Chapter 1 It Starts

Rei's Terrible, No Good, Really Bad Day
Written by Kino Amiko
Rated pg-13 just 'cause
Written on: 5-27-03 (at about 12:09am)

Author's notes: This all started because I read waaaaay too much fanfiction frankly, I am sick of seeing some of the same ridiculous stuff over and over again.especially when it is written poorly. Gah! Come on peoples! _ (ps I am not saying I am a good writer, so all flames will be read, good ones will be considered; but, eventually all flames will be printed and used during my next toilet paper shortage.and don't try to tell me my grammar stinks cause I already know.) * wink *

Disclaimer: I don't own Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, people like Takeuchi Naoko sama, Kodansha, Toei.etc. do (Kodansha sucks big green toe for what they did to Takeuchi sama.unless I am mistaken, which I don't think I am, but that's another story..=P bite me) p.s. insomnia sucks purple farts. no, wait, that is supposed to go in author's notes..ah, who cares ^_~

On with the story!

Hino Rei was not having a good day. It started when she had first woken up on a Thursday morning and found that she had slept in. She was two hours late for school! If that wasn't bad enough, her nose was completely stuffed up. This luck carried on throughout the entire day.

She was frustrated enough that she was getting a late start, but now she couldn't find her hairbrush. After thrashing her room, utterly destroying it (like a mad hurricane) she determined that it was not there. She moved on, searching other rooms in the shrine.

She plopped down in frustration on the bench outside, and her hand landed on something hard with bristles. Her brush! She was in such a hurry to get her hair done and be on her way that she didn't notice the dog hairs insulating the bristles.

With the task of brushing her hair out of the way, she went the fridge and took her lunch, which she had prepared the night before. She grabbed her backpack, paused long enough in the genkan to put on her shoes, and rushed out the door. She arrived at the bus stop just in time to see the bus heading down the street. "Shimatta!" She cursed. She would have to take some short cuts and beat it to the next bus stop.

Running like a madwoman, hopping fences and dodging cars, she managed to see the bus closing its doors. "Yame-o!!!" She called out to the bus driver desperately. She breathed a sigh of relief when the doors re-opened. "Domo arigato gouzaimasu!" she bowed politely before entering the bus.

She sat against the hard seat of the bus, covered in sweat and still trying to catch her breath. She began to notice the odd stares she was getting from the other passengers. 'Dasai!' She thought to herself. 'They shouldn't be staring at me like that. Rude!' She locked gazes with one young man who was giving her a particularly dirty look. He stared back for a moment before looking away. "That's what I thought." She grumbled under her breath. 'You think they have never seen a girl who has run four blocks to catch a bus before.'

Another man, this one a little older and dressed in an expensive looking business suit, stared at her as well, but the look on his face was slightly different. His eyes were aimed downward and a slanted smile played across his lips. She looked down and noticed a long rip up the side of her skirt.

Rei calmly set down her bag and unzipped the front pocket. She took out her pencil box and rummaged through it. 'Bingo!' she thought victoriously, as she pulled out some safety pins.

With her skirt finally pinned closed, she looked up at the man in the suit, noting that his sadistic smile was still in place. She lowered her head a bit and met his eyes. He sat up and began to chuckle at her, waggling his eyebrows. 'Arrogant bastard!' she silently fumed. She shot him a glare that made him go pale. She kept that icy gaze on him until he took his briefcase a moved two rose back. Rei smiled inwardly. Having mastered the art of a cold and intimidating exterior long ago, she had proudly honed her abilities beyond perfection. 'Usagi would scold me.' she thought, frowning. 'Minako would have tried flirting with the guy.' Rei shook her head in disgust. 'Ami would have averted her gaze and ignored the man like a proper lady. And Mako- Mako would have sent him through the window.' A wide smile lit across Rei's face. 'Good ol' Mako.'

Her conscience eased she looked out the window and watched the scenery pass by. 'Only a youma attack could make today any worse.'

About the Author (me)

My pseudonym is Kino Amiko. I use this name at college and when I publish a piece of writing. I have never published a fanfiction before because I have always felt that I am too scattered to finish one. My specialty in writing would be my reality submissions (my brutally honest opinions about something either controversial or just a personal perspective on the world as I see it) to "The World According to Squirrel" (I am not Squirrel sempai ^_~) these are not fictional pieces of work, but merely observational pieces; So, this is a relatively new territory for me.

I am an 18 year old (will be 19 in July of 2003) college student. (But I am in severe denial of my age..i still wanna be 14 without the whole 'puberty' thing going on and with all of the freedoms I have now ^_~

Hino Rei is not my favorite character, actually, she is my least favorite of all the senshi. =P (sue me) but, for this story, I felt that her brashness and blunt honesty would be perfect.

If you must know, my favorite senshi are firstly, Tsukino Usagi and secondly, Kino Makoto. When I first began watching the series, Mizuno Ami was my favorite. ^_~

If you have never read the manga (comic book) of Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon, I suggest that you start. The comic book is a refreshing change from the anime. Usagi is not such an immature little brat; she matures much faster (but she still manages to be incredibly funny (endearing) in her faults; yet, she isn't corny like in the anime. Mamoru is a very sensitive, romantic guy (and very handsome * drools *) The disputes between these two are short lived and even a bit humorously romantic. Rei and Usagi are not really enemies; in fact, they are the very best of friends. (of course, Rei does pick on her, but all in loving fun =P ^_~.) Minako is still hilariously confused when it comes to her proverbs, but she is a powerful warrior and worthy of her title as 'leader of the inner senshi.' Ami is still the wonderful genius that she is in the anime. In the manga we get to see more of the protective, big sister persona of makoto. All of the senshi are much closer to one another and stronger because of their bond.

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