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When most people think of me, Marinette Dupain-Cheng, they think of the clumsy, bakery girl with a fashion obsession and who's always got a smile on her face. What they don't know is that that clumsy bakery girl is actually the Genius child of Tony Stark.

For years, I have kept my biological father a secret from the rest of the world. However, I have finally finished all of my Lycée work and have truly graduated from the French High School. Like my father before me, I will be starting University in the Fall at the age of 15. And, this couldn't be happening soon enough.
For the past two years Lila has been making herself known as she spreads her lies. It wasn't even Lila that I was angry at anymore. My classmates could have debunked half of her lies if they used Google. I was stuck in a room full of idiots and there was nothing I hated more than stupid people.

Note: I have altered Marinette's age for this fanfic. She's a year younger than in the show. So, when she gets the Ladybug Miraculous, Marinette is only 12. In Befana, Marinette was turning 13, instead of 14.

Hello everyone. I have seen some talk on Tumblr about Miraculous Fanfiction pieces with BioMom and BioDad ideas for Marinette and Adrien. I liked the idea of a Super Genius Marinette who's the daughter of Tony Stark. After playing with some ideas, this was the result.
The idea of adding Harley Kenner, Riri Williams and the Spider people came after reading Marinette: Iron Man's Minion by unmaskedagain on Tumblr. It's a super awesome piece that I highly recommend you read if you have not already.
Hope you all enjoy the first chapter! I will be adding more as I finish them up.

I stare down at my classmates over the top of my iPad. They were all chatting away about random things they would be doing during the summer and their pool party celebration after final exams. There were a few pointed jabs at me by Alya and Lila, but I simply ignored them. They'd gotten worse this year after it was revealed that I supposedly forced Lila to lie about having a lying disease to get out my expulsion the year previous. I simply rolled my eyes at their naivety. Coming next fall, this entire class would crash and burn. /p

My class had a lot of potential, however, they never really did anything with it. It didn't help that this entire room ran itself off of my scheduling, reminders, and fundraising due to my class representative job. I was still kind of angry at myself for taking the job. I was already juggling a lot of work. Being Ladybug was time-consuming enough, adding on class representative duties put me behind in my real studies. That was one secret I had been harboring for years. I am a child genius. /p

When my mother was young she had a brief one night stand with my biological father, Tony Stark, while on vacation. When my mother was just a few months pregnant, she met my Papa at baking class. They started dating and ended up opening a store together. When I was just 1, they married. Now, shortly after my birth, my Mama called my Dad to inform him that she was pregnant. A DNA test was done on the sly. My father never revealed that he had a child and my existence was kept a secret. So secret that only my Father, Mama, Papa, Aunt Pepper, Uncle Rhodes, Uncle Happy, my Papa's parents, and my Mama's parents knew about it. A small circle that somehow remained small. /p

My father sent birthday gifts, called and video chatted, and he even attended a ceremony in Paris when I was a child. However, all three of my parents wanted me to have a normal life. It was slightly more difficult when I managed to trick-out a computer at four and fix household appliances at six. They ended up sending me to a specialized école élémentarie. I was put on a fast-tracked schedule that had a lot of self-studying and online learning. If I kept to the schedule, I would graduate from Lycée at 14 and started University at 15. A few months younger than my father. /p

I, however, insisted on attending normal school to keep up with kids my age. I didn't care as much about starting university at an unusual age. I did skip a grade, however, as I couldn't hide all of my knowledge. So, I started at a regular école élémentarie. Classes were general alright, I enjoyed the literature classes and speed through the science and math classes. I mostly did my advanced work in class. As long as I turned in my homework and wasn't bothering people, my teachers didn't care. Chloe did put a bit of a damper on friendships, as no one wanted to anger the Mayor's daughter. However, I still enjoyed regular school. /p

When I started Collége Françoise Dupont, at age 10, I was already through the first year of the materials. It got easier with me being in Madame Bustier's class. She was a nice teacher but didn't control her classroom very well. For two years I managed to do my advanced work without her ever knowing. Frankly, her relaxed environment made it easier for me to work ahead. When I started my third year of Collége, I had done all of the materials already. A year and a ½ of studying in a year's worth of time. /p

