Through the pouring rain

Warnings/notes : Crawford/Aya, slight fluff, third pov, shifting focus, slight oocness

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

[!]Spoiler : Aya's living relative

written at 17th may 2003, by Misura. part 1 of 2


It had been sunny when he had left his sister. That was the reason he had decided not to take the bus back to the flowershop, preferring to walk instead.

It wasn't very far ; only about thirty minutes.

So how come I feel it's going to rain now?

How can the weather change so quickly around here?


As Crawford noticed the gathering clouds, he sighed and started to walk a bit faster.

He already knew it wasn't going to be any good ; that he would need an umbrella to keep from getting wet. Still, he could try, couldn't he?

Of course he had also brought an umbrella. Even if it never quite worked, even if he would ruin his spotless appearance anyway, it was better than having nothing at all.

When he felt the first droplets falling on his head, he admitted defeat and slowed down.

Isn't it wonderful to be able to see the future?

A car drove by, splashing his coat.

He sighed.

I suppose I deserved that.


Aya hated the rain.

He had never consciously done so before, but now, feeling the water run through his hair, trinkling down his neck he started to intensely dislike it.

The sudden coldness sliding down his spine made him shiver a little.

He despised not having control over his body's reactions.

It's just water this time. he reminded himself sternly.

He wondered why he had to think of *him*, why the rain would bring back memories of *him*.

He too made me lose control.

That's why I turned my back on him.

The rain made him feel lonely. And cold. And sad.


Crawford wondered why he had chosen to walk, rather than ask Schuldich to come and pick him up by car. He had known it was going to rain. Then why?

It's not rational. Not logical.

The wind pulled at his umbrella, trying to twist it out of his grip.

Such a fragile protection against the rain.

Far from perfect, yet it's all I have.

The sky was dark now, an angry shade of blue.

Like his eyes.

Aya's eyes.

Our relationship was like this umbrella ; an imperfect protection against the cold reality of the worlds we lived in. Fragile.


Water was running down his face, blurring his vision.

Whether it were tears or raindrops he no longer knew.

Maybe both.

If he would see me like this ....


Crawford halted, fighting down the emotions that were tugging at his self-control.

I will not allow myself this weakness.

I will not cry for one who has proven aptly not to care about me.


It began to rain in earnest now, water pouring down from the heavens.

A vague figure appeared in front of him, seemingly another person surprised by the sudden change of the weather.

Hn. At least he or she was smarter than me and brought an umbrella.

He intended to simply hurry past.

The sooner he was home the better.

I long for a warm and comfortable place.

I think I need the company of my team-members now, no matter how much they annoy me at times. They're safe to depend on, to trust.


Crawford only noticed the redhead when Aya had nearly walked by.

"Aya!" He called out before thinking. "Wait!"

As the other man stopped, he stepped up to him, searching those violet eyes for some sign.

What can I say to him that I haven't said already?

What words can I find to keep him now?

I should accept there are none left, that he is one person I can't control.

~to be concluded in the second part~