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Summary: *Someone* wants Draco and Ginny to fall in love--but who? Not to mention Draco Malfoy isn't your average Prince Charming--and to love him…could be deadly.

Stuck With You

by chopin

Part II


And the weather was absolutely heinous.

The crowd was milling around the Great Hall, shoes squeaking on the floor as every student tried their best not to slip and make a fool out of them self, Ginny Weasley included.

When, finally, there was some order amongst them, and they were all nicely seated in their respective seats, they heard the familiar bang of the door as the first years took their first step into the Great Hall, looking scared out of their wits.

Ginny almost felt pity on the poor things. But soon, she didn't feel anything but hunger; she was ravenous. She even contemplated the idea of taking up the nasty habit of biting her nails again, something her mother had had a fit over…

" And now—without further ado—the feast!" Ginny's head snapped towards the Headmaster, and saw his blue eyes glinting merrily as he sat back down from his speech—the speech she had missed altogether.

Which wasn't much of a lost, since all he ever said was to warn them about the dangers of the forbidden forest, hence the name, welcome, blah blah blah blah.

Shrugging, she picked up the fork eagerly, grinning as she eyed the multitudes of dishes lain out in front of her.



She really couldn't walk. Her stomach, the fat thing, was going to burst in a matter of seconds, and she could almost hear the gasps of shock and alarm as the contents of her stomach splattered over the robes of many students.

Why, oh why had she eaten so much? And she was feeling so odd and tired…and she was going to be half asleep by the time she got to her dormitory.

But somehow, just by some miracle, she was getting out of her chair now, and at less than half the speed of others, she was making her way towards the door…

Why was she feeling so tipsy…?

And now, across the corridor…

And her head…it was aching now and…things seemed to be a bit blurry…

That's it…just a little more…

" Why, is the little Weasel having trouble walking?" A snide voice whispered from behind her, a particularly nasty voice that stood out amongst the crowd.

She whirled around—or at least, tried to without falling over, and tried her best to glare at him through half closed lids.

" Bug--" She paused, taking a deep breath, feeling an odd wave of nausea wash over her. " Bugger off, Malfoy." He stared down at her, frowning slightly.

" What'd you do to yourself?" He asked quietly.

" Oh, shut up, like you care." She half-glared at him.

" Just go away, before I fall on top of you." She growled, stepping forward to prove her point. But Malfoy just grinned slyly.

Ginny eyed the blonde warily, or as warily as she could in her state of drowsiness.

Must not fall asleep.

Must not fall asleep.

Must not…whoa…

She lurched forward slightly, feeling her legs turn to jelly…stupid things…

" Actually, that sounds quite appealing, Weasley." He murmured. Grunting, Ginny finally gave up, not being able to even see where she was going any longer.

And she fell into Draco Malfoy's chest.


He stared at the girl in his arms, eyes wide.

For people were beginning to stare. And this did not look good.

Trying his best to look as casual as possible, he plastered a relaxed smirk on his face and picked her up by her arms, half-dragging her towards—wherever. Panic began creeping up his insides as his eyes darted around, wondering what in hell he was supposed to do when a girl practically fainted in his arms…

As long as he didn't have a run-in with Ron—

" Malfoy!!!!"

Alas. Fate must have hated him.

" Malfoy!!! What the bloody hell are you doing?" Draco's eyes crossed irritably, dragging Ginny towards the oh-so-wise one.

" Hello to you too, Weasley. If your two eyes can manage to see and comprehend, I think that should be self-explanatory?" He grunted—the girl was heavier than she looked.

" Malfoy, if you don't let go of my baby sister right now I'll—"

Ginny dropped to the ground with a plop. Draco's harsh gaze landed on Ron, looking at him with a considerable amount of dislike.

" There. There's your bloody sister. Au revoir, Weasley."

He did not need this humiliation. Things had gone from worse to bad in the duration of this evening—and he would NOT stand for it. So? He was going to go now.

