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Four months later

As the months went by several things happened, the first month and a half was spent with all the birds recovering especially Dinah. Her physical wounds were now completely healed leaving only a few scars, the most prominent of which was on her leg from the glass. Due to Tek and Dinah's 'falling out' as she liked to put it, the birds had banded together once again to form the full team. Several members of the Kaze and the youkai were either serving sentences or awaiting their trial; Saio was put into a mental hospital, it seemed that he was cationic. Things were not at all bad for the birds.

(Flash back four months earlier)

They were back in the warehouse now; Helena set Barbara down in a wheelchair, and took a seat side by side with Dinah. "How did you do that?" Helena asked.

"I don't know, but I'm not going to complain about it." With that Dinah reached out tentatively to caress Helena's cheek; tears sprung in her eyes as she felt the texture beneath the pads of her fingers. "This, it's the first time I've been able to touch someone for five years." She let out a nervous yet excited breath.

"And how is it?" Helena Smiled at her.

"More wonderful than you could ever know." Dinah's hand continued to stroke Helena's face while her other hand sought out Helena's. "I have to admit though, that I'm happy that you're the first one I'm touching again."

Making the first move, Helena leaned cautiously forward searching out Dinah's lips with her own. Although Dinah was nervous to say the least, she brought her head towards Helena's, and as their lips met so did their minds. Helena's first thought was that kissing Dinah was just like her dream, their lips felt together perfectly, and she had never felt anything this good. Dinah felt Helena's love and Joy, just as Helena could feel Dinah's, the connection was so strong and it only served to make the kiss even better.

Finally they pulled apart, although reluctantly. "That was. . ." Dinah started.

"Perfect, wow, incredible, wonderful, exceptional? I could go on with a nice long list." Helena finished.

"All of the above." Agreed Dinah.

In the meantime Barbara had been trying to figure out why it was that Dinah could touch again, but her mind just couldn't wrap around the problem right now; it would in fact, take months to figure out the answer since Dinah was just as clueless.

(End flash back)

As soon as Dinah had healed, the birds decided on a vacation to rest their minds better, and to wait for the clock tower to be rebuilt. They did, after all, need a base of operations. So they decided to vacation in Europe, Paris to be exact where something very special and very important took place in the bird's lives.

(Flash back to Paris)

"Hey Barbara, me and Dinah are going out for a bit okay?" Helena announced.

"That's fine." Came the distracted reply.

"How is it that she managed to bring work with on our vacation. . . away from work?" Dinah questioned annoyed as she finished putting on a pair of earrings. Helena didn't tell her where they were going, but she said to dress nice. Over the past little while their relationship had progressed so far, and they were very happy and comfortable with each other. Now both were dressed up in fancy wear, Dinah in a knee length black skirt and blue blouse that brought out her eyes, while Helena wore a classy black dress.

"She probably snuck it into her suitcase after we checked them." Helena groused, then sighed. "Oh well, come on let's go." Helena grasped Dinah's hand as they walked out the door of their hotel; it still amazed Helena how happy it made Dinah just to hold hands. "But then again," She thought, "I'm not the one who hasn't been able to touch for five years." They flagged down a taxi and Helena gave the driver the name of the place, he answered in French, and Helena had no idea as to what he was saying, but stuttered out an "Oh, okay." Dinah giggled in the back and Helena grinned.

They arrived at a classy restaurant on the Champs Elyse, where they spent the night talking over dinner, and dancing. It seemed like the perfect night already to Dinah, but Helena became nervous as hell after they left. "Are you alright?" Dinah asked concerned.

"Just fine." Helena answered. "Come on." Helena walked with Dinah down the street until they came to rest under the Arc de Triumph. She became even more nervous now.

"Helena, is something wrong?" Dinah questioned.

"I just, there's something I want to tell you. Listen, I know that we haven't actually been dating that long, but I love you Dinah with all my heart and soul, and I don't think that anything could make me happier than you. I've loved you for a long time Dinah, I was too afraid of it back then, but I'm not now, you're my everything." Helena and Dinah's eyes were locked together, and the love that Helena saw gave her the strength to continue. "What I want to know Dinah is, will you marry me?"

