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/ / / / /

As Tsunade stood in a waiting room at the building she had been experimenting in, she studied two people that were staring at her with bulging eyes and jaws that had dropped in shock. One was a man with long, dark hair that was wearing a grey kimono with a blue sash and a darker grey jacket. The other was a teenage girl long blue hair who wore a white-and-lavender hoodie-jacket that wasn't able to conceal her ample bust. Beneath this she wore a mesh top as well as blue pants. A Konoha headband hung around her neck.

The two ninjas Tsunade had had summoned were Hiashi Hyuga, head of the Hyuga Clan and his eldest daughter Hinata. And both of them looked as if their minds had officially gone on vacation as they stared at the transformed Hokage.

After a few moments, Tsunade sighed and nodded at the two shocked Hyuga. "Yeah, that's pretty much the reaction I was expecting…"

"Um… Lady Tsunade…?" Hiashi started as he slowly recovered. "When you sent Anko to the Hyuga Compound…she said you needed help… because of a… medical condition… so… um…"

As Hiashi trailed off, his brain still not functioning at full capacity, Tsunade again nodded at him and the still dumbstruck Hinata. She heaved a deep sigh and gathered herself up to explain this mess.

"I know, this isn't what you expected." Tsunade started, placing her hands on her hips. "And before you ask, no, this isn't a Genjutsu or some new Henge. If you need proof, feel free to use your Byakugan," she continued, knowing full well that the power of the Byakugan Eye allowed members of the Hyuga Clan to see a person's chakra coils and networks perfectly clear. "I guarantee you'll see that this is all real."

"Very well Lady Tsunade, Byakugan!" Hiashi exclaimed, activating his clan's Dojutsu and prompting the veins around his eyes to bulge. "What it the?!"

Hiashi deactivated his Byakugan an instant later, giving a shake of his head as he recovered from another shock. "I… this is… incredible! Your Chakra levels, they're higher than ever!" he declared even as Hinata activated her own Byakugan. "They' almost as high as Uzumaki-san's are! And your Physical strength… it must be… How did this happen?!"

'Oh, my…! Father is right!' Hinata thought as she took in the astonishing sight. 'Hokage-sama's Chakra is almost as high as Naru-kun's! And – huh?' The Bluette frowned slightly as she noticed something else. 'That's strange… Hokage-sama has some of the same red chakra Naru-kun has.'

As Hinata pondered the small bit of more intense chakra that she associated with the Kyuubi building up in Tsunade's stomach and chakra coils, the Hokage continued. "By accident," she muttered irritably, drawing Hinata's attention. "Here's the short version of what happened."

/ / /One Explanation Later/ / /

"So that's where we stand now," Tsunade concluded, heavy a deep breath after wrapping up her explanation. "As you can see, we've succeeded in our goal of creating a regenerative process that would reverse the cellular damage and deterioration that results from aging." Hiashi nodded slightly at this, but said nothing as the Senju woman placed her hands on her hips as she continued. "But because of the sheer amount of chakra needed and the limited supply of the serum we had created, we had to use Naruto as the donor. As well as an alternate means of transferring the Heavy Chakra into my body."

"And you feel that it's this… alternate means of transferring chakra that resulted in this… transformation?" Hiashi questioned as he continued to study the Hokage's transformed body.

"It's the only thing we've been able to come up with," Tsunade replied, suffering a small surge of irritation. "And since we don't have much time before the serum wears off, our only option is to replicate the circumstances of my transformation. And have you observe the flow of chakra during the procedure. It's our best chance of finding out what went so wrong with it."

"What went so wrong?" Hiashi repeated in a querulous manner as he folded his arms across his chest. "Lady Tsunade, it becomes obvious to me that you and I have very different definitions of something 'Going wrong'." Pausing to narrow his eyes, the head of the Hyuga Clan glanced at his daughter before continuing. "From what I've seen, I think that it's safe to say that your experiment has proven to be a greater success than you had expected. And that we need to learn how to reliably replicate its results."

