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Chapter 30

An icy feeling of desolation came to Ned as he stared at the Supreme One on her throne, looking at him with curiosity or perhaps annoyance. Few could say that standing before a God was a simple thing to do. Yet even if his body felt as if was being crushed by the Supreme One's aura. Ned could feel blessed to be in front of such divinity. I must be fast and waste no more of her time. Ned thought as he knelt before her.

"Your Majesty, I thank you for accepting my meeting request at such an hour."

He said with his head still looking down.

"It must have been something important, lord Stark. But I would like to know what has brought you here."

Galadriel said, as she hid her annoyance behind a cold and stoic face. Truth be told, Ned Stark could be one of the few people she has met in the world, who she liked. The reason being how much he remembered him of Touch-me. Even after all these years, Galadriel still remembers him with fondness. Well, I doubt it matters now, yet I still recall many wonderful memories of my old friends. Ah, the old days. But now, I'm a mother and have an empire to take care of, and a family that has become the most important thing in my life. There are many things I must do.

Galadriel thought as she kept on looking at the kneeling lord down below. So, what should I do? He must want something.

"Your majesty, a receive a letter about a plot to kill the king and usurper the throne by the Lannisters," Ned said with a formal voice.

Ah, that's what all of this is about, Galadriel thought.

"Mm, Albedo, we have vital information about this, don't we?" Galadriel asked her beautiful succubus wife, as Albedo smiled gently at her.

Galadriel saw Albedo reading through some notes. The succubus was acting accordingly as her right hand and showing nothing but a serious face. Yet for the Supreme One, it felt as if Albedo was truly having a lot of things going on as of now. Galadriel cringed internally, as she thought about how much work they were having lately. Contrary to what many would believe, Galadriel was in no hurry to conquer Westeros. In fact, she was trying to hold on as much as she could. Since her worries were being focused on her true enemy. One of the evilest entities in the world, that even with a World Item victory wasn't sure.


The true World Enemy Galadriel was facing daily. It was one of the things few people see or think of. Everyone could only think about conquering and expanding an empire, but few truly knew what it meant.

Having such an extensive empire with millions of people living under one ruler is hard! I put in place a new bank system with a credit wall. New taxes depending on the city and location. Also, there are a lot of projects being built, and some of them are being made by humans who need to pay and health insurance. There is a welfare program and an education reform for those who don't have the gold to study. And so much more! Ah, still I must be a great ruler and take care of all of those humans living under my rule. Because that's what an amazing monarch does!

Galadriel thought with dread, knowing full well how much work she has. Right now, Galadriel couldn't care less about Westeros with all honesty. That's why she would let the Targaryen king and her oldest daughter Arwen do it in her name.

Albedo and Galadriel had their hands full with many other things already. Even Albedo, who could work from night till dawn, had to take time to look for the last reports from their spies in King's Landing.

"Ah, here it is. We do, your majesty," Albedo said. "A poison indeed killed the previous hand of the king, Jon Arryn. However, it wasn't the Lannisters, but his wife, Lysa Arryn who did it."

Ned couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lysa Arryn killed his husband? Why would she do that? What could she win by doing this?

"But… why? Why would she do that?" Ned asked, confused and alarmed.

Albedo looked almost too bothered by the questions. "It was because her lover, and true master mind in all of this, coerced her. Well, I don't think he coerced her, but the one responsible for it, his named is Petyr Baelish."

"Petyr Baelish…" Ned said in a whisper.

He knew that name, one of Catelyn's oldest friends from what she told him. But he was still having problems understanding what could it mean.

"He seem as a person who wished to create as much chaos for his own personal gain. Lysa Arryn is just a pawn of his."

Albedo said, to which Galadriel nodded. It was not the first time she heard that name, from what Demiurge told her once. That man was cunning and capable of controlling the surrounding landscape to make people believe he was their friend. A shrewd man with goals on his mind was a dangerous thing.

"To create chaos… why would someone want to create chaos? There is no reason for it."

Ned whispered to himself. Yet Galadriel could listen to his ramblings.

"There are men in this world, who would do unspeakable things in order to get what they want. Men whose honor is non existent and ability to kill without remorse or hesitation is only limited to their own lust. Petyr Baelish is one of them, be aware of him," Galadriel said.

"There is something else," Albedo said. "It appears as if, king Robert has not proper heir."

"Ah, what does it mean?" Ned asked.

Galadriel saw the eyebrows from Albedo twitching, and she would admit it was a hilarious reaction from the succubus overseer.

"The king has no heir. His children are not of his blood. They are Queen Cersei and Jaime Lannister bastard offsprings."

Ah, incest… Mm, well, I'm not that surprised. Targaryen married between siblings for centuries. No wonder they went mad. Still, this is disgusting. But who am I to judge? Galadriel thought with a hint of amusement.

Ned, however, couldn't believe what he was hearing. Yet he believed it. None of the children had a trace of Robert. He would understand if one of them had golden hair or a mix of features. Robb was the perfect example of both Catelyn and him. So with that in mind, he could see how none of Robert suppose children were nothing like him, meaning they were truly children of the Lannister's siblings. Baratheon seed is strong. Robert had a bastard child in the Vale who was a girl and she had the same features as him. So it makes no sense that from his three children none has a trace of him. But if that is the case, what could it mean for Westeros? Ned thought with a grim look on his face.

