The Boy Who Over Came Time Chapter 1
Silently he watched. Over the years he had learned patience. As his fingers ran over the beads of his necklace he thought of his youth and how he would have enjoyed telling the young man with her to keep his hands off her. As the warm summer breeze brought her scent to him he smiled. He watched as she said something to the young man and as he walked away. He hadn't used his full speed in years but it felt good to leap the distance to land silently behind her.

"Hey Kagome. How ya doin'?"

"I...I...Inu Yasha?" Kagome was surprised to see him, it had been years since she had returned for the last time from the feudal era. Time slowed for her as she stared at the half demon in front of her. He looked older than she remembered, his silver white hair was pulled back in a long ponytail, his tight black jeans emphasizing the strength of his legs, the red sweater reminiscent of his fire rat shirt he had always worn in the past. "How? When?" She asked climbing over the bench she had been sitting on. She didn't care that it wasn't lady like. She didn't care that other visits to the park were watching. All she knew was she needed to be in his arms.

With a low chuckle he welcomed her into his embrace. "How and when doesn't matter now. We'll talk about that later." He whispered into her ear holding her tightly.

"Excuse me sir. But would you mind releasing my fiancé."

Kagome stiffened at Hojo's voice and the tension she felt in Inu Yasha's body as he lifted his head.

"Is this true Kagome?" The hurt in Inu Yasha's eyes tore at her heart. She understood only to well the pain he was feeling. She had felt it every time he had talked about Kikyou. She reached up to caress his cheek her smile reassuring him. Still in his arms she turned to face Hojo.

"Hojo I never said I would marry you. I only said I would think about it."

"How dare you. I've waited for you all through school. Through all your mysterious illnesses" Kagome had never seen this side of Hojo. She could tell he was angry and he was beginning to scare her. Until she felt the low growl building in Inu Yasha's chest.

"I think you should leave."

"Hojo, I promise I'll call you tomorrow. Please I need to ...."

"No. We will settle this now."

Hojo never really saw Inu Yasha move. One instant Kagome was between them, the next she was to one side and he was several inches off the ground, held by one arm. "Boy, you will leave now. Or I will be happy to assist you in leaving. She said she would contact you. Now will you leave or do you wish assistance?"

Hojo stared down at the man holding him and was amazed. Who ever this guy was he was fast, and strong. The arm holding him wasn't shaking at all. But what really penetrated his mind was his yellow eyes watching his every move and the low growl coming from him. For the first time since seeing Kagome in a strangers arms Hojo's sanity returned. "I think I will be waiting for your call, Kagome."

"Good choice." Inu Yasha opened his hand letting Hojo fall to the ground. "Come on Kagome. We've got a lot of catching up to do."

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