Agents of Shield

Philindaisy One Shots

Author's Note:

Hello, everyone! This is my first story ever! I had this story written for a while, just hiding it in my folder as I contemplated if I should publish it. I have never published anything before and kind of nervous. However, I decided that it was time to upload it and I hope it's good!

Agents of Shield is my favorite TV show of all time and I'm so sad that they are on their last season. It will truly be heartbreaking. One of my favorite things about this show is Philindaisy! I love how May and Coulson are pretty much Daisy's parent. Not by blood but by love. This story will be focused on Philindaisy! Sometimes I may focus more on Mama May and Daisy, but that's due to the fact that I think there needs to be more scenes with these two. Hopefully, the next few episodes will finally give us some much needed May and Daisy moments. We are long overdue for it.

Anyway, I hope you like this story and please let me know what you think!

Have a great day!

Chapter 1: 3x15: Space-time

Phil Coulson ran through the empty hallway, his blue eyes scanning the area to try and locate three people. One of the people that he was searching for was a newer agent of his; Lincoln Campbell. Lincoln was an inhuman who had anger issues and doesn't think before he acts. That is a bad trait to have in the field, especially when on a mission to save another's life while trying to avoid the enemy. Another face he was searching for was a face that made him sick just thinking about it; Grant Ward. Coulson couldn't grasp how Grant Ward was here in this building; he killed him on the alien planet called Maveth. He was positive he killed Ward because Fitz, one of his agents that was part of his original team, witnessed the death of their enemy. All Coulson knew was that he had to kill this Ward again, this time permanently.

Coulson needed to find one certain person. Someone who he absolutely needed to lay eyes upon to know that they're still alive.

Daisy Johnson.

The girl that was a hacker when Coulson brought her onto his team nearly three years ago. A hacker that earned his trust to fully become a Shield agent. A girl that wormed her way into his heart. He considered Daisy as his own daughter. The girl that developed her powers due to him and his quest to find the alien city. He never had the opportunity to have a family due to being a Shield agent but finding Daisy, forming a close bond with her, made it like he was her father and she was his daughter.

He felt all the guilt and worry hit him like a tidal wave when he sent Daisy on a mission, with no backup, to try and save a man's life while trying to change the future. He knew he had to get to her as soon as he saw Ward's face in the video feed Fitz hooked up in the building.

Coulson made a sharp turn around the corner, with his agents right behind him, and skidded to a stop when he saw Lincoln's body leaning against the wall. "Lincoln." Coulson rushed over to him and roughly shook his shoulder, trying to wake the unconscious man. He noticed the large cut on his forehead which was the cause of all the blood on the man's face. Coulson's blood instantly froze when he remembered where he had heard of seeing Lincoln in this state,

Daisy's visions.

He stood up fully and stared directly at his other agents "Get Mr. Campbell out of this building. Take him down to Dr. Simmons and Dr. Fitz. Make sure you guys get out of this building quickly and stay out. I don't need any more agents in here."

"Yes, sir." Came the automatic replies.

Coulson turned sharply, walking away from the agents as he continued on his search to locate Daisy. He found the stairs not too far away from where Lincoln was and climbed them, two steps at a time. Soon he discovered a separate staircase that had a sign labeling that these were the stairs directly to the roof. After a few minutes of walking up the stairs he stumbled upon an older metal door, that was slightly cracked open. He knew Daisy had to be on the roof, considering that he hadn't seen her since he saved her life in the control room on the lower floor.

Without a second thought for his own safety, Coulson kept his gun securely in his hands and shoved the door wide open. Immediately as soon as he stepped foot on the roof, harsh winds blew through the black sky. The two sources of light were from the flashing red light from the building's sign and orange light from the flames from a fire burning around the area.

"Daisy!" Coulson called out desperately, his eyes scanning the areas of the roof. Suddenly, his eyes fell upon two bodies on the ground.

