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"What do you mean by 'fun', Harry?" asked Hermione cautiously. "You could get into big trouble if Dumbledore finds out."

"Damn right," Draco muttered. "And... and I'll tell my father too! He'll make sure that you three freaks are expelled for sure! Then you'll end up as filthy little delinquents begging for Knuts on Diagon Alley. Yeah, that's what'll happen!" He continued to jabber away to himself like this until Harry stood up, making Draco feel seasick.

"Well, I think I'm gonna go to bed," said Harry with a big yawn. "I've got Quidditch practice tomorrow morning."

Draco's stomach lurched. Quidditch practice? He shuddered - he could just imagine himself dropping a billion feet out of Harry's pocket and hitting the ground without anyone noticing. He was jerked out of his thoughts when Harry ran up the stairs as fast as he could to the boys' dormitory and slammed the door behind him. He set Draco down on his bed and started rummaging around in his trunk.

"What the hell are you doing now?" Draco asked, clearly irritated. He knew Harry couldn't hear him but it felt like being ignored all the same.

"POTTER! I demand you change me back NOW! I'm sick and tired of this!" Draco yelled.

"Ah! Here it is!" Harry said, his head emerging from his trunk. He held up a green shoebox and dumped it on the bed next to Draco.

"But... it's all dusty!" said Draco. "I'm allergic, don't you know that?!" Judging by what he did next, Harry obviously didn't know - he yanked Draco up by one arm and dropped him into the shoebox.

"OW!" Draco screamed, but Harry just sat down and peered into the box, looking very pleased with himself.

"Do you like it?" he asked. "I could get some furniture or something, and I'll bring food tomorrow morning, okay?"

Draco was getting really peeved now. Potter was acting like he was some kind of stupid little doll that he could just throw around. Even though he was.

While Draco was fuming, Harry was clearing the top of his bedside cabinet to make room for the shoebox.

"There. That'll be your home until I change you back," he said, grinning. Draco glared at him. Sort of.

"Home? What am I, a gerbil?" he asked angrily. Harry started to walk out of the room, when he stopped and looked as though he had an idea.

"Wait a minute, you won't be able to eat or anything if you can't move..." he said.

"Oh, way to go, Sherlock," Draco said sarcastically. He would have rolled his eyes if he could, but he had to make do with just the comment. Harry was beginning to poke Draco with his wand now, obviously trying to make him move.

"MOVE!" he shouted, but Draco just lay in the shoebox, completely stationery.

"Oh, that worked very well. Why don't you just ask the Mudblood?" Draco said. Harry suddenly stood up and rushed towards the door.

"I know! I'll ask Hermione!" he said, and ran out of the room. Draco sighed.

"I hate my life."

Harry ran as fast as he could without tripping down the stairs into the Common Room, and grabbed Hermione by one arm.

"Hermione, I need your help!" he said breathlessly. Hermione sighed.

"Again? Look, if it's something to do with Malfoy-"

"It is, but help anyway!" Harry said, and dragged Hermione up to the boys' dorm.

"Harry, I'm not supposed to go in here, you know!" Hermione moaned, and they stopped in front of the shoebox. Hermione looked into it and burst into laughter.

"You made him a HOUSE?!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah," said Harry, looking proud again.

"Don't you think you're spoiling him?" Hermione asked, still sniggering. "I mean, he's your enemy and all..."

"Maybe you're right," Harry muttered.

"No! She's not right! Let me stay in the box!" he cried.

"Don't you think it's a bit cruel, though?" Hermione asked. "He can't talk or move..."

"That's what I need your help with," said Harry quickly. "How can I make him move?" Hermione looked thoughtful for a moment.

"You need a potion. I think you'll have to ask Snape for it... Joking, joking!" she added hastily as Harry gave her a look of pure terror. "Don't worry, I've got some here. I was trying to make Crookshanks' toy mouse move." She handed Harry a small bottle of light blue liquid.

"Just let him drink it and then he can move," she said. "But I have a feeling you're gonna regret this later..."

Harry ignored her comment and poured some of the liquid into a bottle cap he found on the floor. He then put it into the shoebox next to the Draco plushie.

"How am I supposed to drink it?" he whined. Harry blinked.

"Hermione, how is he supposed to drink it?" he asked, and Draco groaned. Hermione sighed.

"Well, it's obvious!" she said impatiently. She grabbed Draco, turned him upside-down and dunked his head into the potion. She took him out after a couple of seconds and put him down onto Harry's bed. Draco was furious.

"WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING, GRANGER?!" he yelled, waving his arms like a madman. He stopped and looked at one of his arms - he was actually moving! He started jumping up and down with excitement, until Harry grabbed him around the waist.

"Come on, Malfoy! Time for bed!"


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