Chapter 2: Unforeseen Consequences

Accessing File: The Anti-Mass Spectrometer

The Anti-Mass Spectrometer is a room-sized piece of equipment located in Sector C's Test Lab C-33/a at the Black Mesa Research Facility that is used to analyze exotic materials such as [CLASSFIED] crystals. It was designed by Dr. Stanley Rosenberg.

Regular mass spectrometers are used to measure the mass and relative concentration of atoms and molecules, allowing the chemical composition and structure of a substance to be analyzed. This process does not work for exotic matter that has anti-mass (negative mass). The Anti-Mass Spectrometer works by scanning a sample with oscillating electromagnetic fields and beams of high-energy plasma, agitating the exotic matter of the [CLASSFIED] crystals. This results in currents of displacement energy within the crystal, which forms noticeable displacement fields that can be analyzed using advanced sensors developed by the Lambda labs. Samples are brought into the Test Chamber by a lift from the lower levels and is held by a cart to be pushed by a person.

Black Mesa staff who are operating within the spectrometer chamber are jokingly referred to as being "in the barrel", a reference to the barrel-shaped walls of the chamber and to an old nautical joke.

Despite the high levels of energy used in the experiments (running the spectrometer requires the use of a HEV Suit, and the process is known to place visible strain on the entire facility's power sources), it was a typically safe procedure. The final experiment of the Black Mesa Anti-Mass Spectrometer, combining a highly unstable sample (GG-3883) and the disabling of certain safety features, triggered a Resonance Cascade and was the opening event of the Black Mesa incident. The Anti-Mass Spectrometer was heavily damaged during the Resonance Cascade.

Accessing File: HEV Mark IV Suit

The HEV Mark IV is a hazmat suit designed by Black Mesa it has a built-in flashlight, Geiger counter, morphine administrator (which allows the user to function normally even after serious injury), an optional Long Jump Module which allows jumps over large distances (greatly increased horizontal range; vertical distance is elevated only slightly), a radio, tracking devices, and a heads-up display (HUD) which tracks health status and weapon ammunition usage, as well as including a weapons management system.

The suit contains an on-board computer system that constantly monitors the user's health and vital signs, reacting to any changes in the user's condition with activations in the aforementioned apparatus, and a soothing female-computer voice.

Additionally, the suit has an electrically hardened armor/energy shield system that can be charged at HEV chargers throughout Black Mesa. While charged, the suit provides greater protection from injury as the charge absorbs more than two-thirds of any damage or trauma experienced by the wearer, with the exception of fall damage, which is absorbed directly into body-integrity, and oxygen deprivation, caused by swimming without surfacing for long periods of time if the helmet is not worn. With a fully charged suit, the user can survive several dozen bullets of small arms fire, continuous fire or even a direct hit from a rocket-propelled grenade (but suffering about sixty percent damage).

If the user has an Aura, it is advised that they keep it on for protection against falling and protection from any extreme cold conditions, so the HEV power supply is not drained.


Everything went black when he was knocked out, but Gordon could feel something urging him to wake up. As he woke up, he blinked his eyes to see that he's back in the Anti-Mass Spectrometer, it was shooting out electricity and pars of the room were coming down.

'The 'barrel's' not safe to be in.' Gordon thought to himself as he got up on to his feet. He noticed an orange glow on his body. 'Glad I took those Hunter classes in High School.'

While he may have chosen to seek a career in theoretical physics Gordon's parents had urged him to at least take basic Hunter classes in school so he could defend himself. (Probably because of the time that he operated a butane-powered tennis ball cannon he constructed at the age of 6.) He managed to unlock his Aura and learn his Semblance, apparently Gordon could store objects in some sort of space, and he can pull them back out. The largest thing he can store is an object the size of a fully grown adult.

"Detecting active Aura." Said the computerized voice of the H.E.V. suit. "In case of emergency keep Aura active. The HEV suit possesses an electrically hardened armor/energy shield system used to protect the wearer. An active Aura will keep he HEV suit from losing power."