As for Hinata, she was nervously twiddling her fingers. She had taken note of the angry glare that Tsunade was already shooting at her father. And she couldn't help but think, 'I have a bad feeling that Father's reasoning will have grave consequences.'

Tsunade clenched her fists, suppressing the ire Hiashi had inspired. 'Ugh… I was afraid that I'd have to deal with this…' she muttered inwardly. 'When I came up with this project, all I wanted was to create a way for people to live longer, healthier lives! And… to get back all of the time I'd lost. Lost while wallowing in self-pity and guilt.' Then Tsunade frowned as she flexed her right arm, studying the mighty bicep that bulged as a result. 'But with these side-effects… suddenly we have a possible new Weapon. A way of turning the Ninja of the Hidden Leaf into super-strong Warriors with vast amount of Chakra. And it looks like Hiashi is already eager to explore that possibility.'

Tsunade clenched her fist even tighter. Even as a voice that was strangely like her own sounded in her mind. "That Man doesn't decide what our experiment can and can't do!" the voice snarled. "Punish him, beat him and break him! Remind him that his place is under our -!"

'Gah!' Tsunade winced, suppressing the urge to smack herself in the head as she shoved that vicious voice off to the side. 'I – no. I understand. I understand why Hiashi would still be bitter, given what happened with Hinata and his brother. Still, I better-'

"Hey Baa-chan!" came Naruto's voice. Prompting Tsunade to look up and see him enter. "We're back!"

Blinking at the sight of Naruto, the Senju woman felt a strange, potent warmth burning inside her."Yeeeessss~ Our Foxy Godson has returned!" the primal voice purred lustfully. "Pin him and start breeding Babies to bring back our Clan ~!"

the Voice demanded lustfully as the Busty Blonde tried to fight back the urges that were getting stronger.

'UGH!' Tsunade groaned as she fought down urges that were getting stronger. 'What's wrong with me?! Why am I – I know it's been a long time, but still…!' She clenched her teeth as she fought to stabilize herself. It was clear that there was more to her transformation than she had thought, and it was getting worse. Whatever had happened, they needed to identify the cause and fast. 'Guess that conversation with Hiashi will have to wait. For now at least.'

As Tsunade engaged in some deep breathing exercises to steady herself, Naruto smiled and raised his hands in greetings to one of his old classmates. "Hey there, Hinata!" he called out, completely unaware that Shizune was right behind him. She was also now dressed in a hospital gown and was staring right at his rear. "So you're the Hyuga Anko found, huh?"

"OH! NARUTO!" Hinata exclaimed in surprise. A blush spreading across her face as she turned to face her crush. "Uh, yes! Well, I and my-!"

What Hinata was about to say next quickly died in her throat. Instead, her eyes bulged tremendously while her blushed burned even brighter. "HUH? NARUTO? YOU… YOU LOOK…!" she exclaimed as her voice began cracking as her eyes rolled over the whiskered blonde's taller and MUCH more muscular body.

'B-B-Body!' Hinata cried out inwardly. Her imagination immediately running off to more forbidden locales. 'B-B-Beautiful man body! B-B-Beautiful muscular man body! OH DADDY!'

"What is it Hinata? You're looking at me all funny! Well, funnier than usual!" Naruto asked as he leaned in closer, wondering if she was okay. "And while you're at it, why are you slouching? You look a lot shorter!"

This immediately snapped Hinata out of her fantasies. "SLOUCHING?! BUT… I… YOU!"

"Naruto, what are you talking about?!" Hiashi asked he looked about, his face to become shocked again. "…And for that matter, you look-"

"Hiashi, Naruto, please!" Tsunade groaned, face-palming as she felt a headache coming on. "This had already been a long day and it's a long way from being over yet. And we don't have time to waste on whatever it is that you're talking about!" With that said, the busty Hokage turned towards her student. "Shizune, what's Naruto's status? Has he metabolized the serum yet?"

Snapped from her own lustful thoughts from Tsunade's words, Shizune quickly composed herself. "According to the tests I just did, the serum is almost gone!" The brunette paused, finding herself recalling how thick and firm Naruto's muscles had felt during her examination. Shuddering at these errant thoughts, she cast them aside before returning to business. "But, uh - a quick check confirmed that he's still producing Heavy Chakra. But I have no idea how much longer that will last! If we're going to do this Lady Tsunade, then it has to be now!"

