*Continuing from the end of the TV show, Clary has lost her memories of the Shadow world, but Jace has just become a part of her life again*

Jace looked at Clary longingly, staring into her brown eyes. Clary was still tracing the tattoo on Jace's neck, fascinated by the rune.

'Sorry,' Clary said with a start, realising Jace was staring at her. She removed her hand from his exposed collar bone and fiddled nervously with her hair. Jace just gave her his lopsided smile, at a loss for words that she could finally see him.

'Um,' Clary started tentatively, 'did you, maybe, want to come in? I've got an exhibition of my art from this year if you're interested?' Clary finished, eyes staring intently into his own, awaiting his answer. Jace looked away, trying to appear casual in his reply.

'Yeah, that'd be cool,' he replied, intending on moving to return to the gallery. Clary was relieved when he agreed to come in, so much so that she forgot to start making a move toward the door. Instead, the pair stood in the alley, feeling the intense energy between them. When Clary was able to focus on that energy, she was both intrigued and intimidated, but then the tension was broken when her eyes moved from Jace's face to the space between them. While Clary was just registering what had occurred, Jace looked at her puzzled expression and cleared his throat.

'Ah, shall we?' he said, receiving a startled expression from Clary, but then the moment passed, and she broke into a smile and turned to return to the gallery. With two beaming faces, the pair returned to the gallery together.


The New York Institute had gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of years. However, one thing hadn't changed. A Lightwood was rightfully in charge. Isabelle Lightwood was the current head of the Institute and had plans for a lot of changes. Since the ordeals with Valentine, Lilith, Johnathan and other threats, Isabelle was determined to keep large threats out of the mundane world and be more prepared. Since Clary and Jace had discovered their pure angel blood and their enhanced abilities, Isabelle was more determined to investigate other abilities the Shadowhunters may have. Obviously, her work was the most important aspect of her life right now. That meant she didn't have much time for anything, or anyone, else. Simon was always telling her he didn't mind, that the work she was doing was important for the whole Shadow World, and that included the Down World. She knew that, but it didn't stop her from feeling bad for Simon, knowing that he was on the outside of her life most of the time. Hopefully, this was all about to change, when Isabelle shared her latest proposition with him tonight.

When Isabelle arrived at the mundane restaurant, The Rising Sun, Simon was already waiting at their reserved table. He didn't notice her at first, but Isabelle couldn't take her eyes off him, not even noticing the luxurious gold rimmed chairs and gorgeous red velvet curtains draping the charcoal walls surrounding the window looking out over the city. When she sank into the chair across from him Simon's face lit up and he reached across the table to give her hand a squeeze.

'Hey,' he greeted her, giving her a smile so big that it revealed his fangs.

'Hey Simon,' Isabelle replied, giving his hand a squeeze in return, 'so, I have something big I want to discuss with you tonight,' she continued, skipping the formalities.

'Really? I'm intrigued,' he said, raising his eyebrows cheekily.

'Yes, and it's a business proposition, so don't get too excited!' Isabelle said in between giggles. Once the waiter had taken their orders Isabelle was finally able to ask him.

'Okay, so you know there's the council for the Down Worlders,' she started.

'Mmhmm,' Simon mumbled, his chin propped up on his hands, waiting for Isabelle to continue.

'Well, it's been useful to have the council's perspective but it's just not frequent enough and I feel like it's never there when we need it. What I need, what the Shadowhunters need, is a representative from the Down World that can be a part of every decision concerning the Down Worlders, acting as an advisor for me in a way and, well, you can see where I'm going with this, right?' Isabelle asked, excited to hear Simon's answer.

'You want me to be the advisor?' Simon asked in disbelief, taken aback by the question.

'Well, yeah,' Isabelle responded quietly, fiddling with the golden fork next to her plate, 'Simon, you've done so much for the Down World, but the thing is, you're still from a mundane family. That means you can be impartial in a way that some Down Worlders can't. You never want to hurt anyone, and frankly I want to spend more time with you,' Isabelle finished with that desperate plea.

'Thank you, Isabelle, it means a lot that you would go to the trouble of creating a new job at the Institute just because you miss me,' Simon said teasingly.

'No, it wasn't just about that and you know it, and frankly…' Isabelle tried to contradict him, but he interrupted her quickly, 'I'm just messing with you,' he started, while his smile morphed into a serious expression, 'the transition from a mundane to a vampire, and then a daylighter, while your closest friends are Shadowhunters, leaves you not belonging to anyone or any group. It's been tough, especially since my mum and then… Clary,' his smile returned before he accepted Isabelle's offer, 'I'd be honoured. It would give me a place in the Shadow World, and next to my favourite person,' he beamed at the end. Isabelle was beaming too, so much so she got out of her seat and enveloped Simon in a hug, with both arms around his neck, 'I'm so excited,' she whispered into his ear.