Of course, this is when it got messy. I received the Ladybug miraculous and made some real friends, or so I thought. All of this was fun and great, but it made working ahead more difficult. Adding on Ladybug work and class representative work made it possible for me to only do a year's worth of Lycée work in a year. /p

Father called, a little worried, but I easily calmed him down. I was still three years ahead of everyone else, plus adding on all of my design work and my class representative duties would make my college application even better. Less studying gave me more time to do independent work. My pseudonym, Maria, created several green energy products, three different popular apps, and an extremely lightweight, flame-resistant, and shrapnel resistant line for firefighters. I was a success, and I would continue to be, despite all of Lila's mechanisms. Either way, I was in the last few hours of class with these idiots. Starting next fall, I'd be attending MIT in Massachusetts. /p

I had a small, personal graduation from my specialized Lycée a week ago. I sent my transcripts from both my specialized Lycée and one from Lycée Françoise Dupont. I did get Madame Mandeleiev to help me get video footage of Lila framing me for my expulsion and write a letter explaining the issue of my rescinded expulsion on my record. A brief phone call and an email containing the Ladyblog link told MIT everything they needed to know about my classroom. I did get asked why I stayed. Truthfully, I wanted to see this through. After Lila's return in the second half of my Troisieme year, I started collecting evidence against the Collége and Lycée Françoise Dupont for enabling bullies, extreme favoritism, and incompetence. /p

"Marinette?" I glance up from my iPad to see Madame Bustier looking at me. The entire class is now looking at me. Lila is smirking next to Bustier. "Can you apologize to Lila?" /p

I raise one eyebrow. "What am I apologizing to Lila about?" /p

"For your rude and threatening words earlier, before class started, in the locker room." Madame Buster speaks to me as if I am a small child. She'd done that to me for a while because I skipped a year. She seemed to think that because I was a year younger than everyone else, I need to be treated like a child. After Lila's arrival, she became even more condescending. /p

I glance at the clock really quickly. 2 minutes until the bell and just a few hours until I would be flying first class to New York. "I didn't go to the locker room this morning Madame Bustier." /p

Mrs. Bustier sighs. Lila smirks before sobbing loudly. It sounded horrible and fake, like some cheap amateur actress. "Oh, Marinette. I didn't want to make a big deal about this. I just wanted you to apologize for your mean words and for stealing my iPad-I mean, oops!" Lila's shirk is back, but the entire class misses it to turn to glare at me. Then the comments started. /p

"Dude, stealing is not cool!" /p

"Stop being such a bully!" /p

"I thought we could trust you!" /p

"I can't believe this! I used to think you were such a good person." /p

"Just give Lila back the iPad, Marinette." /p

I roll my eyes, putting the iPad in my hand into my bag. "File a report." /p

There's silence. "What?" Lila looks at me in confusion. /p

"File a report. If I really stole this iPad from you, go to the police. Have them do an investigation." The bell rings above us and I stand from my seat. Everyone is still in the same spots, too stunted by my declaration to do anything. /p

I walk down the stairs until I'm in front of Mrs. Bustier. I pull out a file and hand it to her. "I'm unable to be Class Representative next year. This is everything I need to hand over for my successor. All of the money earned for the Graduation trip in two years is in the class savings account. I left a page detailing how much was earned at each event this year." /p

I move to leave the room, but Mrs. Bustier steps in front of me. "Marinette, we talked about this. The Marinette's of the world, setting an example." /p

I met Mrs. Bustier's eyes with a flat look. "Mrs. Bustier, I have a flight to catch, please move." /p

"Marinette!" She sighs, but I had already moved around her. /p

As I leave everyone starts to talk. Some are yelling about me being childish, some saying Lila should press charges, and others saying that they should just enjoy me being gone. Either way, it was no longer my problem. I didn't have time for stupid people. /p