A dragon flies high in the sky's of the enchanted forest to the beautiful mountains where it would find who it was looking for. The dragon finally reached it's destination and landed on the ground. Smoke covered the dragon and when it disappeared a man was standing in the dragon's place. Prince Charming the son of Maleficent started running towards the seven dwarfs all standing in front of a glass coffin. The dwarfs turned to look at him. "You're too late" Doc said. The dwarfs moved out of the way to reveal the beautiful princess Snow White laying in the coffin under a sleeping curse. "No" Charming said as he ran toward the coffin. He looked inside the coffin at the beautiful princess sleeping in there. His true love. This couldn't be the end for them. "Open it" Charming said. "I'm sorry she's gone" Grumpy said. Charming touched the coffin. He couldn't believe it was over for them. He was the son of Maleficent who practically invented sleeping curses he should be able to break this one.

"At least let me say goodbye" Charming said looking at the dwarfs basically begging them to help him. Maybe this was one of those curses his mother talked about that true loves kiss could break. The dwarfs looked at each other than removed the lid. Charming looked down at Snow hoping this would work. He walked over and kissed her. A great blast of energy filled the enchanted forest. Snow gasped as she woke up. Charming smiled. It worked. Snow looked over at Charming as he stroked her hair. She put her hand to his face. "You found me" she said smiling. "Did you ever doubt I would" Charming asked smiling back at her. She sat up. "Truthfully the glass coffin gave me pause" she said as she touched his face again and smiled at him. "You never have to worry. I will always find you" Charming said. "You promise" Snow said. "I do. Wherever you go and no matter what happens I will always find you" Charming said. Snow smiled and kissed him as the dwarfs watched on smiling.

A few months later at Snow and Charming's wedding the room was crowded with people who came to see them get married including Charming's mother Maleficent who smiled from the audience as her son married the love of his life. "I do" Charming said as the priest asked Charming if he would take Snow as his wife. "Do you, Snow White, promise to take this man to be your husband and love him for all eternity" the priest asked Snow. "I do" Snow said smiling at Charming with all the love she had for him. "I now pronounce you husband and wife" the priest said. The whole room clapped and cheered. Maleficent was crying with happiness seeing her son so happy. She regretted trying to take that happiness away from him but at least they both forgave her and let her be a part of their lives. Before Snow and Charming could kiss a dragon crashed through the roof. Charming waved his hand and the roof fixed itself before the debris hit someone and hurt them. Charming glared at the dragon as it landed in front of them. Smoke covered the dragon and the dragon turned into a man who looked just like Charming. The man smiled up at the happy couple with an evil smile. "Hello David Snow. I guess my invitation got lost in the mail" the man said. "James" Charming growled. Maleficent stepped forward. "James I will not let you ruin this day for your brother" she said. James laughed. "Oh don't worry mom. We have no intention of ruining this day for them" he said. "We" Snow asked. Just then the door burst open. On the other side stood Regina the evil queen. James smiled at his wife. She always did know how to make an entrance. "Sorry I'm late" Regina said. Regina walked down the isle toward her husband and the happy couple. Two guards came out of the crowd and tried to stop Regina but she waved her hands and they went flying. Charming used his magic to help them land on the ground lightly. The crowd screamed. "It's the king and queen. Run" Doc said. James smiled as Regina reached his side and took her hand and kissed it. "My queen" he said. She smiled at him. They were finally going to get their happy ending. Snow took Charming's sword out of his scabbard and pointed it at the evil couple in front of them. "They're not a king and queen anymore" she said. The guests all started to whisper to each other. "She's nothing more than an evil witch and her husband well he's an evil sorcerer. That's it" Snow said. James laughed. "Come on Snow. Is that really anyway to talk to family" he asked. Snow continued pointing the sword at the evil couple. "No. Don't stoop to their level. There's no need" Charming said taking his sword from her. "You guys are wasting your time, you've already lost. I will not let you ruin this wedding" Charming said. James and Regina looked at each other and smiled. "Like my dear husband said we have no intention of ruining this wedding" Regina said. "Well then what do you two want" Maleficent asked. "Well mom we came to give my dear brother and our sister in law a gift" James said looking up at Snow and Charming. "We want nothing from you two" Snow said. "You shall have it though" James said. "Our gift to you is this happy, happy day. For tomorrow our real work begins. You've mad your vows now we'll make ours" Regina said. "Everything you love dear brother, everything all of you love, will be taken from you forever" James said. The crowd started whispering to each other again. "Out of your suffering will rise our victory" Regina said. "We shall destroy your happiness if it is the last thing we do" James said. "No James please" Maleficent pleaded with her son. "Sorry mom it's too late. Me and Regina will get our happy ending and everyone else will suffer" James said. He looked up at Charming and smiled. "You all can thank my brother and his wife for your suffering. Some rulers you two turned out to be" James said. James took Regina's hand and they started to walk out of the room. Charming looked at Snow and could see she was worried. He wasn't going to let the two of them get away with this. "Hey" Charming yelled out. James and Regina turned around. Charming threw his sword at them and they disappeared right before it could hit them. The crowd started to whisper again to each other worried about James and Regina's threat. Snow and Charming held each other as Maleficent ran up to them. "Don't worry I won't let them do anything to you guys. I promise" she said. "Thanks mom" Charming said. She pulled both Charming and Snow in for a hug. She wasn't going to let James and Regina destroy David's happiness. She had to talk some sense into her other son before it was too late.