Kelly felt Steve usher her towards the relatives area of the unit. She knew the nurses and doctors were trying to save Ted's life but the idea her father was hovering between life and death made her feel sick. She shook slightly as she saw Pat walk towards them.

"Kelly? Steve?" He quickened his pace as he headed towards them. "What is it? What?" Sandra instinctlively hung back. She nodded towards Steve.

"Pat, mate."

"No, Steve." He snapped as the affable Scotsman frowned. "Tell me."

"Dad." Kelly bit her lip as tears filled her eyes. "I dunno, the monitors went nuts and he seemed to have some sort of spasm, or fit. I dunno. The Sister pushed us out so we weren't in the way." She closed her eyes. Pat swore under his breath before pulling the younger woman into his arms. Steve felt awkward, out of place as the younger woman began to cry. Sandra frowned, still not wanting to think about Ted not recovering from the ordeal he had suffered. She knew how she would feel if Gerry was in the hospital bed. She looked away, pushing the thought out of her mind as she motioned for Steve to follow her. Once out of ear shot she explained why she was there and what Strickland had told her.

"So, it does look like it was planned."

"Exactly." Sandra sighed. "Chandler's lot are interviewing them now. Looks like they are going with Attempted Murder."

"Yeah well." Steve looked back to where the Intensive Care Unit doors opened to allow a doctor he didn't recognise to pass through. They watched as the doctor called Kelly and Pat to the chairs inside the Family Room. Sandra bit her lip as Steve looked at his feet. Neither wanted to be there at that moment but neither felt able to leave.

"Sandra? Steve?" Kelly called. "The doctor wants to talk to us."

"Ok, we will er." Sandra motioned to the main corridor.

"No, he wants to talk to all of us." Kelly held out a hand, giving Sandra and Steve no choice but to go to her.


"I dun like this." Gerry chewed the end of his biro as Brian looked up.


"Dunno." Gerry paused.

"Ok, that explains a lot." Danny huffed as he returned to his paperwork. Gerry shot him a look. He knew Sasha and Strickland were still talking in the office while Steve and Sandra were at the hospital. He looked over to where Jack was making tea.

"Nothing we can do for Ted now but wait." He paused. "You know the MIU wont rest until they got the right person."

"Exactly." Brian nodded, putting his reading glasses on. Gerry huffed as he heard the phone on Ted's abandoned desk start to ring. None of the men wanted to answer the call, knowing that whoever was ringing was probably unaware that Ted was not going to be the one to answer.

"Oh for pity sake." Jack huffed as he crossed the room. He picked up the phone as the others looked on. "Jack Halford, UCOS." He closed his eyes as he listened to the called. "Ok Love. Thank you for ringing us. I'll make sure the others know. Tell Sandra and Steve we will be here when they get back." He paused. "Ok, Kelly love. Give your dads our love. Bye." He hung up the phone.

"That was Kelly Case?" Sasha asked as she and Stricckland left the office. Jack nodded.

"She only knew Ted's extension number, thats why she rang his desk."

"OK." Gerry looked. "What did she say?"

"Not much." Jack paused. "Sandra and Steve are on their way back."

"Right." Gerry ran his hand over his face.

"Ted had a seizure." Jack paused. "He's awake now. Very groggy and not making much sense but they said he's breathing on his own." He smiled. "Seems our Ted is tougher than what we think." Sasha swore as Strickland smiled.

"He's going to be ok?" Danny asked. Jack shrugged.

"Turned a corner Kelly said."

"Oh thats good news." Brian agreed. "That is good news."

"It is." Gerry clapped his hands together. He looked over to where Sasha was blinking back a tear. "Oh Boss."

"I'm ok." Sasha waved her hand as Strickland squeezed her shoulder. He kissed her cheek as the boys in the room laughed and hollered. "Alright, you lot. Lets make sure we still have a UCOS for Ted to come back to. His desk has more paperwork on it than the rest of the station put together." She blushed as Strickland left the room. "I swear its like working with kids." She turned, headed back into the office as they all turned back to their computers.