.

Tanya chuckled, racing past her as feet hit the ground and she began running again. It was fun, exhilarating, bounding through the forest, seeing how far she could jump and how fast she could run. The older vampires watched in amusement as she jumped up in the trees and bounced off them, balancing with ease on the limbs and flipping through the air. I think I like being a vampire.

They arrived at a large house, one that made her laughter die in her throat. It had large, beautiful glass windows, and the sight of it filled her with sadness. This isn't right, it was dark, unlived in, and she couldn't detect any scents. It should be lived in...the lights should be on and-


She tore her gaze away from the house, blinking in confusion, "What does that mean?" She didn't want to dwell on her foul mood that the house had somehow put her in. I've been here, but she couldn't remember anything else about this place.

"It's Slovak for little one," Irina answered, and she frowned.

"I'm taller than both of you."

Irina smiled in amusement while Tanya laughed, "Yes, but you're younger. Practically a baby." She then looked at her sister, "Watch our maličký. I'll go into town and see if we can learn anything about her." And with that, she disappeared in the direction of Forks.

Irina took her hand and led her inside, "Let's get you new clothes...knowing Rosalie and Alice, they took nothing with them. I'm sure their closets are filled with clothes." Alice. Just as the name Rosalie, she was filled with a feeling that best resembled that of bittersweet. Alice and Rosalie, I knew them. Why else would she feel so strongly?

The Cullens had left all their furniture behind, I can't smell any of them, they must have left a while ago. That made her chest ache and she growled, alerting her maker and making her regard her with wide eyes.

"I don't like it here." They passed the kitchen. Empty.

"I already consider you a part of the family." The vampire flinched at the warm and inviting voice. It was so heartbreakingly familiar that it hurt. Who is she? She stared into the kitchen for a moment but the voice didn't return.

Irina stared at her quizzically, "You've been here?"

"I...I think so. I don't like it, it feels wrong." She murmured, eyes falling on the dusty leather couch that sat in the living room.

"I vote yes. It would be nice to not want to kill you all the time." The southern drawl made her falter, made a flicker of fear mix with the familiar feeling of longing and sadness she felt. What were they voting for? If she had to guess it was whether or not to change her. Why am I afraid of that voice?

There was an Xbox beneath the flatscreen and a controller was on the couch's armrest. She left Irina's side, releasing her hand and moving in a flash of speed towards the controller.

She picked it up and it instantly exploded, "Shit!" She snarled, overcome with anger and confusion as she threw it away from her. It slammed into the ground, bursting into pieces of plastic and making her eyes widen at the scratches it left on the hardwood. She felt terrible, I'm breaking her house, she frowned, I'm breaking...who's house?

Irina was at her side in an instant, holding her hands in hers, "Maličký, it's okay. Newborns aren't used to their strength, it will take a while to get used to," she gestured to the house, "That's why we're here...I'm sorry this house makes you upset, but we have nowhere else to go." Her voice soothed her, released the tension she hadn't realized had infiltrated her body, "Once you learn how to control yourself we'll leave, alright?" She nodded slowly, allowing her maker to lead her up the stairs. There were no pictures on the walls, all of them were bare, and that made her throat tight.

They entered the bathroom, "Take those off, you need to shower before you get into new clothes." When she hesitated Irina rolled her eyes, "I'm not Tanya." She still felt embarrassed but did as she was told and her maker turned on the shower for her, "I'll find you something to wear. When you're finished with your shower, please let me know, I don't want you breaking anything." She nodded and Irina left her. Taking off her clothes resulted in them being ripped to pieces due to her uncontrollable strength, and she grumbled in annoyance as she angrily pushed the tattered bits of fabric off her body.

Before she got into the shower she looked at herself in the mirror. Red eyes nearly made her flinch, but Irina's and Tanya's are gold. She knew they were vampires, but the red eyes certainly made her look like a demon. She had long brown hair and smooth white skin. Her lips were thin and her face was slender. She smiled, exposing brilliantly white teeth and making her eyes widen.

Her appearance startled her, I look beautiful, there wasn't a blemish on her, save for the crescent-shaped scar on her neck and a matching one on her wrist. Did Irina have to bite me twice? Her fingers brushed against the one on her neck, it was cooler than the rest of her skin, and she sighed, this is all so confusing.

Showering proved to be frustrating. She slipped past the shower curtain, knowing better than to touch it. But the moment she picked up the shampoo bottle it burst in her hands, making her snarl as she scooped up large globs of shampoo and put it in her hair. It smelled like citrus, making her swallow thickly at its familiarity.

"I don't mean that I have any aversion to you as a sister. It's just that...this is not the life I would have chosen for myself."

She flinched, that voice...is that Rosalie? Alice? Or is that someone else? It wasn't the same voice as earlier, but it sounded angelic and it made the ache in her chest appear once again.

Irina was in the bathroom in an instant, "Maličký, do you need assistance?" She was shaken from her stupor.

Remembering where she was she instantly felt humiliated, I'm a powerful vampire and I can't even shower properly, "Uh...I accidentally-"

"I heard." She drew the curtain back, keeping her eyes on her face, "Let me help with the conditioner, and you can do the soap yourself."

"Thank you." Irina's touches were gentle, and Bella envied her ability to pick up the conditioner bottle without hesitation. She ran her fingers through her hair, scratching gently at her scalp and making a strange noise escape from her throat.

She flinched in surprise and Irina hummed in amusement, "It's alright, you just purred."

"Vampires purr?"

"It's strange, isn't it?" Very. She made sure to hold back her purr as Irina finished scrubbing through her hair. She thanked her quietly, flustered when her maker got on her tiptoes to give her cheek a chaste kiss before she disappeared downstairs.

Despite trying to pick up the soap with the utmost care, the container still burst between her fingers, just as the shampoo did, "Fuck!" The laughter she heard from downstairs did nothing to calm her. She growled as she scooped up the soap and rubbed it on her body, inhaling the scent of jasmine and trying to calm herself.