He instantly recognized one of the bodies that wasn't moving. His blood turned to ice and his legs felt like lead as he urged himself to run towards the body. "Daisy!" His legs stopped working and he fell to his knees, right beside the girl's unmoving body. He dropped his gun to the ground in shock as he got a good look at the girl's face; dark large bruises covered her left and right cheeks, a layer of sweat coated her face, and blood dripped over her entire face. The worst of it, though the entire thing was gruesome, was from her left cheek; the dark bruises blended in with the crimson blood that oozed out from the large gash on her cheek.

"Daisy!" Coulson gasped, not wanting to believe what he was directly looking at. His heart stopped as it appeared that the girl wasn't breathing. He hesitantly placed his two finger tips on her neck, praying for her to be alive. For a horrifying moment, Coulson couldn't feel a heartbeat.

Before he could fully panic and completely lose it, he felt a tiny heartbeat pulsing against his own flesh.

Coulson released a breath he had been holding in ever since he entered the building and closed his eyes in relief, trying to calm himself. It's ok, Phil, she's fine. My daughter is alive.

He opened his eyes and felt the dread in his stomach build up again as soon as he saw the second body. A man's body. Charles, the homeless guy. The man, who quite recently they discovered, was an inhuman that if he touched a person then they could see a death. None of them truly believed it until they witnessed the death of a man that touched Charles' shoulder. Then no one wanted to believe that Charles' gift was to show whoever touched him their death because Daisy innocently touched his hand while trying to save him.

Coulson took a deep breath as he reached over Daisy's body to place a shaky hand on the still arm. He was waiting for flashes of someone's death to happen but they never did. He stared down at the man's body in a somber way as he realized why the flashes of death never hit him, Charles was dead. He had been killed by the looks of it.

Coulson's eyes widened as he glanced back-and-forth between Charles and Daisy. As horrifying as it was to even try to think it, Daisy was supposed to die up here. To be killed by God knows what but she didn't. Charles did instead. From the looks of it, Charles gave his life to save the poor girl's life. A girl that was willing to give her life to save the man's.

Coulson placed his fingers on the side of her neck again, just to be sure that the girl he loved like a daughter was still alive, and found the tiny heartbeat after a terrifying moment of not feeling it once more. He knew Daisy needed medical attention immediately. The best medical equipment was back at the Base. No one imagined that this would happen. The second best thing that he had to help was Simmons. Downside to that was that Simmons was on the ground, at least twenty stories below him. Adding to that, he decided no coms on this mission so that Hydra wouldn't listen in.

Oh how Coulson hated himself at the moment.

I need to get her down to Simmons or she will-

"Come on, Daisy, I need to get you help." Coulson said to the inhuman girl, even though he knew she wasn't going to respond. He put his left arm underneath her neck while placing his right arm underneath her knees, scooping her up into his arms. He shakily rose to his feet and adjusted Daisy in his arms, to make sure he had a strong grip on the girl so she wouldn't fall.

He walked as quickly as he could towards the roof door, nudging it open with his foot, and reentered the building. He didn't even allow a second to pass as he hurried down the stairs, carefully making sure the inhuman in his arms wasn't jolting around too much from the steps he took. He was going straight down with nothing to possibly delay him. He wasn't going to lose another member of his team; especially one that he considered his daughter.

"Hang on, Daisy. We're almost out of here. You just have to hang on." Coulson said as he reached the halfway point.

Seeing the certain floor number he was on was all the motivation Coulson needed to quicken his pace and rush down the stairs faster than ever. He was nearly towards the bottom of the building. Nearly there. After several long minutes, he finally reached the ground floor. He shoved the door open with his shoulder and ran into the control room, the very room that he saved Daisy's life not too long ago, hurrying through the room to get to the main exit of the building.

He dashed out of the main exit of the building and quickly made his way away from the building. He gently jolted the girl in his arms, to get a better grip on her so that way she wouldn't fall, and stared down at her pale face. He felt nauseous just by seeing all the blood that was still oozing out from her face…it was too much blood.

Coulson forced himself to look up and saw the rest of his agents off to the side by the black vans. He saw Fitz and Simmons in the middle of the chaos. Simmons was checking on Lincoln, who was sitting up in the backseat of a van. Lincoln was awake but not aware of his surroundings. Fitz, on the other hand, was checking his tablet while looking around the area. Fitz actually glanced up in time to see Coulson rushing towards him with Daisy in his arms.

