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Summary: *Someone* wants Draco and Ginny to fall in love--but who? Not to mention Draco Malfoy isn't your average Prince Charming--and to love him…could be deadly.

Stuck With You

By chopin

My lullaby

Hung out to dry

What's up with that?

It's over

Where are you dad?

Mum's looking sad

What's up with that?

It's dark in here—Smoke, Natalie Imbruglia

Part I


'Step forward, Draco Malfoy.'

The day was dreary. Clouds covered the sky so plentifully that the entirety of it was a mere, dull shade of gray; a gloomy shade of gray.

Not that you could see anything from in here.

The only thing he could see was the shadows cast by the figures that were present in the room, and the dim, red glow of His eyes, the eyes that bore into his face through the black hood.

He breathed in. There was bitterness in the air.

' Step forward, Draco Malfoy.'

Was he doing the right thing?

Yes, he was, yes you are, Draco, go on, Draco, do it, now, and make daddy proud.

From beside him, the bent figure of his father glared at him, urging him to step forward, urging him to honor the family name…

Honor it by serving this half-blooded imbecile?

And his mother's voice kept invading his thoughts, and his mind was too crowded and in a moment he was going to burst.

His mother.




He imagined a tear rolling down her cheek as he showed her the mark, just as she had cried that one night, when he was quite young, and his father had shown her something, something that made her cry silently.

Silent Narcissa.

He turned around, and ran out the door.

His mother wouldn't cry that night.


Perhaps it was a good thing he would be leaving for school tomorrow. A good thing that his father was still out, drunk, no doubt.

His father was a fool in everything he was.

And if his father had returned after that one night, Draco was sure he wouldn't be alive now, sitting at his desk as he contemplated his


Draco had always been obedient, to everything his proud father had told him—be strong, Draco, never show weakness, Draco, obey me, Draco…

Yes, father, yes, father, yes father.

And that was why his father was a fool. Because his father was so intimidating that his son didn't dare refuse him, because his father was a merciless monster, conniver, user, deceiver, and he was heartless and soulless and Draco could still feel the loud slap as the dark bruises formed on his skin…


He wanted an eraser. A pink, soft eraser to erase his mind, his memories, to make it blank—ignorance was bliss.

But he didn't have an eraser, and he couldn't forget.

His hands fisted in anger, and as he did--there was a loud crack—his quill had broken in half. Thick, black ink oozed all over his hand.

Muttering a quick spell, he cleaned himself up.


The train, as usual, was jam-packed. Ginny Weasley stood in the hallways of the train, snapping her gum quietly as she searched through each and every compartment.

And the same result came up as the year before, and the year before, and the year before and—what's this? The year before that too.

" Sorry—this compartment's taken."

And though she remained compartment-less every single year, somehow, Harry, Hermione and Ron managed to get a compartment of their own.

If her mother had been there, surely she would have made Ron let her sit with them, but she wasn't and besides—no one liked a tattletale.

With a grumble, she pulled open the nearest compartment she could find, and seeing that there was no one in it—only a few abandoned bags, she quickly settled in before anyone could tell her otherwise.

Taking out a few books, she settled into the comfortable, soft seats and flipped to the page she was at.

She often read on these train rides, except when she began feeling a bit sick—then she would put it away and look out the window. Overall, train rides were quite lonely.

She had just gotten to a rather interesting part of her book, in which the two main characters were about to confess their undying love for each other—

But there was an intrusion.

The particular intrusion included a loud bang and four stumbling figures that came crashing into her compartment, one of whom landed on her lap.

" What the—"

A pale hand clapped over her mouth to muffle her protests, and all remained still and deadly silent.

Through the shadow that was cast on the sheer door, she could see a large figure striding past them.

When the figure had passed, the boy who was currently sprawled on her lap took his hands away from her mouth and stood up, brushing off his impeccable black robes.

His gray eyes scanned her body.

Gray eyes, she noticed with a jolt. Gray eyes, and blonde hair, with—oh, god, with that smirk on his face!