"This means, the Lannister are thinking of taking the throne for themselves… I must tell Robert," Ned said.

"Perhaps, regardless of it, lord Stark, you should know what it's coming…"

"What do you mean, your majesty?" Ned asked.

"Lord Stark, you know king Robert the best, tell me. What would he do once he found out about this betray from his queen and kingsguard? From what I know, he is not someone who would take kindly to that type of… backstabbing," Galadriel said.

Ned went pale when he listened to those words. Robert would kill them without a doubt and if he does it. Seven hells won't stop Tywin Lannister to avenge his grandchild and children. He thought.

"He would kill them all…"

"And adding the fact that, soon, young king Aegon would soon take the throne back… well, the future look grim to Westeros."

"That's… not good."

Galadriel saw the face of Ned, and she knew exactly what he was thinking. It wasn't hard. Men like him were easy to understand, easy to manipulate, sadly.

"You are worried about the innocent who would get involved in all of that, aren't you?" Galadriel asked.

"Yes, your majesty… a child is blameless. The innocent shouldn't be the one suffering the greed and rage of others. That's what I believe."

Galadriel sighed at the heroic belief of the lord of the North. She understood it. Galadriel does, but in the real world, they killed men like Ned Stark because of their naivety. Their loyalty and sense of honor got them to kill most of the time.

"Lord Stark, people will die regardless of what you do. You know the Targaryen take cover to regain the Iron Throne won't be bloodless. Yet, the young king desires nothing more than having a peaceful transition, or at the very least, not a bloodbath of a war."

Ned said nothing, since there was little he could think of that would matter. No matter where he looked at war was in the sight, however, he knew the Supreme One was already ahead of him. Besides, what point could it be for him to warn Robert? A question he has been asking himself for a long time now. Robert was a friend, even after all these years. Ned wanted help with something. Maybe truly, I'm a fool, like Lyanna told me a long while ago. He thought.

"What could I do, your majesty? Robert, even with all his faults, is my friend. I know that perhaps, the lifestyle he is carrying would lead him to an early grave, but I want to help him even in the last years of his rule."

A friend, eh? Well, that's a shitty friend… Yet I can see where he is coming from. Galadriel thought.

"Well, truly it doesn't matter…" Galadriel said in a whisper.

"That's what you aim for, lord Stark? Well, if you could get in control of Robert's rule for a while, until King Aegon arrives to Westeros, then you could minimise the damage. Perhaps even plead for those innocent children. He is not unreasonable. They mentored him all his life to become the best king in Westeros history. Also, he would listen to you when the time comes."

Ned thought that accepting being the Hand of the King until then, he might be able to calm things out enough for Aegon to take over Westeros peacefully. Well, as peaceful as it could. Ned felt as he was betraying Robert, and perhaps he was in a way. But there was no more he could do to save his friend from himself. Ned would do his duty as a friend, as a lord of Paramount, hoping Westeros would survive the future. His honor demanded it.

"I understand, your majesty."

"Worry do not, lord Stark, my daughter, princess Arwen might help you in something."

Galadriel wanted to go back to work. She had no time to deal with Westeros, or at the very least focused on it. But she would lie if she wasn't interested in what could happen there in the following months. Well, Arwen is smart, I know she would be up to the task. Mm, still, I feel as if Westeros would soon fall into utter chaos. I will have to keep my eyes open.

At Winterfell, Allyria Stark walked through the backyard of the ancestral home of the Stark family, her mind lost in her own thoughts. So far, King Robert has made clear he wanted his oldest son to marry a Stark girl, something about uniting both families. She could already think who would be the one on the chopping block. Better be me than Sansa or Arya. Allyria thought with a grim face.

Sansa was a gentle soul. She liked books and flowers. There was no way she would survive in King's Landing. Arya would get herself killed before anything else happened.

"Father has said nothing yet… so I don't know what could happen."

Allyria whispered, as she then felt an icy feeling behind her. She prayed it was not the person she thought it was, but the voice was loud and horrible.

"My lady, where are you going?" Joffrey said.

The prince of the Six Kingdom Joffrey Baratheon looked at the girl before him with a smirk on his face. He won't lie and say she was not a beauty, because she was. Allyria Stark was without a doubt one of the most beautiful girls he has seen. Not that he ever cared about girls or anything besides power and arrogance.

So with that in mind, he smiled at her, showing that dashing smile of his. Joffrey thought it would be sufficient to impress the girl, but it wasn't. Allyria hid her disgusted face with a polite smile and bowed to the prince, even if she hated doing it.

"My prince," Allyria said.

"My lady, may I ask what were you going?" Joffrey asked, again hiding a sneer on his face.

"To meet my brothers, at the courtyard, my prince."

"Please let me guide you there, my lady," Joffrey said.

Allyria cringed internally, but she had to accept and almost gagging. She took Joffrey's arm and allow him to escort her to the place where hopefully her brothers would save her from the annoying prince.

High in the sky, Lupusregina was staring down, looking rather boring at the whole thing. Yet she couldn't deny how interesting things were becoming. She could only watch the prince walking down with the girl who clearly wanted to be somewhere else but beside him. Hopefully, things would start soon. Lupusregina needed some action.

Lupusregina sniffed the air and smirked as she looked at one tower of Winterfell.

"They are at it again. If they continue like this, they would get caught soon."

Lupusregina said as she smiled. "Or perhaps it would make things better?"

She let a terrifying grin on her face as she had some fun.