"Understood," Tsunade nodded, turning from her fiancée's niece to the Special Jonin. "What about Anko? Is she ready?"

Pausing to place her hands on her hips, Shizune proceeded. "Everything's ready, Lady Tsunade. I've conducted a thorough examination of her," she reported even as Anko gave a broad grin. "We have all of the data to use for comparison once this is done."

Shizune then shot a sideways glare at the snake mistress. "I've also confirmed that she's lost no time in cheating on her diet…"

Anko groaned in her throat, her grin falling away from her lips as she sweat-dropped. She wasn't in the mood for more of Shizune's lectures. Especially since Shizune had doubtlessly released what the purplette would be doing as soon as she got bulked up.

"Ahem! Well, whatever!" Anko muttered dismissively as she sashayed seductively towards Naruto, causing her girls to bounce with each step. "I don't think that'll be a problem for much longer!" Then the jonin snaked her arms around the blonde's neck, a kunai appearing in her hand that she brandished at his face. "And since we don't have much time…" she continued, licking her lips in anticipation. "Hurry up and pucker up!"

Anko couldn't help but chuckle as Naruto's eyes bulged wide and white with horror as she ran her free hand over him. For while she liked the kid and wanted nothing more than to rock his world, she still has a reputation to uphold.

'Why did it have to be this screaming nutcase?!' Naruto mentally screamed as the scary snake lady from Chunin Exams put her hands where they had no business being. 'Couldn't we've had gotten Yakumo? Or Tenten? Or Isaribi? Or one of the ANBU? I would even be okay kissing Kiba's Mom or Sister! As in anybody but the lunatic that likes the taste of my blood?!'

"Huh? Wait… 'Pucker up'?" Hinata questioned, not knowing what her sensei's friend was talking about.

"Oh, right. I guess nobody mentioned it yet." Shizune groaned while palming her face, the movement causing the gown the hike up a bit over her right thigh. "The only way we were able to get this process to work was by having Naruto transfer the Heavy Chakra via mouth-to-mouth."

As she spoke, Shizune secretly glared behind her hand at Anko, who was still waving her kunai in Naruto's face. "Let's make that Bitch pay for her years of disrespect!" snarled a deadly voice in Shizune's mind, one that sounded strangely like her own. "As well as for scaring Naruto!"

Yes, we will get that bitch to respect us one way or another!' Shizune mentally replied, eager for a chance to force an attitude adjustment out of the special jonin. 'All those times she made fun of my chest, ignored all of my attempts to put her on a mandatory diet…!'

While Shizune was thinking evil thoughts about Anko, Hinata was proceeding her earlier words. "Mouth-to-Mouth?" the Hyuga girl numbly repeated. "You mean… KISSING?!"

With this realization, Hinata's eyes went wide as she placed a hand on her chest. Because kissing the boy she had had a crush on for as long as she could remember would be a dream come true. 'OMIGOSH… If I volunteer now… then that means that I could-!'

But even as she thought this, some serious doubts occurred to Hinata. 'But… no. I-I want to… do that and more, but… not because of some experiment!" she thought, guilt plaguing her thoughts as she brought her hand to her lips. 'But because he… he wants to…'

"Ready to proceed Hiashi?" Tsunade asked looking towards the Hyuga Head with hands on her hips.

"Ready and waiting, Lady Hokage." Hiashi said as he activated his Byakugan.

Their words drew Hinata's gaze towards her father and Tsunade. With the focus of the Hyuga girl's eyes being the massive Hokage.

'A-And besides… look at Lady Tsunade! She's so… much bigger now!' Hinata thought as she checked the Senju woman's body. 'So… if I did this, then… then I'd-!'

Hinata instantly envisioned herself in mid-transformation. Growing huge and muscular, crying out in embarrassment as she covered up her breasts. Her clothes little more than tatters clinging in vain to her burgeoning body.

