"Mommy, what's that?" Serenity asked her mother.

"That is Earth, Serenity." Her mother, Queen Serenity said.

"What's Earth?" Serenity asked.

"It's a planet full of life and joy and ruled by a Queen and King, and their son Endymion." Queen Serenity told her daughter. "It has trees and animals, but we're forbidden to go."

"But why Mommy? I want to see what Earth is like." Serenity said.

"Because it might start a war with us with the people of the earth and moon, and we don't want that, do we now?" Queen Serenity asked. "And that is bad for a 5-year-old like yourself correct?"

"You're correct Mommy." Serenity said. Queen Serenity leaves and Serenity looked up at the Earth.

"Someday, I will find a way to get there."

13 years later


Endymion looked over to where the beautiful Princess was hiding and saw her. Serenity walked out of her hiding spot and went to the Prince of the Earth.

"I've known you've been hiding there every time I walked outside." Endymion said.

"I didn't know that." Serenity admitted.

"I know you know me as Endymion, Prince-of-the-Earth, but who may you be?" Endymion asked.

"I'm Serenity, Princess-of-the-Moon." Serenity says.

"Didn't your mother tell you not to go?" Endymion asked.

"Yes, but I snuck out everytime I wanted to come here." Serenity said. Endymion laughed and so did Serenity. They made plans to meet up at least twice a week.

On the moon

Serenity was quickly running up the stairs and tried opening the door but Sailor Mars greeted her.
"Yes?" Mars asked. Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury walked to the two.

"Let me guess, you snuck out again, didn't you?" Jupiter asked.

"You're a growing Princess." Venus said.

"Yes, Venus is right Serenity, you still have much to learn. Can we return to studying?" Mercury asked. Jupiter, Mars, and Venus groaned.

"Can she have a break Mercury?" Jupiter asked.

"She had a well enough break, sneaking to the Earth." Mercury snapped.

"I'm so glad I don't have to do that." Venus said. Serenity looked at them and then nodded to Mercury.

"Yes, we may return to my studies." Serenity said.

2 months later, at a ball

Serenity and a young man were dancing together at a ball.

"Serenity, I love you." The man whispered.

"I do too, Endymion." The young Princess whispered back. They stopped dancing and everyone clapped. They walked outside, onto a balcony. The guardians followed, on orders from the Princess.

"Hello Prince Endymion." Mars, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury said.

"Hello." Endymion said. He looked at them and Serenity, the love of his life.

"A war will break out across our people. There's an evil energy called Metalia and it brainwashed my people to turn against us." Endymion explained. "We will need to fight them."

"But Endymion, what if you die during the battle?" Serenity asked nervously.

"Then don't let my death be in vain Serenity." Endymion replied.

"And what about you guys?" Serenity asked her guardians.

"Then it won't be in vain. It would be our job." Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus replied.

"Plus, you haven't seen anyone CLOSE to beating me! Give me two minutes and the war will be over!" Mars said. Everyone, even Serenity and Endymion, groaned.

"ATTACK! ATTACK!" The guards yelled. The girls and Endymion looked to see a wave of people and Metalia in front of them. The girls and Endymion ran away, leaving Serenity behind.

"GUYS! GUYS!" Serenity wailed. She looked down at the battle below her and yelled out in shock and horror as she saw, one by one, the guardians fall. Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Mars.

"This can't be happening! NO!" Serenity cried out in shock. Beryl appeared before her and tried attacking the Princess. Endymion ran in front and then there was an explosion. A force was pulling Endymion up, trying to kill him. Serenity jumped in after him.

"SERENITY!" Endymion shouted.

"ENDYMION!" Serenity wailed. Then, they died. The Queen and her guardian cats ran out and saw the lifeless bodies of the Prince and the Princess.

"Serenity!" Queen Serenity cried. She used the silver crystal to seal Metalia away and to send the guardians, Princess, and cats to the future. Princess Serenity had no idea what was in store for her in her next life.