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Chapter One: Mysterious Swordsman

It was a normal day in the Kamiya Kasshin Ryu Dojo. Sakura were in full bloom and were now drifting into the early spring wind. The pleasant sound of shouts and wood crashing to wood emanated from beyond the dojo doors.

Kenshin walked by from finishing the laundry. He was on his way to the bath house in order to get it ready for Miss Kaoru. She always loved taking a bath after a strenuous practice.

Lately, she and Yahiko have been sparring. Yahiko had been wanting to do so for quite some time. He was improving quite a bit. At least, from the first time they met him…

Kenshin started to chuckle lightly. Kaoru and Yahiko seemed to be acting more and more like brother and sister as the time progressed. Which wasn't necessarily a bad thing. They did have their bouts of constant fighting, but it didn't mean that they meant it… at least… Miss Kaoru didn't mean it…

Kaoru, Kenshin thought, Kaoru has always been so nice to me. Even though she can sometimes be violent, she is still one of the kindest people I know. Now if only Miss Migumi could get along with Miss Kaoru…

Kenshin arrived and the bath house and placed the wood in the kiln, then he got the water from the well and filled the tub inside the small room, next, he lit the wood and made sure the water got heated to the proper temperature. Just as Kenshin finished, Kaoru stepped out of the dojo.

"Thanks for getting the bath ready, Kenshin." Kaoru said smiling at him. Count on Kenshin to be so sweet.

"It was my pleasure, that it was, Miss Kaoru." Kenshin replied, a blush starting on his cheeks. Kaoru smiled once again and walked into the main house.

"Ah, I see how it is… You're in love with Kaoru." Yahiko said from behind Kenshin, who jumped at the boy's voice. Yahiko had a smug smirk plastered on his young face.

"I… uh… orooo…" Kenshin stammered, a blush rising to his face. Was it true? Did he really love Miss Kaoru?

"You freeloader! Don't try to bum money off of me!" Kaoru screamed from inside the main house.

"But I need it! I'll pay you back, I swear!" Sanosuke screamed back. He came running out of the house with object being thrown his way.

Kenshin's eyes grew large as a sandal came flying his way. With a clunk, the sandal ricocheted off his head, causing Kenshin to be knocked out.

"Kenshin!" Yahiko said, shocked that his role model got knocked out by a sandal… thrown by a woman no less! How humiliating.

Kaoru stopped her assault on Sanosuke, who took that time to escape. "Kenshin?" Kaoru said looking around. She spotted Kenshin flat on his back unconscious. "Kenshin!" She ran over to where the two guys were.

"Nice going, Kaoru…" Yahiko said, sarcasm dripping off his words, "Why don't you kill him next time, I think that would be an easier way to get rid of the man."

Kaoru, who was now out of her practice clothes and in her under kimono, was pulling Kenshin to her so his head could be placed on her lap.

She ignored Yahiko sarcastic remark and ordered, "Get me some water and a wash cloth." Blinking, Yahiko ran off to get the said items.

While he was gone, Kaoru took the time to run her hand along Kenshin's almost perfect face. She let her fingers roam up and move his hair from his face. Kaoru smiled slightly as she felt his hair slit through her fingers. After playing with his hair, she traced her fingers along his cross-shaped scar. Kaoru wondered how Kenshin received that wound. Was it in a battle? Or was it in a rescue?

Kaoru licked her lips subconsciously and leaned down. She started to close her eyes as she became closer to his face. She was merely inches away from the Battousai's face. Their lips were about to touch…

"Kaoru, I got the water and wash cloth you wanted." Yahiko said as he came up from behind the two young adults. Kaoru straightened up and shot the boy a dirty look.

"Don't sneak up on people like that, Yahiko!" Kaoru scolded and took the items from her pupil. She dipped the cloth in the cold water and dabbed the damp cloth along Kenshin's forehead and cheeks.

Slowly but surely, Kenshin regained consciousness. He looked up to see Kaoru's worried face and something more. Her plain under kimono was starting to loosen, her breasts were not wrapped so he could see her cleavage. He blinked and blushed so much his face was almost as red as his hair.

Kaoru finally realized that she was showing off more than she wanted and blushed as well. She jumped up and walked in the bath house. Kenshin blinked as his head came crashing to the ground.