"It was 1933. I was eighteen, and I was beautiful. My life was perfect."

She blinked, the same voice. It was appealing to the ear but this time it sounded bitter, hateful, even. Maybe I should ask Irina.

She called for Irina when she finished and her maker appeared with a towel and clothes. When Bella stepped out the older vampire turned off the water and helped her get dressed. Now I get why we're called newborns. The red blouse fit her well, as did the jeans, but they felt wrong on her.

"Where's Rosalie's room?" She found herself asking, and she followed her maker down the hall. The moment she entered the same voice spoke to her.

"This is not the life I would have chosen for myself. I wish there had been someone there to vote no for me."


She still couldn't picture her face, but being in her room felt like a step in the right direction when it came to regaining her memories. The bed's comforter was red with gold pillows, it was kingsized, and it too was familiar.

"Wash your hands before you even think about touching my bed. I refuse to waste a tide pod because you can't see the disgusting traces of dirt on your fingertips."

She smiled slightly, running her fingers along the bedspread before looking around.

Her bookshelf was filled with manuals on cars and magazines of the latest car models. Some were older novels, a few she recognized but many she didn't. Her closet door had been left open by Irina, revealing not only her vast wardrobe but that she clearly shared this room with a man.

"Rosalie is mated to Emmett. Technically this is their shared bedroom, but we know who wears the pants in that relationship." Irina joked, watching her closely as she reached out to touch a white hoodie.

"Don't worry about washing your hands, we've done way worse than getting dirt on that bed." A deep voice laughed and she couldn't help but chuckle. I was definitely friends with Emmett.

"I knew them...Rosalie and Emmett." She murmured, "I don't know how, but I did." She withdrew from the closet and turned to see Irina looking at her with a furrowed brow. She opened her mouth to speak but they could hear the front door opening and they were both downstairs in an instant.

Tanya had returned and was looking at her with wide eyes before she held up a driver's license, "Your human scent was strong, I found your home, Isabella Swan."

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb." That voice was different, deep, and soothing but it hurt her to hear it.

She didn't know why. Do I want to know why? She wondered if learning of her past was worth it. She thought of her friends and family, of how she wouldn't be able to tell them goodbye without wanting to sink her teeth into them. A clean slate could be good. But she was curious, curious about who she was and who she was to other people.

Who was Isabella and what did she leave behind?

Irina looked at her in alarm, "Wait, they didn't take you with them?"

Isabella sighed, "Context, Irina, I need context." She tapped her temple but neither sister so much as cracked a smile.

Irina frowned, "You were Edward's-"

Edward. There was a tinge of pain there, a flicker in her chest but one she squashed quickly. I refuse to be sad over a boy I have no memory of.

"You knew the Cullens, they were your friends," Tanya interjected, "You also knew of their vampirism...and they left and you remained human for I don't know how long." This seemed to displease her, it made her jaw tighten and her hands balled into fists, "Of all the idiotic and irresponsible things they could do...I thought at least Carlise and Esme would have some common sense."

"It's pleasant knowing that, thanks to what I can do, some people's lives are better because I exist." His voice was mellow and calming in a way that was similar to Irina's. Is that Carlise?

She was putting the pieces together, they left me, is that why they make me sad? She looked around the lifeless house and swallowed thickly, is that why I can't stand to be here? If they had left, she suspected it had something to do with Edward.

Rosalie, Alice, Emmett, Edward, and now Carlise and Esme. Who else have I forgotten?

"That's enough, sister, I think Isabella is overwhelmed."

"Just Bella is fine." This voice was her own, but it sounded rougher around the edges, sheepish, even.

"Bella." She corrected, looking at the driver's license again, "Just Bella is fine."

Memories and images came to her in fragments. She could see faces, they made her feel a myriad of emotions, but she didn't know what that meant and she didn't know who they were to her.

She had been able to put most of the names to the voices but there were a few that escaped her, and she still couldn't put the names to the faces that flashed in her mind. Even when she saw their faces they were always blurry and that only added to her frustration.

Sometimes she saw gold eyes and bronze hair, a boy. Despite his face being murky, the sight of him made her distraught but also happy. She hazarded to guess that he was someone who had hurt her, but someone she had clearly cared very strongly for. An old friend? An old boyfriend? She couldn't be sure, but seeing him made her heartache and her eyes fill with venom. Thinking of Edward or hearing his voice caused her discomfort, the same feeling she got when she saw the boy's face. Edward. It has to be.

Sometimes she saw an older man with dark brown hair and a bushy mustache. He brought her happiness and guilt and she wondered if it was a family member that she had left behind. My father? She didn't know, just like she didn't know anything.

Other times it'd be a girl with the same gold eyes as the boy, with brown spikey hair and a big smile. She made her feel happy too, and, just as the boy did, she brought her pain and a sense of longing.

Or a girl with beautiful blonde hair and the same gold eyes. The blonde made her feel flustered and awkward but, whatever their relationship had been, she had liked her well enough to miss her.

While she wasn't sure who specifically the gold eyed vampires were, she was certain they were the Cullens.

One time she saw a boy with hair the color of pitch and brown skin. He had been smiling and laughing, loud and deep, and when the memory ended a name came to her, "Paul." But she didn't know who Paul was, not really, but she was glad she finally knew a name that went with a face.

She had been with the Denali's for a few days, hunting constantly and training so she would appear more human. Bella and Tanya were out hunting while Irina went to the store to get more items for her to practice with. But, despite her struggles, she found she loved being a vampire.

She always marveled at her speed, at her ability to sense things from so far away. She was faster than both sisters, but they were uncertain of whether it was due to her newborn strength or not. Hunting was exciting, especially when she faced other predators. While they stood no chance, her ability to take down a grizzly bear was fascinating.