Tears filled Dinah's eyes, "Of course I will." Helena grinned and slipped the ring she had brought out onto Dinah's appropriate finger. It was a beautiful ring with a row of Diamonds leading up to a sapphire in the middle. "It's beautiful Helena, and I need you to know that I love you so much. I don't think that I could put into words how much, so I'll just have to find a different way." Dinah confessed before capturing Helena's lips with her own, and putting all her love into the kiss.

"Wow, I should propose more often." Helena joked.

(End flash back)

Another month and a half passed before they left Paris, Barbara had been over joyed from the news of the engagement, and, after Helena asked her, gave her blessing for them to be married, both girls felt that Barbara was the one who should give consent since not only were their mothers dead, but Barbara was like a mother to them. The clock tower had been rebuilt when they returned, and they were able to move back in, soon everything seemed to be back to normal. One more month went on as normal with nothing out of the ordinary happening until now.

"Helena! Dinah! Get in here now!" Barbara shouted to her protégés.

"What? What's wrong?" Helena asked excitedly running into the computer room.

"Nothings wrong so stop worrying. I think I just figured out what happened with Dinah." Explained Barbara. "Sit down."

"So, tell us." Dinah said moving her hand in an impatient 'hurry up' gesture.

"You died." Came the response from Barbara.

"We already know that Barbara." Helena pointed out.

"I know that you know, but that's what happened. You died. The way the serum seems to be made is that after the host dies, and the body begins to shut down, the agent disintegrates. After death you would never know that the host was even injected to begin with."

"So because I died, the chemical died." Dinah reiterated slowly in order to make sure that she was getting it right.

Barbara nodded "I was working on the blood samples that I got from you and some tissue samples, and after the tissue died, the agent broke apart, so that's the only answer that I can come up with."

"Well it's a damn good thing that I died then, but let's not do that again."

"Don't worry I'll make sure that it doesn't happen again. Nobody kills my wife to be." Helena stated. "Or my mentor." She added as an after thought.

"Gee, thanks." Came Barbara's sarcastic reply.

"Don't mention it. Come on Canary, it's sweep time." Huntress gleefully announced.

"You're such a kid." Said Canary as they walked out to the balcony.

"Am not." Huntress argued as they jumped off landing on the building across the street thanks to Huntress's feral abilities and Dinah's psychic powers.

"Are to." The banter continued into the night.

(Flash forward)

"You look just fine, stop worrying so much." Barbara chastised.

"I can't help it. What if she doesn't like how it looks? What am I going to do then? What if she has second thoughts?"

"Dinah! Breath in and out slowly." Barbara ordered.

When the panicked Dinah kept hyperventilating Barbara slapped her. "Thanks, I need that." Dinah sighed finally able to breath again.

"You could be wearing a paper shopping bag and Helena would still think that you're the most beautiful thing on the face of the planet." Barbara assured emitting a smile from Dinah.

(Flash forward)

"God Barbara, this is the most important day of my life, what if I screw up? What if I let her down?"

"Helena, I just went through this with Dinah, nothing you could do would upset her unless you called off the wedding. So just work through this nervousness and get up to that alter." Barbara ordered.

"Right, I can do this." Helena mumbled to herself.

(Flash forward)

"I do."

"I do."

"You may now kiss the bride."

Their lips met in a slow sweet kiss before they pulled back grinning at each other. "This is forever." Dinah reminded.

"And ever to." Helena added. She picked Dinah up and twirled her around, both of them laughing.

(Flash forward)

"Helena, you know I love you right?" Dinah asked.

"Yeah." Came the apprehensive reply.

"But you're kids are driving me nuts."

"What!? They're your kids too!" Helena defended.

"Yeah, but you're their mommy." Dinah argued.

"Well. . .you. . .they. There's no comeback to that is there?" Helena sighed defeated.


(Flash forward)

"Be careful on the sweep tonight sweetie." Dinah said.

"Yeah, you get shot or stabbed and I will first kick their ass and then yours." Helena threatened.

"I know moms, me and Chase'll be fine stop worrying." A young teenager complained. She looked almost exactly like Helena and definitely had the attitude along with the feral alter ego.

(Flash forward)

"I miss Barbara, and the kids." Helena sighed.

"I know, but Barbara's dead and the kids are off doing their own hero stuff, they are like forty after all. If it makes you feel any better you still have me." Dinah consoled.

"It does. I love you."

"I love you to."

The End

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