p style="text-align: center;"strong"The End of Agent P?"/strong/p
p data-p-id="c1e428665bd08b658e283a5849ca80c7"We see the Triangle-Shaped boy named Phineas Flynn walking down the stairs, followed by his step-brother, Ferb Fletcher. "Hey, Ferb, I Don't know what we're gonna do today. Hey, where's Perry?" ask Phineas. Meanwhile, we see Perry stealthily sneaking around. Perry whips on his fedora and pressing his blue paw on the wall. Then, he is sent down a tube to the hidden lair. "Oh, Agent P, I'm so glad you made it. As usual, Doofenshmirtz is up to his usual deeds. You know what to do" Says Major Francis Monogram. Perry salutes the man on the screen, as he gets in his platypus looking hovercraft./p
p data-p-id="075386bc36152924bfea5bbe35967e8f"Back in the boys backyard, Phineas and Ferb lie under their tree, staring blankly to the sky. "That's it! I know what we're gonna do to- wait, we've already did that. I-I-I got nothing, what about you, Ferb?" ask Phineas, turning to his step-brother. Ferb blinks. "Boys? Can you help me with these groceries?" ask Linda Flynn-Fletcher, the mother of the boys. "There are a lot of them!" says Lawrence Fletcher. "That's it! We'll make an invention that helps parents with their groceries, leaving kids to do as they please!" says Phineas. "Seems improbable" says Ferb , in his British accent. "Well, until that happens... put the milk in the fridge." says Linda/p
p data-p-id="dbfc65fd99891db18de94cd0531da501"Back at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Perry crashes in. "Ah, Perry the platypus, you're just in time to witness... YOUR DOOM!" Says Heinz, as he shoots Perry with his disintegrator ray. "Now, time to get rid of..." Perry kicks Heinz Doofenshmirtz in the face, "Perry? How did you escape?" ask Heinz. Doofenshmirtz then glances at a tag on the floor that reads DECOY! "Very well, time to get rid of the REAL Agent P!" says Heinz, walking to his ray. He points the ray at Perry, and presses GO!. "Ha! finally I got Perry! Now, time to aim this ray at Roger!" says Doofenshmirtz, aiming the ray toward Danville City Hall. "I guess I'll tell myself the backstory. As a young boy, back in Drusselstein, my brother Roger were my parents favorite. But, NO MORE! Now, i'll be my parents favorite with the Disintegrate-inator!". Meanwhile, in the boys backyard Candace walks out of the house. "What are you up to, Phineas?" ask Candace, with a glare. "5' 2" responds Phineas. "I'm telling mom you're up to something!". Later, Isabella walks through the gate. "What'cha Doing?" She said, with her pupils forming hearts. "Finishing up on our latest invention: The Shop-O-Matic!" Phineas responds. "what does it do?" ask Isabella. "It scans for anyone who has lots of groceries, and helps them, thanks to the homing beacon planted inside. " Says Baljeet. Buford punches him. "That's for being a nerd!" says Buford. Later, back at Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated, Doof gets kicked in the face by Perry's paw! Doofenshmirtz machine spins, pointing it the opposite direction. Doofenshmirtz falls, and his pointy nose presses the big, green "GO!" button. A blue beam shoots from the balcony in the direction of the boys' backyard./p
p data-p-id="44011b800bb4416e9fd5f9d1c10a3ff1""Why would a random platypus just do that to me?" ask Doofenshmirtz. Perry whips on his fedora, again! "Perry the Platypus!" shouts Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Perry throws a can of ravioli at Doofenshmirtz and he falls on his machine. Doof's big, Pointy fat nose presses self destruct button. Doofenshmirtz patio blows up. "Curse You Perry the Platypus!" shouts Doofenshmirtz./p
p data-p-id="d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e" /p
