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To Change Fate


The first thing she noticed when she came out of her dazed state was darkness. Not just any darkness. It was stagnant, a darkness that had no beginning nor end.

Who am I? Where am I? Why am I here?

Those thoughts swirled in her mind as she dwelled in the endless darkness until a small light appeared in her mind's eye. Relief and anticipation filled her as the light became brighter and brighter until it engulfed her very being.

Blurry images flowed around her with tidal waves of feelings and sensations. The flashes of color became clearer as the images swelled in her head. The bright smile of her mom when they watched musicals together, her dad sternly lecturing her for doodling on the walls, holding her little brother for the first time, happily drawing fan art of her favorite characters. The experience was so overwhelming that she was drowning in them.

It was at that moment that she found out who she was, who she loved, and most importantly, what she lost.

Diana Baggarley speed-walked down the parking lot with a spring in her step, feeling on top of the world.

"I did it, Mom! I got a job!" she cheered into her phone, doing a little dance towards her silver used car with its small scratches and bump on its trunk.

"That's great, Diana Sweet! Honey! Did you hear that, Sterling? Your sister got a job!"


Diana laughed as she got into her car, listening to her mom ramble on to her brother with him only humming in reply, most likely playing video games.

"What kind of job is it? No, let me guess, you're now a receptionist, right? You have a wonderful voice and is the perfect job for you," her mom drawled excitedly.

Diana chuckled nervously as she looked up at her new job's building; a Level Up Comic Books sign blared at her in bold letters over the entrance of the building, one of its neon letters blinking uncontrollably.

"It is a wonderful job that fits me perfectly," she chuckled awkwardly, rubbing the back of her head.

Before her mom could ask any more about her job, she hastily added, "Anyways, I gotta go. I'll tell you more about it when I get back to my dorm,"

"Oh. Okay, Diana Sweet. Remember to call your father. He has been asking about you. Mommy loves you!"

She felt her mood lower at the sound of that.

"I will... later. I love you too, Mom. . Bye!"

The phone hung up in Diana's hand after an exchange of several exaggerated smooching noises. She sigh while tossing her phone into her cup holder before starting the car. She shook her head and decided to put on some music to lift her spirits. She should be celebrating, not thinking about that man.

She hummed "Go!" by FLOW as she drove towards her college, patting her steering wheel to the beat of the song.

Her mind began to drift.

I love this song. I wonder if my Naruto manga has arrived? I should check the mailroom before I go to my dorm. Naruto Shippuden, here I come! I hope it is as good as Part 1.

Diana stopped at a red light.

She sighed at her urge to snuggle into her bed to binge read her new manga, curious to know how Naruto grew from the original.

"If only homework didn't exist," she mourned to herself as she watched the light turn green.

With her mind filled with thoughts of her schooling, she didn't notice the truck barreling toward her, the driver's head slumped against the steering wheel.

Time seemed to slow, and her life flashed before her eyes.

If only she saw it hurtling towards her. If only her airbags deployed on time as the truck slammed into the driver's side. If only she could talk to her family one last time...

Maybe she could have stopped this death if only she looked, but there was never time for what-ifs when reality struck. The only thing that Diana could do was descend into the blinding light of her memories that engulfed her.

Diana tried to reach out for the colorful light that rushed through her only for it to abandon her in the stagnant dark.

So I died and everything is...gone?

Panic began to build as she looked around for even a semblance of anything, shocked to discover that she couldn't move, couldn't feel.

I can't even blink. Do I even have eyes?

Diana would scream angrily if she could, bawl at the unfairness of her death, but she couldn't because there was nothing in her new world.

All she could do was exist. Time seemed more like a lie the longer she stared out into the depthless void. There was no way to tell what's up or down, left or right.

Hell would be better than this! I would at least have something. Pain is better than nothing. Have I been abandoned by God?

Diana felt a phantom heartache at the thought. Time seemed to pass endlessly as the answers to her sea of questions only ended in speculations.

Mom! Dad! Sterling! I can't stay here! I have to go back! I have to...go back… where?

Strings of Diana's memories were tugged from her mind, her past slipping right before her. Thoughts jumbled and stretched until it was haze frizzing out into space. Memories drifted into states of indecipherable tenebrosity until whole gaps were only echoes taunting her in the motionless void.

This can't be happening! I can't lose myself! I can't become nothing! I must stop it but how? How?! H—

There was a sound that reverberated into the emptiness with unbounded clarity, making the rushing memories stop deteriorating.

Ba-dump? Why is that so familiar?

The pumping continued to ring until it became a consecutive addition to the dark world.

Diana's excitement grew.

Ah! I know that sound—feeling? Whatever! It is a heartbeat! But whose? Mine? I thought I was dead. But if I am not dead, I must be in a coma!

Relief filled her with each pump from her assumed heart, replacing her overwhelming dread. And through hope, a new strength flowed through her.

I can't remember what their faces even look like anymore. How am I going to get them back? Okay, calm down Diana. What did mom always say to do whenever I started to lose myself to anxiety? Oh yes, grounding! I have to ground myself.

