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Chapter 9: Alternative Ending to 6x13

Daisy stood off to the side in the Quinjet with her arms crossed against her chest as she thought hard. She had arrived on the Quinjet not too long ago and explained to Mack and Yoyo what had happened since they were taken by Izel a few days earlier. Mack and Yoyo were confused when Daisy arrived alone and then they were angry when she explained to them that May was with Sarge.

You really think this man is Coulson?

Of course not. Coulson was this amazing, sweet, caring man. He was her father. He loved her, that was obvious. She loved him even more than she ever loved her actual father. Hell, Coulson was her father no matter what their DNA said. Unfortunately, Sarge was the complete opposite of that. However, Sarge remembered that her name was once Skye. That had to mean something. He also seemed more than willing to put an end to Izel. They were at least on the same side…no?

Because that's what they do! When the devil shows up, he'll be wearing the face of someone you trust! He'll make you question everything you see and everything you know!


Sarge couldn't be the devil. Alien? Maybe. Certainly not the devil though. Daisy had grown up in a Catholic orphanage. She remembered a thing or two about the Bible and from the descriptions of the Devil there was no way Sarge was that. Or could he?

Daisy looked up to see the shadows of Mack and Yoyo from another section of the Quinjet. They were having a private discussion and were angrily whispering to each other. She couldn't hear a thing they were saying. Though, if she was being honest, she wasn't trying to overhear. She was too preoccupied with her own thoughts.

Maybe Mack was right. Maybe she should have stayed with May and went inside the temple with her. May was by herself with a creature that had Coulson's face.

Daisy's face hardened as she stood up straight and balled her hands into fists.

I need to make this right. I need to save May.

The others' whispers were still loud and fast, which indicated that they were nowhere near done with their conversation. Which meant this was the perfect time to sneak past them. Quietly, Daisy walked over to the ramp. Luckily, the ramp was still opened as they were waiting for the others to arrive and board the jet. She took a deep breath before she turned to the panel on the wall and pushed the close button. A buzzing sound filled the area as the ramp began to rise and Daisy hurried off the ramp, jumping onto the ground just in time. She turned her head over her shoulder to see that the ramp was locked against the Quinjet.

She exhaled deeply as she pushed herself off the ground and sprinted in the direction where the pyramid was in, so she could find May and save her from Sarge. She had to save May. She couldn't lose her mother. May was all she had left and she wasn't going to lose her.

She didn't make it very far before she heard the static from her comm and Mack's voice came through,

"Daisy! What the hell are you doing?"

Daisy pressed her index and middle finger to her right ear, where the earpiece was, and responded "I need to fix my mistake."

"What are you talking about?"

Daisy ducked under a tree branch as she ran closer to the pyramid "You were right. He did make me question everything."

"I didn't mean to go back by yourself!" Mack yelled, which caused her to flinch in response.

She ran faster, feeling more motivated then before. "I'm the one who left May behind. I need to save her."

"You could get yourself killed!" Mack yelled, desperation in his voice "I'm ordering you to stop this foolishness!"

"I'm sorry, Director, but I can't." Daisy skidded to a stop when she approached the clearing of the jungle and saw the entrance to the pyramid.

"Daisy," Yoyo's voice came through this time "we didn't mean to make you feel guilty. We-"

"I'm am feeling guilty." Daisy admitted as she scoped the area out. So far she saw no possessed citizens, which she shouldn't have because she had taken care of them earlier, and none of those creepy alien bats. It looked all cleared.


Daisy hung her head as she sighed "You were right. I shouldn't have left May with him. That was wrong on my part. I need to save her. I am going in there now to do that and stop Izel too. If Sarge is on our side, great. I could use his help. If he isn't…then I'll stop him too. But I am going in now. I'll see you guys later." She pressed her fingers to her earpiece and turned off the comm just as she heard both voices shout her name.

She shook her head. Don't let them get to you. You know what you must do. She opened her eyes and ran up the steps and straight into the pyramid.

