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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Chapter One

         Dreams That Do Not Fade

~haruka na hoshizora ni yume wa mada miemasu ka?~

~Can you still see your dreams in the distant, starry night?~

~osanai ano hi yori azaya desu ka?~

~Are they more vivid than they were when you were little?~


   I refused to look up from my work, and signed my name with a flourish on the dry, wilted sheepskin parchment, sprinkling on a pinch of sand to keep the ink from running. Red ink of blood. Red ink of love… Yes, I was Mahado, priest to the young Pharaoh, Yami. I was in love… In love with him

   "With who? The Pharaoh? I think he has completely fallen for that little slave, Yugi. You do not stand a chance."

   I gave him an irritated glance. He knew perfectly well that I feel only respect and loyalty for our Pharaoh. But, of course, he did not know who I love. He was not supposed to know. "Would you stop reading my mind?"

   He laughed and ran a hand through his long raven hair, the other resting on the back of my chair, playfully twirling tendrils of my violet hair around his long, slim fingers. I shivered pleasantly and tried to keep him from noticing.

   "Oh, so you enjoy this?" he teased, his voice low and breathy. "Hmmm, Mahado darling?"

   I hated it when he did this. Hated it… and loved it. Just like how I hated and loved him. Hated him, because he was perpetually better than me. Hated him, because I loved him. Loved him, despite being a guy. Loved him, despite the promise to hate him. Loved him, despite all our differences. Loved him, despite his insistent flirtations with me – and with everyone else. Or perhaps because of it…

   "Leave me alone! I'm working!" I snapped, and immediately regretted my actions. The hurt was gone from his eyes now, but it was there a few seconds ago. I did not realize until now, that I had spun to face him. Eyes wide, I tried to back away.

   Slow. I was too slow. He was faster, stronger. His arms encircled my waist as his lips captured mine.

   "Mmmmm, leggo…" I protested weakly. He always left me weak, barely able to stand.

   Surprisingly, he did. He withdrew completely, leaving me no support. I collapsed onto my chair. What was he doing to me?

   "We need to train." His voice was serious, the smile gone from his face. He was done with joking, with flirting. I would not become his today. "The thief Bakura is in this area. We would need our powers before long. You, as Priest of the Pharaoh; and I, as the Master of the Mages. You can feel it as well as I, Mahado. We would need to be much stronger if we – and the Pharaoh – wish to live."

   I nodded. It was true. Darkness was approaching. We could not escape, only fight. And to fight, we had not the power.

   "But we will!" He has once again read my mind. "Come with me! W will train together. Combined, no one can destroy us."

   So cheerful, so optimistic… But there was something in his eyes. He could see something. Why would he not tell me? I knew. It was dangerous. He wanted to keep me safe. I sighed. "I am no child, Chaos. I am a Priest in charge of guarding Pharaoh Akunamkanon's tomb!"

   He laughed. "Chaos? Do you call me that too now, Mahado dear?" He ran a finger down my jaw line, and I shivered again.

   "You have never told anyone of your name," I complained. "By what else shall I call you?"

   "Oh?" He raised an eyebrow. "Then why don't' I call you 'Dark'? Hmmm, sweetheart? My dark and mysterious little love?"

   I shook off his arms, which had somehow encircled me. "I am neither yours, nor little, nor your love." Flirt… He was flirting again. One day, I would not be able to hold back. One day, his warm body, so insistently pressed against mine, would drive me mad. Sometimes, I think that would be a good thing.

   "But I can always dream…" His mouth was by my ear, hot breaths tickling the sensitive skin. "Can't I, Mahado? Dark…? I have long ago established my dreams. Can you still see yours? Are they brighter, more vivid than before? Or… have they faded beyond recognition? My dreams still appear as a rainbow of myriad colours. Do yours…?"

   I hesitated. What was my dream? I could not remember. Did I ever have one? I must have, sometime in my childhood. Faded. Yes. Like a picture bleached by the burning sun, tossed and eroded in sandstorms, the last semblance of reality washed away by the rare torrential rain. Beyond recognition, beyond recall… Leaving behind only proof of its passing. No memories…

   "We must train!" I muttered harshly, pushing him away. Though I did not look at him, I could imagine his smirks. Each day, I was becoming more and more his. What scared me the most was that I no longer minded…

   "Yes, sweet Mahado. We can't allow you to be hurt, now, can we? You are too dear… at least to me." Was he joking again? I did not think so. There was a level of seriousness, an intensity never before shown. I was so confused.

   Ra, what was he doing to me?

   An emerald bream shot from the end of my staff, breaking the crystal into pieces as it fell. I smiled smugly at him. But he was smirking. Very widely. Ah. He was probably going to—

   Faster than the eye could follow, he shattered each piece of the crystal into smithereens.

   "Show off," I grumbled. I did not mean it, of course. I admired him very much. Admired… Loved…

   He sauntered towards me, the self-satisfied smile playing at his lips. My heart thumped wildly. What was he planning to do? I wish I could read his mind, the way he read mine.

   Without warning, my breath was cut off. I could not move, as I was sandwiched between a brick wall and… him. He crushed me to him, his warm, strong body, his lips on mind, ravaging. Heat, passions… I could not think straight. My mind was… chaos. Chaos. Him. The magician of chaos.

   "I like that name," he laughed, removing his lips for a second. I had a split second to try to regain my thoughts.

   I failed horribly, of course.

   "It's missing something," he breathed. His voice, so husky… "Not just chaos… Something more."

   Dark chaos. Black chaos. Yes. Put a piece of me into his name. Just like he was taking a piece of my mind, my innocence… my heart. His lips were demanding, unrelenting, making me want him, need him.

   His hands roamed my body, running over spots that I did not even know were sensitive. I moaned into his mouth, unable to help myself. If he continued, we might… we would… we…

   He was tugging at the base of my shirt, his hands slipping under. His hands, warm… His fingertips were dancing across bare skin. Each time he touched me, my back arched towards him, my arms crushing him to me.

   Training… We were supposed to be training! Not, not…

   "Not what?" he whispered, his breath tickling my ear. "Why can we not enjoy life, enjoy these fleeting moments?"

   I had no answer. He now possessed my soul, though I have yet to admit it to him.