Title: Tired
Author: Shadow/Phantomness
Pairing: Championshipping (Lance x Red/Ash)
Fandom: Pokémon
Theme: #1, Tired

Rating: PG
Disclaimer: Pokemon belongs to Nintendo and Shogakukan Comics. This non-profit, non-copyright infringing fanfiction belongs to me under international copyright laws and taking it is plagiarism. Thank you. *Phantomness bows*

Notes: () for telepathy, ** for thoughts, italics if a pokemon talks

Warnings: Shonen-ai

Summary: Red and Lance relax together.

Lance was mildly amused when Red fell asleep in his arms on the ride back from their meeting with Champion Cynthia in the Sinnoh region. Since Red's Charizard had been exhausted from the flight there, he had volunteered Dragonair. After all, she could easily carry them both, and Dragonite could use a break as well…

Upon arrival at Indigo Plateau, Lance dismounted, cradling Red in his arms like a girl in one of those old movies, as it was the easiest way to carry him, and headed into his bedroom. He put the Champion to bed and then went to go make tea.

Red blinked awake, as he saw Lance setting the tea things on a table. He stretched, wincing as several sore muscle groups protested the treatment heartily. Lance smiled as he came over with a cup of blackberry tea.

"Feel up to being coddled, my dear Champion?" He teased.

Red colored as he stared into his teacup, taking a sip. "I think so." He agreed, as Lance climbed into bed next to him. The tea was pretty good… "First, I want a bath."

Lance smirked as he kissed Red. "I think I can arrange that." He purred. "You must be sore all over…"

Red didn't say more, as he felt Lance's hands slip underneath his shirt and jacket. "Mmm…"

"I'll make it worth your while," Lance crooned, and Red nodded, closing his eyes as he relaxed.


End Fic

Completed 12/14/06

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