It was dark in there. And much cooler too. She carefully maneuvered her way down further into the darkness, wary of any potential threats that she could encounter. There was one possessed man who tried to attack her but he didn't stand a chance against her quake. Finally, after what felt like eternity of sneaking around, light seeped from a large circular room. She snuck behind a pillar and glanced out to see Izel standing a few feet away from May and Sarge. May looked heartbroken while Sarge looked lost and confused. May was inching closer to the man and Daisy heard her say,

"I know because…I was afraid of it too but you let me feel it."

What the hell are they talking about?

"You gave that gift to me. You pulled me out of that cubicle. You gave me purpose. A crew."

Daisy's blood turned cold as she realized the horrifying truth; May thinks Sarge is truly Coulson. May was talking to Coulson.

"Remember me. Remember us. Daisy."

Daisy bit her lip as she forced back a sob. This can't be happening right now. She was supposed to stop this yet she couldn't bring herself to stop May from her speech. May barely spoke yet when she did it was insightful and meaningful. Besides, May needed this moment. That much was obvious.

"Mack. Yoyo. Fitz and Simmons. You love us."

"You're right." Sarge finally spoke up. "It's love."

Daisy wiped her eyes. Something didn't feel right. The way he say it's love sounded…cold?

"The pain is love." Sarge said.

Shit. That can't be good.

Daisy pushed herself off the pillar and watched in horror as Sarge moved closer to May.

However, May seemed satisfied with that response because she sighed happily "Yes."

The gut feeling she had been having ever since her conversation with Mack on the Quinjet increased drastically. Something terrible was going to happen. She needed to interfere with whatever Sarge and Izel had planned. She forced her legs to run towards her mom.

Sarge spoke in a low voice, not breaking eye contact with May "And now I know how to end it."

Daisy jumped right in between May and Sarge, her back to the man and she had the honor to watch a mixture of emotions flash in the woman's brown eyes; surprise, horror, embarrassment, love, anger, and disappointment. Daisy opened her mouth for a snarky remark but the only thing that came out was a strangled moan as she instantly felt a fiery pain erupt from her stomach.

"Daisy?!" May questioned.

However, Daisy couldn't respond. Her hands shakily flew down to her stomach and to her surprise, and horror, she felt the blade of the sharp sword. She slowly looked down to see that most of the sword was through her. A clean stab. Straight through her. She slowly looked up to realize that May finally looked down. Her face turned ghostly white as she saw the sword too.

"Daisy!" May gasped as her legs buckled.

She couldn't respond. It could have been that she was in shock right now or it could have been that she didn't know what to say or it could have been the blood that was now in her mouth. A lot of blood actually, which she wanted to spit out but didn't want to scare May even more.

"Stupid girl!" Sarge growled as he wiggled the sword back and forth, which caused even more pain to erupt from within.

Tears rolled down her cheeks from the pain. A straggled groan escaped her lips "Mom…"

May's eyes widened, in what exactly Daisy couldn't tell because her vision was blurring.

Sarge roughly spun the girl around to look her in the eyes. For the first time since their encounter, Daisy not see any signs of Coulson. This man in front of her was entirely Sarge. An evil creature. As Mack said, Sarge was the Devil and she finally saw right through his disguise.

"You weren't supposed to be here." Sarge said "It works though. Kill two birds with one stone, right? That's a saying on this planet, right? Get rid of the strongest one here. This also helped me realize who I truly am. Unfortunately, for you, you pretty much left your mother for dead." With that, Sarge pushed Daisy backwards into the portal.

The last thing Daisy heard was May's heartbreaking cry of "NO!"

"NO!" The sound she made as she watched her daughter fall through the portal was inhuman. She fell to her knees as she stared at the portal, the only thing she was capable of doing.

She was truly gone. The girl she loved most in the world gone in a blink of an eye. Killed by someone who resembled the man they both loved. Someone they once trusted.

"Daisy!" She screamed as she pounded her fists against the ground.

May stopped pounding the ground as she realized an alarming thing.