As Gordon got his bearings, he saw that the blast doors into the room were open though damaged as some parts of the door were poking out of the frame and that its left side was on fire. He walks over any rubble and enters the airlock. He sees that the security door is locked so he activates the retinal scanner to make it work though he notices a bloody hand print next to the scanner. The first door opens but the after it is only halfway open forcing Gordon to crouch down crawl under it.

(Black Mesa Theme (Mesa Remix) by Crowbar Entertainment (Black Mesa Soundtrack) Starts)

As Gordon makes it to the security check point, he sees that the lights are out and the emergency lights are on bathing the room in a dim red-light. He sees that the security guard who let him in is lying on the ground and a scientist giving him CPR.

"Come on…breath!" The scientist says as he keeps pressing on the guard's chest.

'I got to see if Eli and Isaac are still alive.' Gordon thinks to himself after seeing the downed security guard.

As he turns around the corner, he sees a dead scientist on the floor. Before he had time to react an explosion from the right wall causes a power box to fall over and crush the body. Too shocked for words Gordon continues on and passes by another dead body. He didn't give it any though as he now believes he may be seeing more and just heads for the elevator. He notices that the door is blocked by rubble and begins clearing it away

'Warning! Sector C, elevator failure. Do not use.'

'Guess the main elevator to lab is out.' Gordon thought to himself as he clears away the last of the rubble from the door. 'I'll have to use the emergency ladder and climb out.'

He gets on the elevator and it begins to take him up. 'Please be alive you guys. Please be alive.'

The elevator takes him back to the power room, he sees that the three glass containers are no longer filled with energy. But across from the room he sees Eli and Isaac both very much alive and well. Isaac was sitting on the ground in fetal position and Eli had his back a little hunched over.

"Why didn't they listen?" Eli says wracked with grief. "I-I tried to warn them."

"I never thought I'd see a resonance cascade…let alone create one." Isaac says as he turns his head to see Gordon walking toward him and Eli. "By Schrödinger's cat! He's alive!"

"Gordon!" Eli says with both shock and joy as Isaac get up. "Thank god for that hazard suit!"

"What happened?" Gordon asked.

"Those last-minute changes to the test caused that resonance cascade." Eli explained. "All the phones are out; I can't reach anyone in the facility. We need to get to the surface and let someone know we're stranded down here. There's no telling what kind of danger is-"

Eli is cut off as a green flash occurs in the center glass container causing him, Gordon, and Isaac to shield their eyes. As they look at the container, they are shocked to see an unknown life form in it. The creature was fairly small, about two feet long from front leg to back and a foot wide. It has a round, smooth, tan-colored body and four legs, two long clawed ones on the front and two thick, stubby ones in the back. Four "mouthparts" could be seen on its front that ended in sharp fangs.

"My god what have we done." Eli said in shock as Isaac approaches the container.

"Fascinating." Isaac says as he bends down to see the creature. "Would you look at that."

"We can't afford to waste time." Eli says as he turns back to Gordon. "You'll need me for the retinal scanner I'm certain that the rest of the science team will help you along the way."

"Got it." Gordon says as both him and Eli pass Isaac and a dead scientist. Gordon glances back at Isaac before turning back to Eli. "Make sure Dr. Kleiner doesn't make that thing his pet."

"Right." Eli said as he glances back at Isaac.

"My what an interesting interior, I wonder where it's stomach is?" Isaac says. "Aren't you a cute little thing. I almost hate to have to dissect you."

"Remember to keep that suit on until you're in the clear." Eli says as he activates the retinal scanner opening the door for Gordon and then walks back to Isaac. "Izzy you're not taking that thing as a pet."

(Black Mesa Theme (Mesa Remix) by Crowbar Entertainment (Black Mesa Soundtrack) Ends)

Gordon walks to the open door leading to the Anti-mass Spectrometer's control room. He sees parts of the room on fire, a dead scientist on the floor with his blood splattered on the wall, and another living scientist by the exit door trying to get it open. Suddenly a blast of energy from the 'barrel' shoots into the control room hitting the circuit boxes in the back of the room.

