So I should be working on "His Jacket" like I promised, I know, but this idea came to me randomly and then all of the sudden I had four pages of world building material for this story so I was like okay maybe we better do this one instead so here it is! I'm trying something different with this one, writing several chapters before posting them one at a time, so that way I can tweak the story as I need to! I hope you guys enjoy!

Part of the dialogue comes from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, where Snape has his fight with Lily. I do not own that part.

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or any of the characters, only the plot is mine.

"All right, Snivellus?" said James loudly. Lily looked up from her conversation upon hearing James' voice. Did he really have to ruin such a gorgeous day? The sun was out, casting bright light on the grounds of Hogwarts. She had her feet in the water, and was enjoying the cool feeling on them, contradicting the heat covering the rest of her body. She ran her fingers through the grass, pretending to ignore the encounter currently taking place.

She could not help watching, however. She watched Snape plunge his hand inside his robes, his wand was halfway into the air before James shouted, "Expelliarmus!"

Snape's wand flew twelve feet into the air and fell with a little thud in the grass behind him. Sirius let out a bark of laughter. Lily scowled at their childlike antics. Couldn't they leave her friend alone?

"Impedimenta!" he said, pointing his wand at Snape, who was knocked off his feet, halfway through a dive toward his own fallen wand.

Students all around had turned to watch. Some of them had gotten to their feet and were edging nearer to watch. Some looked apprehensive, others entertained.

Snape lay panting on the ground. James and Sirius advanced on him, wands up, James glancing over his shoulder at the girls at the water's edge as he went. He didn't want Lily to see this, and as he glanced over she looked completely oblivious. She still thought the greasy git was her friend, but he still deserved what was coming for him. Peter was on his feet now, watching hungrily, edging around Lupin to get a clearer view.

"How'd the exam go, Snivelly?" said James.

"I was watching him, his nose was touching the parchment," said Sirius viciously. "There'll be great grease marks all over it, they won't be able to read a word."

Several people watching laughed; Lily and Remus alone scowled. Peter sniggered shrilly. Snape was trying to get up, but the jinx was still operating on him; he was struggling, as though bound by invisible ropes.

"You — wait," he panted, staring up at James with an expression of purest loathing. "You — wait. . . ."

"Wait for what?" said Sirius coolly. "What're you going to do, Snivelly, wipe your nose on us?"

Snape let out a stream of mixed swearwords and hexes, but his wand being ten feet away nothing happened.

"Wash out your mouth," said James coldly. "Scourgify!"

Pink soap bubbles streamed from Snape's mouth at once; the froth was covering his lips, making him gag, choking him —

"Leave him ALONE!"

James and Sirius looked around. James's free hand jumped to his hair again. Lily glared at the offending hand, annoyed by his habit.

"All right, Evans?" said James, and the tone of his voice was suddenly pleasant, deeper, clearly trying to seem mature.

"Leave him alone," Lily repeated. She looked at James, her dislike written across her face. "What's he done to you?"

"Well," said James, appearing to deliberate the point, "it's more the fact that he exists, if you know what I mean. . . ." He smirked.

Many of the surrounding watchers laughed, Sirius and Peter included, but Lupin, still apparently intent on his book, didn't, and neither did Lily.

"You think you're funny," she said coldly. "But you're just an arrogant, bullying toerag, Potter. Leave him alone."

"I will if you go out with me, Evans," said James quickly, seeing an opportunity. "Go on . . . Go out with me, and I'll never lay a wand on old Snivelly again."

Behind him, the Impediment Jinx was wearing off. Snape was beginning to inch toward his fallen wand, spitting out soap suds as he crawled.

"I wouldn't go out with you if it was a choice between you and the giant squid," snarled Lily.

"Bad luck, Prongs," said Sirius briskly, turning back to Snape. "OY!"

But too late; Snape had directed his wand straight at James; there was a flash of light and a gash appeared on the side of James's face, spattering his robes with blood. James froze momentarily at the pain. What was that? He whirled about; a second flash of light later, Snape was hanging upside down in the air, his robes falling over his head to reveal skinny, pallid legs and a pair of graying underpants.

Many people in the small crowd watching cheered. Sirius, James, and Peter roared with laughter.

Lily, whose furious expression had twitched for an instant as though she was going to smile, said, "Let him down!"

"Certainly," said James and he jerked his wand upward. Snape fell into a crumpled heap on the ground. Disentangling himself from his robes, he got quickly to his feet, wand up, but Sirius said, "Petrificus Totalus!" and Snape keeled over again at once, rigid as a board.

