Izuku's POV

Castle was in the abandoned warehouse district. Orion unofficially owned the warehouse they used as their main base. Running electricity into the warehouse was tricky. With care, they were able to live comfortably in the warehouse.

Once Izuku was sure he wasnt being followed he made his way to the entrance. It didnt look like much security to those on the outside. A camera was on the outside hidden in the shadows. By the door held a scanner for DNA that had his and Orion's on file. If it wasnt either of them then it would send the warehouse on lockdown. They would have three minutes to get their go bags and run.

The computer they had set up would alert them. Orion had built it himself and no one could get through its programming. He had also taught Izuku everything he knew about programming and hacking. It almost seemed as if he was preparing for something. Though he knew better than to ask. Just like Izuku, Orion had his secrets. Respecting this was what made them such good allies.

Arriving at the door to their warehouse Izuku placed his hand on the scanner. There was a click a moment later and he pushed open the door. Once the door was closed behind him Izuku pulled down his cowl and hood. Green fluffy curls fell into his face once the hood was down.

Tiredness filled every aspect of his body. It wasnt a long patrol but meeting new heroes was always exhausting. As he made his way to the second floor where the computer was and Orion would be monitoring his progress he pulled off his jacket. Under the jacket was his kevlar vest that was fitted close to his body.

Orion greeted as Izuku pulled the vest over his head, "Welcome back, Izuku. Tonight seems to be unusually quiet."

Izuku grunted putting his vigilante gear away, "Morning Orion. Did the detective get our information from Eraserhead yet?"

Orion glance at the second computer monitor before answering, "Just sent it to our detective friend. He will probably send you a message through that chat of yours later. What are your thoughts on Best Jeanist? Records say that he is fairly tolerant of good vigilantes."

Izuku pulled off the wrist computer that Orion outfitted him with. It had the same processing power as a laptop and was almost unnoticeable by most people. He carried the wrist computer rather than a phone when he working as a vigilante. It was safer than the chance a hero or villain would take it. The wrist computer tied to his arm and wouldn't come off easily unless he wants it to.

Izuku answered calmly, "Jeanist appears to be honest enough. Only time will tell though. Hawks seems to approve of him and its enough to give him a chance."

Orion hummed as he turned back to the computer. Izuku changed into a green long-sleeved sweatshirt and black sweatpants. Then he moved up onto the top floor where they had their mattresses. The mattresses were thin and held what blankets they were able to scavenge.

Izuku curled up under the blankets and fell asleep. The rest of his night was spent fitfully sleeping. When the sun rose he was ready to get up.

Yawning he rubbed at his eyes as he moved down to the second level. Orion was right where he left the man.

Izuku greeted, "Morning. Anything new since I went to bed?"

Orion shook his head his shaggy brown hair falling into his eyes as he said, "Nothing. It's too quiet out there. It's making me nervous."

Izuku hummed, "Go get some rest, Orion. I'll see if I can find anything out from the computer. Its been over 24 hours since you last slept."

Orion let a yawn before pushing back his chair. He said, "Do not piss off the CIA again."

"I will not piss off the CIA this morning," promised Izuku. Internally he grinned. That did not mean he would not piss off any of the other intelligence agencies.

Once Orion had gone upstairs he went to the bags that held their food and water supplies. He grabbed a ration bar and bottled water. Being that neither he nor Orion worked for pay they had to make do with what they could get.

No one would hire a 12-year old for even odd jobs. It wasnt safe for Orion to be out in public. Someone was looking for him. Whoever they were they were dangerous in a way that terrified his mentor.

Logging into the chat with Eraserhead and the Detective he smiled. Orion had been right last night it seemed. They were annoyed with him. Then again they were always annoyed with him.

How to Annoy your favorite coffee addicts

Mr. Whiskers: Limitfinder we got the drug dealers who were bringing in Trigger. Good work.

Pantsonfire: Any injuries?

Mr. Whiskers: Nothing major. Everyone went home.

Pantsonfire: Good. I'm guessing Kaze left for the night. There haven't been any sightings.

Izuku smiled at the chat as they went on discussing who they found. None of the names were well known but it would do good go get them off the streets.

Limitfinder: I made it back last night. An unexpected encounter before meeting up with Eraser.

Pantsonfire: You want to talk about it?

Izuku snorted. Did he want to talk about it? Absolutely not. He trusted the detective and Eraserhead to a point but not enough that he would freely share information with them.

Limitfinder: I'm fine Detective but thank you. Anything of interest this morning?

