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"Two, break starboard."

"I'm hit, I'm hit."

"Nine, fire on my mark."

The blend of comm. chatter that poured into her receiver gave Jaina a picture of the battle she was currently fighting. It wasn't the worst battle Jaina had participated in, but it wasn't the best by far. Most of the people were veterans of the ongoing Vong war, and a good number were veterans of the war against the empire. Her main problem at that moment was the equipment. Fortunately for them, they were fighting Peace Brigaders and not the Vong themselves. Unfortunately, most of their equipment also dated from the early Rebellion era.

"Twin Suns Leader," a voice crackled over her speaker and Jaina cursed the fact that her current commander had sent Wes Janson and his squadron of Tierfron Yellow Aces along with her squadron and the rest of the task force.

"Yes, Ace Leader," she asked paitently.

To her surprise Wes wasn't being playful or annoying. "Can Twin Suns handle the rest of this mess, Goddess? Freedom's Defender is requesting aid."

"We're on it, Ace Leader. We'll finish mopping this up and then give you a hand."

Wes acknowledged with two clicks of his comm. and then she switched to another channel. "Jag, Kyp," she called to her wingmates, "let's wrap this up, shall we?'

"Acknowledged Lead," answered Jag's calm confident voice, identifiable despite the comm. distortion.

Kyp's firm mental reassurance, assured Jaina that he was ready. They began to silently coordinate their actions through the force with only the occasional word here or there necessary to communicate their plans to Jag. The trio flew in perfect sync defending and retreating for the others when necessary.

Brillant pink and green lasers flashed past Jaina's cockpit, the fire of a friend just as deadly as the fire of an enemy. Some people glorified war and made it spectacular, but she knew it was simply something that had to be done.

Checking her status board as they finished a pass through the engagement, vaping two as they went through, she realized her pilots had finished mopping up their corner of the battle.

"Twin Suns, report." One by one her pilots reported their statuses. To her relief, they had sustained only minor damage and no casualties. So far it looked as if the air battle for this world, Chad, would be relatively easy and over quickly. It was more than Jaina had hoped for, but she was beginning to wonder about the ground forces. Nothing was ever this easy when the Vong were involved.

"Form up on me," Jaina instructed, pushing back long term thoughts and focusing on the moment, "We're going to hit the Yellow Aces' furball hard and fast."

Flying in four shield trios the squadron raced towards their embroiled comrades. "Here's the plan." Jaina addressed her pilots. "Each shield is going to make a fast run through the fight. Deliver as much fire power as possible and get out of their before you lose speed. Form back up here. That'll give the Aces time to breath. Then we'll run back through and finish them up, clear."

They led the mad dash into the fight, drilling the headhunter's and other small fighters the Peace Brigade had assembled as they passed. Enemy fighters exploded covering their momentary retreat with fiery explosions.

"This is too easy, Great One," Kyp noted.

"I know, I have a feeling the ground forces are running into much more resistance than we are, though."

"Are you suggesting we go help them out?" Jag asked carefully.

"No, or at least not all of us," she carefully amended, "but some of us, the ones with experience fighting on the ground. The rest should probably form a perimeter around the planet to make sure they didn't have back up."

"Agreed." Kyp cut in, "And I have a suggestion, Goddess."

"Go ahead," she said.

"Freedom's Defender is sending two shuttles full of troops down. We can escort them down and then give them a hand."

"Good, Kyp, pick who should go with us. Jag you're in charge up here."

"As you command, Goddess."


Jaina jumped lightly out of her x-wing's cockpit and landed on the duracrete. Despite the gargantuan size of the floating city they had landed on, she could feel the barely perceptible movement of it under her feet. Chad was a marvel in a galaxy of extraordinary planets. It was a water world, but it lacked even the small amount of above water land mass that Mon Calamari boasted. It was also famous for the fact that it was populated by prosperous humans rather than well adapted aliens.

The planet wasn't known as a powerful military or political power and consequently only a small Vong force with the aid of the Peace Brigade had been sent to take the planet. Strange rumors, however, had been coming out of the planet with fleeing refugees. Tales of impossible feats against the Vong and extraordinary secret weapons had prompted Wedge Antilles to send small task force to investigate.

Jaina saw Kyp quietly take his place beside her as they waited for orders or an update on the situation. "I sense something is not right here, Jaina." He murmured for her ears alone.

"I think the Vong would account for that," Jaina replied, her sarcasm evident.

"Beyond that," he said calmly, undisturbed by her response, "Something else is at work here, Great One."

"Drop the all knowing Master act, Kyp. It's not necessary." She hissed planting a smile or at least a not so threatening expression on her face as the official in charge approached.