"Sir?" Fitz nearly dropped his tablet "Daisy?"

"I need you and Simmons. Now!" Coulson growled out through gritted teeth; he didn't know how much longer he could contain all his fears and anger.

"Jemma!" Fitz yelled out, his voice echoing over the crowd. He gestured to Coulson to follow him "This way, sir. We have to lay her down on something flat."

They made their way to a black truck, Fitz shoving people out of Coulson's way as they approached the vehicle. Fitz ordered the agents to get out of the truck and helped Coulson climb up into it, making sure they didn't jolt Daisy too much.

"Lay her down here, sir." Fitz threw the helmets for the protection uniforms off of the bolted down table in the van, making plenty of room for the injured inhuman. Fitz watched as Coulson carefully laid down the girl before screaming again "Jemma!"

Only a few seconds after the young man yelled, though it felt like eternity for them, Simmons appeared "Fitz, what in God's name are you- my God, Daisy!"

Simmons hopped into the truck and immediately went into full doctor mode "Sir, what happened?"

Coulson stayed out of the scientist way, making sure he wouldn't interfere while the woman tried to help Daisy. However, he made sure he was close enough to the inhuman at all times, just in case she somehow woke up and needed him. "I-I don't know. I found her like this, unconscious, on the roof."

Simmons grabbed a stethoscope from a bag on the ground and placed it over the other girl's chest, listening closely "Her heartbeat is very irregular." She looks up at the driver of the van and ordered "We need to get her back to base right away. Hurry!"

Fitz and Coulson made sure the back doors were shut before they were settled in the back of the van as the vehicle revved to life and floored down the road, making a sharp turn as it made its way through the street. Fitz stayed near Simmons so that he could help her whenever she needed assistance while Coulson sat on the bench, staying by Daisy's side.

"Sir, what happened to the other inhuman?" Simmons asked as she took the inhuman's blood pressure.

"He…he died." Coulson placed his right hand on the girl he loved like a daughter forehead. "He saved her life."

Simmons and Fitz shared a look before Simmons went into full doctor mode, ignoring any other distractions while she worked on the girl. Fitz would help his best friend whenever she required it and the minutes seemed to drag by, both doing the best they could in the moving vehicle.

"Where's Lincoln?" The thought of his other injured agent suddenly occurred to the Director.

"He's in the other truck." Simmons replied, grabbing a cloth from Fitz and wiped some of the blood off of Daisy's face. Well, it didn't work for the inhuman was bleeding excessively. "Hurry!" Simmons shouted to the driver.

The minutes dragged by for Coulson, Fitz, and Simmons as they couldn't do much to help the girl except to try and keep her alive. Far too much time happened for their liking before they felt the van make a sharp turn, skidding to a stop shortly after. Not a second later, the doors flew open to reveal the agent who drove the van.

"I called ahead. The med team should be here any second." The agent explained.

Fitz and Simmons hopped out of the van, grabbing their bags, and Fitz rushed ahead into the base to make sure the medical equipment was out. Simmons, on the other hand, waited as Coulson gently lifted Daisy into his arms and carried her out of the van. They hurried into the base and saw the med team rushing towards them with a gurney.

"Lay her down!" Simmons ordered as she held the gurney still for the Director to place the inhuman down gently. Simmons looked up "Let's move!"

Simmons helped the med team push the gurney along. Coulson ran beside the gurney, making sure he had a hand on the girl's shoulder, feeling as he was providing her comfort even though she was unconscious. He tuned out everything else that was happening, only focusing on Daisy. He wasn't even aware that they reached the med bay.

"Sir, we need to work on Daisy quickly. You can't enter any further." Simmons told the man, feeling guilty for separating them but it was for their own good. She needed to save the girl she considered as a younger sister.

Coulson reluctantly let go of Daisy's shoulder, his hand falling limply to his side as he forced himself to stand still. Powerlessly watching as Simmons and her medical team rushed through the infirmary doors.

