To be perfectly honest, Tori didn't know how it started. Obviously there was the assignment for screenwriting class. She and Jade had been paired together. They had to write a dramatic scene. Neither girl was looking forward to working together. It was agreed that they would meet at Tori's house. She hoped that at least Jade would want to get things over with as soon as possible. Instead, Jade was determined to make things difficult. She shot down every idea Tori had. "So what if this scene is about a kid who finds out his parents aren't his real parents?"

"It's been done," said Jade.

"Okay," said Tori. "How about a cop finds out his partner has been seeing his wife behind his back? What do you think of that?"

"Dumb," said Jade.

"Well what if there was a rich guy?" said Tori. "And then he dies. When his family comes to read the will, they find out they've all been disowned."

"Oh my god," said Jade. "All your ideas are terrible."

"Alright," said Tori. "What's your great idea? Wow me."

"An aspiring actress gets the role of a lifetime," said Jade. "But she has to tell her dad, who thinks her career is stupid."

"Sure," said Tori. "Let's go with it."

Jade pulled out her laptop and began typing. Her fingers flew across the keyboard as she banged out the story. She seemed in a world of her own as she wrote the scene out, completely oblivious to Tori's presence. After a few minutes she was done. She saved the assignment, closed her laptop, and stretched her arms. She looked at Tori. "We're done, no thanks to you."

"Well at least it's over," said Tori.

"Right. Do something useful and give me a back rub." Even though she was being sarcastic, Tori decided to give Jade her wish, hoping to mess with her. She rested her hands on Jade's shoulders and started kneading her muscles. She was very tense. It was like massaging a slab of clay. Jade didn't protest. She let Tori rub her muscles without saying a word. Her shoulders slumped and her muscles began to loosen. Tori had experience giving back rubs. Trina had forced her to give her some on occasion. She had gotten fairly good at them. Tori's fingers ran across Jade's back, rubbing-down her muscles. Jade went limp, her head falling forward.

At this point, it didn't make sense to continue. Any joke was gone at this point. However, Tori kept up the massage. She ran her hands up Jade's back and to her neck. Her thumbs gently rubbed the back of her neck. Then it happened. Jade moaned. This wasn't just any moan, the kind one would expect from someone who was taking a load off. No, this was more intense. It reminded Tori of the sounds made in porn movies, not that she went out of her way to watch them. It sounded like Jade was expressing genuine pleasure at Tori's massage. Tori froze as she heard it, removing her hands from Jade's body.

Jade seemed to be embarrassed too. She shot up and quickly stuffed her laptop into her bag. She got up and ran out of Tori's house. She almost knocked over Tori's Mom, who was just coming back home, as she left. Tori's Mom turned to Tori, a confused look on her face. "Who was that?"

"Uh Jade," said Tori. "She's from school. We had some homework to do."

"Okay," said Tori's Mom. "She sure left in a hurry. I was going to ask her if she wanted to stay for dinner."

"Oh I don't think she could stay," said Tori. "She had somewhere to be."

"I see," said Tori's Mom. "Well that's too bad."

"Yeah," said Tori. "But I'll tell her you said hi."

Tori's Mom looked at her daughter. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," said Tori, her heart racing. "Why do you ask?"

"It's just that you look a little cagey," said her Mom.

"I'm fine," said Tori. "I guess I'm kind of stressed. You know, with all that school work."

"I understand," said her Mom. "You've been working hard. You should take a break. You know, hang out with your friends and do something fun. Maybe you could call up that Jade girl and see if she has some free time. You two could get together."