I wrote this fanfiction after what happened to me – everything, except for the scenes involving characters from Rescue Heroes (and the fire) actually happened to me.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Rescue Heroes. The only characters that are original are Ashley, Peter, Paul, and Penny.

I hope you enjoy the story!

It was a nice crisp autumn day on October 31, 2018.

Ashley Wells tucked a piece of her long, straight brown hair behind her ear. She was currently on her way to the local walk-in clinic located in the local Loblaws. The walk-in clinic, known as "Pacific Walk-in Clinic" didn't have the best reviews online – on Google, it had a rating of 1.7 out of 5 stars, meanwhile, on Facebook, it had a rating of 1.2 out of 5 stars. Despite this, Ashley still went to the clinic sometimes, when her regular physician, Matt Medic, who was a Rescue Hero like her, was unavailable. This was one of those times – he was currently in Victoria, BC.

Ashley had a mix of both good and bad experiences at the clinic – sometimes the doctors would dismiss what she said and prescribe something she was allergic to, even if she told the doctor this. But there were other doctors who were caring, compassionate, and listened to what she said. Two doctors, in particular, stood out for their kindness: Dr. Gregory Sherman, whose kind, caring, demure, along with the fact that he listened to what she said (including what drugs she was allergic to) reminded her of her deceased grandfather, Leonard – he had also been kind, caring, and listened to what she said. The other doctor, a woman named Dr. Lynn Snow, could be abrupt but she never made Ashley feel dismissed or ignored.

Ashley arrived at the clinic. She got out of her red sedan and entered Loblaws. She walked over to the ticket dispenser and retrieved her ticket. Her ticket was number 24. Ashley looked up at the screen, which stated the last ticket number served. The screen displayed the number 18. Ashley looked at the time. It was 12:50 p.m. She only had 10 minutes until the clinic opened.

When the clinic opened, Ashley and the other people waiting entered the clinic. Ashley sat down and waited for her number to be called. When Ashley's number was called, she registered her name. Ashley took a look at the sign that stated which doctor would be working today. It was an unfamiliar name – it said Dr. Peter Zylbergold. Ashley decided to take her chances and see the unfamiliar doctor.

When she was called in, Ashley went into the examination room and sat down. Shortly after, a man, who she guessed was Dr. Zylbergold, entered. The first thing she noticed about Dr. Zylbergold was that he looked like an actor she liked: Costas Mandylor. He was approximately the same height as Costas, his dark brown hair even matched the actor's – it was even parted the same way. Ashley noticed that his lips were also thick and his eyes were piercing blue, just like Costas'.

Ashley decided to see how the appointment went and, if the appointment went well, she would ask him if he was related to the actor – who knows, everyone is related to someone.

Dr. Zylbergold didn't introduce himself. Since Ashley's name was on the file, she didn't introduce herself either. Instead, she asked Dr. Zylbergold if his name was pronounced Zill-ber-gold. Dr. Zylbergold was surprised that she could pronounce his name the correct way the first time she said it. "Most people don't pronounce my name correctly the first time," said Dr. Zylbergold. Ashley shrugged. "Phonetics has always been a strength of mine."

Ashley then proceeded to tell Dr. Zylbergold why she was there – she had run out of her anti-anxiety medication, Rivotril, and she needed a refill on her Nasonex. He agreed to prescribe both but wanted to do a physical examination first- to be sure nothing else was wrong with her sinuses and that she didn't have the flu, since she mentioned that her sinuses felt stuffed up and it can interfere with her breathing.

First he looked in her nose and throat. Then he listened to her heart and lungs. While he was doing this, Ashley had one thought running through her head: I hope he prescribes the Nasonex; I hope he doesn't prescribe something that will make me throw up!

When he was finished, he said that it was likely she was suffering from allergies and the Nasonex would help – it didn't look like he had read the notes about other visits – most of them were about Nasonex; the only other doctor that ever did an examination when she went regarding sinus issues was Dr. Sherman, and that was only because it was flu season as well and most people that came in during that time had the flu, even if they thought it was just allergies.

Dr. Zylbergold also wrote a prescription for the Rivotril, but he only wrote a prescription for one week - even though she told him that Matt, who usually wrote the prescription, wouldn't be back until November 19th. Ashley didn't say anything about this again; she didn't want to get on his bad side. Instead, she asked him if he was related to anyone with the last name Mandylor. He said no. When she told him that he looked like Costas, he smiled. Ashley then thanked him for his service and left.