God please be ok.

The sound of heels running against the solid floor drew back his attention and he looked up to see Melinda May running towards him.

"Coulson!" May exclaimed as she stopped in front of him "I heard commotion outside of the room. What happened?"

Coulson cursed internally, completely forgetting about the Asian woman. He took a deep breath as he stared into her brown eyes, wincing when he saw the level of concern in her eyes. He knew he had to tell May the truth, she deserved it. After all, he was the one that forced her to stay behind with Andrew, probably for the last time as him being a human, instead of going on the mission. The mission that Daisy saw herself dying and May willingly agreed to go on the mission instead of Daisy. Though May never said it out loud, Coulson knew how much Daisy meant to May, she was basically a daughter to the woman. He felt terrible for forcing May to stay behind while he reluctantly agreed for Daisy to go ahead of the mission, knowing what could happen to the girl.


"The mission…had some unexpected results." Coulson said slowly, trying to figure out how to explain everything.

"Daisy?" May immediately asked, the amount of concern in the way she said her name made Coulson's heart break.

"She's alive." Coulson reassured her.

May didn't say anything as she placed a hand over her racing heart, closing her eyes and releasing a breath of relief. She had never been more terrified that she potentially killed the girl she had known for years. She hated herself for allowing Coulson to easily force her into staying behind just to stay with Andrew. Sure she was married to Andrew years ago but that was in the past and she didn't love Andrew anymore. So why did she stay behind in the first place?

"Mel?" Coulson asked in a gentle tone.

May opened her eyes, removing her hand from her chest and she stood up straight "Where is she?"

"She's in the med bay."


"There…there was some things we couldn't prevent from the mission." Coulson tried to explain "By the time we arrived, and with Daisy-"

"She's alive though?" May asked, needing to know.


"Sir," Fitz voice interrupted their conversation, forcing Coulson and May to abruptly look up to see Fitz hurrying towards them.

"Did you hear anything?" Coulson demanded, standing up straight as he tried to look like authority.

"Yeah, I just walked into the med bay a few minutes ago and Jemma said it would be a few hours to try and fix Daisy. She said we should clean up and rest up. It will take some time." Fitz explained, placing his hands in his pants pockets.

Coulson nodded, expecting that. "Thank you for updating us, Fitz."

Fitz stared at the older man, a hint of fear in his eyes "She'll be alright, won't she? She's Daisy, right?"

Coulson placed a steady hand on the Scottish man's shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze in reassurance "Right, Fitz."

Fitz nodded, not needing to hear more, and sighed "I'll be in the lab, waiting for any news about her." He stared at both older agents before backing away, going to hide in another room.

Coulson turned to face May and noticed how she was unnaturally still and her face was paler than normal. He wasn't even going to ask if she was alright, he knew the answer to that due to the fact that he felt the same way. He simply placed both his hands gently on her tense shoulders, surprised when the woman didn't react to being touched. She hated being touched. He sighed heavily as he leads her out of the hall and into the common room, gently pushing her down on the leather sofa.

He left her alone for a few seconds while he walked over to the kitchen and grabbed two water bottles. He returned to find the Asian woman in the same position he had left her in, not moving a centimeter. He sat down next to her and extended the drink to his friend.


May slowly looked down at the plastic bottle before grabbing it and held the cool drink in both hands. She stared at it for several long minutes before she asked in a soft voice "Why?"

Coulson stared at his own water in his hand "Staying hydrated is important plus it's supposed to help calm your nerves. At least that was what Simmons told me once."

May tore her eyes away from her drink and stared at Coulson, waiting to speak till she saw his blue eyes staring back into her brown eyes. "Why did I stay behind? I was supposed to be the one to go on that mission instead of her."

"You couldn't have known-" Coulson tried to reason.

"She saw herself in those situations, Phil. She told us and therefore we knew." May argued.

"Yes but I was the one who forced you to remain at the Base." Coulson argued back, the guilt clearly sketched on his face. He shook his head and sighed "I figured you would have wanted one last moment between Andrew and yourself."