The very thought of this cause Hinata's face to burn with red, steam billowing from her ears. A deeper, inner part of her throwing fuel on this fire by tossing in the image of that kiss going much further in front of everyone.

"Are you ready Hinata? …Hinata?" Hiashi asked. His words snapping the bluette from her fantasy.

"Uh… Y-Yes, Father…" Hinata stuttered out, her face still burning as a wet spot formed in her pants. Her imagination still toying her with the image of herself and Naruto, transformed and acting out their basest lusts with each other. 'Don't faint! Don't faint!' she mentally yelled to herself, fighting down her urges. 'Please, don't faint!'

"Naruto? Are you ready?" Tsunade asked as the young Uzumaki was trying to remove the snake mistress from his person.

'Ugh… I hate this! I don't want to kiss her!' Naruto mentally argued as he continued to squirm. 'I was okay with kissing Tsunade because it would help her! Same with Shizune-onee! But this crazy Lady?! It's obvious she's just doing this to get out of going on a diet! Making me do this, acting like that! I wish I could show her what-!'

It was at this moment that inspiration hit Naruto like a train. Prompting his grimace of disgust at the jonin's attempts at forcing herself upon him during into a wicked grin.

"Naruto?" Tsunade asked again, snapping the Uzumaki from his thoughts. "You are ready, right?"

"Sure thing Tsunade!" Naruto exclaimed with a grin. All he had time to do before Anko locked her arms around him.

"I know I'M ready! So hurry up and super-size me already!" Anko demanded before pulling the whiskered teen into a heated kiss.

"HMPH! !" Naruto cried out in surprise as he felt the snake mistress's tongue thrashing around inside his mouth as well feeling her press herself against him.

'Kukuku~ You ready are a BIG Boy~' Anko thought perversely feeling the bulge in his pants as she began rubbing her breasts against his chest as well as secretly humping against his bulge. 'I can't wait to coil around your tree and SQUEEZE out every last drop~'

Naruto blushed as the Jonin rubbed against him. 'Ugh! Gotta focus!' he mentally growled before working on his plan. 'While I'm channeling the Heavy Chakra out of my mouth… I have to send some of it to the bottom of my feet!'

As Naruto chuckled mischievously in his throat, the soles of his feet glowing with chakra, Tsunade was turning to the Hyugas. "This is it, you two," she warned them, her hands on her hips. "Now remember to be ready to dodge."

"Of course, Lady Tsunade," Hiashi replied as Hinata looked on.

'Just enough chakra to anchor me to the floor…!' Naruto thought as he felt the Heavy Chakra building up…


'…So she's the only one who gets sent flying!' Naruto concluded wickedly as the Heavy Chakra exploded. Blasting the snake mistress across the room, resulting in her cratering into the wall.

"OOOOooooooohhhhh…. … … …" Anko groaned as she hung was imbedded in the wall, stars circling her head. 'Was it just me… Or did getting thrown against the wall felt… hot? I mean…I'm usually the one…that does the slamming…'

"HA-HA! GOTCHA!" Naruto laughed pointing towards the jonin, his body starting to tremble. "Next time you want to lose weight, try doing some extra training and…!"

Then Naruto tilted off-balance, an odd sensation rushing through him. "And… ohhh… I feel funny…"

"OWWW…!" Anko winced, holding her head as Hiashi assisted her in standing up. "Argh, forgot about that part!" Tottering about for a moment, she then asked, "So… did it work?"

"Well, Hiashi?" Tsunade asked as Hiashi employed his Byakugan. "What can you see?"

"Interesting… a large quantity of chakra has built up in her stomach," Hiashi reported. "It's different from the rest… and already starting to spread through her chakra network."

"I see it, Father," Hinata announced. "Also, that strange chakra is in Naruto!"

Tsunade jumped in astonished confusion at these words. "HUH?!"

"WAIT, WHAT?!" Shizune cried out in concern as she observed Naruto's trembling body. The possibility that serum had affected him had not been one that had occurred to either her or Tsunade. And the prospect that it was now harming him an alarming one. "You mean…the Heavy Chakra right? The kind that he breathed into Anko?!"

