Warnings: M/M, SOULMATES. TSUKAUCHI/IZUKU FIC. IF YOU DON'T LIKE THE PAIRING GET OUT. References to suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Hakamata's POV

Tsunagu was going to murder Hawks in his sleep if this was another one of the man's pranks. It was nearing two am and he had to work in the morning. Unlike the younger hero who had the next day off.

Over the last year, Hawks had been receiving insane but reliable intel. No one, not even his own agency knew where he was getting it from. All anyone knew what that Hawks would disappear for a few hours and came back with intelligence. No one questioned it to the younger's face but they were all curious.

When Hawks offered to take him to where he got his information Tsunagu took him up on it. There were strict rules he would have to follow. First being that he was not allowed to approach or attack anyone that they saw. It was understandable considering how long it took to build trust with an informant.

The second was that he couldn't speak to anyone about where they were going. Considering where they were at he could understand. It was Eraserhead's territory. If they were caught by the underground hero it would not be a pleasant conversation, to say the least.

Those were the main rules. Whoever this person they were meeting was important to Hawks. That much was clear on the way through the city. It wasn't Best Jeanist normal patrol city but he wasn't complaining if he met a new informant. Extra informants were always good to have on hand. Some would hear things others normally wouldn't. Trusting a hero to have their backs and not arrest them took a lot of guts. It was something he admired about his informants. He always adhered to their rules so as not to break their fragile trust in him. Once it was broken it was a lot harder to earn back.

Finally, they stopped on a rooftop that overlooked a small park. Hawks sat on the edge of the building with his legs dangling off. Tsunagu raised an eyebrow surprised but sat down next to the younger hero.

Hawks said after a moment of silence, "This is where I meet him. Usually, he sends a message if he has something for me. Though tonight I asked to meet him instead. It took me over a year to earn his trust. I'm hoping that he won't mind your presence as long as you follow the rules."

Given that it was late October, Tsunagu shouldn't have been as surprised as he was with the cold. Even with his denim jacket and extra layers he was freezing. Unfortunately, that was how his body usually was. It had difficulty staying warm under the best of circumstances.

A gust of wind made him hide shiver. He hated winter. He hated it with a passion. The gust of wind had Hawks stiffening and then turning around. To his surprise as he turned there was a person standing there directly behind them.

From his quirk, Tsunagu could tell the person was wearing a short sleeve cotton shirt with a kevlar vest over it. From his eyes, he could see a black sweatshirt with a cowl covering the lower half of his face. Black BDU combat pants and boots were also worn. If need be Tsunagu could manipulate the shirt and pant with ease. The sweatshirt was another story, however.

Still, he did not move. He was here as a guest to Hawks. Attacking another hero's informant was a big no. The only one who could get away with it being Endeavour. Then again none of the other heroes liked Endeavour. He was too all high and mighty even for a hero.

The person growled his attention turning to Hawks, "You brought another person. I told you my rules flyboy. Don't contact me again."

The voice was distorted by a modular. Either he was very young or very old. It was unlikely that he was well known outside of that getup. Still one couldn't be too careful.

"Wait!" The person paused at Hawks call. The wind was blowing stronger now almost in a warning.

Hawks looked at Tsunagu unsurely before he continued, "Listen I got word two days ago that I'll be moving to another town for a few months. There's an investigation they want me on. I know I'm your only contact with heroes. But if something happens to you while I'm gone there won't be a hero around that you trust."

"So you bring me, Best Jeanist? I'm not stupid even in the dark he is easily recognizable," snapped the person.

It was as Tsunagu stood that he realized how short this person was. They were just about five feet tall give or take an inch. Almost completely hidden by the dark was a knife. There was something under the sweatshirt but he wasnt quite sure what.

Hawks tried to reason, "Excluding Eraserhead the only hero nearby who tolerates vigilantes is Best Jeanist. I'm sure you wouldn't have shown yourself if I brought Eraserhead. Or you would have knocked him off his perch," the younger hero paused before he finished almost fondly, "Again."

There was a shift in the other's clothes. It told him that the other was smiling if only slightly. He stiffened slightly when bright green eyes turned to him. Those were the brightest green eyes he had ever seen.

The person questioned coldly, "What do you think about this Number 4 hero? In the eyes of your peers, I'm a criminal."

Out of the corner of his eye, Tsunagu saw Hawks flinch. No doubt he had gone through the same questioning. The same suspicion from this vigilante.

Tsunagu during his time as Best Jeanist only took down three vigilantes. Not because he thought that they were below him and other heroes. It was because they were seeking vengeance and out to use their quirks to kill.

Most vigilantes just want to use their quirks. A handful like the three he stopped were looking for vengeance. Fewer still were those who became vigilantes simply to help people. Whether they were unable to join a hero course or their quirks weren't suited for combat they sought to do real good. Did he mind working with vigilantes? It depended on the situation.

Instead of answering directly, he asked in return, "Why are you a vigilante? Is it to use your quirk? For vengeance? Or is it something else?"

The tension that radiated off the smaller figure lessened slightly. There was still an air of mistrust but it was as if he passed a test. Interesting.