"Don't you realize I don't care for Andrew how I use to?" May questioned, fierceness in her eyes.

"You were married to him, Mel."

May rolled her eyes and shook her head "Yes, I was. Years ago. I moved on." She closed her eyes as she felt the truth bubble inside of her "I-I only care for Andrew as a friend. Daisy…Daisy I care for…"

"I know." Coulson immediately reassured. He knew from the moment he found the young hacker in her van, bringing her onto his new team, that May would grow use to the younger woman. It may have taken a little more time than it did for Coulson and her but they grew closer together.

"Then why?" May asked once more, this time anger laced in the words.

Coulson placed his water down and held his face in his hands. He had no answer for that question. That haunted his mind the second he reluctantly allowed Daisy to go on the mission in the first place. Christ, he thought of the girl like his own daughter and yet he still allowed her to go on a mission that was basically a suicide mission.

"I-I don't know, Mel. God, I'm an idiot. I should have known…" Coulson mumbled in his hands. He rubbed his face, sighing heavily.

May didn't respond, only placing a hand on his back and rubbed it in a soothing manner. They sat like that for hours in silence, both anxiously waiting for the girl they loved to be finished with surgery. Time seemed to drag on, the minutes stretching as the clock painfully moved forward. Too slow for their likings. Hours later, which felt like eternity, footsteps were heard in the hallway approaching the common room. May, who had her head resting on Coulson's shoulder, raised her head while Coulson turned his head to the doorframe to see who was approaching.

It was Simmons.

Coulson and May shot up and stood in front of the British agent. She looked exhausted, her hair messed up in a messy ponytail, and dried blood was still on her shirt.

"Simmons?" Coulson couldn't fully ask the question that he wasn't prepared to hear the answer to if it wasn't the answer he wanted.

Simmons gave them a small smile "She's fine."

Relief instantly washed over the two older agents as they exhaled deeply and closed their eyes for a moment, silently thanking God. Coulson shook his head, shaking away the previous exhaustion he had himself and stared into the scientist's hazel eyes "Can we see her?"

Simmons sighed, staring back and forth between the two older agents as she saw the desperation in their eyes. The desperation to physically make sure one of their team members was alright. "Fine. You two can see her. It's just…Daisy was beaten very badly. She's going to look slightly different." She warned Coulson and May.

"We need to see her now, Jemma." Coulson admitted.

Simmons nodded, knowing the reason why the two older agents needed to see Daisy at the moment. She gestured for them to follow as she turned around and walked out of the common room. Coulson and May was right behind her as they trio walked through the empty hallway and to the med bay door. Simmons stood in front of the door, gripping her clipboard tighter,

"Would you like me to enter with you first or would you two like to go in by yourself?"

"May we go in by ourselves?" Coulson asked, knowing that May wouldn't show the emotions she needed to express if someone besides him was in the room.

"Of course." Simmons replied "If you guys need me I'll be in the lab." Simmons nodded then walked a few feet away from the room to head towards the lab.

Coulson took a deep breath as he placed his hand on the doorknob and turned it, opening the white door. He entered first and immediately smelt the strong odor of sanitizer. He heard May close the door gently behind as she too entered the room. He looked around the room and immediately his throat closed on him as he located the girl.

Coulson slowly walked over to Daisy and stood on her right side. He hesitantly placed a shaky hand on the younger girl's arm and rubbed it in a soothing manner. He looked up to see May standing on the other side of Daisy and he felt worse than ever now; May's eyes had unshed tears and her mouth was slightly open in a gasping manner. Her face was paler than usual due to the shock at the sight of the girl both him and her considered their daughter.

May hesitantly placed her hand on Daisy's forehead and soothed back the hair that rested on her forehead.

Coulson watched the way May have interacted with the unconscious Daisy and truly knew how much the girl meant to her. She was their daughter, not by blood but by love. They weren't going to let her out of their sight for a long, long time. He knew that May would do anything in the world to protect Daisy even more now, as he would do everything in his power to protect her as well. This was his family after all; the wife he never had and the daughter they never had but always wanted.