Ok, so here's how it goes. There's some stuff I'm going to explain first off....


There! Now I said that let me explain. Ever get one of those ideas in your head and you just can't seem to get rid of it no matter what you do? Well this is mine. I have a rough story line, no grammar skills, and to most who read what I write... They don't believe that English is my first language.*sigh*

I've never written a Yaoi before (but I read plenty). I have no idea how, or what the F*&# I'm going to do for chapter 2!! (ahh something will come up) and as far as I know my beta reader is going to quit on me at some point.(not forever, just for the really gory parts.( Hehehehe I know I'm writing good when she can't read it ;P))

BIG thanks to my beta reader Tuskafel! You are the best!! *glomps!*

Another thanks to Meag! (Who is not a fan of any anime, but came up with the name for this fic.)

WARNING: This fic is a gory horror. Cruelty to animals is involved even though I would slit my own writs before I would hurt another creature.

Disclaimer: If I owned Naruto would I be writing a fan fic about it? Come now people!

Chapter 1,

Demon Dream's

The wire bit savagely into his back leg causing it to bleed again. But its not like it mattered anyhow, he had lost feeling in it a day ago. He tilted his head back again and tried to reach the wire with his snout, but it was no use. He was too weak from lack of food and water. The hours seemed to drag on forever, as his body began to fail him. It wouldn't be much longer now and it would all be over. He lay his body down as best he could and watched the sunrise again through the trees. It was going to be another painfully hot day with no shade, food or water... Maybe... Maybe today he would be able to die. It would be better than this torture.

He lay and listened to the world around him. Creatures scampered just out of his reach, free to go about their daily routine. So wonderful to watch, and so painful to be unable to take part in it. The sun rose higher and higher into to blue sky. The temperature began to rise in the clearing where he was trapped.

Suddenly the creatures scampered out of sight and everything went quiet. He lay there listening. Then he heard it. A voice, coming closer. He pulled frantically at the wire around his leg, but it held firm, preventing him from seeking a hiding space. Finally two figures emerged from the underbrush.

"Hey look at that!" One of them exclaimed. It moved closer, towering over him. The fox snarled back up at the figure. "Looks like its been here a few days now. Still got some kick left in it I see."

The figure reached behind itself and pulled out an object of some sort. He placed it down in front of himself and opened it. The fox hissed madly.

"Here." It said holding something closer to the cornered fox. He hissed, and then sniffed the air. Meat! He looked at the dark, golden color of the chicken wing dangling inches away... It smelled so good.

"It's ok... I won't hurt you..."

His stomach growled almost as loud as he hissed. He didn't want to get any closer to the large figure... But... He inched forward toward the wonderful meat. So close, just another inch or two. He licked his lips as his mouth watered in anticipation. He reached out with his snout...

"HA!" The chicken wing was ripped out of reach and his jaws clamped on thin air. "Stupid animal," it said munching on the chicken wing.

"If you're finished with the rat, can we go now? I want to be back before lunch," the second figure had done nothing but stand there and smirk the whole time. His fat gut hung out over his belt, stretching his shirt and causing the buttons to strain and pull in an effort to keep it all in.

"Fine, fine," the food tormentor said licking his fat fingers. He stood up and turned from the fox, then suddenly swung round and kicked it as hard as he could. Its body spun and twisted in the air before the wire fetched up and prevented him from tumbling to the ground. There was a bone chilling snap and a pop sound. He screamed in pain as he tried to right himself, but the wire was too tight and his leg was now dislocated and broken. He hung there helpless as the two walked off back into the bush, laughing. The fox shut its eyes as the sun rose higher, blinding him.

That night, deep inside the heart of the fox, its life sparked and went out; sending everything into deep darkness.


Naruto's eyes opened and he gazed at the ceiling. Its white plaster cracks coming into focus after a few minutes of blinking. He sat up and looked out the window at the still dark sky. The alarm clock on the bedside table glowed the early time of about three fifteen am. Still another three hours before he was supposed to get up and go meet his team for training.

He could lie back down and just wait till then, but he didn't want to. He didn't want to have that dream again. It was the first time in a long time he had had a dream that seemed so real. He shook his head and threw off the covers. Placed his feet on the cold floor and winced. His ankle hurt...

end chapter one dream 1