A/N: A lot of people wanted me to update this story, so I figured I'd give you guys one last chapter. Enjoy.

Jade tapped her foot as she knocked on the door to the Vega residence. Eventually, Trina opened the door. "Okay, okay. I heard you. You don't need to knock so loud."

"I've been knocking for five minutes," said Jade.

"Well not everyone can drop everything to open doors for you," said Trina. "Some of us have things to do."

Jade sighed. "Tori asked me to meet her here. Where is she?"

"Probably in her room." Trina sat down on the couch and turned on the television.

"Thanks for the help." Jade walked up the stairs and to where she knew Tori's room was. The door was ajar, so Jade peered in. Sure enough, Tori was there. She sat on her bed, looking at her pear pad. "Knock, knock."

Tori looked up and acted surprised. "Oh Jade, it's a surprise seeing you here."

"You texted me," said Jade.

"Right," said Tori.

"Anyways, what did you want to talk to me about?" said Jade.

"I think you already know," said Tori.

"No, I don't," said Jade.

"Are you sure?" said Tori.

"Yeah, I'm sure," said Jade. "Can you at least give me a hint?"

Tori pursed her lips together. After a long pause, she finally spoke. "I saw you at the mall."

Jade stared blankly at Tori for a while. "That could've been anyone."

The shoe store clerk stood in front of Trina, her hands on her hips. "Look miss, this is a warning. If you don't calm down right now I'm going to have to kick you out."

"Oh I'm real scared," said Trina.

Tori tugged on her sister's arm. "Come on Trina. This isn't worth it."

"Yes it is," said Trina. She held up her shoe. Its heel was broken. "You tried selling me a shoddy product. This thing snapped while I was in school. I had to hobble around all day. Now I want a refund."

"Miss, I'll assure you there's nothing wrong with our shoes," said the clerk. "Is it possible it broke because you tried squeezing your big feet into it?"

Trina gasped. Tori took a step back. "That's it lady. The gloves are off."

"Oh yeah?" said the clerk. "What are you going to...hey stop that!"

Trina leaped forward and grabbed the clerk by the neck. The clerk flailed her arms around, but Trina overpowered her and shoved her face to the wall. Tori ran out of the store. As she fled, she could see security guards headed into the shop. It looked like Trina was going to get banned from another store. As the guards sorted out that mess, Tori decided to walk around the mall. Trina was her ride and it looked like she would be busy for a while. She walked by the food court. She wasn't hungry so she went on her way.

She passed a store that sold jeans. She didn't need any right now and didn't have any money, but there was nothing wrong with looking. Tori went inside and checked out some skinny jeans that were in her size. She found a pair that she thought would look cute on her. It was decorated with rhinestones, which made some pretty floral patterns. As she looked at it, a woman who worked at the store came up to her and smiled. "Oh I'm sure it'll look nice on you."

"Oh thanks," said Tori.

"Do you want to try that on?" said the woman. "Or are you ready to buy?"

"Oh I'm not buying," said Tori.

The woman's demeanor changed. Her smile disappeared. "Not buying?"

"Yeah," said Tori. "See I don't have any money on me at the moment."

"I see," said the woman. "Well this store is for paying customers."

"Can't I just look around?" said Tori.

"If you're planning on buying," said the woman.

"Fine." Tori put the jeans down and walked out of the store. The jeans weren't that pretty anyways. She looked for some place to sit down. Following Trina around from store to store was very tiring. She found a bench and sat down. She stretched out her sore legs and sighed. Out of the corner of her eyes she could see rows of massage chairs. If she had a few quarters, maybe she could get a massage. But she was broke. Not that she wanted one. She tried one of those massage chairs once. They just didn't do it for her. Some people might like them, and there was nothing wrong with that, but they weren't for Tori. She could see a girl around her age sitting in the chairs, enjoying a massage. She looked pretty relaxed, almost like she was asleep. Tori frowned. That girl looked familiar.

"Okay, okay," said Jade. "Maybe that was me. What's the big deal? I figured you deserved a break"

"What's the big deal? What's the big deal?" said Tori. "The big deal is you've been asking me to give you massages for the past few weeks, but apparently you didn't need me. You could just drop a few quarters into one of those chairs."

"Well you should be happy then," said Jade. "Now you don't have to touch me anymore."

"Don't say that," said Tori. "I loved touching you."

"Oh please," said Jade. "Be honest. You only did it because you felt sorry for me, am I right?"

"No," said Tori. "That's not why I did it."

"Admit it!" said Jade. "You felt sorry for me after Beck and I broke up so you started giving me massages."

"I gave you those massages because you're my friend," said Tori. "And I thought we had something special. I didn't realize you could get the same feeling from a machine."

Jade's jaw trembled. "It's not the same."

"What?" said Tori.

"The massage chair," said Jade. "It doesn't feel the same. Not compared to your touch."

"You don't have to say that," said Tori.

"No it's true," said Jade. "You're so much better than some machine."

"Are you telling the truth?" said Tori.

"Here." Jade took off her shirt and tossed it aside.

"What are you doing?" said Tori.

"I want you to feel my back," said Jade. She lay down on Tori's bed. "Go ahead. Do it."

"Fine, fine." Tori put her hand on Jade's back and felt the goth's flesh. "Wow, you're really tense."

"Yeah and that's after getting a massage from the chair," said Jade.

"I mean wow." Tori kneaded Jade's back muscles. "How's this?"

"Oh that's much better," said Jade.

Tori felt Jade's back and rubbed her down. She found a knot behind her shoulders, which her fingers rubbed. "How about this? How does this feel?"

"Oh I like that," said Jade.

"Well what do you think of this?" Tori kneaded the muscles just below Jade's neck.

"It's lovely." Tori had never heard Jade say the word lovely without a hint of irony before. She continued massaging Jade's back until all the tension was gone. By then, several hours had passed, but the two didn't notice.