TSSM S03E01: The Precious Things in Life

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My first story. It takes place after the events of season two of The Spectacular Spider-man. A great show which I highly recommend and really captures the essence of Spider-man. Since Sony and Marvel aren't gonna do it, I'll give my take on it :)

Two superhuman beings engage in a violent clash upon a rooftop as they move with superhuman speed and agility. They strike at each other with superhuman strength and velocity.

"You've got to be the angriest Pussycat I've ever seen!" Peter yelled as he flipped around, contorting his body in all sorts of funny shapes to avoid the deadly swipes the Hunter had taken at him.

"The cat is the ultimate hunter in the wild, so Kraven become cat to hunt the ultimate prey." Kraven replied in his prideful Russian accent as he crouched and lunged at the web-head.

"Oh please, I most definitely do not wanna end up as cat food. Besides, there's plenty of big-game around. Why not play with other guys, like ummm… I don't know, Rhino?" Spidey quipped as he did several somersaults, narrowly avoiding the fast and powerful Kraven.

"ENOUGH PLAYING! I have come so that Kraven can reclaim his lost honor!" Kraven bellowed as he charged at Spidey with full speed.

If it wasn't for his Spider-sense, Peter would not have been able to dodge that charge. In his blind rage, the hunter left himself wide open as he crashed into an air-conditioning unit. Spidey quickly webbed him up and swung him around with all his might and at a great velocity, like an Olympic athlete doing a hammer throw. He smashed him into a water tank and flung him into the stairway which led to the rooftop they were fighting on. The impact of that attack it left every structure that were once standing on the rooftop in shambles, with puddles of water and brick and wood strewn all over the place.

As Kraven got up, dazed from the impact, Spidey quickly knocked him out cold with several consecutive kicks and punches. The big monster cat finally collapsed and lay on the floor before the tired web-crawler. "You were one tough kitty." Peter remarked as he stared down at the unconscious Kraven.

"See ya at Animal Control or the Zoo next time Sergei!" Spidey teased as he web-swung off into the distance, leaving a webbed-up Kraven for the police to collect.

"Now that Kraven is dealt with, who else is still out there?" Peter thought as he continued swinging through New York.

"Help! Someone please stop him! He took my purse!" a woman cried out. Spidey turned to look in her direction, only to spot the robber in a laughable costume with long ears hopping away. His hops, though abnormally high, did not seem all that impressive compared to what Peter could do.

"I'm the Kangaroo! I have been blessed with incredible legs which allow me to- ", he was interrupted as Peter swiftly scooped him off the ground and webbed him up.

"Ughh who are you? Spider-man?!"

"Yep! Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man at your service." Peter replied as he handed the purse back to the woman while holding the webbed-up costumed robber with his other hand.

"Thank you" said the woman. "You're welcome!" exclaimed Spidey as he turned to face the robber.

"Now what do we have here Mr Rabbit?"

"IT'S KANGAROO!" the robber snapped as he attempted to struggle.

"Okay Mister Kangaroo, I think I'll give the costume a C at best, for effort!" Peter chuckled as he left a note for the police on the silk cocoon of the wannabe Marsupial. Spider-man then left him hanging from a lamppost and swung off into the distance.

"I'll get you for this Spider-man!" Kangaroo cursed at the jolly web-swinger as he helplessly struggled in his cocoon.

For the past few days, Peter noticed that he was encountering less and less super-powered criminals. "That's a good thing," thought Peter as he swung his way to school.

"He's a menace!" chanted the all-too familiar gruff and obnoxious voice of J Jonah Jameson on the TV screens.

A string of web shot out and covered Jameson's mouth on the poster. " I guess even if I manage to put away most my supervillains for good, there'll always be this one to slander me" Spidey remarked.

Peter continued about his swinging. After thirty minutes, he started to notice several people giving him the stink eye as he swung past them. "Get out of this city Menace!" an old lady yelled at him from her window. This happened several times today, albeit with different people and different windows.

"Geez, they gotten much more hostile to me these past few days. I guess now that Supervillains are rarely seen they've turned to me to vent their frustrations." Spidey sighed as he carried on swinging.

"MENACE! MENACE! MENACE!" people chanted at Spider-man all day.

"I guess I should hurry to school then." thought Peter as he quickened his pace.

Sometimes, people can be really forgetful, and sometimes especially forgetful of the good that other people do. And when they do forget, they may be easily swayed to oppress or accuse undeserving individuals such as our beloved hero here. Despite knowing their probably moronic reasoning for calling him a menace, those words still managed to hurt Peter in a way his Supervillains didn't.

