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Sandra woke with a start, unsure where she was for a moment. Grabbing the phone from the nightstand she cursed as she realised it was a little after 3 am. Rubbing her eyes she pressed the button to answer the call.

"You do know what time it is?" She listened as she realised it wasn't Ted on the other end of the phone. "Slow down. Ok, ok. Pat. What happened? No, of course it's ok to call me." She nudged the still snoring man in the bed next to get up. "Where are you? Ok. Stay there. I'm on my way." She ended the call, swinging her legs out of bed as her companion finally realised he was now alone in the bed.

"What's up?"

"That was Pat."

"Ted's Pat?"

"Yeah." She pulled a top over her head. "Get dressed.'"

"Sumfin appen?"

"Yes, Gerry. Ted is in hospital. He was beaten up. Pat said they were jumped leaving the pub."

"How's Ted?" Gerry busied himself getting dressed as Sandra looked for her car keys.

"Bad. From what Pat said, bad. He's ringing Kelli now. If it's bad enough for him to get their daughter home you know it's bad."

Gerry nodded, following Sandra out of the house he hoped his friend would be ok.