And everyone else was going to act like nothing had happened.

Wand raised, he shot murderous glares at everyone who stood in his way, making his way towards the slytherin common room before anyone stopped him.

And he was never talking to Weasley again.


" Oh, what's wrong with her?" Hermione wrung her hands together anxiously.

" What did Madame Pomfrey say was wrong with her?" Harry bit his lip and chanced a quick look at Ron before turning to Hermione.

" Well…she says she's been, sorta…drunk." Ron's fist clenched slightly, looking horribly worried for his sister.

" I mean, just poisoned, like. Er, what I meant was…N-Not poisoned, really…just…She'll be fine." Harry finished lamely, running his hand through his hair. Ron's lips twitched slightly, as if he were suppressing something he wanted to say very badly.

" Ron? Do you have anything to say?" Hermione asked probingly, her voice soft. Ron nodded, taking a big gulp.

" I'm going to kill Malfoy." His eyes blazed menacingly as he imagined turning that blonde head to a bloody pulp. Hermione sighed.

" Oh, Ron, that's so typical of you!" She chastised. " All Malfoy did was, er, try to—um…carry her to the hospital wing." Hermione prodded Harry with a knowing glance.

" Er, right, of course, of course." Harry nodded fervently.

" No…he was probably the one who tried to poison her." Ron continued grudgingly. Hermione sighed.

" Ron…leave the accusing for later…right now, we're focused on Ginny, and only her." Slowly, Ron nodded, still looking a bit angry.

" We should go now." Harry muttered. Hermione jumped to her feet.

" Yes, Harry's right." She touched Ron's shoulder. " Don't worry too much—she'll be fine by tomorrow."

And with that, the three of them left the hospital wing, minds left to wonder what had indeed happened.


Ginny Weasley awoke with the sun shining in her eyes—and with a horrible headache. Crying out loud, she clutched the sides of her head and grimaced, wondering where she was…everything seemed painfully white, and unrecognizable. After a few moments of holding her head to steady the pain, she blinked blearily and—

She was in the hospital wing. She sat up straight in her bed, eyes suddenly wide. What…what had happened??

Had she been hurt? She didn't feel it…save the horrible headache…but surely she hadn't landed herself in the hospital wing for a mere headache?

But there was no one there to answer her questions.

And oddly enough, through her headache, she had the nagging feeling that she was forgetting something…

A frown creased her face as she briefly wondered if something had happened the night before…she felt…strange enough, as if she should be remembering something important, like a family member's birthday, or an important appointment…

But a glance at her clock diverted her thoughts completely. It was nearly time for classes, and she wanted to get out. She slipped out of the hospital wing as quietly as she could, straightening out her wrinkled robe.

She headed towards the Gryffindor common room as quickly as she could, planning to grab her books and leave.

It was her first day of classes, and she already had a feeling that something was horribly wrong.


And indeed, something was wrong.

As soon as she stepped out of the common room and into the hallways, there were buzzes of people surrounding her, some close friends, others people that she didn't even know

" Ginny, are you alright?"

" What happened?"

" Have you been poisoned?" Ginny's books fell to the floor, and her hands flew to her forehead, brows furrowed as she desperately tried to sort everything out in her mind.

What had happened last night?

But for the life of her, she could not recall. She was beginning to feel nauseous, however.

Biting her lip, she ignored the crowd of people interrogating her, and bent down to pick up her textbooks.

Standing up, her lips pursed, she tucked back a strand of stray hair.

" I have no idea what you're all talking about." She announced rather breathlessly, before pushing past the sea of people as hurriedly as she could.

Breaking into a run, she ran towards her first class, not bothering to look back at the gaping crowd behind her.


" Miss Weasley. Take a seat." Upon stumbling into her first class of the day, Transfiguration, she was relieved to find herself only a couple of minutes late, and even more relieved to find Professor McGonagall looking only slightly ruffled at her punctuality.

