James walked into his bedroom after getting Henry set up with breakfast. He saw Regina sitting on the bed. He closed the bedroom door locked it walked over and started kissing her neck. "Good morning beautiful" he said. Regina smiled. "Good morning handsome" she said deepening the kiss. James laid her down on the bed and just kept kissing her. He moved onto sucking on her neck. "We have to go" Regina said not wanting to stop the pleasure she was getting from her husband. James looked at her. "In a minute I'm pleasuring my wife" he said. James unbuckled his pants lowered them lifted Regina's dress dropped her panties and inserted his dick inside her. He pumped in and out of her and Regina moaned as she got lost in the pleasure her husband was giving her. "Your so beautiful" James said. She looked him in the eyes. "I love you" Regina said knowing that she would never romantically love anyone as much as she did James. They heard the clock tower chime and lifted their heads.

James and Regina got themselves together and were annoyed that their morning sex was interrupted by the clock tower. How had it started to move? Time had been frozen ever since they cast the curse. "Henry are you ready" James asked. "Yes dad. I need you or mom to sign my homework" Henry said giving James his homework. James got a pen and signed it. "There you go buddy" James said. "Thanks" Henry said. Regina walked into the kitchen. "Good morning Henry" Regina said. "Morning mom" Henry said. The clock tower chimed again. They both looked out the window to the clock tower but Henry kept putting stuff in his backpack. To Henry that was nothing new. To him the clocktower always worked thanks to the little memory spell James and Regina did on him. They loved him so much but he was getting to curious and he could never find out about the curse. It wasn't the first time they did it to him and they were sure it wouldn't be the last either. They felt like crap whenever they did it.

James and Regina made their way to the town square after dropping Henry off at school and looked up at the clocktower. Archie approached them with his dog Pongo. "Hey, how about that? Guess those rusty old innards finally straightened themselves out, huh" he said to the two mayors. James rolled his eyes annoyed that Archie was talking to them. Regina turned around about to say something cruel to him when she noticed David's truck and Emma's car on the street. She tapped James and he turned around and noticed the same thing. "Yes. How about that, indeed" Regina said. "Well have a good day" Archie said as he walked off. "David, Emma" James said under his breath. His brother and niece were becoming really big nuisances to them. Regina turned to her husband. "What do you say we give your brother and niece a visit and we give him a couple of apples from the tree" Regina said smiling. "I like the way you think" James said smiling back.

"So time is finally moving here" Emma said. "That's what it sounds like" David said buttoning up the button on his shirt. He was getting ready for work and had just come out of the shower. He had left the top two buttons on his shirt opened just like he liked it and tucked his shirt into his jeans. He put the his badge on his belt and was putting his shoulder holster on when he heard a knock on the door. "Emma get ready. We'll walk over to Granny's then you can begin the job hunt" David said. Emma had decided that she wanted to find a job so she was going to spend the day looking for a job. She was also going to find time to visit her mother at the school. David finished putting on his holster when he answered the door. James and Regina were on the other side of it. David rolled his eyes. "To what do we owe this displeasure" David said motioning between him and Emma. "Oh come on David can't a brother and his wife visit a brother and their niece" James asked.

"A normal brother can but you made it very clear yesterday you want nothing to do with me and Emma" David said. "Well me and Regina have a gift for you two" James said. David finally looked over at Regina and noticed her holding a basket of apples. Regina smiled at him and Emma. "Did you know the honey crisp tree is the most vigorous and hardy of all apple trees? It can survive temperatures as low as 40 below and keep growing. It can weather any storm" Regina said. David just looked at the basket of apples knowing better than to take it from them. "What's your point" Emma asked. "We have one that we've tended to since we cast the curse and to this day, we have yet to taste anything more delicious than the fruit it offers. So the point is we want you two to have them" James said taking a apple and handing it to David. David let out a laugh. "So that's your plan? We take these apples and fall under a sleeping curse forever and then your curse never breaks. Nice try" David said.

"Now David do you really think we would curse you and Emma with apples" James asked. "I seem to recall you doing the same thing to my wife a long time ago" David said. Regina basically shoved the basket of apples into David's arms. "We thought you two would enjoy them on your drive home" Regina said. Emma shook her head. "We're not going home" she said. "Yea we're staying" David said. James laughed. "I really don't think that's a good idea" he said. "Well that's too bad. Me and Emma are staying here and Emma's going to break the curse and we will be reunited with Snow" David said. Regina dropped the smile off her face. "It's time for the two of you to go" she said seriously. "Or what" Emma asked. James looked at David. "I meant what I said. If you stay in Storybrooke I will destroy you" he said looking over to Emma. "The both of you" James said. "You want a war fine. Let's go to war but let's get one thing straight" David said grabbing James by the shirt and pulling him closer. "You ever threaten Emma again and we'll be having a little brother to brother talk and it won't be a friendly one" David said as he let go of James tossing him back. He slammed the door in their face and looked at Emma. "Don't worry about them. They're not going to win" David said. Emma nodded her head. "I know dad. Good always wins" she said. "Exactly" David said. James and Regina were crazy if they thought they were going to scare them off. They just found Snow and the rest of the kingdom. There was no way they were leaving without a fight.