"No, it's a different kind of chakra!" Hinata fearfully reported as she held onto the shuddering Naruto. "It feels… hotter than the Heavy Chakra!"

"I definitely feel hot!" Naruto reported as his heart continued to beat faster and faster. "It's like I'm about to… EXPLODE!"

As if response to Naruto's final word, his body began to swell with muscle. His jacket bursting open at the front, he cried out, "I don't believe this!"

But there was no denying Naruto's transformation. His biceps rapidly shredded the sleeves of his jacket as his shoulders also burst free. The holster on his leg snapped off right before his pants were ripped apart, rendering them little more than shorts. It was a transformation that reached its peak when his eyes flashed red and his whisker marks became more feral, right before his shirt partly exploded and his jacket was reduced to a vest.

Once Naruto's transformation had run its course, everyone else there too a step back in shock. The women were ogling the musclebound young man, with Hinata's eyes as big a dinner plates.

"Oh… whoa… That was… intense!" Naruto gasped out as he looked over his transformed body. "But… HOW?! I mean… what just happened?! How come I grew?!"

"From what I could see, the Heavy Chakra you breathed into Anko started changing in her stomach. When that happened, some of it rebounded back up to you. That's what caused the explosion." Hiashi stated. "From what Lady Tsunade told me, the same thing happened both times you did this before. Which explains why you were already noticeably taller and more muscular."

"HUH?!" Naruto exclaimed, even more astonished and confused.

"What are you saying, Hiashi?!" Tsunade demanded. Only to quickly realize what he meant and mentally slap herself for not realizing it sooner.

"Wait… you mean that… Naruto had already grown?!" Shizune added since she too never noticed the change in the young Uzumaki's appearance.

"Are you saying… that you hadn't noticed?" Hiashi incredulously demanded. "But you're all trained ninja! And Naruto was at least a head taller and was barely fitting into his clothes as it was! How is it possible NONE of you noticed?!"

/ / / / /

While everyone else was busy listening to the patriarch of the Hyuga Clan, Anko was rubbing her head. 'Ugh… My head's throbbing! Blood… feels like its burning!' she groaned as she clenched her eyes closed. 'Is this… supposed to happen? When am I gonna start -?!'

As if in response to her silent questions, Anko suddenly jolted. A powerful wave began to surge within her.

/ / / / /

While Anko was experiencing the onset of her transformation, Naruto and the two Amazonian kunoichi were recalling the circumstances of the previous transformations from each of their perspectives.

"Well, the last two times I did this, I ended up blasted into a wall!" Naruto reported, wincing as he recalled that sensation. "And then I was busy… well, between Tsunade and Shizune getting all huge and then me getting yelled at or tested by Shizune, I-I really wasn't paying attention to anything else!" Feeling his cheeks burn a bit as he thought back to his reaction to both woman's sexy, muscular and bustier bodies. Something that prompted his ruined pants to twitch. "Although… this does explain why my feet were hurting…"

"Hmm… the first time, I was… preoccupied by my transformation and its side effects." Tsunade stated in a solemn tone, feeling embarrassed as she recalled those first two times. "And after Shizune changed, I was too busy…" She then paused to recall how she vented her frustrations upon Naruto. Frustration that was at least partly due to having to once again have to deal with the urges of youth and being in the presence of an attractive young man.

"Oh come on~ It been YEARS since we've felt good~!" Tsunade's inner voice growled huskily. "And with our stud of a Godson being the last MALE Uzumaki, he's equable for the CRA~ Plus, someone needs to help him bring back our Grandmother's Clan~ So why not also bring back the Senju Clan as well~"

'Gah!' Tsunade groaned inwardly as her mind was inundated with perverse images that would have been too steamy even for the Make-Out Paradise series. And that all had her and Naruto as the star attraction. 'Ugh…what is wrong with me?! The only person I've ever been in love with is Dan!'

