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The Epilogue

Six Months Later

For once Jaina Solo was not wearing a flight suite or her Jedi robes. Instead she wore a long, form fitting white dress, that conveyed a sense of glowing beauty and elegance that wasn't normally associated with Jaina. A happy smile lit up her face as she walked towards her father.

As Han watched his eldest child walk towards him, he wore a gruff, but proud smile. When she finally stood in front of him, he looked at her for a long moment, trying to memorize every detail of his daughter's features.

"Ready, Sweetheart," Han asked her, holding his arm out to her.

Jaina ignored the gesture and instead reached towards him to hug him tightly. Han returned the gesture, holding on to her gratefully. Only a few months ago, he and Leia had practically ben estranged from Jaina and now he was here, preparing to escort her to the side of the man that she would spend the rest of her life with. They had come a long way.

Han hugged her tighter, trying not to think about all of the things that Jaina had seen and done in her life- all of the things that he hadn't been able to protect her from, and said softly, "I love you, Jaina."

Jaina pulled away from him and smiled at him brilliantly. "Thank you, Daddy." This time she did slip her arm through his.

Han patted her hand with his as they stared ahead at the doors, standing closed in front of them. Jaina took a long serene breath and then cocked her head over at her father. "I'm ready now, Dad."

Han took on last look at Jaina, unable to restrain his proud smile and then said. "All right then, kiddo. Let's go."

Together they walked towards the doors, father and daughter together again for the first time in years, to celebrate a turning point in Jaina's life. As they passed through the heavy ornate doorway and walked into the large ceremonial chamber, Jaina's fingers clenched tightly around Hans' arm. She felt a flash of nervousness pass through her at the sight in front of her. On both sides of the path before her sat dignitaries from dozens of different worlds. Senators, High Councilors and Admirals mingled with Grand Moffs and high ranking Chis officials. The Chief of State, Cal Omas, and Grand Admiral Pelleaon shared a large row of seats, full of their entourages.

In another section sat all of those that Jaina counted as family and friends. Leia sat next to an empty seat, waiting for Han to take his place at her side with a wide smile for her daughter that still couldn't hide the hint of perpetual sadness in her eyes. On Leia's other side, Tahiri was seated. She and Tenel Ka were sitting on either side of Jacen and both were well aware of their friend's discomfort with the situation. His responsibilities as the Supreme Overlord were continuing to change him, but today he looked more like the young boy that he had been when they had first started at the Jedi Academy. Jacen was beaming with joy for his twin and he looked confident enough, but sitting next to Tenel Ka, he still looked slightly nervous and unsure. The way that he was unconsciously leaning towards Tenel Ka, however, made Jaina wonder if that might be the reason that for the way that Jacen looked. Tenel Ka had always had that effect on Jacen. Perhaps some things hadn't changed. The thought made Jaina flash her twin a quick smirk and send him a teasing thought through the Force. Jacen would get the message well enough.

Jaina almost had to laugh at his startled and bewildered thought in response. For all that he was now truly and officially the Supreme Overlord of the Yuuzhan Vong, Jacen was still clueless about certain things- like his feelings for Tenel Ka.

Luke and Mara caught her eye next. They sat next to Tenel Ka with a now not- so-little Ben sandwiched between them. Jaina met Mara's eyes and sent her aunt a feeling of thanks through the Force. Mara had been instrumental in rescuing she and Jacen. There was nothing that she could ever do to thank Mara enough for that and everything else that her aunt had done.

Jaina didn't notice the look that Luke and Mara exchanged behind Ben's head as she turned her gaze away. It was full of love and unwavering commitment. Mara hugged Ben tightly to her side, ignoring the way that he squirmed impaitiently and leaned behind him to meet Luke in a gentle kiss.

As she and Han neared the end of the walkway, Jaina glanced to her other side and found her gaze settling on the Fel family. A corner of her mouth crooked into a lopsided grin as she thought about her introduction to them. It had been memorable.

Jaina drummed her fingers against her arm impaitiently as she waited among the tall flowing grass. Naboo was a beautiful world , at times, even more beautiful than the place where she had visited her grandparents in her dreams, but not even Naboo's innate serenity could soothe her impaitience today.

In a matter of moments, Jag would be arriving, coming back to her after spending over a month with his family on Csillia. She had missed him so badly and worried about him almost constantly. While the war with the Yuuzhan Vong had all but ceased now that Jacen was the new Supreme Overlord, there were still groups of renegade Vong warriors throughout the galaxy who would love nothing more than to destroy a lone spacecraft. Her other worry had been more nebulous and yet even more terrifying. What if he got back to his parents and his former home and decided that he simply liked it better? Or what if the Chiss didn't allow him to leave?