"HELP!" The scientist screams as he bangs on the glass door.

"Stay calm we can get out of this!" Gordon calls out to the scientist. "You have to get down to stay safe!"

But the scientist didn't listen and kept doing what he was doing and then…


Another energy blast strikes the control but hits the scientists reducing him to bloody chunks but fortunately destroys the door. Gordon takes the opportunity and uses the HEV suit's sprint mode to get out of the room. As makes it down the hall into the next room he turns on the flashlights in the HEV suit's helmet to illuminate the rooms. He sees that some glass walls have shattered but something catches his eye. It was a scientist but it (Gordon couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman) had a creature on it's head, like the one Isaac was looking at, the scientists hands were now clawed as evident by long figners that resembled talons, and the victim was giving off an inhuman shriek. Maybe because that person was on fire.

'Attention! Sector C science personnel, please report status immediately'

Gordon ignored the alarms and avoided getting near the fire victim. He saw that the ramp to the door was on fire so he walked around to see that he could climb up to it by getting to the other side of the room and by grabbing onto the railing. As he did that he hears and electrical sound and sees a flash, and from it he sees another one of those creatures. It makes a shriek and leaps Gordon. He wasn't sure if his helmet could protect him or if his Aura was fully recharged, but he knew he didn't want that thing on his head. In an instant Gordon manages to grab it by its front legs and manages to see its underbelly. It was a jawless mouth with some sort of beak in it.

"I don't know what you are, but I do know this!" Gordon says as he glances to the fire. "You are not welcomed here!"

Gordon then throws it into the flames, and it makes a shriek of pain as it dies from the fire. Not taking a second to be satisfied with his kill Gordon runs out the room and enters the next hallway. He sees another one of those flaming corrupt beings, that he now calls zombies, crawling on the floor and it was just a torso. Gordon then hears glass shatter and sees a red laser beam emitting from the wall hit a power box begins moving causing it to cut the box making it fall.

"The energy used to power the 'barrel' isn't being contained anymore." Gordon said as he avoided the moving torso and began crawling to avoid the beam. "I got to get out of here fast."

After avoiding the beam, he stands back up and sees a crawling security get cut in half by a second beam killing him.

'No time to mourn the hallway is getting too dangerous.' Gordon thought to himself after seeing the man get killed.

He makes it to the entrance to the main elevator for the Sector C Test Labs but before he could figure out how to open the doors, he hears voices inside.

"S***! Get us the hell out of here!"

"I don't want to die! I don't want to!"

'Oh no! People got trapped on the elevator when the resonance cascade hit.' Gordon thought to himself before saying. "Hang on I'm getting you out of there!"

Suddenly a loud sound is made, and Gordon sees the elevator fall at a fast pace as it's inhabitants scream. Gordon moves away from the door and the elevator hits the bottom of the shaft causing an explosion whose shock-wave shatters the glass of the doors. Gordon gets inside the shaft and sees the elevator's remains at the bottom and then climbs up the ladder.

When Gordon gets the level of the lobby for the Sector C Test Labs, he sees a security guard with white skin, brown hair, and brown eyes shooting a zombie. This was Barney Calhoun one of Gordon's friends here at Black Mesa. He shoots the creature on its head, that he has now decided to call a Headcrab, causing the zombie to die.

"Gordon?" He says as he notices Gordon. "Gordon! Man am I glad to see you!"

"Same here Barney." Gordon says as he approaches the dead zombie. Its hands were long skeletal claws and had a massive hole in its chest leading down to its stomach allowing people to see the bloody organs inside.

"What the hell are these things man!? And why are they wearing science team uniforms!?" Barney asks as he looks at the corpse.

"These are the science team, or rather they use to be." Gordon explained as he pulled off the Headcrab to see the head of the victim, it was bloody, and a chunk of its head was gone and allowing it's brain to be exposed. "These 'Headcrabs' leap onto your heads and takes control of it's host turning them into some sort of zombie."

"Ugh! ***damn!" Barney says clearly disgusted by both what he saw and heard. "How exactly do those freaking head humpers do all of that?"