As Tsunade wrestled with her mounting urges, Shizune was fumbling with her own recollections. "After Lady Tsunade changed, I was running all over the place getting research materials for her and then running tests!" she exclaimed with wide eyes. "And after I… ahem!" Pausing to think of how she had reveled in her new body's power after her transformation, the brunette continued. "Well, then I was busy running tests on Anko and making sure everything was in place for the next test!"

Once again, Shizune experienced she added recalling how good her body felt after transforming before recalling what happened during her examination on Anko. About how the purplette happily smirked about never having to go on stupid diets as well as hearing how she was going to 'thank' Naruto.

"If anyone's going to take Naruto's virginity, it's US! And it will be AMAZING to taste the forbidden fruit as well as the HOTTEST Taboo!" inner Shizune exclaimed showing Shizune an image of both her and Naruto, both naked and sitting in a love-seat.

/ / / / /

As everyone was still busy with their own thoughts, nobody noticed Anko starting to act strange. 'OH…! I can feel it!' she exclaimed. A sadistic grin spreading across the snake mistress's face as her body began to tremble from the power coursing through her veins. The power…! It's… it's happening…!'

/ / / / /

Hiashi gave Tsunade and the others a disapproving scowl. "I see, so that's all it takes to make three trained ninja, including the Hokage herself, fail to notice such an obvious physical transformation," he muttered, his brow furrowed with disappointment. "I begin to suspect that the empowering of your bodies has come at the expense of your mental faculties."

"Just tell me what you saw when Naruto changed." Tsunade growled as veins bulged from her forehead while she gave the Hyuga a deadly glare. Her eyes becoming slit as her hands balled up into fists. "And keep your Byakugan active. It looks like Anko's starting to change. I want you monitoring her as well."

/ / / / /

"Whoa, I sure didn't see this coming! And… wow, this really is pretty awesome!" Naruto declared as he doffed his ruined jacket. Unaware of the fact that Hinata was watching raptly. "But… erg, there's no way I'm gonna fit into any of my clothes now! And buying new stuff… that's going wipe me out for a month at least!" Then he started to rip off his ruined shirt, giving the kunoichi a perfect view of his much larger, harder, and chiseled muscles. "And Baa-chan said that she isn't able to use any Ninjutsu because of all of the extra chakra she has now!"

'B-B-Big! M-M-Muscles! N-N-Naru-kun's b-big s-st-strong muscles!' Hinata thought as her face burned bright red. Very naughty thoughts percolating in her mind.

"UGH! That must mean that my chakra control is shot, too!" Naruto continued to complain. "I probably won't even be able to summon tadpoles now! I'm stuck doing chakra control exercises for weeks!" Naruto grumbled as he noticed something different as he looked down. "Ugh my pants… they're so tight now! Feels like they're gonna fall apart at any second!" he added, his words causing Hinata's face to burn redder as plumes of steam rose from her ears. "I'm gonna need new clothes fast!"

'Wait, did it get BIGGER?! ?! ?!' exclaimed a perverted voice deep in the bluette's mind. Unable to keep her eyes from focusing on the bulge in what remained of his pants. 'I-I-I-I-It has to be as thick as my arm now! A-A-A-And his nuts are now the sizes of COCONUTS! ! !'

"Still, I wonder why I grew as well?" Naruto continued, oblivious to the dirty thoughts parading in the back of Hinata's conscious mind. " And why didn't I get as big as Tsunade or Shizune? I mean… heck, since this is my third kiss, I should be bigger than all of them!" He then looked up at his classmate, unaware that the things her imagination was conjuring would have given Jiraiya inspiration for at least a dozen books. "Any ideas Hinata?"

/ / / / /

'I-I feel it!' Anko thought as her body started to change. 'My body… already growing…! Growing… Stronger…!'

Heaving in breath after deep breath, Anko reveled in the sensations of her breasts swelling up. Even as her teeth lengthened into fangs…

/ / / / /

"I mean, you were watching the whole time, so… uh…?" Naruto continued, finally looking up at Hinata. Only to sweat-drop when he took note of the condition she was in. And saw that her face was all red and covered with sweat. That steam was billowing up from her ears even as blood leaked from her nose and drool from her mouth. "Um… Hinata? You… don't look so good. You want me to get you some ice? And… maybe you should… lie down, or…"

/ / / / /

"Of course Lady Tsunade," Hiashi replied, already reactivating his Byakugan. Only to pause when he immediately noticed something was wrong.

