This is a story about a young Veela (Draco Malfoy), and a Vampire (Harry Potter). Draco has found out that his powers are coming into play and are going to have a huge effect on him in his 7th year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Harry Potter, during the same summer, was bitten and turned into a vampire, he's learning how to deal with the change, but still has problems controlling his powers which have doubled. Will Harry and Draco find each other's love in time to save one another and the wizarding world from Voldemort?

Finding Faith

Chapter 1
Harry Potter and the Change

He stood a striking 6'0" tall, his black untamable hair was cascading down his shoulders, his emerald green eyes were no longer hidden behind those horrible wire framed glasses. There were some other more drastic changes, however, such as instead of normal teeth like other wizards have he has glistening canines, the canines of a vampire. Yes, a vampire, Harry Potter was bitten on his birthday, at the twelfth stroke of midnight.

When he woke up he was on the cold, hard, wooden floor, with a tingling sensation around the juncture of his neck and shoulder. He stood up walked to his mirror and was startled, he didn't see his reflection. He shook it off and thought that he was just sleepy, but he had a thought like someone speaking in his ear, 'Concentrate on the mirror and your reflection will appear.' He found himself listening to the voice and concentrating on his reflection.

His face suddenly looked back at him, his skin was pale contrasting form the normal bronze shade it normally was. His eyes held more of a mysterious air to them, more of a knowing gleam. He was shaking by the time he looked at his teeth, he smiled at himself and saw sharp canines. He then proceeded to look at his body as all he was wearing was boxers, his whole body was pale, he had more muscle tone now, his hair was longer than it had been the previous day by an inch. Then something caught his eye, a roll o parchment, tied with a blood red ribbon. He started to reach for it, but it came flying into his hand (vampires have the power of levitating something by thinking about it). It read:

Harry Potter,
As you may have realized by now you have experienced some changes in the past 6 to 8 hours. This is because you are the chosen one, the one chosen to defeat Voldemort. However, to do that you must have all available powers in your hands. Therefore, we the Order of the Vampire, sent one of our own to make you one of us. We will not reveal who, for his own safety. This bite is a gift and a curse, it is a gift because it gives you unlimited ability to tap into your powers and you can do wandless magic.
In addition, you have the powers of a Vampire: teleportation, levitation, hypnotism, telekinesis, and the ability to transform into any animagus form you wish. The curse, however, is the fact that you will crave human blood, you will need willing donors. You may not force any one to let you feed of off them unless necessary, and as you attend Hogwarts, you may need to force certain people to let you use their blood. We have informed Albus Dumbledore of this change, and he is willing to help in any way that he can. We will send you the amount of blood a fledgling needs each day to survive until you learn to hunt.
The Order of the Vampires
P.S. You may go out in sunlight, and try not to loose your temper.

When Harry was through reading this, he noticed a pint of blood on his broken down dresser. He went to it opened it up, and as bad as he hated to drank deeply. When he was through he felt replenished of his strength. He then got up, went to his trunk and got out a book 'The History of Vampires' by Artemis' Nova. He turned to chapter one and began to read. Vampires are commonly misunderstood creatures. He read for two hours got up and went to his mirror were under his will he looked back at himself through the glass.

"How can I be a damned Vampire?" He asked to the empty air of his room, wait scratch that his prison that he was forced to stay in each summer.

"I don't want this, the fame, power, this, this, curse!" His eyes blazed a furious emerald green with silver flecks in them signifying his anger. Then suddenly his small desk lamp blew up, because of his magic let loose from his body. He suddenly felt tired and as if on instinct closed his window, drew the blinds, locked his door with his wand, and put out all the lights. He then lay down and closed his eyes with a deep sigh as if to as 'Why me?' and let sleep over take him

But what he did not know was there was someone else experiencing changes to his mind, body, and appearance as well. Draco Malfoy stood still at the shock that had just been dealt to him by his mother Narcissa Malfoy, who stood watching her son's reaction.

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