Those fears had visited her nightmares repeatedly and haunted her waking thoughts more than she cared to admit. It was fortunate, Jaina knew, that most of her family had been here on Naboo, with her. Leia and Mara especially had reassured her that they had felt the same doubts and fears a thousand times when their husbands were away and reassured her that if he loved her- and Jag did- that he would come back to her. Nothing could keep him away. It had helped, Jaina supposed, but now Jaina was glad that she didn't have to worry anymore, at least not about Jag being gone.

She watched the sky intently now, struggling to pick Jag's clawcraft out of the sky. She watched, as she caught sight of him, with a professional eye as he brought his clawcraft skillfully and smoothly down. She waited impatiently, discarding any pretense of Jedi calm, for him to climb out of his clawcraft.

The instant that he was on the ground, Jaina threw herself into his arms and then snaked a hand up in to his hair to pull his head down for a long kiss. The war was over now, for the most part, and as far as Jaina was concerned Yun Harla was part of her past. It was incredibly freeing not to have to play that part anymore.

AS they pulled apart a moment later to breathe, a small smile crept over Jag's lips. "I missed you so much, darling." He leaned back towards her for a shorter kiss and wrapped an arm around her waist tightly.

A loud, pointed grunt that barely attempted to disguise itself as a cough caught their attention immediately and pulled them out of their kiss- startled.

As Jaina turned in the protective circle of Jag's arms, and got her first look at the people staring at them, she quickly took a step away from Jag's embrace.

Jag let his arm slip from her waist, but refused to let go of her completely, threading his fingers through Jaina's and bringin their joined hands up where they were clearly visible.

"Father," Jag addressed the tall, imposing man who was looking at them with a hint of disapproval, "Mom," he added looking at the beautiful, but slightly worried looking woman beside his father, "I want you to meet the woman that I love, Jaina Solo."

The tension and air of disapproval flowing through the Force around Jaina did nothing to calm her nerves. Only Jag's strong presence beside her, shining through the Force with his love for her, calmed her. She took a slight step forward and extended her hand towards General Fel. "It's a pleasure to meet you, General Fel." Jaina almost flinched at the quaver that she had heard in her own voice. She had faced Shimrra with more calm than this.

The General cooly folded his arms behind his back and looked at her pointedly. "You hardly seem like the woman that my son described, Colonel."

That had pricked Jaina's pride and she had straightened up sharply. "How so, General?"

He looked her over skeptically, "You don't seem to be like any of the other Jedi that I've ever seen and you certainly don't seem to have the discipline required of a competent pilot."

Jaina restrained her scowl and the biting retort that she longed to unleash on the General for his comment about her piloting skills and said instead, "If the General doubts my piloting skills, why doesn't he test them himself. I would be more than happy to fly against the General on a simulator or in a blanks only fight."

The comment seemed to please the elder Fel for some reason and a ghost of smile slid over his features. His nod was barely perceptible. "Maybe I was wrong," he allowed, "You certainly seem to have inherited your mother's diplomatic skills."

Jaina couldn't have disagreed with him more, but she had held her tongue then, as she would do many more times in the following days. The conflict had seemed to pass then with that comment, and she was content to let it lie.

Still the conversation had taken a turn for the unpleasant several times since the Fels had arrived. Jaina didn't think that they had quite forgiven Jag yet, for falling in love with her and causing them to leave Chiss pace, but surprisingly Cem had turned into their ally. She seemed to have forgiven Jaina, at least partially for manipulating her and she had realized that Jaina truly did love Jag. That had helped, as had Cem's growing friendship with the very man that had insulted her father and fought with her.

Still there were moments when Jaina just wanted to take Jag and hide from the rest of the galaxy.

This was not one of those moments, Jaina decided, as her gaze finally traveled to the man standing at the end of the path waiting for her.

Jag looked incredibly handsome as he stood before her, a beaming smile spread across his face as he watched her with adoring eyes. As Han let go of her hands and placed them in Jag's, all Jaina could see was Jag. Nothing else mattered as Jag raised one of her hands to his lips, gently kissing it, and then taking her other hand gently in his. She gripped his hand tightly and felt him respond with a slight squeeze. Jaina cherished even that small symbol of their connection, as they turned to face Kam Solusar, who would be performing the ceremony.

Behind them, unseen by all stood a handsome young man and a beautiful young woman who stood lovingly next to him, wrapped into his loving embrace.

"She's so happy now," Padme spoke softly, even though none could hear.

Anakin nodded beside her, "She is indeed. Jaina chose to follow her heart and she definitely chose wisely. She made the right choice," Anakin repeated, "And I am very happy for her. Fel truly loves her. This," he said with a wide smile, "This is her destiny." The spectral couple shared a lingering, loving glance before turning their attention back to Jaina and Jag as the ceremony began to conclude.

They were just in time to hear Jaina whisper, "I love you, Jagged Fel," and pull him into a kiss that sealed their love and their future together.

The End.

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