A week days later , on the moon Rita was looking down She saw tommy walking with an uninterested looking diamond tiara dressed like her human counter part, away form a park that had a sigh that read " ponies only no humans or anthros" Silver spoon could be seen happily playing with other ponies.

the witch said, "At least that does my heart good Tommy seems to be having trouble bonding with his mom's boyfriend's daughter she is such a spoilt brat it warms my black heart! If only we could take advantage of him while he is weak with out setting off Zordon's alarms!"

Finster walked up and said, "Why I have Something for that my empress" the witch turned to look at him, "you may remember my putty infiltrator who replaced Matthew for awhile Well I've improved them! As there are a large number of humans who dislike the ponies and anthros sending them down as random people will work not setting off the alarm, Plus I have finished working one something!"

he held out a mirror with two sides as it folded closed, "it's not quite the mirror of regret but it is a good enough fake to have the same powers but weaker. It'll take longer to work and I only had the one shard of the real one' frame so I can only make this fake lord Zedd still owns the real one and we would hate to have to ask for a fragment of it, So I saw we make the most of it."

Rita held her chin as he said, "the putties take the brat Tommy chase after them won't morph as he will think they are normal people then when it's to late he'll be struck by the mirror sense it's in two parts I saw we get the brat too! Just to send a message to Zordon!" she laughed evilly.

Later on ground Tommy was about to pull out his phone he sighed he was about to call his mom and tell him he failed to bound with Tiara or maybe call Rainbow for help as Scootaloo showed him Rainbow was good with kids.

that is when he dropped it as he heard tiara scream as a group of looked like mobsters grabbed her he gave chase warning them, "YOU GET BACK HERE!" he ran after them following them in to an old building that looked like it was about to be knocked down so no one was around.

Squatt who was on top of it smiled as he said, "And the jammer is in place he won't be able to use his communicator to call for help bye bye Tommy you been a real pain to get rid of!" he then vanished in a ball of fire.

Inside tommy was in a fighting stance as he said "Ok hand over the girl!" he was ready for gun fire but one of the monsters arm turned into a stone mace making him duck as he pulled out his morpher as he said, "Putty infiltrators! DRAGONZORD!" he called as he transformed as he drew the dragon dagger, "if I had known I would have come morphed!"

That is when the putty's holding Tiara Opened the mirror and throw the girl to him in a moment one half showed Tiara in her bully days the other tommy attacking the city and hatchasaurus attacking the city knocking over a building his mother was in leading to her inability to walk, the first of many battles were he could have helped.

Tommy was taken back he looked he saw his and Tiara were getting transparent and clear and clearer as the scared girl cried and held his leg as he was the closet thing to grab.

the putty leader still in his completely human form, "you are done for ranger this mirror shows your regrets and use them to erase you! Go on look at all you did while under Rita's spell! Look at all the battles you couldn't help your friends and lead to those you care about being hurt like your mother who will never walk again! And it doesn't matter if you look away Little girl your past as a bully being your mother's little girl is something you can't run form just as he can't run form Rita's spell no matter what!"

the ten putties laughed high fiving, As tommy looked to Tiara he tried to play his dragon dagger but it did nothing it was to far gone to use it's magic just like he was, he got down and held the Crying girl, "I…. I'm sorry!" he said holding her as she cried.

the putties laughed as the mirror now showed the current state of events as one said, "yeah that's it accept defeat ranger! Accept it! Just like you had to accept you couldn't come back to help your friends!"

The mirror then showed him fighting goldar to get the coins back as the putties look shocked as they as one screamed in horror, "HOW DID THAT GET IN THERE!"

Tommy Stood back up glowing Green as he crossed his arms and said, " you reminded me of something I did come back to help my friends! I did come back and I always have! While I will always hate those memories, of the spell or the time I was powerless! I realize something Rita made me do those things with her dark magic it wasn't me! I shouldn't have regrets of things I had no say in!" he was becoming more solid as the mirror or his side of it was showing a mix of his wins along with his bad memories.

the lead putty made a stone sword out of his hand as he said, "you may come back but the girl is doomed! A little girl can't muster up that will power!"

