There was tension everywhere in the midst of the hospital. The nurses could see it and the patients could see it. Everyone was either happy, sad, or avoiding each other. Meredith and Derek were as happy as can be after getting Zola. Things were still rocky with Cristina and Owen after she found out he had cheated. Mark slept with Addison and Lexie slept with Alex. Now, they were just plain avoiding each other. Alex had told Addison she wasn't his girlfriend and things have been awkward ever since. There had been a strain between all of their relationships and it didn't get unnoticed by the Chief.

One day, Richard paged everybody into the conference room. Derek has just finished a craniotomy with Lexie when they got paged. Meredith was with Addison helping to deliver babies. Cristina was scrubbing out after putting a patient on bypass with Teddy when she received the page. Alex and Mark had just completed a rhinoplasty.

Everybody filed into the room. Cristina, Lexie, Alex, Meredith, and Derek stood next to each other. Mark and Addison were side by side talking and Owen was standing alone. They were all surprised and curious to see them all standing there.

"What's going on?" asked Derek.

"I've noticed tensions arising between everybody here. I mean I thought it would go away eventually, but it hasn't. Everybody here is guilty of not being able to separate their personal lives from their professional lives. You guys are either fighting or trying to get into each other's pants in on-call rooms. This has to stop. You guys need to figure out your problems and talk it out" said Richard. Everybody remained silent.

"There's nothing to talk about" said Cristina.

"Yeah" said Lexie agreeing.

"We can separate our personal lives from our professional lives.

"We haven't been arguing" said Mark.

"I beg to differ. Now, I figured you guys would say this. So I've decided you guys are all going to Paris to forget all your troubles here and get away. You need to stop fighting and find your love for each other.

"Wait we're going to Paris?" interrupted Alex.

"Yeah, who's gonna cover our shifts?" asked Derek.

"We still have a lot to learn. I mean we need to decide on our specialties and boards are coming up soon" said Cristina.

"Now, now, now. Settle down. You are going on this trip whether you want to or not. This is not your decision, but mine. I am the Chief and this is my hospital. I expect when you come back for all tensions to be resolved" said Richard.

"How long is this trip gonna last?" asked Meredith.

"It will be for two weeks" said Richard.

"Ahh, come on" said Lexie.

"You've gotta be kidding me" said Addison.

"I am not. Now, you'd better start packing. Your flight is tomorrow" said Richard. He heard a lot of complaints and grunting. He quieted them down.

"This is not a suggestion and this is not a debate. This is an order. Here are your tickets. I hope you all have a good time" said Richard, walking away.

"It says our flight is tomorrow at 8" said Meredith.

"I guess we better start packing" said Lexie.

Next day...

"Okay. April, Jackson you are in charge of Zola.

You are gonna babysit until we get back" said Meredith, pulling her luggage behind her.

"This is so unfair. You guys get to relax on a vacation and we're stuck here" exclaimed Jackson.

"It's not a vacation. We're gonna be losing vial hours of surgery and studying just to go on a trip to stop our arguing" said Meredith.

"What's in it for us?" asked April.

"Think of it this way. You're living in my house. I could easily kick you out and you'd have no place to live, so... Now bye Zozo, mommy loves you" said Meredith.

Richard had ordered a shuttle for all of them to get to the airport. Derek and Meredith were the last stop. Derek was putting the luggage in the back of the shuttle.

"Derek, come say bye to Zola" yelled Meredith.

"Bye, baby girl. Daddy loves you" said Derek.

"Come on. We have to go now" said Meredith. They waved their goodbyes and got onto the shuttle. Inside, Cristina and Alex sat next to each other. Owen was sitting alone watching Cristina, secretly. Lexie sat in the back avoiding Mark, who was sitting in the front next to Addison. There was an empty two-seat in the middle row where Meredith and Derek sat next to each other. The shuttle was headed to SeaTac and inside the only the sound that could be heard was the radio. Cristina was reading a medical book on cardiomyopathy, while blasting her music. Alex was listening with her, but was staring at Addison without her noticing. Meredith and Derek were whispering behind them, inaudible. Lexie was listening to sad, heartbreaking songs, while stress eating. Addison was staring out the window, while Mark was sitting quietly waiting for this ride to be over.

When they arrived they went to check their luggages in. After finishing going through security they walked to their gate. They went to the bathroom and washed up. Cristina, Lexie, and Addison had volunteered to go get everybody drinks from Starbucks. The only reason Cristina volunteered was so she could avoid Owen. Lexie wanted to stay away from Mark as much as possible. And Addison wanted to avoid the gaze of Alex. When they came back it was almost time to get on the plane. Richard has gotten the middle-class coach seats.

"This isn't first class seats" complained Mark.

"Oh, Boohoo McSteamy. Some of us aren't rich" said Cristina.

"Shut it, Yang. I've just never sat in middle class seats" said Mark.

"Oh my god, really" said Alex.

"That's pathetic" said Lexie. When they got to their seats, they realized they were all sitting together as couples. Owen with Cristina, Meredith and Derek, Mark and Lexie, and Addison and Alex.

Alex walked up to Cristina. "We're switching" said Alex. Owen has just walked to the bathroom, waiting in line.

"Why? Are you finally gonna tell me what's happening with you and Montgomery?" asked Cristina.

"There's nothing going on" said Alex.

"Oh, please I see the way you guys look at each other. I'm not blind" said Cristina.

"Fine. There was something going on and now there's not. I'll tell you everything when we get there if you switch seats with me" said Alex.

"Fine, but you owe me" replied Cristina.

"I don't owe you. You've been avoiding Owen ever since, you know" said Alex.

"Shh. I've only told you and Mer. I would appreciate it if you didn't tell anybody else" said Cristina.

"Okay, okay. But I don't owe you" said Alex.

"Yeah, yeah. Let's get this over with" said Cristina.

Owen saw the commotion and realized they were talking about changing seats. "Uh, hi Dr. Montgomery. Alex and I are switching seats" said Cristina.

"Oh, okay. Is it okay if I sit inside?" asked Addison.

"You like to stare out the window?" asked Cristina.

"Yeah, it just.." said Addison.

"distracts you from what's really going on in your life" finished Cristina.

"Yeah, it does." said Addison.

"I like you, Montgomery. This is gonna be fun" said Cristina.

"Yeah. It's gonna be fun. We're just two single, heartbroken ladies trying to have fun" replied Addison.

"Yup. Let's do this" said Cristina.

In the back...

"Derek, I'm switching seats with you" demanded Lexie.

"Look, you can't avoid your problems and feelings. Go sit next to Mark" said Derek.

"Meredith" said Lexie, staring at her.

"Derek, she needs this. Lexie wouldn't ask if she wasn't desperate. I'll just see you when we get there" replied Meredith.

"Fine, but I'm demanding sex tonight" said Derek.

"I did not need to no that. My ears are bleeding" said Lexie.

"Hey, it's either me or Mark" said Meredith.

"Hey, what's going on?" asked Mark.

"Your girlfriend just stole my wife from me, thank you very much" said Derek.

"We broke up. She slept with Karev and I slept with Addison after she broke up with me. Can you believe her?" said Mark.

"So you slept with my ex-wife and Lexie slept with Karev?" asked Derek.

"Yeah, Can you believe her?" exclaimed Mark.

"No, I cannot believe her. This is her fault entirely" said Derek sarcastically.

"I know!" yelled Mark.

Up front...

"Please buckle up, everyone. This will be a long flight" said the flight attendant.

They were all thinking "yes it will".