Gordon shakes the Headcrab of any remaining human flesh and turns it over allowing its mouth to be seen. He then grabs the beak inside it and pulls it out releasing s trange black fluid. He knew it wasn't blood because it bleeds a orangish-yellow.

Gordon holds up the torn off beak. "This is only a guess but I saw this extend out from a Headcrab that tried to jump me, but if I'm right this beak seems to release a fluid into it's host turning them into a zombie."

"Damn. I'd say your guess is probably on the money." Barney says. As Gordon drops the beak and dead Headcrab

"Barney I don't have any weapons, Eli and Isaac are still in the labs, and we need to call for help can I count on you to get me to the lobby?" Gordon asked.

"I'm with you all the way partner." Barney says as he reloads his pistol.

"Then let's go." Gordon says as him and Barney move then the hall. They come across a zombie, from what they've seen these things are slow moving and easier to take on alone.

Barney shoots it and says." One down and…hell if I know."

The two come across a dead Faunus scientist and beside him were two flares. Gordon picks one up and stores it with his Semblance before grabbing the other one. "These should be useful."

The two enter the next hallway and see a lab and on a table was an HEV battery. Gordon looks at his heads-up display and sees that his power for the shield system is out.

"Barney I'm going for that battery." Gordon says as approaches the lab. "Cover me if anything happens."

"You got it doc."

He goes into the lab and just as he grabs it a zombie rises from the other side making an eerie moan.

"WHOA!" Gordon shouts as he jumps back, and Barney shoots the zombie.

Barney looks around the area to see its condition. "Jeez, this place is bad shape."

"You can say that again." Gordon says as he uses the battery to raise his suit's power to 15%.

They continue to see more zombie coming but Gordon looks at a spot in the floor and sees that it's releasing gas.

"You may want to step back Barney." Gordon says as he and Barney do so. Gordon the ignites the flare and throws it at the gas causing to burst into flames and killing any zombie too close the explosion. The remaining zombies continued to walk through the fire, but all this served to do was kill them.

"Nice thinking their Gordon." Barney said as he and Gordon moved across the wall to avoid the flames.

"I aim to please." Gordon says with a smirk.

The two reach another ruined lobby and come near the entrance to the break room.

"Let me tell you Gordon, this s*** is something out of a Sci-fi movie." Barney says as he looks at the destruction.

"I know the feeling." Gordon says as he enters the break room with Barney. They see a zombie taking pieces of flesh off of a dead Mobian and stuffing it into his chest. Presumably feeding off the corpse. Barney shoots it dead and him and Gordon see a Headcrab trapped in the microwave.

"The microwave's broken you know." Gordon says as he presses a few buttons on it.

After a few seconds the microwave makes the Headcrab explode but also falls apart out the same time.

"God!" Barney exclaims.

The two continue on and come across the locker room door.

"Might be some stuff we can use from their." Gordon says.

"Grab what you got to grab don't doddle." Barney says as he follows Gordon in. Blood was on the floor and only a few doors were open, Gordon checks them to find a few flares and a HEV battery that brings his suit power to 30%.

After fighting a few more zombies Gordon and Barney came into the lobby and cleared it of any remaining zombies.

"Barney stay here in case more show up, I'll go check to see if the train is still at the entrance." Gordon says as crawls under a semi-open blast door.

"You got it Gordon."

Gordon makes it past the blast doors to see that the train is gone along with the rails and part of the platform.

"Help!" Gordon sees the guard he met earlier hanging on a piece of the tracks but couldn't be reached. Before Gordon could say anything, the guard lost his grip and fell screaming into the dark.

Gordon then returns to the lobby and Barney notices the solemn look on his face. "What happened?"

"The train's gone and we can't call it back. But I saw one of the security guards just fall to his death." Gordon explains.

"Damn it." Barney says before he turns his attention to the way they came in. "I'll go back to get Eli, Dr. Kleiner, and anyone that might still be down in the labs. After that I'll call for help, but you got to get to the admin office upstairs theirs got to be someone that fix all of this."

