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Author's Note:  This is the epilogue of the story, thanks to everyone for reading and if people want I'll try to get a sequel out sometime, but I do have other stories that will come before this one to write.



The preparations for the party were all set.  Rhona, Robin, and the others that had died had been given a meager, but proper, burial.  It had been easy for the deaths to go unnoticed as all three that had died were orphans and had no living relatives waiting up for their safe return.  Buffy and Spike had spent much of the time alone with Joyce, except for the time spent trying to make tentative connections with Eve, who warmed up to them as the hours went by.  Wesley and Faith had returned to his apartment after the fight and hadn't been seen since, leaving Dawn and the others to wonder if they'd ever seem them again.  Dawn had finally admitted to Buffy her feelings for Andrew, prompting Spike to pull the former nerd to the side, after he had recovered from the initial heart attack at the realization of Dawn's words.  The warning that Spike had given Andrew was one that he fully intended to follow up on if the young man ever hurt Dawn.

"Okay people…the party's about ready to start…where's Buffy," Dawn asked with a jubilant smile on her face as everyone assembled in the lobby.

"I think they're upstairs, I'll go get them," Cordelia offered with a tired smile on her face and a yawn before she handed Angel her glass of punch and headed off towards the stairs.

"They're not up there…," Angel stated with a low and calm tone to his voice as he avoided everyone's stares.

"Oh…you mean they're somewhere else…," Giles asked with a somewhat concerned look on his face as he furrowed his brows and turned to Angel while pulling Jenny close.

"You could say that…they didn't want to make a big fuss of it but…," Angel stammered out with a worried look on his face before Fred guessed aloud the rest of it.

"They're gone aren't they…left…skedaddled, vamoosed, just the three of them," Fred interjected with a sad look on her face as she gestured along with her words.

"Gone…but how, why…when, we…," Andrew stammered out with an aghast look on his face as if his long hours of planning had just been ruined in an instant.

"The six of them actually…with the new baby coming, Eve being there daughter, and Molly scared stiff of this place they didn't want a repeat of what happened here…they wanted," Angel tried his best to answer with a sad frown on his face as he shuffled his feet and scratched the back of his head.

"To protect their family…and the only way to do that is to be on their own…," Willow finished up with a somber look on her face before a few tears came to her eyes.

"But we have cake…who wouldn't want cake…," Andrew pleaded with a scared and almost blubbering look on his face as he turned to Dawn, who was nearly in tears but kept her composure. 

"If it's any consolation they left a note to each of you on here…whenever you want to just open up your letter and…," Angel stated with a somber frown on his face as he produced a disk out of his pocket and held it up for all to see.

"So who's first…," Cordelia asked through a sniffle before she put on her best smile and took the disk from Angel.  Soon the room was filled with everyone wanting to go first.  Somewhere along a lone country road in southern California a bleached blond haired man jammed and crammed a Welcome to Sunnydale sign into the U-haul that he had rented and got back into his car, receiving a kiss from his wife before gunning the engine and heading off  back towards home.

*                            *                       *                           *                        *                        *

The night was crystal clear and cool, but that was of little concern to the lovers staring up into the murky depths above.  Clothed in nothing but each other and wrapped in the heavy comforter from his bed the two hunkered down together in the old chair on top of the roof of his building and enjoyed their time together.

"What's running through that head of yours…," Wesley asked with a slightly confused look on his face as he cocked an eyebrow and stared at Faith as he rubbed some warmth back up into her upper arm.

"Nothing…well not really, what are we supposed to do now, the threat is gone and we're…," Faith replied with a confused and somewhat sad frown on her face as she traced circles on Wesley's chest over his heart with the fingernail of her right index finger.

"At a crossroads…one that will affect the rest of our lives," Wesley added with an almost nostalgic look of happiness on his face before Faith pushed away from him enough so that her forearms were resting on his chest and she could look him fully in the eye.

"What's that supposed to mean," Faith asked with a concerned and confused look on her face as she stared intently into Wesley's eyes.

"When Whistler took us into the future I caught a glimpse of a possible future…and after everything that we've been through these past few days I've decided to take my chances when they present themselves and not let them pass me by…," Wesley said with a hopeful smile on his face as he pulled one hand away from Faith and reached over the side of the chair and into a black bag.

"What are you saying Wesley…so Ms Calendar coming back was the reason that the Beast came back but how does that…factor…in…Wesley…," Faith started to ask with a concerned look on her face before her eyes grew wide and her jaw dropped at the sight in front of her.  Nestled in a small velvet lined box sat a ring with the largest rock that Faith had ever seen on it, reflecting the light from the small fire nearby into a cascade of sparkles onto their faces.

"Faith…I know this is sudden…but…will you marry me…," Wesley stammered out softly in between deep breaths, all without taking his eyes off of Faith's for even a split second.

"Wes…I…I…yes," Faith stuttered back her reply softly, almost in a whisper before in one fluid motion she pulled the ring out of the box, let Wesley slip it onto her finger and then the two celebrated their engagement as only they could.