She could rip trees out of the ground and break rocks into pieces with her fists. Sometimes she could hear Emmett's laugh as she did so, and she was surprised that it always made her smile.

With her new strength came many limitations. Currently, they were working on her picking up ceramic mugs and glass cups and it was unbelievably frustrating. She hadn't been able to pick up a single thing without breaking it and she feared touching anything in that nice house.

All her movements were fast, which she discovered when she tapped her thumb and index finger together, a habit of hers, and her fingers moved so quickly they were a blur. Practicing human movements such as blinking, swallowing, and breathing was just as aggravating. Moving at the human pace tested her patience and had caused her to break a few things in her own anger.

But she never touched anything in Rosalie's room, which was the only bedroom in the house she would enter. When she would practice going into her meditative state she wouldn't even lay on her bed, instead, she laid on the floor, and she imagined the sight of her would make her old friend laugh and say something rude.

How good of friends were we? She wondered, I can hear her better than anyone else. Well, her and Edward, but he was a headache all on his own.

"Bella." Tanya's voice awoke her from her musings, "We need to go, now." Her voice sounded urgent and she looked at her with a furrowed brow.

"Why…" There was a bad smell that filled the air, the burning scent of wet dog that she was desperate to get away from. But there was something in her that made her fight against her instincts.


"What are they?" She ignored the hand tugging her arm and she kicked the deer carcass away from them, "I...oh, they're very large animals...wolves?" She asked, looking at the panicked Tanya with a raised eyebrow, "Why do they smell so bad?"

The blonde didn't seem to hear her, "They've made a pact with our cousins but seeing you might send them into a frenzy," she said, "They hunt those of us with red eyes. We can't stay here-"

Her curiosity got the better of her, "They'll see you and we'll be fine. If not, well, we're pretty fast, right?" Tanya opened her mouth to argue but it was too late.

Bella's jaw dropped when three large wolves appeared. The one in the middle was dark silver, the other was a russet orange color, and the smallest was a light grey. But even the smallest one is a head taller than me.

The light grey one was watching Tanya like a hawk while the russet one watched her just as closely. But the silver wolf yipped at her, wagging its tail in excitement and making her relax slightly.

Tanya seemed just as confused by the silver wolf's behavior, because she was no longer tugging her arm to get her to run. Instead, she watched the large wolf with wide eyes.

"Hello," Bella waved awkwardly, "I...I'm talking to giant wolves." She sighed, shaking her head, "Big wolves," she spread her arms out wide, "Go away," she pointed in the direction behind them, "We are strong and scary vampires! We don't drink blood from humans, but we drink blood from animals-"


"They won't chase us if I show them we're vegetarians." She told her before turning back towards the giant wolves, "We mean you no harm, but I am hungry and animals are tasty!" She made sure to speak slowly, astonished by the grey wolf rolling its eyes at her, "Rude wolf! I wouldn't drink from you anyway, you smell!" This made Tanya laugh and she scowled at her.

That's when Bella noticed the clothes tied to their legs and she frowned. Before she could ask the wolves shifted right in front of her, turning from wolf to human and making her whirl around in embarrassment.

"The wolves are naked people? Like werewolves...but then…" She looked at Tanya curiously, who was watching her with a smirk, "Why didn't you tell me!" She hissed, making the blonde's smirk broaden.

"They're not werewolves they're shifters. I tried to tell you but you seemed so confident."

Before she could utter a response one of the former wolves said, "We are strong and scary wolves! We chase little vampires!" He mocked, and she sighed, I think I'd prefer them when they were giant wolves. She heard the rustle of clothes and a loud laugh that was remarkably familiar.

Her eyes widened and she turned to him, "...Paul." It was Paul, and just as in her memory he was shirtless with a large smile and dark brown eyes, "You're...a shifter?"

When they weren't wolves they were indeed humans. She could hear their heartbeats, smell their unappealing blood, and their movements were sluggish in comparison to her own. They move too slowly, it was frustrating to watch. Have I always been this impatient?

Her coven mate looked at her in surprise, "You know this wolf?"

The girl scoffed, speaking up before Bella could answer, "Alright, alright, we get it, haha, jokes over. Glad to see you too, bitch." There was teasing in her voice, but she looked at her with a furrowed brow. She's upset with me?

She looked troubled, as though the sight of Bella rattled her and she didn't understand why. The girl was pretty with dark brown eyes and dark brown hair that was cut in a bob. She was also tall, not as tall as the two boys, but she was just as imposing.

The other boy spoke up, "Seriously, you've been gone for days and you only say hi to that jackass?" His voice sounded strained, and he looked just as uncomfortable as the girl did. He was just as tall and muscular as Paul was. His face was softer than Paul's, it looked a bit more childish, and his black hair was slightly spiked.

She frowned and so did Tanya, "You were friends with the wolves?" She spoke too quietly for their human ears and Bella did the same.

"Can you stop looking at me like that? I can't remember anything!"


Tanya put her hand on her hip, "You remembered well enough that you didn't need to run from them."

"It was a gut feeling, they were familiar to me."


"You knew Paul's name...they didn't attack you or so much as growl," she looked at her in awe, "They must have really liked you." She didn't know how she felt about the faces of her past returning. If anything she'd prefer to start over, but how can I when the shifters know me? She corrected herself, no, they knew Bella as a human, they don't know me.


She looked up, startled by the girl's yell, "Leech?" That's a good one. Tanya, however, seemed unimpressed with her insult, and she bared her teeth at her in a silent warning.

The other boy glared at her, "Leah, what the hell!" Leah?

"Jesus, Swan, it's a wonder you've survived this long."

Disjointed images bombarded her. Leah looking bitterly at a woman with a scarred face, Leah with her arm around Bella's shoulders and a small smile on her lips, Leah with a younger boy on her back and brown eyes filled with mirth, Leah with her head in Bella's lap and her eyes closed.