Taking her seat, near the back of the class, she wondered briefly if her lack of severity was due to the something that had happened last night.

All throughout the class, Ginny found herself not able to concentrate, because who could, when your classmates were constantly whispering about you, about some event that occurred and you didn't even remember it?

It almost felt like the Chamber of Secrets incident…except by the time it was all over, she could remember it all…

But when she succeeded in failing her transfiguration for the hundredth time, dropping her wand for the hundredth time, Professor McGonagall looked up wearily, lips set in a thin line.

" Miss Weasley—what is wrong with you, today? Surely, yesterday's incident hasn't addled your brains completely, hmm?" Ginny looked at her with wide eyes, curiosity tugging at her senses.

There was a short moment of silence, before Ginny managed to clear her throat and answer.

" Uh—Professor," She began tentatively. " What did happen last night?"

Professor McGonagall's eyes grew wide as murmurs arose in the classroom.

"See me after class."


" What did that old bat do to you, huh?" Susan tagged along Ginny's hastening steps, her hair flipping out behind her.

" What, did she issue you detention for not remembering last night?"

" Is that what she thought? She thought you were being a smart ass?" Ginny halted to a stop, her expression more pensive than angry.

" No." She said quietly. " She told me what happened." Susan had not been there to witness the now school-known event, and had only managed to hear glimpses of it.

" So," She breathed excitedly. " What'd she say?"

" She says I fainted in Draco Malfoy's arms."


She had fallen asleep in his arms.


Something had obviously been wrong with her, judging by her tipsy state in the first place…

But like he could try to tell that to the Hogwarts students!

Okay. So it really wouldn't be the end of the world—as long as he explained carefully that it was all a misunderstanding, that there was NOTHING going on between them, that no, he had not done anything to her that—that he really had nothing to do with the whole thing.

But Draco Malfoy wasn't the type to explain nicely. He was the type to hex and curse, threatening blackmail and black eyes.

It was all the little girl's fault. The whole school was full of little rats who did nothing but gossip, and by now, there were probably rumors of the two of them having hot, wild, monkey sex out in the quidditch pitch.

If only she hadn't been talking to him—if only she had ignored him and attempted to walk away.

It was absolutely NOT his fault that the stupid girl couldn't get past him.

A smug expression flitted across his face momentarily.

After all, it was his job to make all Weasleys feel infuriated by his presence.


She laughed.

" You're pulling my leg, right?" She said, her voice incredulous. Ginny shook her head.

" I'm not." And she was sure it wasn't just some crazy rumor either, because she could slowly start to remember flashes of what had happened last night, the feelings of drowsiness and sluggishness, the lack of ability to walk straight…

And talking to Malfoy.

" I'm afraid it's all true." She mumbled. " Except—I mean, what the hell? What kind of crazy girl fell asleep in the middle of a busy corridor? What kind of warped up incident was this??! There's got to be something more than me deciding that Malfoy's chest would make a nice pillow, what with everyone watching me snore…" They lapsed into silence as they walked through the corridors to Potions—however, Ginny couldn't ignore the looks and stares some of the students were giving her.

" What's wrong with the whole lot of them?" She asked, angrily. " Big deal, I practically fainted in Malfoy's arms—hel-lo, obviously there was something wrong with me…And now, everyone has to go make it some huge scandal, like they know something about it."

She was glaring now—the more she thought about it, the angrier she grew. It only made her angrier that her friend seemed to say nothing, nothing but to bite her lips. Because, in fact, perhaps her friend thought that it WAS a big deal.

She glared at them as she passed, all the way to the Potions classroom, trying her best to ignore the comments some flung at them.

Because the comments did not make sense.

She shivered as she entered the drafty Potions classroom.

" Well, well, well," A dangerous voice growled behind her.

" It's a wonder Miss Weasley isn't skipping class, enjoying herself a bottle of Ogden's Old Firewhisky."


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