"Its a little hard to want to use a quirk when you are in my position," he answered. That made Tsunagu raise an eyebrow in curiosity, "I won't tell you all my secrets. Not tonight and you wouldn't believe me without the detective around anyways. But to answer your question. My goal is simply to help people. I do not care about fame, glory, or vengeance. I simply wish to save as many lives as I can."

That made his decision for him, Tsunagu said with a small smile hidden by his uniform, "Then you and I will have no problem. I do not abide by those who seek vengeance. If that was your goal then I would chase you myself. Regardless of how that would have interfered with your relationship with Hawks."

The vigilante raised his chin and said with amusement, "I like you Number 4 hero. You may call me Kaze. I'll be in touch," his gaze went to Hawks, "Be safe. Send a message if you need aid Hawks."

"I will."

Then just as quickly as he had arrived Kaze was gone. It took a few seconds for Tsunagu to put the name with what he had heard. Oh boy. He was in for an earful for the others.

Everybody knew of Kaze but few had ever seen him. Most sightings came from Eraserhead and Tsukauchi the detective on his case. Apparently, Kaze would slam Tsukauchi against his car to hand over information. It might not be the most elegant approach but it helped in escapes.

He would deal with that later. First, he had a certain winged hero to pluck.

Midoriya's POV

From his perch on a different rooftop hidden within the wind, he watched as Best Jeanist lectured the young hero. Izuku had to admit when he first saw the pair he thought about leaving outright. No good ever came from interacting with top heroes. Hawks being the notable exception to that rule.

To his surprise though Jeanist simply evaluated him with a calm look. No disgust or surprise at seeing a vigilante appear. Most surprising of all was the fact that he never once tried to capture Izuku. Jeanist had one of the best capture quirks on the market. His clothes would keep him from moving. Or the fibers of the hero's would. Either way, he would be in trouble if they fought. Wind can do a lot of things but fighting against fibers was not one.

Around him, the spirits of the wind spoke to him. They were constantly protecting him. Watching his back so that no one could ever sneak upon him. They made him different from anyone else in the world. Different from anyone in the last two hundred years.

Quirks were only a recent mutation in the last 200 years. Those with superpowered abilities that made them different. It started out small but it grew to the point where it was now. 80% of the population had some quirk or another. 20% including himself did not.

During this time though the world slowly forgot about another thing that made them different. Spirits and those who could command them. It all started thousands of years prior when a human impressed a Spirit King with their bravery. The Spirit King wished to give them a special power in return for allegiance to the King.

This person became the first Contractor. There were four elements and four Kings who commanded the spirits. With time every King chose its first Contractor and humans gained the ability to command the elements. Families passed down their abilities. Some stayed strong while others grew weak.

Eventually, the ability to command the spirits of elements became so weak that they were little more than legends. Contractors became legends that no one believed in. Then the quirks appeared and all was lost to history.

At least they were forgotten right up until Izuku had tried to take a swan dive off a roof when he was seven. His parents had abandoned him to the streets. With no money or a place to stay he lost hope and tried to kill himself for it.

The spirits of the wind saved him from what would have been a painful demise. Their Spirit King offered him a contract. Spirits of the wind would be his to command and he would do all he could to protect the innocent. It was easy enough to agree to.

In the five years that he had the power he only needed to call upon his full power twice. Both times against major villains who would have killed him if he didnt. Both times heroes were there and he was able to spend the time needed to open the gates. It took only a few moments but those moments could mean life or death. So he would never access it if he was on his own.

A sharp movement to his left caught his eyes. As he recognized a dark figure a small smile crossed his face. Time to mess with Eraserhead... again.

Izuku moved off the rooftop and dropped directly on top of Eraserhead. They were both knocked onto the rooftop below Izuku's perch. Eraserhead swearing like a sailor always made the kid smile. At 12 he had more fun tormenting the heroes than with kids his own age.

Eraserhead snarled, "Kaze!"

Izuku replied in a sing-song voice, "Hello Eraserhead. What brings out to these parts? Normally you're on the south side of town during this time."

Under normal circumstances, Izuku would be on the east side of town. He staggered his patrol routes depending on what was going on. Tonight had thrown any of his normal plans out the window. On top of that, he did actually have information for the man. So messing with him was just a plus.

Reaching into his sweatshirt while ignoring the stiffening form he pulled out a folder. Izuku put it down on the rooftop before pushing it over. Every movement the man-made was watched as Eraserhead picked it up. The capture weapon was the reason Izuku carried a knife around now. It was damn hard to break free of even with his wind.

Izuku growled lowly, "Trigger is being brought into the country. In that folder is a list of sites it's being brought in at that I've confirmed in person. Rumors are going around in the underground that something more is happening. I'll keep my ear to the ground and make contact again when I know more."

Izuku turned to leave but before he could disappear Eraserhead shouted, "Wait!"

The 12-year-old turned back slightly to look at the man. Eraserhead continued, "Why do you do this? It's obvious you don't like heroes. But in the last four years you've been active you have helped several underground heroes out of tight spots. You've even given us information that saved our lives. So why?"

Izuku's shoulders slumped slightly as he answered, "Because no one was there for me. I won't let that happen to anyone else when I can do something about it. Hero or civilian I'll do all I can to save them."

With that, he disappeared. It was time to go back to Castle anyways. Orion was probably wondering where he was.