We were friends, "She wasn't answering us, Jake, what the fuck did you want me to say?" Jake? She saw flashes of Jake fixing a bike, Bella sitting in his lap, and holding her hand while wearing a sunny smile.

"I know how you're unhappy a lot. And, maybe it doesn't help anything, but I wanted you to know that I'm always here. I won't ever let you down. I promise that you can always count on me."

I was unhappy, she thought of Rosalie and Edward, they make my chest ache...are they why I was unhappy? How long was I unhappy?

"Bella?" Paul's voice dragged her from her thoughts.

"Fuck him for leaving. We should set his house on fire!"

"Yes?" She asked hesitantly, looking at him curiously before she straightened and grabbed Tanya's hand, "Oh, uh, this is Tanya! She and her sister Irina saved my life."

Paul sneered at her coven mate, "You turned her?"

She steadily met his gaze, unflinching at the sight of his trembling form, "No."

"Then who did?" He demanded, "It's forbidden to change a human in Forks-"

"My sister and I killed the vampire that attacked her," she snorted, "We did what you and your pack so proudly boast about. We protected her when you couldn't." She's not technically lying.

Leah sneered at this, "We've been protecting her for months from a redheaded leech." Another vampire wants me dead? It made her wonder what kind of person Bella Swan was. She sounds kind of badass, pissing off vampires and hanging out with giant wolves.

"What good did that do?" The vampire challenged, "We found her and killed Laurent and there wasn't a damned wolf in sight!"

Bella's eyes widened in realization, it makes sense, given their size and vampire repelling scent, "Oh. Shifters protect humans from vampires," she looked down at her twinkling skin, "Hmmm, I guess not all humans can be saved."

Paul seemed to be the only one that picked up on her initial surprise, "Wait, what?"

This went ignored by Jake, who looked at her worriedly, "Are you alright?"

"Of course she's not," Leah snapped, "Look at her."

Tanya looked Bella up and down with a teasing smile, "I think she looks nice."

Bella nearly laughed, "Thanks. I cleaned up a bit before I left the house-"

"Stop fucking joking! There's nothing funny about this!" The shifter snarled, making Bella step away as her body began to tremble. Tanya slid in front of her slightly, giving her a reassuring nod before glaring at Leah.

"Don't be an ass. The leech is right...we're the reason she's like this."

She looked at Paul incredulously, "We didn't fucking bite her-"

"We didn't save her, either!" He snarled, effectively silencing her. The girl glared at Bella as though she had personally wronged her.

"So what, we take her back to the Rez?" She didn't take her eyes off her, "Why are you so fucking quiet? Say something, Swan!" She demanded, body trembling and making the vampire another step back.

"Stop yelling at her before I muzzle you," Tanya warned, making the wolf snarl at her.

"Shut the hell up before I rip off your head!" Bella hissed quietly at this, about to lunge forward when Tanya grabbed her hand, effectively stopping her but not doing much to calm her. I can't fight but I'm the strongest one here. At the very least I can swing her around by her tail if she even thinks about attacking Tanya.

Leah and Bella may have been friends, but since she's awoken, Tanya and Irina were all that she knew. No one would hurt them, not the wolves, or the redheaded vampire that was apparently out to kill her.

Jake stepped closer towards her, "Leah-"

"Goddammit, Bella! Say something!" She screamed, eyes filling with tears and making Bella's anger evaporate, "What's wrong with you? Besides the obvious?"

Paul shoved her roughly, his own body trembling as he yelled at her, "Shut the fuck up! She's still Bella, don't treat her like she's one of them!"

Leah was about to retaliate when Jake stepped between them, "Enough!" He snapped, "Leah's overwhelmed," he looked at her, "But that doesn't mean you get to be an asshole."

"She's dead, you stupid bastards! The leech got her and now she's…" she clenched her jaw, tearing her gaze away from Bella and glaring at the ground. Leah and I were close, she watched her cautiously, alarmed by her reaction, and unsure of how to respond. I'm not dead, my heart just doesn't beat is all.

Paul scowled, trembling even more, "You give up so fucking easily. She's still Bella," he looked at her, "Right?" Wrong. I don't even know who Bella is.

Uncertainty sunk its claws into her skin as they all stared at her expectantly, "I don't...I don't remember anything." She confessed, "I only knew Paul's name but that was after a couple of days."

Jake looked at her in disbelief, "What?"

"I couldn't even remember my own name when I woke up. Irina said that my traumatic change could be what caused my memory loss." They looked shocked but she pressed on, "I see you all in...pieces. Images. It's strange, but I know I like all three of you, even though you smell bad."

Leah blinked rapidly, stepping forward, "No, that can't be right."

"So you don't know anyone?" Paul reiterated, "Not us or the Cullens?"

"I've seen some images and heard some voices but no, I don't." The three were silent, and while Bella understood that they were processing, she had a pressing question that she couldn't afford to ignore, "Why is a redhead trying to kill me?"

Jake seemed to be the only one that was capable of answering her at that moment, "Victoria blamed you for the death of her mate."

Her eyes widened, "Wait," she looked at him, a giddy smile on her face, "Did I kill a vampire when I was human?" Bella was so fucking cool! She wondered how she managed to pull it off. Was I smart? Did I set traps? Or did I have a huge flamethrower?

That seemed to shake Paul from his fog and he laughed, "Maybe it's good that you lost your memory. Human you was clumsy and prone to disaster." Of course she was, "The Cullens killed him because he was trying to kill you." Did I naturally piss off every vampire that I met? Did I have a smart mouth or- she remembered the scent of her own blood and the thought of it made venom pool in her cheeks. She groaned, they all wanted to eat me? Even I wanted to eat me when I first turned.


Tanya crossed her arms over her chest, "More vampires doing the jobs of you so-called protectors. I don't know how you managed to keep her safe for as long as you did."