Oh man, Kaoru thought, I didn't think THAT was supposed to happen… And what was I doing before Yahiko snuck up? That was weird…

She continued to think over what happened and how she was going to be ably to face Kenshin after this whole incident.

At the edge of the city of Edo, a young figure walked slowly to the bridge that lead to the city. The person knew that it was being followed, but didn't care. The figure had to get to a safe place.

A wound at the person's side was oozing blood, causing their haori to be drenched in blood. The figure stammered about from the lack of blood and energy.

As the person walked deeper into the city, it's eyes scanning the area warily. Some people walked up and asked, "Young man, are you okay? You're bleeding, you know."

"Shut up, you fool, I know that…" the person replied. This caused the people surrounding the person to take a few steps back. One noticed a sword at the person's side and gasped. The person kept walking.

A few minutes later, the person was unable to move any further. First, it fell to it's knees, then fell face first, shallow breaths causing the dirt to move slowly in little swirls around the persons mouth.

"Ottosa…" The person breathed before passing out.

"Kenshin, why don't you join her… You've already seen her once…" Yahiko teased, a stupid grin smeared on his face.

"Yahiko, It would not be right, no it wouldn't." Kenshin said slightly calm. He let out a sigh and walked over to the main house to get lunch ready.

"But Kenshin, I know it, and you know it… You are in love with Kaoru." Yahiko pleaded. In truth, he just wanted to cause trouble but that was a different story.

Kenshin blushed slightly. Him? In love with Miss Kaoru? Impossible. Sure he enjoyed her company. And liked the fact that she doesn't let the fact that she is a lousy cook get in her way of fun. Plus the fact that she can be so funny at times… even when she doesn't mean to be. But in love with her?

There was a shout heard from outside the dojo gates. Kenshin instantly took a fighting stance and so did Yahiko.

"EEEK! There's a man passed out in front of Kaoru's! Quick! Go get Miss Migumi!" a voice was heard front the front gate. There were a few murmured "Yes ma'am" and foot steps. Then, a knocking at the gate.

Yahiko went to the gate and answered it. There was a woman in a very plain kimono, trying to drag the unconscious person inside. Kenshin walked up and carried the man in. He was surprised at how light he was.

Then he noticed the blood.

"I've got to get Miss Kaoru…" he muttered after setting the man on the floor inside the main house. He ran over to the bath house and knocked at the sliding doors.

"What is it?" Kaoru asked from the other side of the door. She was still soaking in the hot water.

"Miss, Kaoru… there is a man passed out in your house. Don't worry, we let him in, but he has a bad wound. Miss Migumi is on her way." Kenshin said.

What the- Kaoru wondered. "Is he alright?" she asked stupidly.

"That I do not know, Miss Kaoru. Perhaps you should come and check it out?" Kenshin said truthfully.

Kaoru sighed and got out of her peaceful bath. She then dried herself and put her under kimono back on and made sure it was on tightly. She then stepped out and almost ran into Kenshin who had a major blush pinkening his cheeks.

"Oro…" Kenshin said softly. She looked up into his face and noticed how close they were. Kenshin had his arms around her waist to keep her balance and her hands were placed lightly on his chest.

Kaoru blushed and straightened out. "Gomen ne…" she muttered. That was close…

The two walked to the main house in uncomforting silence. Both blushing ever so slightly now. When Kaoru saw the person her eyes grew wide. The person's haori was drenched with blood. Their skin was pale and almost translucent. That wasn't a good sign…

"Hello, I heard there was a man passed out in front of your dojo and I came as soon as I could. I guess you brought him in here? Get him to a room so I can work on him." Migumi said. Sanosuke was by her side, rolling his eyes. A fish tail stuck out of his mouth.

Sanosuke walked up to the body and lifted it carefully but easily and found an empty room. Migumi followed him and opened and closed the doors that needed the job done. She knelt before the wounded man and undid the haori and looked. Her eyes shot wide as she told Sanosuke to step out of the room.

An hour later, Migumi told Kaoru to go in, she needed to talk to her.

"Kaoru… look at the 'man'…" Migumi instructed. She did and what she saw was a wrapped wound and… wrapped up breasts!

"Kami! He's a… a SHE!" Kaoru screeched. Outside Kenshin, Yahiko, and Sanosuke jumped and then looked at each other. What the-


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