Back in school, Peter hurried down the hallway as he caught sight of a familiar gorgeous blonde wearing black hair band.

"Hey Gwen, how's things going?" Peter asked with a sense of fear and anticipation.

"Harry's still not over it, I'll have to hang on a little longer." Gwen replied sadly as she hung her head.

"Well I'll be waiting." Peter replied earnestly, putting his hand on her shoulder.

"Waiting for who Pete?" said a voice with a hint in snide and cunning in it. Peter turned around to see Harry Osborn: his best friend and Gwen's current boyfriend.

"Wa.. Waiting for the Summer Holidays!" Peter hastily exclaimed as he nervously stepped away from Gwen.

"Isn't that like a month away?" Harry asked. "I guess some of us are really looking forward to that time period where we can spend time together. Right Babe?" Harry shrugged as he slipped his hand around her waist defensively.

An awkward silence fell. Though, Peter and Gwen tried their best to hide their discomfort, all three of them could feel the tension in the air.

"Well I'm late for my class, gotta go!" said Peter as he broke off from the group and headed in the opposite direction.

"By the way Pete," Harry called. "Please stop trying to chase that wall creeper. I really hate that guy. He's a known menace, besides the fact that he killed my father" Harry coldly expressed his thoughts as they parted ways.

"Not only the townspeople and fear and dislike me, my best friend hates also me with a passion. And now I'm stuck in an awkward love triangle that I can't seem to break. All I have been doing is help people and this is what I get rewarded with." Peter lamented to himself as he swung away.

"Perhaps I should try another approach to the Superhero thing where People may appreciate me more." Peter thought to himself as he swung off in the direction of a tall building.

"Sorry, the Baxter building is closed off to all non-resident visitors at the moment for the next five hours" said a computerized voice at the lift lobby.

"I ain't got time to wait for five hours!" Spidey exclaimed. "Perhaps I should find another entrance. Perhaps that would make a great audition." Peter thought to himself.

In a swift motion, Spidey launched himself up the side of the Baxter Building and stuck onto it, looking for entrances. Before long, Spidey entered through a window pane, just like how he always did at the Bugle.

"INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER IDENTIFIED: SPIDER-MAN" beeped a hovering robot as it whizzed throughout the corridors.

"Wow that was fast, at least it got their attention." Spidey remarked as he turned to see a rubber man, a flying boy on fire and a hulking mass of rocks in humanoid form.

"Sup guys howdy doing?" quipped Spidey as he promptly reacted to escape the heroes so intent on capturing the intruder, they did not give him a chance to explain himself. Peter leaped to dodge Mr Fantastic's enlarged hands and narrowly squirms out of the Thing's grasp. Despite being much stronger physically, the Thing was much slower and less agile than Spider-man, who quickly flipped him around and tossed him into Mr Fantastic.

Suddenly, Peter felt his Spider-sense tingle and dashed to avoid a hoop of rope that was thrown at him. " I guess that must have been Sue Storm the invisible woman." Peter thought as he suddenly changed direction and jumped the other way.

"He could sense my barrier although I made it invisible!" exclaimed Sue Storm.

"You're not getting away!" yelled Johnny as he started to surround Spidey with flames. However, Peter wasted no time in jumping out of the ring of fiery plasma Johnny laid around him.

"Okay let's just stop all this nonsense before someone gets hurt." Reed commanded as he grew to a gigantic size to block Spider-man and the rest of the four surrounded him.

"Finally! I've been waiting for the opportunity to tell you all the reason why I'm here!" exclaimed a relieved Spidey.

"Which is?"

"I wish to join you guys!"

"No can do twerp, we already got enough hotheaded teenagers on the team, like this one." said Ben Grimm as he gestured to Johnny

"Hey what makes you think I'm a- " "Yer can't fool me boy, I grew up on Yancy street and I can recognize that yer a kid from yer voice." Ben finished before Peter could continue.

"Well despite your apparent skill in speed and agility, I would not consider letting you join the team as the Fantastic Four isn't looking to add any members. Four's a manageable number." Reed replied.

"Hey the Bugle calls you a menace!" Johnny chipped in.

"Well while I too would not accept you on the team, I guess you could help out with some- " before Sue could finish, Spidey leaped out of the window and swung off into the distance.

"Wait!" Sue cried out. But he was gone.