Pantsonfire: Nothing as of yet. I'll say it again. You should leave this to the heroes and police.

Limitfinder: You can't be everywhere and not everyone is a good person. As long as I am needed Kaze will patrol these streets.

Mr. Whiskers: It is too early for this shit. Kaze what are you doing up at this godly hour?

Izuku snorted. He could feel the annoyance from Eraserhead. The man was the farthest thing from a morning person that there was.

Limitfinder: Had some things to check on. Same reason why I'm usually up at this time. Aren't you supposed to be teaching right now?

Mr. Whiskers: Expelled all but two students. They weren't taking their studies seriously. If allowed to become heroes they would have died within the year.

Izuku frowned as he went to the other screen. It had been a while since he checked in on UA records. A few minutes of toying with UA's system and he was through the firewall. Ignoring his usual spots he went to the list of students who were expelled.

Narrowing the list down to this year's expelled. 18 students from 1-A as he expected. It wasnt an all at once thing but over the course of the year. Running them through Orion's program he found three of the names had joined low-level villain groups. It seemed he had what he would be doing today. Too bad he wanted to poke around in the MI-6.

Izuku didnt usually poke around in the students' list. It was too easy to catch the attention of the principal that way. He really did not want the attention of the rat thing.

With a few clicks, he started up the next program to cycle through camera footage looking for them. Then on another screen, he started footage scanning through them for old footage. With any luck, he could build up enough evidence for Eraserhead and the Detective Tsukauchi.

That thought had him scratching at one of his soulmate marks. Everyone had at least two on their body. Even the fateless those without a second half.

His soulmate mark was a black leopard with onyx eyes. It would change when he physically met whoever his soulmate was. Adding his own spirit animal into the mix.

He didnt have any intention of looking to meet his soulmate. It was dangerous to be a vigilante and a soulmate would only make it more so. They would be a weakness one he could not afford.

Izuku turned back to the chat to find that both Eraserhead and the detective were still online. With a grin, he began typing.

Limitfinder: May have found something. I will get back to you.

Limitfinder is now offline

Signing off he began to hack into the police files. Izuku absentmindedly opened his ration bar and took a bite. It took a few hours to run through the ex-UA students now villains names to find that one was in prison. According to his file, he was part of a gang that was running trigger into the country. However, they supposedly were a small offshoot group of the Shie Hassaikai.

So far Izuku was lucky in not having any interactions with them. Though he heard the rumors on a new drug. One that could destroy quirks. Frowning he knew it would be dangerous for a hero or officer to go after them.

His contract would not be in danger if he was given the drug. The same reason he would not effect by Eraserhead's quirk. So it would be best if he went in alone. All he had to do was find out who they were selling it to.

Izuku scanned through police records trying to find out who might buy. Three drug dealers were able to get out on bonds or completely released from jail within the last month. Two were from the same gang on the south side of town. A gang that he was very familiar with. Kaze came across them every few months because they could buy their way out of prison.

His computer let out a soft beep as a camera found one. The teenager was on the south side of town headed for docks. He weaved in and out of the crowd expertly with hands stuffed in his pockets.

Izuku watched as he entered the warehouse and then there was nothing. It would be several hours before they started anything. Even the Shie Hassaikai would do anything in broad daylight. Not unless they absolutely had to.

Pulling his long-sleeved shirt off he changed into a white short-sleeved shirt and BDU's. Just in case they did try something. Only then did he begin setting up a distraction for Tsukauchi and Eraserhead.

Aizawa's POV

He was going to strangle Kaze if he ever got his hands on the vigilante. So far all he had done all night was run around. Small-time criminals and villains here and there. Not one of them had actually seen Kaze. It just didnt make any sense. Where was his nightly annoyance?

The criminals' locations that they have been getting seemed to be on a timer. When they arrived Kaze was still offline and wasn't answering his messages.

His phone rang and he answered it with a snap, "What?"

Tsukauchi replied tiredly, "The last of the criminals are in lockup now. Any signs of Kaze with you?"

"None," growled Shouta, "What is the point of this? He has never done this before."

Shouta climbed up onto the rooftop so that he could look over the streets. The wind was cold on his face but hiding it in his capture scarf helped some but not much. The air that night had started out still as could be but it had changed over the last few moments.

Tsukauchi swore violently then said, "Eraserhead get to the docks! There has been a report of an explosion. There are unconfirmed reports that Kaze is there fighting villains."

What the hell? Kaze didn't have a fire quirk. His was wind-based it couldn't cause a fire. What was the vigilante up to now?