"I… HUH?" Hiashi gasped, turning towards what had caught his attention.

/ / / / /

Twin gushers of blood erupted from Hinata's nose as her brain finally overheated. "OOOoooooohhhhhhhh… … …" she moaned even as she fell limp on the floor. Her eyes had been replaced with swirls while her pants were soaked as a result of a powerful orgasm. All the while her spirit was escaping from her mouth, crying out, "At least I died happy…"

/ / / / /

"Wait… Anko?!" Tsunade cried out as she took notice of the snake mistress's reaction to the Heavy Chakra. "You… SOMETHING'S GONE WRONG!"

/ / / / /

"Ooh, wait! Maybe Naruto will try to wake me up with a kiss!" Hinata's spirit exclaimed before reentering her body. There she waited for her Naru-kun to kiss her, transform her, and have his way with her!

/ / / / /

"Her Chakra… IT FEELS OFF!" Shizune exclaimed in a panic. "Oh, no… Y-You don't think -!"

/ / / / /

'Stronger… More powerful…!' Anko thought feverishly as she was inundated with ever-increasing power. Her body trembling as her fingers grew into claws while her pupils turned yellow. 'Such… Delicious Power…!'

Deep within, Anko was aware that her entire body was becoming more twisted. But she didn't care. The power was too sweet, and she craved more!

/ / / / /

"Hey, what are you talking about?! Haven't any of you noticed that Hinata's sick or something?!" Naruto exclaimed as he looked over his shoulder to see what they were talking about. "And what's up with the scary snake… lady…?" He trailed off as he took a good look at Anko. Right before fear shadowed his features. "Uh… why is she looking scarier than usual…?"

Her heart pounding and body trembling, Anko couldn't help but chuckle wickedly. "Heh… Heh-heh-heh! Oh…! This… this feeling! I expected that it'd feel great after hearing Shizune get off on it… but this…?!" she growled as she felt very good and very horny. "OHHH… THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT! Keep it comin'! Gimme more! Give me EVERYTHING you've got! OH, YESSS…!" she called out lustfully while staring at her Foxy-kun. Licking her lips as she planned to take him straight to the Forest of Death and drain him of every last drop.

Then Anko's transformation began in earnest, her breasts swelling tremendously as her muscles bulged. "OH, YESSSSS! ! ! !"

"UH, this isn't like what happened before!" Naruto cried out in alarm. "The scary snake lady has fangs and claws! WHY does the snake lady have fangs and claws?! What's going on here?!"

"DAMMIT! I must be losing my mind! How could I have forgotten?!" Tsunade shouted while mentally slapping herself. "When Anko was a genin, the jonin in charge of her team was Orochimaru! When Orochimaru turned traitor and left the village, he took two of his students with him, but Anko refused! And that's when he cursed her with one of his Marks!"

As if on cue, the Cursed Seal on Anko's neck glowed a brilliant red as her clothes began tearing from the stress of her growing body. The snake mistress herself flexing her arms as she released a tremendous, bestial roar of pleasure.

"Wait, WHAT?! You mean she has that thing that made Sasuke go crazy?! That turns Orochimaru's Ninjas into MONSTERS?!" Naruto yelled in disbelief, recalling his own experiences with the Oto-Nin and their Curse Mark transformations. "And you had be dump Heavy Chakra into her anyway?!"

"I completely forgot about it with everything else happening!" Tsunade growled as she smacked herself in the forehead. "How could I be so stupid?!"

"This shouldn't even be possible!" Shizune exclaimed in alarm. "I examined her Curse Mark! It was still sealed and completely dormant! It shouldn't be able to feed on any chakra!"

"For what it's worth Lady Tsunade… I also forgot about Anko's Curse Mark." Hiashi admitted with a note of chagrin.

To Be Continued…!

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