"Good thing theirs an open vent for me to use." Gordon says as he sees an open vent. "Just like when Isaac locks himself out of office and we race to see who could open the door for him."

"You always cheat." Barney smirks before giving Gordon a fist bump. "I'll owe you a beer after this."

The depart ways and Gordon climbs into the vent. As he gets out of it, he finds himself in a server room. Fire is blocking a path for him and the only other way requires him to walk behind a glass wall. As he makes his way, he sees a zombie eating a corpse, but it can't get to him as the door is locked by a metal crowbar. Gordon is out of flares and if he wants to get out of this, he will need to use the blunt object to kill the zombies. He grabs it and takes a deep breath; he then pulls it out and the doors open. The zombie limbs toward Gordon but he brings the crowbar down onto the Headcrab on it. It's stunned, Gordon then strikes it a few more times until it's dead.


Gordon sees that a hole in the wall was made by an explosion. He climbs in it to find himself in a hallway separated by two meeting rooms. He sees a scientist in one room baking away from a Headcrab.

"You-you stay back!" The scientist says as he ducks from the Headcrab's lunge causing it to land on a table. "That's it I've had enough!"

The scientist picks up a computer and smashes the alien with it.

"Yes! YES!" The scientist cheers. The Gordon then notices another Headcrab behind the spot where the computer used to be but before he could call out to the scientist the alien jumps onto his head. He tries to take it off, but he ultimately dies and falls in a chair.

Not wanting to see the zombification process Gordon chooses to leave.

'I was the one who pushed that crystal into the beam, so does that make me responsible for all this death?' Gordon thought to himself as he made his way to the Sector B Coolant Reserve area. 'Even if I am responsible, I have to make this right.'

After getting past the checkpoint he finds more labs but some of them were flooded with snow.

"The coolant reserve must have been ruptured." Gordon said as he found two more HEV batteries and uses them to bring his suit's power to 60%. He then finds himself in a storage area and after getting pass the rubble he finds an elevator. He goes inside and picks up another HEV battery. After bringing his suit to 75% he goes to the buttons but before he could press them the elevator falls. Fearing for the worst he did not expect the elevator to hit water.

"Water must be flooding the facility now." Gordon says as he swims up to a hole in the elevator and climbs out it and gets to the floor above him. "Okay I went down by one level instead of going up, just one bump in the road but if I take the maintenance route, I should still be able to get to administration."

Making his way into the coolant reserve he sees two scientists. One is on a ladder and holding onto the other who is in a wall vent and they were both in distress.

"Don't let go of me!" The one in the vent said.

"I'm losing my grip." The other scientist said.

The man in the vent is pulled in and his companion falls to the ground, but his ladder lands his head killing him. Gordon is shocked but he then he hears screaming from the vent and the severed remains of the other scientist come out of the vent in a bloody mess.

"What could have done this?" Gordon asks himself before moving on and that is when he finds his answer. He finds long green tongue hanging in front of him, he looks up and sees what looks like a large mouth with two rows of sharp teeth on the ceiling, he mentally calls the creature a Barnacle. He finds a few more of them as well. He looks to find some metal barrels and gets an idea. Grabbing a barrel, he touches a tongue with it and the barnacle pulls it up. He repeats this a few more times until he's certain he doesn't have two and can make it through on his on. After getting pass the Barnacles he sees someone on the catwalk of the next room

"No way." Gordon says in shock.

It was the man with the briefcase he saw this morning, Gordon now calls him the G-Man because of his appearance. The G-Man was staring at Gordon before walking away on the catwalk.

"How is he here? How is he alive? Why does look clean so clean in this tragedy? Why doesn't look worried?" Gordon asks himself. "A better question, who is he?"

As Gordon made his way into the next room, he sees something jump out of a window. It possessed only three legs and a thorax, it was a faint yellow green in color, with electric blue tiger-like stripes adorning its spine. In place of a head there is a large, black, insect-like compound eye protected by vertical eyelids when it blinked. It made a high-pitched sound that sounded like barking before it made another sound the\at seemed to have been an attack as Gordon could feel it.

