Title: "It's Valentine's Day, Severus !"

Author: Lady Memory

Date: February 2019

Previewer: Arwen68 and Gabrix1967

Beta: Duj

Typology: romantic / humorous

Rating: For everyone

Characters: Severus and whoever you prefer

Pairing: Severus and whoever you prefer

Period: Post HP in Hogwarts

Warnings: None

... ... ...

Severus, a mysterious woman and Valentine's Day.

I apologize for the deliberate massive use of the pronoun "she" in this novel, but this time there is a reason. The woman in this story was deliberately deprived of her name, so that all those reading could be free to imagine the perfect companion they would like to give to Severus.

Obviously, I have already chosen mine (and I have also betrayed myself, revealing her identity with a sentence in the story. Who knows if you can find out where, and who is she? It doesn't take too much, especially if you have read something mine previously).

Obviously, the characters in this story don't belong to me, whoever they are.
Thanks to JKR (and to the
authors of the many possible mysterious women) for inventing them.

Thanks to Duj for her invaluable help in revising my English.

Thanks to Manu (Arwen68) for reading and commenting on my story, giving me very useful indications.

And a special thanks to Gabri (Gabrix1967), because without her constant torment, I wouldn't have written a single line ...

... ... ...

"It's Valentine's Day, Severus !"

The door swung open brutally, slamming into the opposite wall with a sound as sharp as a shot.

Concentrating as always when he worked, Severus was busy in methodically adding a series of scrupulously weighed ingredients to an evidently complicated potion, at least judging by the quantity of jars and stills that surrounded him. Therefore, the unexpected noise made him stiffen violently, while a double dose of frog eggs got out of hand, joining the seething mixture. The brownish liquid did not like that addition at all, and expressed its disappointment with a low gurgling, followed by an explosion of bubbles.

The intruder hurried to justify such inexcusable behaviour.

"Sorry, it slipped, I didn't want to disturb you..." said a cheerful voice.

Undecided whether to indulge in the pleasure of a lecture (that since returning to Hogwarts he had not yet had the opportunity to give, since he was no longer teaching) or bow to the sweet emotion of his heartbeats (suddenly accelerated), the wizard turned around with the disdainfully haughty expression of those who have been interrupted in an operation of supreme importance but who, magnanimously, grant the benefit of the doubt to the petty ones who foolishly intruded.

In fact, the woman who looked at him from the threshold seemed to have suddenly realized that she had arrived at a bad time, and her face showed the disordered flow of her thoughts, going from a worried expression to hints of vivacity immediately repressed, in a continuous game of shades.

"Well?" Severus asked icily, crossing his arms.

She seemed to hesitate in front of that welcome.

"Well, Severus, I..."

The sweet sound of that voice made his guts melt, but hey! he was Severus Snape, famous for his ability to shape his face with absolute indifference if necessary, and this time too he honored his fame.

"I suppose," he said, with the smoothness that characterized his baritone voice and immediately made his victims understand that they had no escape. "I suppose that this pathetic attempt at vocal articulation was intended as a prelude to something more complete and defined."

A little masterful pause. "Maybe your apologies for irreparably ruining my potion?"

The potion, although it had absolutely not been affected by the double dose of frog eggs, boiled threateningly, as if to confirm its indignation.

"I'm sorry, Severus," said the woman then, and a smile lit her face. Severus felt a blade of sweetness pierce his bowels again, and he had to make an effort to keep himself from smiling. Then she continued, blushing slightly and therefore appearing even more beautiful.

"I had come to see ... that is, to ask ... no, in fact I was looking for ..."

The wizard raised an eyebrow. "The correct choice of a verb is important in communication. I assume you have not yet defined what action you would like to take. Come back later when you're sure. "

And so saying, he turned his back on her, in order to hide the amused smile he could no longer hold back.

"Severus," she implored. "I was hoping that now ... that today ... that tonight we could be together ... at least for a little while ..."

Her voice was becoming tender, very sweet. She was reaching out towards that man who looked like a block of black granite in the darkness illuminated by sudden flashes of the potion room.

"I see you every day," he objected coldly, making an effort to control a voice that trembled with repressed hilarity. "What makes you think that today, indeed tonight as you just specified, there is a need for a special meeting?"

With theatrical indifference, he bent to check the potion and turned the ladle several times, carefully contemplating the bubbles that continued to rise and burst.

"Severus!" she cried exasperated. "But really! Are you going to tell me you don't know what day is today? "

"Friday, if the calendar hasn't been changed," he replied coolly.

"Severus!" she exploded, stamping her foot on the ground. He had to refrain from moving to embrace her. He loved when she pouted but he hoped she wouldn't notice now... well, at least not too quickly.

"Severus, today... today is Valentine's Day ..." she murmured, and her voice came out in a sort of strangled sob. The wizard felt that he was about to give in, and he shouldn't, he absolutely shouldn't!

"You know perfectly well that I've never been interested in this nonsense, created for people with an empty brain and the only desire to get lost in a sea of vapidness," he said dryly, clenching his fists to stop the explosion of tenderness that was unsettling his mind.

"But I thought ... I thought that today ... that we ..."

Her voice had slowly tapered off. She looked at him hopefully, but the wizard stoically maintained the same vaguely bored expression of someone who is above earthly needs. The woman waited a few more moments, just so as not to give up immediately, then pulled herself together with an evident effort of will, and declared, with that classic icy tone that simulates indifference, "Very well, Severus, I understand. After all, I know you by now. How could I have doubted? I'll see you in the Great Hall for dinner, as usual. "

Then, with a fluid and graceful movement, she turned her back on him. Severus was almost overwhelmed by the violence of the flow of anger that emanated from her, and for a moment he was tempted to follow her and to ... and to ... and to...