She wasn't crying. She should be crying. She wished she was crying. She just witnessed the murder of her daughter! The thought of it alone made her sick but witnessing it first hand? It should have had her curled up in a ball, sobbing her heart out.

Yet all she could do was grit her teeth and glare at the portal.

"And here I thought I would have stabbed you then have a legendary battle with that girl. It's a shame things changed." Sarge mocked as he circled the room, his attention going back between the portal and the woman on the floor.

Izel, who was silent for a majority of the time, decided to speak up "You take care of her. I'm going to check on the other one." With that, she stepped foot into the portal, leaving behind May and Sarge.

"Fine by me. This way you can continue to grace me with more information about a man you once loved. Pathetic, if you ask me but whatever…"

The man continued to mock them but May didn't hear any of it. She only heard her rapid heartbeat as well as an echo of Daisy's groan. Mom!

May growled and launched herself at the monster. She only saw red as she threw punch after punch at the demon.

Sarge, unluckily, was able to dodge every single punch. This drove May mad. She quickened the speed of her punches and even tried a different tactic on how to attack him. She kicked his legs, causing him to lose his footing and fall onto the ground. May growled and dove at him. Her hands going for his neck as she choked him.

However, it didn't seem to do anything. Instead of blocking his airway, like what would normally happen in this situation, he began to laugh an evil laugh.

"Is that all you got?" Sarge laughed out before he reached forward and grabbed her wrists, pushing her off of him. He rose to his feet in a swift motion, dragging the woman up with him.

May grunted as she struggled to break free.

Sarge pulled her closer, close enough where May could smell the staleness of his breath. He licked his lips before he growled out "Now what to do with you?" May struggled harder at that comment "You don't deserve the same death like the other one."

"Don't!" May growled out as she managed to pull her right arm back before punching the man square in the face. This resulted in him to stumble back, freeing her from being restrained.

He brought a hand up to where she punched him and wiped at the blood. He exhaled deeply and snarled "So that's how you want it to be?"

May stood her guard as she raised both fists, ready to attack at any moment. Her lips quivered as she struggled to contain all the fury she felt.

When Sarge took one step towards her, May pounced.

She used every fighting technique she could possibly do in the moment. However, none of the techniques were logical. They were out of pure rage.

She had been training as an agent for years. She had been training even longer in martial arts, starting when she was just a kid. She had learned self-control and when to apply different moves for different opponents. Right now, she wasn't using anything she had learned throughout the years.

This fight wasn't due to a mission nor was the purpose was to capture.

This was personal.

He killed my daughter!

She threw punch after punch. Punching him any spot her fists landed; his face, chest, torso, and head. She even clawed and kick. Desperately trying to cause him pain.

He deserved the pain.

He should have died! He should have been killed! It shouldn't have been Daisy! Not my Daisy!

Sarge must have figured out that the small woman was not using any particular technique in this fight because he moved out of the way from one of her punches. He shoved her to the ground hard, where she landed on her back, knocking the air out of her.

She groaned as she struggled to catch her breath, making no sudden effort to rise. She could only lay on the ground. She suddenly felt very weak. Like all the strength in her just vanished. Her lips began to quiver as she realized that she couldn't even defeat Sarge for Daisy's sake.

Daisy, Baobao. I'm sorry I failed you…again.

Sarge panted "If I had my sword, I would have stabbed you just like I did to your daughter. Sadly, since I don't…I'm going to be creative with your death." He towered over the agent "I am going to enjoy this."

May glared up at him and for once did not see any resemblance of Coulson. All she saw was a monster.

Suddenly, a loud band echoed through the room and Sarge jerked forward, stumbling a few feet. He swayed for a moment and looked down at his chest to see blood seeping through his shirt.

May's eyes widen in shock and confusion before looking around the room for the source of the sound. From the shadowy entrance of the room, Mack and Yoyo walked out. Yoyo had her robotic fists balled up, shifting from one foot to another as she waited for the perfect moment to attack. Meanwhile, Mack had his shotgun axe trained on Sarge. From her angle, it appeared as if sweat was glistening down Mack's cheeks.