"LEAVE HIM ALONE!" Lily shouted. She had her own wand out now. James and Sirius eyed it warily, remembering several instances when they had been on the wrong end of that wand.

"Ah, Evans, don't make me hex you," said James earnestly. Seriously, did the girl of his dreams have to hate him so much?

"Take the curse off him, then!"

James sighed deeply, then turned to Snape and muttered the countercurse.

"There you go," he said, as Snape struggled to his feet again, "you're lucky Evans was here, Snivellus —"

"I don't need help from filthy little Mudbloods like her!"

Lily blinked. "Fine," she said coolly, trying to hide her hurt. "I won't bother in future. And I'd wash your pants if I were you, Snivellus."

"Apologize to Evans!" James roared at Snape, his wand pointed threateningly at him. Snivellus had never gone over the line like he just had. Fury made the edges of his vision go red as he stared at the offender.

"I don't want you to make him apologize," Lily shouted, rounding on James. "You're as bad as he is!"

"What? I'd NEVER call you a — you-know-what!" he stuttered.

"Messing up your hair because you think it looks cool to look like you've just got off your broomstick, showing off with that stupid Snitch, walking down corridors and hexing anyone who annoys you just because you can — I'm surprised your broomstick can get off the ground with that fat head on it. You make me SICK."

She turned on her heel and hurried away. She could feel the tears stinging her eyes, but she refused to cry in front of everyone.

"Evans!" James shouted after her, "Hey, EVANS!"

But she didn't look back. She needed to be alone, not with that arrogant prick. She wandered through the school before finding a secluded classroom on the third floor. No one would find her here, of that she was sure.

She looked around to make sure it was deserted, seeing the desks in rows and the whiteboard wiped clean. The large windows let in plenty of summer light, and she could see fine without the lights on.

She sank to the floor crying, Snape's words echoing in her head. Mudblood. So that's what he really thought of her. She shouldn't be surprised, she had heard him use it while talking to them, but he had never said it to her face before.

She felt pathetic and cheated. He had played her, and she hadn't realized until it was too late. He had turned to the dark arts, pure and simple. Despite her best efforts, despite her pleading, he had still turned dark.

'At least I never have to talk to him again,' she thought savagely before starting to cry again at the thought. Her first magical friend, the one who had helped her through the world of magic, who had gotten her excited about Hogwarts, who had thoroughly abused James with her, had turned on her.

And no matter what, she wasn't going to take him back, no matter how much he begged, she promised herself. She had given him many chances, and he had blown them all.

She eventually pulled herself together several hours later, well after dinner. She trudged to her common room, deep in thought as she muttered "acromantula" to the Fat Lady.

The portrait swung open and she stepped in, glancing around the room to see if anyone who had been at the lake was here. Thankfully no one was, and she made towards the girls staircase before hearing a soft voice call her name.

She had been wrong, somehow she had looked over Sirius in her attempts to avoid people. "Come here, please," she heard him beg, and she turned around slowly, going to sit next to him.

"What do you want?" she snarled, the day's events still fresh on her mind.

"I just wanted to give you this," he told her, holding out a plate stacked with food.

Lily looked at him in surprise, before taking the plate from him, muttering her thanks. He nodded before getting up and leaving, aware that she did not want his company. She scarfed down the food as fast as possible before steeling herself to go to her dormitory. Several of the girls in her year had been with her by the lake, and were thus probably rather worried for the redhead.

She trudged up the stairs and entered the room, barely having time to see the four beds covered in red and gold and the different personalizations put up by the girls before she was being enveloped in a hug.

When she was finally able to pull herself away, she was able to see her three roommates and best friends staring at her in concern.

She looked towards Dorcas first. The girl was a couple inches taller than her, with dirty blonde hair and hazel eyes. She next glanced over at Mary, whose blue eyes connected with Lily's green. The girl was beautiful and very feminine, with her brown hair framing her face. Lily looked last to Alice, the long term girlfriend to Frank Longbottom. She was far taller than Lily, with green eyes and curly, dirty blonde hair.

Lily smiled at her friends affectionately before making her way over to her bed. The chest at the end of her bed was open, with several books spilling out. She had a single Beatles poster hung next to her bed, of which Alice and Mary had stared at incredulously their first year, confused as to why the picture didn't move.

She grabbed her pajamas before making her way to the bathroom to change. She quickly brushed her teeth and put her hair up before exiting the bathroom and making her way back to her four poster. She pulled the curtains around her, casting the muffliato spell Snape had taught her before allowing herself to break down again. She would be fine tomorrow, but she needed just a little more time to herself.

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