"Fuck you-"

"But, then again, it was only for a few months." She hummed, "And you're all probably soft since you live near animal drinkers. Not much excitement around here I'm guessing." She was smirking now, ignoring Bella's warning look as she said, "I doubt any of you have killed a vampire. I doubt any of you could."

Leah exploded into her grey wolf and came barreling towards Tanya. Bella hissed, shoving the Denali sister aside and meeting the wolf head-on. They're all I have. She ducked beneath outstretched claws and put up her forearm to protect her face from the wolf's snapping jaws.

Large teeth grabbed her arm and she snarled, feeling her skin crack and her anger build. Pain shot through her arm and, while she should have been terrified, she refused to give way to the threat before her.


She slammed her fist into Leah's chest. A loud crack was heard and she howled in pain as she flew backward. The wolf smacked against a tree and slumped to the ground, breathing heavily as she tried to get to her paws. Bella snarled, not satisfied to see the beast still breathing.

She was about to advance when Paul and Jake got in front of her, "Bells, she didn't mean it-"

"She was trying to hurt Tanya!" She roared, "She fucking bit me!" For a brief moment, she wasn't herself. She contemplated snapping their necks and being done with it. Jake backed away slowly, watching her warily as he went to Leah.

Tanya was at her side in an instant, grabbing her injured arm and hissing, "Tvrdohlavý! Why would you do that!" She demanded, licking her arm with her venom coated tongue, "She could have killed you!" She watched as cracked skin repaired itself, but the dark teeth imprints on her forearm remained.

Bella bared her teeth, fighting the urge to finish what Leah had started, "No, she couldn't have." The pain in her arm started to ebb away, "You're my coven mate, I was protecting you."

This amused the blonde and she shook her head, "I can protect myself. I'm much older than you." Tanya was good at getting her out of her head, at speaking to her and treating her normally. While Irina was far more in tune with her needs and emotions, she sometimes babied her, but Tanya never had that problem.

Bella felt herself relax as she watched her arm heal, "Yes, you're much older than me, so I had to protect you." Gold eyes narrowed at her playfully, "You need someone young and spry to make sure you don't break a hip-" Tanya's hand covered her mouth and made her laugh muffled.

"So cocky. Wait until we begin training, I'll have to beat it out of you." She turned to the wolves, "We are leaving."

Bella turned to go with her when Paul yelled, "You can't just leave!" The desperation in his voice gave her pause, "That leech is still out there-"

"My sister and I can protect her just fine," Tanya sneered, "We won't be here long." She was a blur when she ran off, expecting Bella to follow but the newborn hesitated, turning to the wolves and giving an awkward wave.

"I know Bella meant something to you, to all of you...maybe we can talk later?"

Leah was in her human form, shakily standing to her feet and rubbing her chest with a growl. She looked murderous, but beneath her anger lied sadness, betrayal, and had she not tried to attack her friend, Bella would have felt guilty.

Paul gave her a sad smile, "Of course...we're just sorry we couldn't save you."

She chuckled, looking down at her glistening skin before shaking her head, "I'm glad you didn't." And she took off into the woods.

Tanya was far ahead of her, but she had a looser leash when it came to the newborn. Irina liked to keep her close, she doted on her, but that was because of the maker bond and Bella found that she didn't mind it.

"You are too nice to the pups." She heard her grumble, and Bella laughed.

"Too nice? I'm pretty sure I broke Leah's collarbone."

Tanya laughed as well, "Irina will throw a fit when I tell her."

Before she could respond she came to an abrupt stop. Her eyes widened, it felt as though an invisible tether was holding her back, and her form shuttered and she watched in distress as her body began to flicker. Am I...can vampires glitch?

Everything was fading and when she opened her mouth to yell for Tanya, her vision went black.

Bella wasn't sure where she was. The surrounding forest was unfamiliar to her. There were no large pine trees or bright green shrubbery. Instead, the forest was filled with oak and aspen trees and the leaves were colored a burnt orange and dark red. Fall?

Her ears picked up the sound of a light and rapidly beating heart and her eyes widened, a human? She hadn't encountered one yet, she was barely in her newborn phase and her instincts were screaming at her to attack.

Instead, she held her breath, unable to move, too afraid that her steps would be in the wrong direction. Whoever is out here they know where I am. The footsteps sounded closer, coming from behind her and making her eyes squeeze shut. Maybe they'll leave me alone. That's when she noticed how light the steps were despite their clumsy movements and sluggish pace.

"Ahhhhh!" She turned to see a small child wielding a wooden sword, "Vráť sa, démon!" [Stay back, demon!] Demon? That was the only word she understood.

The sword hit her shin and bounced off, making the child scowl as she struck her again. Did she see me randomly appear?

The young girl couldn't have been older than five or six. She was a cute child with plump cheeks and pouty lips. Her hair was platinum blonde, long and straight. Dark blue eyes glared up at the vampire, and that's when Bella noticed the small cut on her chin, as well as the child's outdated wardrobe.

On her head was a metal helmet that was too big, it obscured her vision and made her have to tilt her head back just to see the vampire. Her blue tunic was faded and long, stopping at her thighs. Her baggy pants appeared hastily stitched together, her feet were bare, and on her shoulders was a cloak made of deerskin.

Her clothes...where the fuck am I?

She hit her again, "Zomri, démon!" [Die, demon!] Aren't you a wild child? Unsure of what to do she let the girl continue to strike her legs, smiling in amusement as she began to tire. Her arms were shaky and her breathing became heavy as she took another swing. Her cheeks were a bright red and she let out a huff of exhaustion as she glared up at her.

"Bojuj so mnou!" [Fight me!] She sounded exasperated, throwing a hand in the air as her other pointed the sword at her abdomen. Her language sounded familiar to Irina's and Tanya's, Slovak? Not that that helped her any, she only knew one word and she doubted it would aid her in this situation.

Can't hurt to try, "Maličký?"