Kyp, scowling impatiently-whether with Jaina or the official, it was hard to tell- stepped forwards. "The Goddess Yun Harla," he made a widely sweeping gesture at Jaina, "has deigned to help you mere mortals be free of those enslaving your world. Explain you situation and grant her every whim." He winked at Jain imperceptibly as he stepped back.

Stuttering and trembling the entire time, the man led them to the control center, explaining the situation as they walked. "O_o_our main f_forces are being led by the Lady. The Vong are occupying most of the floating cities, but she already has a guerilla resistance set up that is m-making s- significant p-pr-progress."

"Where is this Lady right now," Jaina asked tersely.

"I-in T-tabar, G-goddess."

"Let's go," she snapped to Kyp rolling her eyes at the annoying man. She knew her presence wasn't exactly comforting, but a man that easily scared should never have made it into the military, at least not in a leadership position.

Mere moments later they were back up in the sky, rapidly approaching Tabar. The dark plumes of billowing smoke rising from the middle of the city alerted them immediately.

"The main fighting seems to be coming from the middle of the city, Great One." Kyp noted.

"Let's provide some air support," Jaina said breaking right and down into the cities depths. They wove in and out of buildings, strafing Vong warriors and aiming carefully placed torpedoes at Vong creatures, some they had seen before and others new to them.

Almost as one they jinked away from small plasma missiles and leapfrogged over a building. Finally they found what they were looking for. A small but organized group of people standing flush with a building waiting to ambush the approaching Vong visible only to Jaina and Kyp form their altitude.

"Let's see how 'the Lady' handles this, Kyp. We can set our x-wings down a few blocks away from them and check it out."

"Acknowledged, Goddess," Kyp said simply as they went wide around the Vong and the ambushers.

Setting their x-wings down the two Jedi quickly retrieved their desired armament, grenades, blasters and of course lightsabers. Side by side the two Jedi jogged down the deserted streets, encountering no resistance. They came upon the ambushers just as the fight began. As they slipped through the ranks of soldiers depending on anonymity and using their blasters for the moment, they were shocked when a brilliant golden yellow lightsaber hissed to life on their right.

Neither had been aware that there was a fellow Jedi on this world. Jaina reached out in the force searching for the unmistakable presence and found...nothing.

She allowed herself to be puzzled for only a moment and then pushed it aside as the fighting intensified and she and Kyp drew their own lightsabers. Slashing, parrying and thrusting the pair worked in unison to destroy the Vong. Both, however, kept what little attention they could spare on the mysterious woman.

She was an excellent fighter, Jaina noted, and 'the Lady' fought with the grace that had always been associated with the Jedi. Jaina caught the amphistaff of the warrior whom Kyp had just pushed her way and fliked the head off of it. As she did she aimed a swift kick at the left side of the warrior, spinning him slightly to the side. As the warrior raised his arm to send a powerful blow to her head, she ducked and slid her blade up under his arm, into the vulnerable area in the arm pit.

Whirling as she withdrew her blade she froze for a split second as she saw a Vong warrior come up behind 'the Lady' with amphistaph raised. To Jaina's immense surprise, she aw the woman swing around, sensing the attack as if with the force and behead him.


The air was still, quiet, but unsettled as if even the atmosphere was shaken by the violence it had witnessed. Of course, intellectually, Jaina knew that it was the charge, the ionization of the aftermath of blaster fire that made the air feel that way, emotionally, though it was a different story. Or perhaps after all these years, she simply knew that feeling meant blasters, it didn't really matter right then, though.

Right now, she simply wanted to meet the mysterious 'Lady.' With Kyp at her side, Jaina wove her way through the destruction of the battle field towards the woman. She stood with her back to them, talking to one of her lieutenants, organizing and strategizing about further fighting. They stopped behind her and waited patiently, as beffited Jedi, for the woman to turn around, although truthfully Jaina was anything but, patient.

If this woman, and she was definitely a woman and not a Vong imposter despite her lack of appearance in the force, could feel the Vong through the force as Jaina was beginning to suspect, she would be an incredibly valuable resource, especially if the trick could be taught to other Jedi.

The woman seemed to notice them after only a moment. "Hello," she said carefully and then she saw the lightsabers on their belts. "Oh, I wanted to thank you two for your help during the battle. I wasn't aware there were any Jedi here. I'm the leader of the local militia."

The woman had only glanced at them briefly, not out of ungratefulness, but because she was studying several data cards. However, when she did, Jian was surprised to find that the woman looked familiar to her. This thought was reinforced when she heard Kyp his in surprise.

Ignoring that she said, "I'm Yun Harla. I'm leading the Galactic Alliance forces that are her to free this world from the Vong. You seemed to be in charge of the local resistance so we thought we would include you in our planning."

"Thank you. We saw your forces in orbit. I'm glad it was you and not more of the Vong."

Jaina nodded in understanding.

"Oh," said the woman as if noticing she had forgotten something, "I'm Callista."