p data-p-id="299e92139321ac8b5644a91aab3b889d"Meanwhile, in the Flynn-Fletcher backyard: "Mom, Mom! Hurry! Before it disappears!" shouts rush to the backyard. "Hey, Mom. Hey, Candace!" says Phineas. "What am I supposed to see?" ask Linda. "Oh, there you are Perry!" says Phineas./p
p data-p-id="26478db11a74b3c8675f463fee30cba7" /p
p data-p-id="55a37b86dd00e38a8999957584edb870" strong"It's All Opposite, Phineas"/strong/p
p data-p-id="9c788673c55e03593d68cbf3c52cf506"Phineas and Ferb are in their backyard, working on their latest invention. "Well, Ferb, look's like we're just about done!" Says Phineas. "What are you two up to?" ask Candace, hands on hips. "Ferb, press the green button. QUICK!". says Phineas. A spherical, blue orb surrounds the brothers. Meanwhile, at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Perry burst in, ready to foil Doof's plans. "Perry the platypus? what are you doing here? I don't have anything evil planned today," say Doofenshmirtz. "All i'm doing is watching my brother, the mayor give out the key to the city. With that key, I'd be able to open Cedar Point in the middle of the night and go on rides free. You see, back in Drusselstein, my parents would never let me have fun. Only Roger could have fun! Now, with this gender swap-Inator I'll finally be able to do anything I want"/p
p data-p-id="cfe201de5943405c840233fec4378a45" /p
p data-p-id="504514a0646a3802dc1acbdbb897f6c1"Back at the boys backyard, the spherical orb is disappearing. Phineas and Ferb are now in a look alike of their backyard, but the fence panels are backwards. "Hm? Just what DID we invent, again?" ask Phineas, holding up the blueprint. "Oh, a alternative universe machine.!" says Phineas. "Uh, who are you?" ask a girl behind the stepbrothers. "I'm Phineas, and this is my stepbrother Ferb." responds Phineas."Oh, I'm Phinelle, and this is Ferbette, my stepsister." says Phinelle. "What can I he;p you with?" ask Phinelle. "Well, we meant to build a Split-Second Teleporter, but it took us to an alternative universe. If you could, please find a 3/15 wrench." says Phineas. "Here you go, straight from Ferbette's tool box" Phinelle says, handing the tool to Phineas. "Hey, Phinelle, What'cha doin'? " ask a boy's voice. "Oh, hey Issac!" says Phinelle. "Phineas, Ferb, this is Issac Garcia-Shapiro." says Phinelle. "Hey." says Issac. "Hey, where's Perry?" ask Ferbette./p
p data-p-id="b7d02b64f9e47354bf0b62bf4c2cd954" /p
p data-p-id="39e814e292029c44b2a01fb0404c85d2"Meanwhile, at Doofenshmirtz Evil Inc. Perry breaks through the wall. "Ah, Perry the Platypus, finally, you're just in time for the statue of my sister, Romulus, by city hall."says the girl version of Doofenshmirtz, Heidi. Perry uses his beaver tail to whack a screw that hits Doof's machine. "No! I haven't even told you my emotionally Scaring backstory!" shouts Heidi Doofenshmirtz as themachine begins to spark, shake and set fire. "Curse you, Perry the Platy- Ooh, a Penny. Aw, tails. Curse you, Perry the Platypus!" shouts Doof, fist to the sky, as the building blows up!/p
p data-p-id="714e797025a55e6b0e4a0fb86b5af67a" /p
p data-p-id="706b929e0371d4bb0545d08dc78dfa9e"A green beam is shooting across town. "Bye, guys!" says Phineas. "Bye, Phineas and Ferb!" says everyone. "Dad! Dad, hurry!" shouts Cameron, the boy version of Candace Flynn-Fletcher. A blue orb forms again around the newly re-built machine of the boys'./p
p data-p-id="1e0de2492020a4565377ecca057efd39"Now, back in the regular universe:/p
p data-p-id="68d2502f604dbf239896c0f2847d92f2""So, what did you boy's do today?" ask Linda, the boys' mother. "Nothing." says Ferb. "They are always up to something, Mom, but you never see them!" says Candace. "Give it a rest Candace!" says Lawrence Fletcher. "Ferb, maybe tomorrow we could build a walking TV, so kids can do chores and look at the TV at the same time." exclaims Phineas. "Yeah, Good luck with that!" says Linda, sarcastically/p
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