The girl paused, narrowing her eyes, "Nie som malý! Som veľký bojovník a zabijem ťa!" [I'm not little! I'm a big warrior and I'll kill you!] She screamed and Bella sighed, how did I make that worse?

Instead of trying to say anything else, she cocked her head to the side and gave a small wave, making the girl stop her ranting and look at her with a frown. Was Bella good with kids?

She smiled warmly at her, making the girl freeze and stare up at her with wide eyes, "Ty musíš byť démon. Tvoje oblečenie je divné, tvoje oči sú červené a ste krásna." [You must be a demon, your clothes are strange, your eyes are red and you are beautiful.] Uncomfortable with her stare, Bella slowly put her hands up, hoping the girl would understand the sign for surrender, and got on her knees.

"Si môj väzeň, krásna démon." [You are my prisoner, pretty demon.] She said, sounding pleased with herself as she grabbed her by the sleeve of her shirt. She gave it a rough tug and Bella slowly rose to her feet, allowing the girl to lead her out of the forest.

Still not allowing herself to breathe, she said, "English?"

The girl froze, turning to her with a scowl, "Nie!" [No!]

"Does that mean no?"

Now the girl looked confused, "Ako sa voláš, démon?" [What is your name, demon?] Bella looked at her helplessly and the girl huffed in agitation, releasing her sleeve and pointing at herself, "Katrina." She said slowly.

Bella looked at her, "Katrina," she repeated before pointing to herself, "Bella."


She shook her head, "Bella."




She pinched the bridge of her nose, "Fuck." She grumbled, and the girl tilted her head curiously.

"Fuck?" She repeated and Bella's eyes flew open.

"No! No! Don't say that!" She shook her head vigorously and wagged her finger, "Bad word, Katrina, no!"

The child smirked, eyes filled with mischief, "Fuck!" She declared, lifting her sword into the air and saying it proudly, "Fuck!" You little asshole! Bella groaned and buried her face in her hands, I don't think Bella was good with children.

"Si hlúpy démon, Bela, páčiš sa mi!" [You are a silly demon, Bela, I like you!]

"I have no clue what you said, but I appreciate that you sound nicer than earlier." She didn't have to know Slovak to understand that Katrina had been shit talking. She continued leading Bella to what appeared to be her village, making the vampire stop abruptly when they were within a mile of it.

She could see black smoke rise into the air and she swallowed thickly, not daring to breathe as the light thrums of heartbeats reached her ears. She tried to focus on the galloping of horses, the loud chatter of humans, and the clang of a hammer striking steel. To hear a human heartbeat could be her undoing. But I heard Katrina's and wasn't affected. The burn in her throat came back full force and she whined.

Bella imagined going to the village and sinking her teeth into every neck she saw. Animal blood is bland, few vampires live off it, it made her wonder how good humans smelled, how good they tasted.

Stop it. You'd upset Irina. She nearly growled and balled her hands into fists, I didn't have this problem when it was just me and Katrina. She chalked it up to the girl being a child, but she wasn't so sure. From what Tanya has said, I doubt newborns can restrain themselves around children. But according to her coven mates, she was surprisingly more mellow for a newborn.

Katrina stopped and frowned at her, "Bela?"

Bella shook her head and pointed at the ground, "I stay." She sat down, watching as Katrina scowled and gestured in the direction of her village. She yelled at the vampire, making her smile in amusement as she swung some more at her with her sword before stomping off with a huff.

"Vrátim sa zajtra, väzeň!" [I will be back tomorrow, prisoner!]

She watched her leave, "Bye, Katrina." The young girl turned to her, again taken aback by her smile and wave.

Heat flooded her cheeks, embarrassment or frustration, Bella assumed, "Bela." She muttered, turning on her heel and straightening her posture before she marched back to her village.

When she was alone was when the panic set in, and she ran fast and far away from Katrina's village. When she could no longer hear the clopping of horses and the creaks of wagons she allowed herself to breathe, finding the closest deer and draining it dry before she could think straight.

"Did I teleport? How do I go back?" Tanya and Irina had mentioned their coven mate, Eleazar, and his gift for discovering other gifts that vampires had. I could really use him right now. She could really use Irina right now, she'd know what to do, and she wouldn't feel the need to slaughter a village full of innocent people.

Katrina felt like an exception but she didn't know why. Bella could admit that she was fond of the child, despite having just met her and being attacked and called a demon. Even then, should she ever encounter the girl again, which she doubted she would, she would continue to hold her breath. It's safer that way.

Night fell, and while she was eager to learn about where she had teleported to, she knew better than to go snooping around the village. It would create too much temptation, and she couldn't understand their language, so I highly doubt I'd be able to understand their writing.

She feared to stray too far, feared running into other humans in her attempt to discover where and when she was. In the event she should come around any more humans she fed until she could barely feel the burn in her throat, leaving six deer in her wake and hoping that would be enough to dissuade her from attacking anyone.

She then worked through the night to try and teleport home, but to no avail. No matter how hard she focused, her body refused to leave, and she was trapped in solitude. She felt anxious in a way she didn't know vampires could even feel, and as the sun rose she began to run aimlessly in circles, refusing to leave her area and trying to distract herself from her panicking mind.

Are Irina and Tanya worried for me? Are they looking for me? Will I ever see them again? She didn't like being away from her maker for too long, it only made everything worse.

"Bela!" Katrina's faint voice made her freeze and hold her breath. She looked up at the sky, grateful the clouds had partially obscured the sun, and began to make her way towards her.

What are you doing? You could hurt her! But she had a strange certainty that she wouldn't. She knew she was being reckless and impulsive and stupid, but she just couldn't help herself. Katrina made her laugh and she could use a good laugh right about now.

Not to mention she's out here alone. Bella had heard the howls of wolves and the lumbering movements of bears, it's not safe out here. She frowned, I'm part of the reason it's not safe, she continued to run in the child's direction, but I don't have to be. I can protect her. Doubt crept into her mind, can you protect her from yourself?

