Through the pouring rain

Warnings/notes : Crawford/Aya, slight fluff, third pov, shifting focus, slight oocness

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz.

written at 17th may 2003, by Misura. part 2 of 2


Aya froze at the sound of that familiar voice.

What is *he* doing here?

Isn't he supposed to know things before they happen?

How can someone like him be surprised by a rainshower?

He turned around, gazing into the eyes that he had seen filled with love once.

One time only.

It scared me too much to see such a strong emotion in his eyes.

To know that I was the cause of such feelings.


A sudden whirlwind ripped the umbrella out of his hand, sending it flying down the street.

He chose to ignore it, not taking his eyes from Aya's.

"You'll get wet without that." the redhead stated softly.

"I'd gotten wet anyway." he countered.

"Why did you bring it then?"

"Because I hoped things would've turned out differently."


The answer surprised him.

Wasn't Crawford the one who was always able to influence events to suit his desires?

Why would he base his actions on such a weak thing as hope?

"I too hoped for that." he said softly, not sure if he wanted the other man to hear him.

Crawford's eyes widened slightly behind his glasses.

Somehow he could see them clearly, even if the water was pouring down both their faces.


He swallowed at Aya's words.

You hoped that too?

Then why did you go away? Why did you break things off between us if you felt that way?

He looked at the redhead and couldn't keep from smiling just a little.

"You look like a drowned kitten." he remarked, by way of explanation.

Aya narrowed his eyes. "So do you." he stated calmly.

The corners of his mouth lifted slightly.

"My house is nearby ; you could shelter there. Maybe get into some dry clothes."

He knew the offer would probably be refused.

I sounded too eager, asked too soon.


Aya hesitated. He realized to his dismay that he wanted to say 'yes'.

Only a very small part of his mind wanted to decline.

I could get ill if I stay out in the rain too long. he reasoned.

And There's no real harm in it, is there?

"I suppose I could do that."


Crawford blinked.

Has he really just said 'yes'?

I can't believe it.

"It's this way." he said weakly, aware that Aya already knew where he lived.

The redhead nodded and followed him without saying another word.


As Aya woke the next morning the sky was bright again.

The sun showered the world outside with its light.

He turned around to look at the person lying next to him.


Crawford didn't need to look out of his window to see the weather.

He knew what color the heavens were.

They were the color of his lover's eyes.