Diana drew her attention toward her pumping heart, feeling the serene happiness coming from it. Now calm, her battle for her lost memories had begun.

She willed herself to remember, making memories clear bit by bit.

As her family's features became clearer in her mind's eye, she became more aware of her body. She could wiggle her fingers and toes, move her mouth, even felt another tiny heart pumping rapidly inside her.

The small beating inside concerned her greatly.

This coma dream is getting weirder and weirder. What's with all of these strange sensations? I have two hearts now! I just can't seem to open my eyes no matter how much I try. Ugh! I just want to see everyone. I am sure Sterling drew on my face with a permanent marker or something. Such a goof. Always pulling jokes at the worst of times. Sterling, I could use one of your jokes right now. Even those really edgy ones.

The more she thought of her brother, the sadder she became bringing other negative thoughts into her mind. This caused Diana to weep, her new heart beating slower than the other. Nothing else seemed to matter as she lost herself to her memories, fearing the worst. She felt small and restricted in the endless dark.

I might never wake up.

Before she could slip back into a depressed state of mind, a muffled hum stopped her. The more she listened to it, the more it sounded like a melody. Even though the tune was different, the comforting warmth that erupted from within her was familiar.

Memories of her being in her mom's arms were as clear as day, her head on her mom's chest as she rubbed her back comfortingly, listening to the sound of her mom's heartbeat as it melted away all worries.

All at once, the warmth of her mother's arms became the warmth of the darkness. Nothing about the void felt odd anymore. It felt like she was having a nap in her mom's arms.

Not even the odd feeling of being encased in a liquid chamber could deter her from the warmth.

This is nice. Being here might not be so bad. I am alive and healing in this coma. It's not like I am brain dead. My family is waiting for me to wake up. If only I could will myself awake like when I forced back my memories. Maybe if I—

Diana's thoughts were interrupted by the sudden shift in motion before being sent down a tight passageway. She let out a gasp, tasting the revolting liquid in her mouth.

Ack! Is this blood? The liquid was blood ?! This nightmare is getting worse! I can hardly move in this tight space! It hurts! Make it stop! MAKE IT STOP!

She continued to be pushed through the contracting path towards an unknown destination for what felt like an eternity.

And there was no relief at the end of it.

Diana was met with cold air and being in the grasp of an unknown entity. She tried to struggle, but she was at its mercy.

It suspended her upside down.

Frantic, she let out a high shriek of shock as it smacked her from behind.

Wake up! Wake up! WAKE Up!

Diana was too caught up in her thoughts and pain to hear the frantic voices make a commotion around her. She didn't even notice her change in location until she was prodded with something sharp and engulfed in bright green light.

When Diana finally opened her eyes; all she saw was blurry white.

Thank God! It really was all a nightmare! Darkness and butt slapping. I must be in the hospital with all this bright light. When I get out of here, I am going to give whoever hit me a piece of my mind. Doctors should be gentle with their patients!

She scrunched her face as she tried to blink her blurry vision away before it became a bit clearer. At that moment, she knew something was wrong.

That's weird. Did being hit by a truck hurt my vision? I hope the jerk who hit me pays for that too. That or insurance. Do I even have insurance?

Diana wondered as she brought her hand up to rub her eyes, only to find it was small and pudgy. She gasped at the hazy sight of it and let out a cry which sounded too much like the sound her brother made when he was only an infant, so high-pitched and screechy.

No! No! No! This has to be a dream within a dream. I must be still in a coma. I can't be what I think I am.

She tried to lift herself up from her bed only to find herself barely able to move. Diana looked around desperately for a semblance on anything or anyone to help her only to find that she was in a clear tomb.

There was a click from her left.

Diana moved her eyes toward the sound of a door opening to see a pair of indistinguishable giants rushing towards her, seemingly alerted by her cries. She froze with fear as one of them put their abominably large hand through one of the four holes of the dome and placed it gently on her head. Diana shuddered as the mysterious giant woman rubbed her thumb over her forehead, not noticing the comfort that was exuding from it. She was too caught up in the fact that a giant hand was touching her.

"What is wrong, my child? Are you hungry?" the mysterious woman asked, voice motherly kind.

Diana stared up at the blurred figure.

Is that Japanese? This can't get any worse! I only know a few words and names.

She whimpered as she watched the other figure lean itself towards her clear prison.

"I think that means yes, Mrs. Uchiha. She gave us quite a scare, but your daughter is as strong as the rest of your clan. Soon, she will be right as rain. I am sure of it! Dr. Sato will come back with her results in an hour or so." the other blurred figure chirped before leaving the room.

Diana tried her best to understand the foreign conversation, eyes widening at one distinct name that she heard in her favorite anime many times. She squinted as the eerily sweet figure with the bottle now in hand swiftly leaned herself down before Diana and gently shoved the bottle in her toothless mouth.

Diana tearfully struggled to get the bottle out until her instincts took over and made her drink the formula desperately for its nutrition. She couldn't deny the thoughts she tried so hard to dismiss at that moment.

I'm a baby and this woman feeding must be the one who birthed me. What's worse is her name is Uchiha! No! This can't be happening! This can't be real!