'Aura monitor now online, please stay safe.' The HEV suit said after Gordon got hit with his Aura now at 90%.

"Nice of you to do that now." Gordon says as he tackles the alien that he now calls a Houndeye. He made sure that it wasn't facing him so it couldn't hurt him and then he stabs the crowbar into its compound eye. It struggles but it then dies after Gordon shoves the blunt object into the beast. After Gordon pulls out the crowbar he gets up and says, "I need a gun."

Gordon makes his way through a door but notices the red pipe above it that says hot water. As he made his way inside goes up a flight of stairs, he sees another red pipe and a sign next to it that says, "Temperature Control: Hot Water Feed Valve." He goes to the pipe and sees a valve on it with a sign that says, "Maximum Override: Emergency Use Only."

"Considering the snow, I've seen and whatever other dangers there might be this might be a good time to use it." Gordon says as he turns that valve. Goes down the hall to find a lock door but next to it was a scientist sitting on a box.

"Oh, thank god." The scientist says as he gets up. "Listen I know of where you can find some more weapons. There's a security office not far from here, take me with you and I'll unlock the door."

"Let's go." Gordon says. 'It couldn't hurt to find a gun.'

They make their way back the way Gordon came and onto the catwalk, they enter the same door the G-Man took and came upon a hallway next to the security office. There was no sign of the G-Man, they only found a zombie eating a dead scientist, but Gordon made short work of the monster.

'That G-Man came here but how did he make it out of this room when there's no exit?' Gordon thought to himself as the scientist opened the door to the security office.

"Oh, safe haven at last." The scientist says before seeing a dead security guard on the floor from the looks of it the man died from suicide. "Well anyway."

Gordon picks up a Glock 17 pistol, ammo, and a couple of grenades. He loads up the gun and stores the extra ammo, crowbar, and grenades.

"I've had my fill of excitement for today." The scientist says. "Um, your welcome to stay if you want?"

"Sorry put I need to get to the administration office and find help." Gordon explained. "Hiding won't matter if we can't find help."

Gordon leaves the office and finds another hot water pipe. He turns its valve and makes his way back to the room he faced the Houndeye as he remembered seeing snow in the room it came from. He looked around and found a doorway to the room and found steam and melted snow in a security checkpoint.

"The hot water must have come here when I turned the valves." Gordon says as got into the next room and found it in the same condition as the previous one, steam and plenty of melted snow. Making his way through this room and a hallway that was next he came upon a maintenance access area but then he heard that same electric sound when something was teleported in.

The sound came from behind a locked steel door and whatever it was it was breaking the door. But with every dent it made in the door it said something and the words sounded familiar to Gordon. Suddenly the door was blasted off and Gordon saw one of the skinny four-eyed aliens he saw when the resonance cascade happened. But something was wrong with this alien. Its main eye was glowing red and it looked like it wanted to kill Gordon.

"Ah ghurrrr..." It said as it shot green lightning from its hands at Gordon pushing him onto his back.

"Aura at 65%." Said the HEV suit.

Gordon sat up and shot the creature a few times killing it. He then went inside the room it was teleported in and found some ammo that he claimed. As he walked out, he took a look at the dead alien.

'Something didn't feel right about this thing attacking me. The four I saw didn't have glowing eyes and they seemed curious when they saw.' Gordon thought before moving on.

He came upon a closed garage door and next to it were two dumpsters. The lid on one was raised and a scientist poked his head out.

"Gordon? Is that you? Is it safe? UGH!" The scientist exclaimed as he quickly closed the lid when he saw a Headcrab leap at him. The alien couldn't get into the dumpster so Gordon summoned his crowbar and beat it to death.

"Hey, you okay?" Gordon asked.

"Oh, oh dear. I do believe that I've soiled myself." The scientist said from behind the lid. "R-run along Freeman, I've some sorted business to attend to."

Gordon complies and leaves the scientist. 'That garage won't get me to administration I'll have to keep going.'

Gordon then walks back to where he killed the alien and sees the glass security door partly open but not wide enough for him to fit through. He can't break the glass because the glass used on the security doors are much stronger.