May swallowed hard as she realized that it wasn't sweat but tears.

They knew.

Mack reloaded his gun and growled out "This is for Daisy."

Sarge scoffed at that "Damn. You humans are too emotional for your own good. I did that girl a favor-"

He was cut off when Mack fired a shot, hitting the monster in the stomach. He took a deep, shaky breath and glared at the Director. He didn't get the opportunity to respond because the moment he opened his mouth, Yoyo used her inhuman speed to send him flying across the room. His back smacked against the wall and he slowly slide down to the dirt ground.

Yoyo returned to Mack's side as she stared down at the creature in disgust and hatred "Didn't see that coming, did you?"

Sarge appeared to be unconscious because he wasn't moving or making any noise.

"Don't fall for this trap, Yoyo. He's still alive. Be on guard." Mack warned, still having his shotgun axed trained on the creature, as he cautiously approached the other agent in the room.

He held a hand down to help the woman up but May brushed his hand away and stood up on her own. She clenched her fists and stared down at the ground, not being able to make eye contact with the Director.

"May, we saw what happened with Daisy." Mack explained softly "I-I-I can't even-"

"Stop." May ordered in a cold tone. She shook her head as she looked over at the monster in the room. "We need to kill him."

Yoyo approached the duo "Any idea how to kill him? Apparently bullets don't faze him. Neither does our powers."

May swallowed hard as she noticed Sarge's fingers beginning to twitch. "The sword was our only weapon."

May continued to stare at the creature while Mack and Yoyo shared a dejected look. They understood from the surveillance video that the particular sword which May was referring to was the weapon that killed Daisy. When Daisy fell through the portal, the sword went with her. There was no way to retrieve either the sword or the girl's body.

Mack remained silent for a minute as he tried to think of a new strategy on how to defeat Sarge. He took a deep breath then exhaled through his nose. "Ok. Here's the game plan. Until we can find a way to kill him, we need to tire him out. We use everything we have to defeat him. He won't be getting out of here alive. Is that understood?"

"But, Mack-" Yoyo tried to say something but the man shook his head.

"It's not a full-proof plan but it's all I can think of at the moment." Mack said "Unless anyone has any other ideas?"

"Just give up."

All three agents turned around to see Sarge rising from the ground. He twisted his neck to the right, a loud cracking sound filled the air, and moved his bottom jaw. He straightened his back and rose to his full height as he casted each agent a cold, hard glare.

"You know, I was going to go easy on all of you but damn did you really piss me off." Sarge growled through gritted teeth.

Mack raised his weapon, having a clear shot at the monster.

Sarge smiled a foul smile as he wagged his finger "I realized something while being on this planet. That together, as a group, Shield is invincible. However, when isolated, it's not as strong. You need to learn some independence."

Sarge closed his eyes for the briefest of seconds before reopening them, staring straight at the ceiling. A flapping sound occurred and, out of nowhere, a Shrike flew around the room.

"Get down!" Mack ordered as he, Yoyo, and May ducked for cover to avoid this creature.

They all witnessed the damage and destruction the Shrike caused within the past few days. They knew that they needed to avoid it at all cost.

"Mack!" Yoyo yelled out as she watched the Shrike dart around the room "I will take care of this!"

"What?!" Mack yelled back with incredulity "Yoyo, no!"

"It's just one Shrike. I can out run it and stab it with the knife. I can handle it!" Yoyo said.

Mack shook his head violently "Yoyo, as the Director of Shield, I am giving you a direct order to stand down!"

Yoyo stared at the Shrike, mentally figuring out the pattern it flew around. She looked back at the other two agents and gave them a determined look "I'll be right back." With that, she took off, completely ignoring the others protests of her doing so.

