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Emerald Jotun

Haraldr was sat mouth completely agape as he looked at his parents completely stunned by such news, two fathers was one thing but three? Was it truly possible he wondered. Then again as the news sank in further he realised that actually it was more than likely just as possible as it was to wave a stick around shooting bright sparks out of it, it was just as possible as magic.

If it was possible for unicorns to exist and to fly on a broom, to play a game that only wizards and witches could play to catch a tiny golden ball with wings, for stargazing centaurs to exist then yes as he thought on it he realised that it could well be possible.

Loki sat next to his young son as he watched the lad completely expressionless as Haraldr thoughts consumed him. He had noted briefly that Clint had made a motion that he was leaving to which Loki himself had wondered where he could possibly go. It wasn't before long that Loki began to become more and more concerned over whether or not his son was alright.

He gently placed a hand on his son's back just between his shoulder blades startling the young boy out of his thoughts before blinking as he turned towards his mother. As he took in his mother's concerned expression he smiled lightly at him.

"Mom I'm fine really it's just well, I suppose it's" Harry stammered Loki smiled softly suddenly understanding what his son was trying to say.

"It's a lot to take in especially after only a day" his emerald eyes locking with his son's own equally bright emerald eyes. He supposed as Loki mused to himself that out of all the features he could have from any of his parents Haraldr inheriting his mother's eyes was certainly the one that Loki could be quite content with.

"Where has dad gone? Will I meet my other father soon? What is he like?" Harry questioned his eyes sparkling with curiosity as his mother chuckled briefly as he smirked mischievously before answering his son,

"Well Thor I am currently not too sure on when you will see nor meet him however I know he would love to know you, your other father on the other hand well, Clint has briefly gone out but shall return soon enough and as for what Thor is like there are many stories I could tell of him".

Harry nodded his head in understanding as Loki sighed before gesturing for his son to move back on the bed to lean against the pillows which he propped up against the headboard. "Come here liten torden and I will tell you of your other father Thor who many know of as the God of Thunder".

Haraldr scrambled quickly up the bed which brought forth another chuckle from Loki as he held open his right arm so he could embrace his son beginning to tell the young lad about the other man who had fathered him through Loki's own use of magical manipulation.

As they sat Loki telling his enthralling tales of Thor with Haraldr listened patiently to his mother neither one of them had realised that Clint had returned as he had quietly unlatched the door sneaking into the room farther before closing the door once again equally as quiet as when he had opened it. He had a black leather backpack slung lazily over one shoulder creeping into the room until he stood at the end of bed an eyebrow raised at his lover and son who had just come to realise his dad was standing there watching them.

Grinning widely at the man he shouted "Dad!" crawling to the end of the bed as fast as he possibly could unknowing that his mother was watching as he rolled his eyes at his child while Clint had his arms outstretched the bag having been quickly discarded to the floor as Harry hurried to stand before launching himself at the man who had in turn briefly swung him around.

"So where exactly was it you had decided to disappear to love?" raising an eyebrow to the suddenly stunned man as he stood as still as stone their son braced in his arms his feet dangling above the floor still giggling at his father, wiggling his feet back and forth.

Blinking at Loki the archer had quickly come to realise what it was he had forgotten. Placing his son on the floor once more he then set about retrieving the bag before opening and taking out the contents within.

As Clint began taking out the brown paper handled take away bags that held boxes of food from Loki's favourite café the trickster snapped his fingers making a white wooden table appear from thin air quite seemingly, the mischief maker smirked as his young son's mouth fell open in awe. Clint placed the bags upon the table before he proceeded to take out a few bottles placing them also onto the table, Loki snapped his fingers again three matching white wooden chairs encircled the table.

He turned his sight to his mom seeing that he was hovering over him which in a small way made Harry feel safe and loved, he figured that the feeling must be what being cared for felt like." Haraldr come on you need to eat something liten stjerne" Loki smiled at his son as the lad's eyes met his own before he could respond Haraldrs father giggled as he heard the boys stomach growl loudly.

As they all sat down to eat Haraldr discovered he truly didn't mind sitting with his parents taking a meal together as in that moment he was happy enough two of his parents flirting and bantering with one another whilst they set about sorting their breakfasts. Haraldr supposed truthfully at this moment in time two out of three ain't bad.