Danny was flying around in his ghost form his skin was turning a lime Green and his hair seemed almost fiery.

He growled as he lowered himself to a forest and looked at his hand as he growled, "this is the thanks I get!?" he looked up as he saw guys in white air craft above him, "I save this world and they hunt me!" he said growling.

His eyes glow in rage as he said, "Capture my family! Tucker and Sam betrayed me to save their own necks! I guess I can't blame them I'm the idiot who thought I could give up a secret identity!" He then turned upwards and let out the ghostly wail but it was now red and instead of a ghostly groan it sounded more like a demonic scream or roar of rage!

The attack blast away the Guys in white aircraft he didn't check to see if they where ejecting or what ever he didn't care. Danny growled as he walked off and said, "Fuck them! The good hero is dead! They killed him!"

Danny continued to walk he could hear shouts of leave the phantom alone form the people not involved, "As if a protest will do any good they over throw this country! They want me and they won't stop!... then let's make it so they can't have me!" he said smirking as he flow off as fast as he could for a ruined amity.

As he flow he saw flashes of the guys in white attacking it all the way to Fenton works, growling as images of his parents and siblings being taken, as he head to the ghost portal.

It was dead but Danny slammed his fist on it shocking it making an off color portal open inside it and he flow in in seconds.

that is when Danny blacked out!

when he awoke he looked around he wasn't in the ghost zone he was in a hut and he looked instead of a hand he saw a hoof and showing all the will power he had he stood up on all fours and walked over to what looked like a spear and looked at his reflection in the metal.

He was a c unicorn with a cream colored coat with black mane and tail Blue eyes, and on his back hips where the Fenton works logo, and Danny raised and eye brow and said, "What in the hell?" it was flat that is when he heard something and turned to see a Zebra.

The Zebra then spoke she was clearly a girl form her voice, "So he Awakes, I hope you relax, as I shall makes myself known I am Zecora. What brings you to Zebrica, unicorn who looks like he's been through throw the rings?" she sound friendly.

Danny blinked clearly confused as he said, "I was running form something and I end up here somehow! I seem to have lost some memory, My name is Danny.." that is when there was screams and Zecora Grabbed Danny some how and pulled him along.

Soon she looked back in gasp as she spotted Danny's hoof slip from hers and he turns to face what the Zecras were running form.

Strange jaguars made out of vines, and other jungle plant matter, Danny rolled his eyes and said, "Looks like something Undergrowth would cook up!" In a moment his rings appear and the creatures backed away as Danny changed.

He became a ghost his color becoming the Green of his full ghost counterpart his mane and tail flowing white and seemed semi ethereal and fire like. His outfit appeared on him fit for a pony remaining the same colors with his cutie mark becoming his danny phantom logo but the letter dee now had a longer spine making it look like the letter P, with another letter P inside.

The Jaguars tried to slash him but it passed right through and Danny laughed as he said, "I'm half ghost! That won't work, unless you had some blood blossom in you, but you clearly down so!" he then held out his right hoof and fired off a green burst of ghostly fire on one making it scream as it ran and rolled around to try about put it out!

The Zebra's where watching in fear not of the Jaguars but of the Stallion who claimed and just showed himself to be a ghost!

Another one of the beast tried to Jump Danny but Danny's hind legs became a tail and he flow and land right in the thing making it glow white with a ghostly aura as it's eyes glow green and it attacked another one as it spoke with Danny's voice, "Ok how about I give one of you a fair fight!"

In moments later the possessed Jungle Jaguar was fighting another, the normal one wildly slashing with it's claw and trying to bite only for Danny to avoid and dive and bite into the other's neck and give it a pull ripping off the head it sound like a stick being ripped in half.

Danny then left the possessed Jaguar by flying out it's back and firing off a ghost ray form his horn right through it!

That is when Our half ghost looked to see a wild fire born of the flaming one and he rolled his eyes and just glow freeing all the flames and a few of the Jaguars within ice.

One Zebra watching bowed as he looked at the ice and touched it, "it's ice! It melts into water!" he sound so happy.

Danny didn't pay them any mind as he trotted over to the last Jungle Jaguar who was backing away in fear whimpering as Danny looked at him and Danny smirked and said, "boo!"

The monster then screamed like a scared kitten and turned to run away, making our half ghost turn to look at the stunned Zebras and he simple flow off.

Zecora's jaw was dropped as an older male Zebra trotted to her he had a crown of feathers and the same gold bands Zecora wears on him as he said, "Daughter! I don't know of care where he comes form! He can give us Water! Go off and find him, change his mind and bring him here, so we may leave the tribal war for water behind!"

Zecora galloped off to find Danny in his ghost form before returning to normal as she scarily asked, " I am scared but I must ask what are you oh mostly ghostly one?" she said gulping.

Danny turned to her and let it out flat, " I am half ghosts! Just as alive as I am dead!" her eyes widened as he continued, "to make it sure my family hunts the more wicked dead a mistake in the lab with my dad's home made portal to the after life with worked left me half ghosts! I view it as a gift I can handle them so much more easy and on even terms! But sadly my secret got out and it coast my family everything I will probably never see them again and I have no home now!" he said sadly turning back into his ghost form.

As his hind legs became a tail Zecora spoke, "you can have a home here! Come back with me! You can give us water and protect us please allow us to treat you as a hero not a threat!"

Danny landed and trotted off beside her, "lead the way witch doctor! The Zebra mare blushed at the comment.

years later Danny in his normal form was walking in to a hut to see Zecora now his wife smiling as she looked into a crib holding a Zebra foal he was Zeta jack Fenton his and Zecora's new born son.

In a moment the little colt giggled as his eyes flashed green and his breath could be seen as he shivered.

Zecora blinked as she said, "husband dear was that not the ghost sense, with means power over ice and snow our son most have?"

the phantom pony as he came to be known through the land and beyond thanks to him scaring Celestia a few years back by trotting through a wall held his chin as he turned ghost, "yes it is! And you know how all the other trips want to capture me!" he said scared as he pocked up his son using his mane by manipulating it into an arm.

Zecora nodded and paled as she said, "We most flee for our son's safety, I see!" She started packing things up on including carrying blood blossoms.

by night fall the family was gone.

years later Zeta now a young colt was trotting through everfree as he watched his dad and his clones work on a hunt as he said, "Dad I am bored! All the ponies run form us I have no friends and I am bored!" he said as the light shined on his Fenton works cutie mark.

the father rolled his eyes as a clone said, "how about this go play your half ghost it's not like anything here can hurt you!"

The little colt smiled as he summoned two rings making his black and white placement invert so he was black with white strips and had glowing green eyes his cutie mark became his dad's symbol as he said, "yay!"

that is when he turned his hind legs into a ghostly tail f to see a Little Filly named AppleBloom running form a chimera as he land in between them as he said, "I am going to give you this offer mr Monster leave now you don't stand a ghost of a dance against me!"

the monster then tried to slaw him only to gasp as his claw went right through him as Zeta smirked and said, "silly monster you need the right magic of tech to hurt a ghost but ghost can hurt you!" he said holding out his left front hoof firing off a blue ghost ray hitting the thing in the gut knocking it back.

the monster then ran off screaming clearly scared.

Zeta then turned to see the shaking Filly and he turned back to living, "relax I am only part ghost on my dad's side

Applebloom held out her front left hoof and let out a flat, "check please!" she then fainted.

to be continued.