"Bela! Povedal som ti, aby si zostal! Ukáž te sa, väzeň!" [Bela! I told you to stay! Show yourself, prisoner!] Bella appeared behind her, smiling slightly at the wooden sword she continued to wield and the large helmet she continued to wear. Her cloak remained, and today she wore a tattered brown tunic with grey pants. At the sight of Katrina, she felt herself relax. I won't hurt her, I'll be careful, I'll continue to hold my breath.

"Katrina." The girl yelped, turning around and pointing her sword at her. Bella laughed and waved, making the girl scowl, "Why are you out here alone?" She couldn't help but ask, despite the language barrier.

"Hlúpy, pekný démon!" [Stupid, pretty demon!] She yelled. Her face was red and her heart was hammering in her chest. It doesn't make me want to attack her, what does this mean?

Bella laughed as she continued to shout, sitting on the ground, crossing her legs, and resting her chin on her fist as she watched her. When she finished she was panting, face resembling a tomato as she gestured for the vampire to follow her.

Bella complied, tensing when the girl grabbed her hand, "Som bojovník, musím trénovať, a ty pôjdeš so mnou, väzeň." [I'm a warrior, I must train, and you will come with me, prisoner.] The vampire kept her fingers splayed, refusing to hold her hand, too fearful of crushing it with her uncontrolled strength.

"Démoni patria do pekla. Ako ti je taká zima?" [Demons belong in hell. How are you so cold?] Katrina frowned at their hands and shrugged before she led them a little further.

Bella felt nervous because of the warm and soft hand that held her own. She could feel the blood beneath her skin, the pulse that seemed to increase the moment she touched her. But nothing happened, there was no desire to tear out her throat and that continued to confuse her.

Katrina was rambling about something, sounding excited, but Bella could hardly hear her. She didn't have a desire to drink from her, but she wanted to breathe in her scent and see how good she smelled. If I do she's dead, and I'll never forgive myself.

They arrived at what appeared to be a training ground. There were dummies filled with straw on one side and painted targets on the other. In the middle was a circle made of large stones, and she presumed that was where Katrina's people sparred.

Is Katrina training to be a warrior? It would explain the wooden sword and the too-big helmet. It impressed her, she knew she was back in the old days, whenever that was, so the idea of a girl being allowed to become a warrior was very foreign to her.

The training ground was beneath large trees that, luckily for her, shaded them just as the sun peeked out from beneath the clouds. She doubted Katrina would fear her twinkling skin, but Irina and Tanya had been very serious about keeping her vampirism a secret, or else we'd attract the Volturi and that could kill us all.

Bella made sure to avoid the sunlight that filtered between the branches as best she could while Katrina led her into the circle. She released Bella's hand and retrieved a sturdy looking tree limb before holding it out to her.

"Bela, trénujeme!" [We train!]

The vampire looked at the outstretched branch and shook her head, "No, Katrina."

"No? Nie?"

Does that mean no? "Nie."

Her cheeks puffed out in frustration and she nodded her head vigorously, "Bela, áno!" [Yes!]

"...áno? Yes?"

She nodded again, "Yes!"

Bella pinched the bridge of her nose, "Nie!" She put her hands on her hips, "I'd hurt you! Nie!"

"Si zlý démon! Démoni sú desivé a bojovať!" [You are a bad demon! Demons are scary and fight!] Bella sighed as the girl continued to shout at her, maybe this would be a good time to practice holding something?

She wouldn't spar with Katrina, that was out of the question, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to see if she was getting better with her strength. And if it breaks...she already thinks I'm a demon. She couldn't wait until her eyes turned gold, then she wouldn't terrify everyone.

Bella held out her hand and Katrina beamed, placing the branch in her open palm. Gentle, like you're holding a kitten. She slowly wrapped her hand around the tree limb and it instantly exploded into splinters, making the girl yelp and jump back, staring at her in disbelief. Did Bella hate kittens?

"Dammit," she grumbled, making sure her curse was too quiet for Katrina to hear before she looked up at her with a grimace, "Sorry, Katrina, I'm too strong-"

The girl grinned, "Bela! Si veľmi silný! Čo iné môžete zlomiť?" [Bela! You are very strong! What else can you break?] She dropped her sword and stepped out of the circle, bringing her a rock and holding it out to her.

"Uh...alright." She held out her hand, letting the girl put it on her palm. Gentle, like you're holding a puppy, she repeated the mantra, slowly wrapping her fingers around it. It instantly turned to dust, did Bella hate puppies too?

She almost growled and a peel of laughter escaped Katrina. Her cheeks were rosy from having been laughing, and she clapped her hands in delight. Her anger dissipated and a small smile crept on her lips as Katrina looked up at her in awe.

"Veľmi dobre! Počkaj, zoženiem viac vecí, aby sme sa zlomili!" [Very good! Wait there, I'll get more things for us to break!]

Bella assumed she was going to retrieve more objects when she felt that familiar tug in her body. Her eyes widened as her form shuttered and jerked, and she stared down at her flickering form. Am I going home? While part of her was excited, another part of her was sad to leave Katrina.

But it's for the best. I'm dangerous. Katrina had her back to her, looking for more things to present to Bella, and even though she couldn't see her, Bella waved anyway.

"Goodbye, Katrina." She whispered, watching as the girl disappeared and her world went black.

When the darkness disappeared she was back at the Cullen household. Time chewed me up and spit me back out. She looked down at her hands, allowing herself to breathe again, smelling Irina's vanilla scent and racing into the house.

"Bella-" she threw herself at her, holding her tightly, relieved to be back with her maker. She hadn't liked being without her or Tanya, it was terrifying, but I did good and they would be proud.

Irina chuckled as she held her close, "You were gone for a few minutes, maličký, surely you didn't miss me that much?" A few minutes?