But then he stood still. He could not betray himself.

... ... ... ...

Severus was still working on his potion, now turned to a clear straw color, when the door reopened abruptly.

This time the wizard was not surprised. He had calculated minute by minute, second by second, the steps of those adorable feet - but everything was adorable in her! - who proceeded angrily and walked down corridors and up stairs, anxious to bring their mistress to vent her anger and find comfort in the soft shelter of the room she had occupied since she had come to teach at Hogwarts.

But once she got safely to her quarters, finally free to let her feelings burst, what would she immediately notice?

The wizard smiled with satisfaction. It had not been easy for him to sneak into that sacred recess. He had taken a risk, but hopefully it was worth it. He had imagined the scene, her eyes widening, her mouth opening in a silent cry, her hands clasped to hold back the explosion of her overflowing emotions, to make them last longer.

Yes, he knew her well by now, and that was why he was astonished when he heard her voice ask coldly, "So, Professor Snape, tell me again. What did you think you would do tonight?"

The wizard turned to the woman, framed by the door and illuminated by the glow of the fire that burned under the cauldron. Her face was flushing with a strange, almost indefinable emotion. She advanced with stiff steps, keeping her arms crossed as if imitating his usual attitude, then stopped and stared at him.

Her eyes were so severe that Severus felt suddenly shaky. Had he miscalculated everything, after all? Had he believed that he could hope again while fate instead was about to inflict another cruel disappointment on him?

The wizard hesitated and raised a hand towards her, as if asking for mercy, while his voice became hoarse.

"I ... I wanted ... that is, I thought ... I believed that ..." he murmured and saw with relief first, then amazement, her face lighting up as she burst into laughter.

"Professor, professor!" she teased him. "Who is it now who can't choose a verb? But it doesn't matter, I will speak for you! Look what I found on my bed when I entered my room!" she exclaimed, releasing all the excitement she had kept under control until then. Her eyes now shone with such joy that Severus felt his knees fail.

With the exultation of a little girl who had doubted Santa Claus and then found the gifts under the tree, the woman held out a hand towards him. On the delicate ring finger a beautiful gold ring was shining, adorned with a splendid green emerald whose faceted cut sent flashes.

The wizard felt absurdly happy. But the words that followed were not the ones he expected.

"Oh, Severus, isn't it beautiful? But who could have left this to me? " she murmured, tilting her head while her eyes sent an impertinent flicker. "What do you say, could it be Reginald Bosworth, the new Arithmancy Professor? He always gives me such eloquent glances when we meet in the Great Hall ... and I don't know if you know, but he asked me if I'm free tonight. After all, you were not available, were you? "

Severus stiffened again and tried to say something, but only a groan came out.

Meanwhile, she happily continued to list her possible admirers. "Or maybe Gregory Hampstead? You know, the new Muggle Studies teacher. He comes from a rich and very old family. And he has already invited me three times out to dinner ... Or perhaps Jeremy Rumstone? Yes, in fact it could be him, thinking about it. He looks like someone who takes things seriously, unlike others I know. "

Severus now had a dark redness on his face.

"Wait a minute ..." he began, clenching his fists and then raising his finger as if to threaten those invisible suitors who had unexpectedly got in the way. "What does "he looks like someone who takes things seriously" mean? And who has asked you out to dinner? That idiot Hampstead? Tonight I will turn him into a toad! Indeed no, into a lousy worm as he deserves! And then I will crush it to double the length! And I will do the same with Reg- "

"But look, there is also a letter!" she interrupted him serenely, fishing an envelope out from her cuff in a very quick move and stopping to observe the words written in the unmistakable subtle handwriting she had known since her school days.

"I'm sure this will explain everything," she said, looking at him with such a tender expression that Severus froze, his mouth half open like an imbecile and his finger still raised with a threatening air.

"So," she exclaimed with a smile, opening the envelope and starting to read aloud the first words on the card.

"My dearest," she announced, and at that point, the dark-faced wizard stepped forward and took it from his hands. She looked up questioningly.

"It is useless to continue!" snapped Severus, blushing hotly and crumpling the card between his fingers. "If only I had known about all ... about all these ... IDIOTS!" he finally exploded, clenching his fists again and looking at her accusingly.

"So, you really don't want to know the rest?" she whispered, taking his hands in hers, as she retrieved the note and smoothed it lovingly. He remained motionless, breathing slowly in anticipation.

"My dearest," she repeated by heart, staring into his eyes and intertwining her fingers with his. "I understand by now that without you I cannot exist. Will you marry me?"

Severus looked at her like a snake bewitched by a particularly good flute player. She sighed and leaned towards him.

"Did you really need to ask me?" she said softly and put her lips on Severus's. The wizard stiffened and an electric shock seemed to go through his body.

She smiled and asked again, more forcefully. "Do you really need an answer?"

"I ..." Severus felt dizzy.

"This is to prove that you don't have to tease me by telling me lies ..." the woman continued, brushing his lips with her finger. Severus gasped and grabbed her wrists.

She smiled. "And this is to show you that your proposal is ..."

But she could not finish the sentence because Severus tightened his arms around her and began to kiss her passionately.

"Accepted ..." she murmured, when they parted to catch their breath. A pause that however did not last long, because their lips and their bodies immediately joined again, in a loving yet fiery embrace that seemed destined to never end.