Tommy who was mostly solid played his dagger this time it's magic worked and lighting hit one of the ten shattering it making them go on the attack.

Tommy stayed in place around tiara as he used the dagger and the blade mode of his blade blaster to block mace and stone swords, to counter attack even crossing them to shoot a fire ball at the mirror.

the attack did nothing as the mirror just glowed shielding it and the putty holding it as it showed mirrors of Spoiled and Tommy saw it then looked to Tiara as he said, "you feel like your mom doesn't want you… I am adopted my birth parents didn't want me they gave me up!"

Tiara looked up and saw in the mirror memories of Tommy in orphanage till Peachtree came then a happy child hood along with his moments as a power ranger.

the Green ranger looked to him as the mirror showed an image of Tommy seeing how happy his mom and filthy rich were as he added, "Peachtree choice to be my mom! She choice to love a child she didn't bring life too, she can do it again Tiara!" he said looking at the now almost gone girl who started to glow.

Tommy fired the blade blaster's gun mode point blank shattering another one leaving only eight putties in disguise as he said, "Like I had to struggle to make up for my dark past I know you are I'll help! Just fight this! Your stronger then you think you are, we all our!" he said as a mace knocked his dagger out of his hand and a kick knocked away his blade blaster.

Making the green ranger cup his hands together and fire off a small green energy orb point blank to shatter another putty pretending to be a man as he continued, " Trust me I can it in your eyes!"

the putty holding the mirror called out, "STOP TALKING!" in a moment a mace hand knocked tommy away form the Still fading girl!"

As she cried Tiara spotted the dragon dagger and saw in Tommy's mirrors as she remembered when she stood up to her mother making the memory appear to the putties shock and she struggled to grab the dagger for a moment because of how ghostly her hand was till she cried and said, "…. I DON'T WANT TO BE A BULLY I WANT TO BE A GOOD GIRL!" In a moment she was able to grab it and played it sending out a lighting bolt that shattered the fourth one!

Only Six remained and Tiara was getting more solid and glowing just like Tommy was. The Teen super hero then happily said, "that a girl!" he said as he gave a green glowing kick to a putties head shattering it before back flipping to her side and taking it.

the bootleg mirror of regret was cracking as tommy gave an energized slash that cut a putty in half making it shatter leaving five. " See that's the thing about the past We humans record it every detail even the parts we are ashamed of to learn form it to make us better! You can use it to hurt others but we can get back up just fine!" he then ducked and grabbed his blade blaster in blade mode and crossed his two weapons shooting a fire ball hitting and shattering the sixth putty leaving only four.

the lead putty was stunned as the mirror in his hands shattered leaving the ranger and little girl solid as the ranger said in an enraged tone, "and now we can do this the quick way!" he then played making lighting fire form his dagger to the other four shattering them before he said, "power down!"

he returned to normal and got down and hugged the still crying little Filly who was now smiling.

A few days, Later at the Oliver house.

Peachtree was screaming at her still human land lord, "Man are you crazy I am a single mother who runs a small business I can't pay this rent! Your only raising it as no one living here is human!"

the random guy said, "your fur falling off is bad for the plumbing."

filthy who happened to be coming over with flowers called out, "you can move in with me our goods are getting along so it's the next step anyway and I won't charge you unfair rent!"

Peachtree smiled as she stuck her tongue out at the land lord.

Meanwhile on the moon.

rita was looking at Trini happily drinking a milkshake with Lyra who was dressed in a pink hoody pink skirt rainbow stockings and pink heels. Two straws one shake.

the wick looked sickened, "Even with out the muss that is still disgusting form a sanitary stand point alone! You know what I think I found our next target! Finster isn't it true Trini's dad is a homophobic that left the family after finding out she was a lesbian?"

the monster maker then answered, "yes my queen why you ask?"

The evil space witch smiled as she said, "Simple We'll turn him into a monster!" she then laughed evily.

to be continued.