"I can probably use my Semblance to force my way through." Gordon says as he places his hand on the bottom window and made it disappear with that done, he crawls through the hole.

Making his way down the hallway he finds what looks like a loading bay. Looking around he sees that the only way out is to take the freight elevator down. He tries activating it but sees that it doesn't have any power.

"Okay now what?" Gordon mutters before seeing a security office. "I can probably turn the power back on there, but the doors are locked, I could try making my own way in."

Gordon approaches a door and places his hands on it and soon enough he makes a hole big enough for him to enter. He sees the freight elevator circuit beaker switch in the off position and then he flips it to the on position. With power to elevator back he returns to it and takes it down. As he goes down, he sees a catwalk platform and jumps onto that before the elevator made it down.

'Might be something useful here.' Gordon thought. As he walks through, he a security office with an HEV charging station and some ammunition lying around. He collects the ammo and uses the charging station to bring his suit to 100%. After that he returns to the catwalk and sees a wooden crate he can jump down on.

After safely getting down Gordon goes down a hall and sees a security guard confront a Houndeye on a platform. The Houndeye uses its sonic attack but it hit a barrel filled with fuel causing an explosion that killed the two of them and broke the platform.

'No way I can to the door now.' Gordon thought to himself as looked to the pipes on the walls and gets an idea. He climbs onto the pipes and starts walking on them. Whenever he had to make a jump, he would engage the sprint mode to help him traverse across gaps.

He eventually made it to the end of the pipes but didn't have room to jump onto the platform. Gordon sees an air vent and uses his crowbar to get into it. After exiting the vent, he enters a closest with a ladder going down to the lower canal and a door. Gordon chooses to enter the door and finds himself on the platform from earlier, follows its path, and finds himself at a broken bridge. Across the room he sees an alien creature he saw when the Resonance Cascade started eating Headcrabs. After the creature was done it sees Gordon and spits something at him.

"WHOA!" Gordon exclaims as he barely dodges the bile launched at him. When it eats the floor the spot sizzles. "Acid, that's just great."

Gordon looks at the creature that he is now calling a Bullsquid and sees a fuel barrel next to it. Hatching an idea Gordon summons his pistol and fires a few rounds at the barrel making it explode and blowing up the Bullsquid.

"One problem taken care of."

He returns to the closest and goes down the ladder and comes back to the sewer room. Gordon notices a few Barnacles on the ceiling above the water and an open water way. He shoots a few Barnacles and gets into the water, swims to the opening and finds a ladder that leads to a door. After taking the door he finds himself on the side where the Bullsquid use to be and takes a door that leads him to a ladder that he climbs up.

Gordon comes across a room with crates on the hooks of rails leading to a passage labeled 03.

'I might be able to get out of maintenance if I can hop across those crates.' Gordon thought to himself. Seeing another ladder going up to another catwalk he climbs it and it on level with the crates. He begins jumping onto the crates and uses the HEV suit's sprint mode for longer jumps until he gets into the passage.

"Made it." Gordon says with a sigh of relief. He continues his journey and walks down corridors, climbs another ladder until he gets to another storage area with an elevator. "If I remember correctly that elevator should help me get to the office complex."

Suddenly green lightning appears and three Houndeyes appear. Gordon sees and explosive barrel runs back to the entrance he came through. As the Houndeyes get run after him he shoots the barrel a few times causing it to explode and kill two of the aliens. As the third alien gets closer Gordon shoots it in its compounded eye a few times until he fell over. Gordon breathes a sigh of relief and reloads his guns as he walks into the elevator and pushes a button.

As the elevator goes up Gordon says to himself. "If I'm going to survive this I need to fight smart like I just did. I need to run. Think. Shoot. And live."

Name: Gordon Freeman

Species: Human

Aura: Orange

Semblance: Hammerspace

Description: Able to store objects in a extra dimensional storage and can bring any of the stored objects back out. Largest thing he can store is an object the size of a fully grown adult, about 5 foot 12 inches tall.

Weapon-Whatever he can get his hands on.