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Finding Faith

Chapter 7

Whispers of the Night

Harry sat upon the Astronomy tower deep in thought, however he was not so lost in thought that he didn't sense Malfoy at the window. He took several breaths, hoping to calm himself from his first bloodlust. He couldn't believe that he had come that close to killing someone. Whether it was Malfoy or not didn't matter, he had no wish to kill someone unless it was necassary. He decided it was time to let Malfoy know that his presence was not a secret.

"Malfoy," he began " I know you're there so you might as well come out here and talk to me face to face instead of hiding behind curtains."

Harry heard an undignant huff at the fact that his hiding place was known, but all the same he heard Malfoy's steps onto the top of the tower come closer and closer until he was right beside of Harry.

"So, there's a reason you followed me. I just can't quite seem to figure out why though, or did you already forget that I lost control back there and nearly killed you." Harry said this in a chilly tone, his eyes not yet meeting the blonde's.

"Potter, I'm not a child, I know the dangers of coming up here with you. Trust me I won't be forgetting that...experience anytime soon. Although I do hate to burst your bubble, you did not nearly kill me. Your," he paused "muggle-born friend stopped you before you could inflict any form of damage onto my delicate neck." Draco spoke in even tones giving nothing away, except perhaps the pain of having to skip over the word mudblood.

Harry let out a short burst of laughter after the comment about Draco's delicate neck. Not because if was a lie, but because it was true. Harry thought back to how soft that skin had been as he punctured it, and he allowed himself to shiver at the mere thought of it.

"Malfoy, if only you knew of what it was you spoke." Short and to the point that's exactly how Harry felt at this exact moment in time.

"Potter, right now you and I have many things to discuss. So I suggest unless you want this to get ugly again that you take that bitchy attitude that has made a recent appearance and shove it up your ass." Draco's voice rose a few decibles as he spoke.
Harry looked over at Malfoy and was a little shocked at the sight that was to be beheld. During the fight to this current time, Draco's appearance had changed again. His hair was a wave of white blonde silk that fell to the middle of his back. He seemed to have grown another inch or so, his face had narrowed and became more angular. His eyes were shocking as always with silver as the main color and blue around the pupil, but now if you looked closely there was a ring of indigo outlining the silver.

Harry shook his head and looked away from Malfoy and asked a question.

"So does anger and excitement always change your appearance?"

"Actually it does in most cases. Sort of like your anger and hunger change yours rather drastically." Draco allowed himself to smirk as he finished this comment and stared at Harry as he layed on the tower, staring at the stars.

"Well Malfoy, as you said we have things to discuss so here as I see it, are our options. One, you could sit down here beside me and we could talk. Two, we could go inside and find a room that meets our requirements to talk in. Or three we could wait until we both calm down and arrange a meeting at a time that best suits both of is."

Draco seemed to think for a moment and took his robes off and dropped them onto the tower. Then he unceremoniously plopped himself down onto them and layed back. Harry looked at him in confusion.

"What," said Draco "can't believe I'm just as human, pardon the pun, as you are. I can plop down any where I please just like you."

"Be that as it may, I do not believe that I have ever seen you "plop" down anywhere before. Usually your being a pompous git and have to sit down all proper with poise and grace. I swear sometimes you act like a girl"
Draco's eyes lit up at the bait that Harry was offering to him. He smirked then responded to Harry's verbal challenge.

"Me act like a girl Potter, I don't think so. Have you bloody looked in a mirror lately, hell add a few piercings and you've got yourself a female Potter."

Harry shrugged and simply said "At least I have the figure of a male, while yours reminds me of a females with all the angles in it."

Draco's lips curled up in a sneer and he could feel his adreniline rush disappear and being replaced with his usual animosity toward the brunette.

"Potter," he ground out "I think it best I leave now before I'm even more tempted than I am now to throw you off this damn tower," and with that said he marched quickly off the tower and back inside. Harry stared after him then laughed as he saw Draco leave.

He thought 'Good, I didn't want him up here anywayz, damned blonde haired ferret.' Harry's thoughts continued to reel as he thought again of what happened this night in the Great Hall. He thought back to Draco's reaction to the last kiss. He thought of Dumbledore's statement about how something could benefit him. Harry had to admit that he was curious as to what it was that would benefit him, and wondered how it would involve Draco. Harry stood and he intended to find out what it was that Dumbledore was speaking of, but not tonight. Silently he treked back to Gryffindor Tower, to the boys dorms, and fell asleep on his bed in a dreamless sleep for the first time in months.

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