"He looked like he really needed some help." Sue said with a slight worry in her voice. She saw in Peter, a person very much like her own little brother, Johnny

"Ah teenagers these days, always looking to prove something for themselves. Ain't dat right Johnny?" Ben remarked.

"Hey at least I'm way cooler than that guy!" Johnny replied in his usual confident and flamboyant voice.

"Not even fellow Superheroes are that fond of me it seems." said Peter as he traversed New York.

"Spider-man! Can I talk to you for a moment," a woman called out.

Peter looked down to see policewoman Jean Dewolff standing outside a parked police car.

"What is it officer?" he called as he landed in front of her.

"Spider-man, this is my own personal belief so do not hold it against the police force, but I think you should quit."

"What?!" Spidey exclaimed in disbelief.

"I truly appreciate the times when you have been able take out supervillains that the police force couldn't handle. However, now most of those perpetrators are behind bars and locked up in Ryker's. As of late, the public perceives you to be a menace and going web-swinging around the city isn't exactly doing much good. People fear you. The police are here to maintain law and order. Now that the supervillains are gone, you should let the police do its job. Accountability is important in maintaining order. You can join the police force if you wish to continue fighting crime." Dewolff explained to the disappointed Spidey.

"I guess, I'll think about it." Peter replied reluctantly as he swung off into the distance.

"Seriously, no one appreciates me for what I do, I'm starting to get sick and tired of it!" Peter thought to himself. Perhaps I'll stop being Spider-man after tonight. Maybe that will make everyone happy, and probably make my life easier." said Peter as he succumbed to those thoughts. He sat down on the roof of a building and pondered his next course of action.

As he thought to himself, Peter was alerted by a series of honks in the distance and he turned to see a massive truck speeding with threatening velocity. Based on his experience, Peter could tell that the truck was going way past the speed limit. Then, he spotted on a zebra crossing ahead of the vehicle, an old woman slowly crossing the street with a little girl by her side.

But the truck did not show any sign of intending to slow down; as if there wasn't a pedestrian crossing at all. The truck's headlights loomed over the two pedestrians who looked in horror. Spider-man sprang into action and scooped up the two of them out of harms way. Peter then turned to the reckless driver and slowed the truck down with his webs, bringing it to a complete stop.

The driver attempted to escape before Spidey webbed him up against the side of the vehicle.

"Sorry, can't have you running around and killing people with that dangerous speed." Spidey explained.

"First you stopped my truck. Now you're handing me over to the police. Congratulations Spider-man, you've just ruined my life." spat the indignant driver.

"He might have not killed anyone if I let him go but I did it just to be safe." Peter thought to himself as he turned back to see grandmother and granddaughter hugging each other tightly.

"It's okay jenny, Spider-man saved us." said the old woman as she comforted her crying Granddaughter.

"Thank you Spider-man, you saved our lives" the old woman warmly thanked Peter, clasping both of his hands in gratitude

"Anytime from your Friendly neighborhood Spider-man!" Peter exclaimed as he ran off.

"Don't cry Jenny. Why don't we go get some hot dogs?" said the Grandmother as she continued to comfort her granddaughter.

Peter turned his head to look back at the duo. "Anytime from your friendly neighborhood Spider-man. Anytime huh, thought I was gonna quit tonight." Peter thought to himself. It was quite a lovely relationship that he had witnessed. Perhaps that's what he needed as Peter Parker. Good relationships with the people around him. Relationships which bring the precious things in life. Simple friendly conversations. Secrets and emotions. Not high-paying jobs or scholarships.

"What about as Spider-man?" Peter thought as he arrived back in his room "maybe in a similar way, what Spider-man does that matter doesn't always need to involve the spectacular scenery of taking down big bads. It could be just like how he saved the two of them just now!" In fact, it was what he failed to do that cost his late uncle. Peter hung his head in shame. "Sorry Uncle Ben, I just got so tired and worn-out I almost forgot what it means to be Spider-man." Peter said.

As he lay in bed, he thought to himself " The public may fear me, Gwen and I may not be together, but I guess I'll just have to be patient, taking on life one step at a time. But hey, at the same time I'm Spider-man who has the power to save others so that they can get that same chance of trying at life and I will continue to do just that!

This is the first story and I will admit that it is pretty slow. Do give me any constructive feedback on how to improve on it, though I wouldn't necessarily accept all requests. I plan to up the tempo from here on as I build this Season and delve deeper into things like the Peter-Gwen-Harry love triangle, introduce more villains and do some crossovers! (continue reading to find out who) Thank you for reading this!

Next Chapter: A familiar yet new foe appears!