However, despite her super speed powers, which pretty much made her invisible to the average person, she wasn't quick enough for the Shrike. When Yoyo was in mid-sprint, the Shrike flew into Yoyo's slightly opened mouth. Her eyes grew wide as she felt the alien creature wiggle through her mouth and crawled down her throat. She stopped running, becoming visible to the others in the room, and her hands flew to her throat before she dropped to her knees.

May and Mack watched in horror as the woman fell to her knees.

"NO!" Mack screamed as he jumped up and sprinted to the woman he loved.

May rose to her feet but remained where she was, allowing the couple to have a moment to grieve together. She turned her head and watched Sarge who had a malicious look in his eyes. She clenched her fists and gritted her teeth as she stalked towards him.

Sarge must have picked up on the murderous look in the smaller woman's eyes and said "Why keep fighting? Look at the power we hold and look at your suffering. Why continue?"

May stood with her back to the portal as she faced the man and scoffed "Let me guess; surrender and we'll never suffer again."

"Oh no." Sarge took a step closer to her, his voice laced with anger "I'll make sure you do. I'll handpick the spirits to take you, to use your flesh, to ravage your insides."

May was too focused on the monster in front of her that she didn't realize Izel had emerged silently from the portal. In each of her hands were shiny swords, glistening due to the lights from the portal.

Sarge noticed Izel but continued to distract the agent "Every waking moment, a battle will rage within you."

May titled her head and said in a soft voice "Can't wait." I deserve it after all.

Suddenly, the sound grunting came from behind the Asian woman. She whipped around and saw Izel right behind her with a sword straight through her chest. Izel screamed in pain. The culprit of this stabbing was none other than,

"Daisy!" May breathed out.

Daisy had her left hand on Izel's shoulder to keep her upright as she pushed the sword in further. She panted "Did not see that coming, didn't you?" With that remark, she pulled the sword out which caused Izel to collapse onto the floor before turning into dust and vanishing completely.

The exact moment that Izel died, the Shrike melted from within Yoyo and Mack looked over at May, Sarge, and Daisy. He visibly checked on Yoyo, knowing she was going to be ok now, and shot up to his feet.

Daisy, who no longer could stand on her own, stumbled. She used whatever strength she had left and threw the sword in the air before she collapsed onto the ground.

May watched in horror as her daughter fell but she turned around to watch the sword fly through the air before Mack grabbed it. She saw the horror and disbelief on Sarge's face, from realizing that he was screwed. May's face twisted and she growled before charging at the man, punching him in the nose and shoving him back a few feet. Having him pushed back allowed Mack to have the perfect opportunity to have a nice, clean swipe at the man. Sarge was cut in half from his torso. He crumbled into a pile of ash.

The moment Sarge was killed, the portal closed instantly and the ground began to crumble. The crumbling caused dust to fall everywhere.

Mack gave May a surprised look before he went to check on Yoyo, who was coughing up the last remaining bits of the Shrike. He whispered comforting words to the woman as he hugged her close.

May swallowed hard before she spun around and saw Daisy squirming on the ground. May fell to her knees beside the young girl and got a good look at her; the bottom left lip was split opened which caused blood to trail down her chin, she was pale, her skin was gray and ashy looking, sweat glistened over her face, and blood was seeping out of her stomach. May's trembling hand hovered above her body. She wanted to comfort and touch her daughter but she was afraid to hurt her even more.

May gasped out quietly "Daisy…"

She gently rolled the girl over onto her back and placed the girl's head on her lap. Daisy's glossy eyes wandered around before landing on her mother. She calmed down instantly when she realized who was by her side "May…"

May brushed back Daisy's blonde hair as she looked over the girl's body. She had no idea how to help her daughter as she saw the wound that the girl suffering with. Her mouth opened and closed as she struggled with what to say to the girl. She knew she needed to get help but her throat was as dry as the Sahara Desert so she couldn't call for help. She also didn't want to move the girl to cause her any more pain.

"Did you destroy it?" Daisy asked weakly as she stared right at her mother. When she noticed the out of it look, she specified "That thing inside him?"

She was talking about Sarge.