She pulled away, frowning in confusion, "No I was..." her thoughts drifted to Katrina, and to the place she had come from. She didn't know much about time travel, just that it was apparently dangerous. She could screw things up should she tamper too much with anything, and that made her eyes widen, this gift is dangerous.

The Volturi recruited vampires with special gifts, powerful ones, time traveling seems pretty powerful and extremely dangerous. Who knew what she could do should she continue to jump between the past and present. What if I could go into the future? What if my interactions with Katrina made her tell her village of strange demons? But surely they all believed in demons if Katrina had labeled her as one right away. At least, she hoped that was the case.

Should I even tell Irina and Tanya? Doubt lingered in her mind at divulging in her strange ability she had yet to control. Would they see me as a threat? Would the Volturi? They were very serious about their allegiance towards the rulers of the vampire world, what if they turned her in?

But surely Irina wouldn't, she's my maker. But she couldn't be sure, she couldn't be sure about anything. What if it was a one-time occurrence and I make a big deal about it for nothing?

"Maličký?" She forced herself to calm down, shaking her head and forcing a smile.

"It's nothing, I just beat Tanya back home and I was excited." She could smell Tanya and the vampire burst through the door, a frown on her face as she pointed at her.

"Don't run off next time! I couldn't find you!" Her frown deepened, "I couldn't smell you until I came here...where did you go?"

Playing dumb Bella tilted her head to the side in confusion, "I came straight to the house."

Irina looked at her closely, "Actually, I didn't smell or hear you until you came inside...that's very strange."

Scared and frustrated she pulled away from her maker, "I don't know, okay? But we have bigger problems."

Before Irina could ask Tanya cut in, "She's right. We ran into the wolves."

Gold eyes widened and she gripped Bella's shoulders, "The wolves! Are you-" her sharp gaze found the bite mark on her forearm and she hissed, grabbing her arm and running her fingers along the dark scar, "They attacked you, they broke the treaty-"

"Actually," Tanya said, "We broke the treaty first." Her sister looked up at her in alarm, "You turned her, and that's forbidden."

"She was going to die!"

"They don't see it that way. To them, vampirism is worse than death, but they don't know it was you, we made sure of that," she gestured at Bella, "They think it was Laurent that changed her, and it needs to stay that way if we don't want them chasing us off."

She scowled, examining the scar once again, "But they attacked her, this can't go unpunished, they still broke the treaty!"

Bella opened her mouth to defend them when Tanya shook her head, "No, the wolves knew her when she was human. They were friends."

"Friends that attacked her-"

"Well, they didn't really attack me." Bella admitted sheepishly, "Tanya made Leah mad and she tried to attack her when-"

A light smack to the back of her head startled her and she frowned at Irina's glare, "I don't know if you're brave or stupid," she sighed, pinching the bridge of her nose, "Tanya is centuries old, she can take care of herself!"

Bella crossed her arms over her chest, "She already lectured me," she muttered, "I just...you two are my family now. I don't want anything bad happening to either of you."

Her anger melted away and she sighed, "Well, the feeling's mutual, Bella."

Tanya smiled, "She actually held her own rather well. She broke the wolf's collar bone…" her smile disappeared and she schooled her facial expression, "Which I don't condone because I wish to keep the peace between us and the wolves."

Bella laughed while Irina looked at her, appearing slightly impressed by such news, "Well...I'm glad you're safe...and thank you for protecting my sister. Just be careful next time."

The elder sister shook her head, "I wouldn't count on Bella being careful. She promised to catch up with the wolves...which could work well for us...considering there's another vampire that wants her dead. A redhead named Victoria."

Irina snarled, pacing at a human pace, and her eyes turned black, "Why does everyone want to hurt you!" She demanded, and Bella shrunk back, disliking her maker's anger and making Irina freeze, "Maličký, I'm sorry, I'm not upset with you." She promised, "I don't like that there are those who wish you harm."

She nodded slowly, allowing herself to relax when Irina slid her hand into hers, "Victoria blames me for the death of her mate. Apparently the Cullens killed him because he also wanted to kill me."

"You did smell really good," Tanya mused, moving so she was closer to them, grabbing both their free hands and smiling, "We shouldn't worry. Bella's no longer a clumsy human."

"Thanks." She grumbled dryly.

Irina nodded, brow still furrowed in slight worry, "Alright...we can train her, and if we need to we can call the rest of our family to join us." She said, "Kate's our best fighter, she'd be happy to help."

Tanya cast a glance at Bella before asking, "Are you sure that's wise?"

"It's not necessary to retrieve our family, not yet, as far as we know there's only one vampire after her. And if we do call upon them, she'll just have to deal with the similarities."

Bella frowned, "What-"

"We'll need to inform the wolves if that's what we decided to," Tanya mused, "They'll throw a fit, I'm sure, but they could use all the help they can get. They're very sloppy, very inexperienced."

"After your encounter, I suspect we'll be hearing from their Alpha soon enough." Irina nodded before looking at the newborn, "You're quite a bit of trouble, maličký," she chuckled, "But we've been bored for quite some time, so maybe I should thank you for making things interesting."

Bella smiled slightly, "Sure." Her thoughts drifted to Katrina and she looked at the sisters, "Can you teach me Slovak?"

AN: Inspired by Temporal Tide by Avanwolf! A real good read on archive of our own, I very much recommend it! It's Tanya/Bella.

This will have Rosella friendship because the books fumbled the bag and I'm still outraged!

It's hard to find Slovakian history in the early 1000s AD's because apparently they hadn't recorded much of their history, so that's a my bad because I'm trying to write these bitches as medieval, but I really have been trying to look things up but geez it's rough. PLEASE DON'T YELL AT ME I'M FRAGILE!

I love angry kid Kate, okay. I don't plan on continuing to put all the words in Slovak when Katrina and Bella talk because, not a spoiler if we're being real, Bella's gonna learn Slovak for her future wife and that's just how it is.

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