" Malfoy—" She breathed. Draco took out his wand and flashed her a nasty smile.

" Very good, Virginia." He paused for a moment.

" That is your name, of course?" He said lightly, in a tone that suggested that he was far too superior to remember the name of someone like her. From behind him, the three others who had accompanied him sniggered loudly.

She blushed deep red, before finding her voice again.

" My name is Ginny." She said, chin held up high. He waved a hand in her face and rolled his eyes.

" Ginny, Virginia, Weasley, Weasel, scum—" He looked at her amusedly. " Same thing, isn't it?"

" Argh! Malfoy you are--" Her shout went unnoticed, however, for at that moment, the compartment door slide open to reveal a man—yes, a man—who Ginny had never seen before. There was a very stern expression on his face, and as his dark brown eyes flitted over to the three that stood behind Draco and Ginny, he pointed his wand to them.

" You three—follow me." He snapped. " Since you three find it so funny to hex unassuming, innocent students, you can come sit with me and the rest of the teachers." Ginny looked over at them, biting her lip from bursting out in laughter.

Now that she looked at them, she realized that they were none other than Crabbe, Goyle and Pansy, looking quite appalled as of the moment.

" But professor—" Pansy Parkinson began to protest in a rather whiny voice. She pointed to Draco, whose eyes widened, before he tried to don an I-have-no-idea-what-she's-talking-about expression.

" He was in on this too!" She simpered. " Why isn't he getting punished?"

The dark-haired professor took a good look at Draco, and there was an odd silence for a mere second or two.

" I didn't see him running amok like the rest of you" He finally concluded. " Therefore, he is innocent until proven guilty." There was a rather sardonic grin on the professor's face that Ginny found quite strange.

" That's right—I don't know what the silly girl's talking about." Draco muttered incredulously, running a hand through his blonde hair.

" She's gone batty, I tell you."

So, the three of them were rounded out of the compartment, still squabbling protests, and they and the professor disappeared without a second glance.

As soon as they were gone, Draco closed the door and after rummaging through his bag, he found what he was looking for; clothes.

" That was an awful thing to do." Ginny muttered, staring disdainfully at the slytherin. He looked over at her in surprise, as if he had forgotten her presence.

" They were your friends; you should have tried to bail them out." She continued heatedly, lightly stomping her foot on the carpeted ground. Draco sighed irritably.

" They're not my friends." He corrected her, looking at her from the corner of his eye.

" And if you don't mind, I'd like to change now—so you can go away?" He snapped, picking up his Hogwarts robes as an indication that he was serious.

The nerve of him!

Ginny's eyes narrowed, and she plopped down on to the seat, crossing her arms defiantly.

" Go ahead and change now, Malfoy—I'm not leaving." She muttered. A small and sudden smile curled up Draco's face.

" Ah—eager to see me naked, eh?" He guffawed, enjoying how the colors of her face changed violently.

" No way, you pervert!" She shouted, wanting to throw something at the infuriating boy, but alas--finding nothing to throw. Draco simply shrugged, as a sign of resignation.

" Have it your way, then." And he proceeded to unbutton his robes. Ginny looked away towards the window, determined not to look at him once. She would never give him the satisfaction of that.

She simply couldn't.

But--damn her peripheral vision--out of the corner of her eye, she could still see him, as he pulled his sweater over his head, as he slowly, agonizingly unbuttoned his shirt, and as bare flesh peeped out from the folds of his white shirt.

Turning her head slightly, she watched as the muscles of his chest flexed as he moved, sighed involuntarily as she noticed the pale, porcelain color of his skin.


Her eyes traveled upward towards his collarbone, his neck, his face, his lips, his nose all so perfect, and then his eyes—

His gray eyes that were staring right back at her.

She blushed furiously and looked away as she realized he was watching her watch him; blushed furiously as she realized that she had been admiring him.

But he merely smirked, unfazed by her wandering eyes.

" Enjoying the view?" He purred, an eyebrow quirking up suggestively.

Oh, damn it all.


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