May took a deep, shaky breath as she nodded "We did."

Daisy actually smiled at that as she closed her eyes. Before May could freak out, Daisy reopened them and shakily gasped for air before softly asking "Was there…anything left? Coulson?"

May's heart broke at the question. She knew that Daisy loved Coulson with all her heart. The man was a father to her. Then when Sarge appeared, it messed with all of them but it mainly affected May and Daisy. May had given Daisy false hope that Coulson may have been in Sarge. That was the reason Daisy trusted Sarge…why she worked alongside him.

This was all May's fault.

May choked back a sob and bit the inside of her cheeks to keep herself from losing it. She needed to remain strong for her girl. Not being able to verbally respond, she sadly shook her head.

Disappointed flashed across Daisy's face and she simply nodded. Her gaze drifted off to the side and she swallowed hard as she struggled to breathe. "I was hoping to…" She looked up at her mentor as she swallowed a mouthful of blood "see him again…to hear him make lame dad jokes…"

May sniffled and nodded. She forced a sad, small smile to try and reassure the girl that everything was going to be fine "Me too."

"I guess…" Daisy gulped for air as she looked up towards the ceiling "I guess I'll see him soon, huh?"

She suddenly stopped struggling for air and she looked at her mother. She gave her a small smile before turning serious and said in a voice no more than a whisper "I'm sorry." Her eyes slowly closed and her head rolled to the side.

"Daisy?" May chocked out as she gently placed her right hand on the girl's pale, cold cheek. She released a shaky sob and she lowered her head to rest her forehead on the inhuman's forehead. She silently sobbed as she clung to her daughter's body.


She grieved for her daughter because she knew there was no way to save her daughter. They were in an abandoned temple with their only way out of here over a mile away. By the time they reached the Quinjet they would need to fly all the way to the Lighthouse and there was not enough time. The only thing she could do was hold the girl in her arms and blame herself for her daughter's death.

It should have been me! I should have been the one Sarge stabbed. I should have fell through that portal! I should be the one dying. Not Daisy! This wasn't supposed to happen.

Suddenly, there was a mechanical sound which caused May to look up and she was greeted by a blinding light that appeared in the temple. May winced as she tried to stare at the source of the light and was surprised to see Simmons walking into the temple. Behind the scientist was a team with hazmat suits on, making their way around the temple and gathering evidence from around the room. May turned her head and saw Deke running into the room with his gun drawn. She also noticed that Mack and Yoyo stood several feet away from her, Mack held Yoyo in his arms. May's grip on her daughter tightened as she swore to protect her.

"She'll be fine." Simmons announced as she walked towards May and Daisy. She squatted down beside the girl and jabbed her with a medical needle.

May stared in confusion and hope at the younger woman.

Simmons stared at the nonmoving girl before looking up at the older woman and explained "We'll repair her tissue in a few hours once she reaches the correct core temperature." She gave Daisy's knee a soft squeeze before rising to her feet "But right now we need to move."

Simmons went to talk to Mack but May stayed on the ground to hold her daughter. When several agents in hazmat suits approached them, May pulled the girl closer and practically growled when they tried to reach for her.

"Ma'am. We need to move her." One of the agents said.

May didn't say anything when she saw the capsule they brought over. It looked like a coffin. She wasn't ready to bury her girl. She held Daisy tighter.

She jumped when she felt a hand on her shoulder. She turned her head to see Simmons "May, trust me. We are going to save Daisy. She will survive this." She nodded when she saw the woman's grip on the body loosen.

After several long minutes of managing May to release the girl, the agents were finally able to carefully place the girl in the capsule and placed the capsule on a gurney. They wheeled the girl up the Zepher's ramp with May, along with the others, before they left the group alone.

Once alone, Simmons explained what was going on and what was going to happen. She explained that they had time and will need to use time on their side.

Though Simmons was explaining everything to the team, May wasn't able to focus on her words. The only thing she was capable of doing at the present time was stare at the capsule where the unconscious Daisy laid.