"Sam will never say yes to the Devil," Castiel spoke. "I won't let him."

"Oh, I'm really scared now," Crowley commented sarcastically.

"Knock it off, both of you! I need to think," Dean rubbed his temples.

"Not usually your strong suit," Crowley muttered, but only Cas seemed to notice. He delivered a dirty look but that was the extent of his scolding.

Micheal and Lucifer were bad enough, but Azazel too? It was that damned Winchester luck again. Dean couldn't help but think of the old phrase his father used to say. "If it wasn't for bad luck we wouldn't have any luck at all." Dean would take no luck over bad luck any day of the week.

"We can kill him again," Dean suggested as if it was just him and Castiel on the plane. "We have the Colt."

"He's stronger, Dean. Lucifer made sure of that."

"Well, Demons still bite it when they get shot with the Colt. Right?"

Castiel said nothing.

"Look, Cas, this is Sam we're talking about. I'm not leaving my brother in the hands of Satan and his number one son."

Castiel squinted in confusion. "That's not what I suggested-"

"We'll get Moose back," Crowley sighed. "It'll just be a bit harder. Sort of like a challenge."

Dean hated challenges.

Sam Winchester laughed. It had been a few days since he had actually laughed, but he was doing it now.

"So, your big plan is to get me hooked on Demon blood again so I feel all nice and powerful, and then I'll turn to the Darkside and let Lucifer in?"

Sam laughed once more. "You literally stole the plotline of Return of the Jedi."

"I understood that reference," Bucky said, knowing now wasn't really the time.

Azazel wasn't very pleased with either of the two captives. "It's very easy, Sammy. We can even skip the whole middle bit. Just say 'yes' right now."

Sam narrowed his eyes. "I'm gonna have to pass, thanks."

The Demon was certainly not pleased.

"Well, then I'm sorry, Sam. Looks like it's time for a drink."

The guards, who Sam fully suspected were possessed by Demons, started towards him. The youngest Winchester wasted no time in kneeing one in the family jewels. Bucky, in his part, seemed to catch on pretty quickly that these weren't the good guys and punched on in the face with his metal arm. Sam was worried it wouldn't do much damage against a Demon, but hearing how the guard cried, he promised himself not to doubt Bucky ever again.

Azazel stood back as if he was a coach watching his players practice. Sam was too busy kicking Demon ass to notice that, though. He and Bucky needed to get the hell outta Dodge and fast.

"God, I wish I had an angel blade!" Sam all but yelled as he dodged a punch thrown towards his face.

"Is that a drug or something?" Bucky asked while slamming a Demon's head into the concrete wall.

"I wish it was."

Sam took a punch to the right eye and he knew it was going to leave one hell of a mark. He returned the favor, however, with a kick in the gut.

"Okay. I've had enough," Azazel said, waving his hands lazily in the air. An invisible force pinned Bucky and Sam to the wall, their feet not able to brush the ground even a little bit.

"I've tried to play nice, Sammy, but you just won't let me. Now I have no choice but-"

Azazel was cut off from his monologue by a pair of heavy doors nearby down the hall slamming open, the noise surprising everyone who heard.

"Oh, hell," Azazel muttered to himself, but Sam heard it all the same.

Down the hall came the last person Sam wanted to see.