August 16, Monday

Dear Diary,

I personally don't know why I, at the ripe age of 13 years old, am writing in-

A diary.

No offense, Diary.

Anyhow, maybe a bit of my life will help this thing get any more interesting.

So, right now I am sitting on the deck in a lawnchair, watching my little sister and twin brothers BOTHERS jump on our trampoline, Katie doing backflips while Jonah and Noah try to throw her off balance by bouncing even harder. Mom and Dad are laughing and playing with little, giggly, one year old Mariah, pushing her on the swings.

And because I am writing this stupid thing, my lemonade, which was teetering and tottering in my armpit, spilled all over my clothes.

Too bad it didn't spill on you, Diary. But still, Mom would've just went out to the store and buy another one.

She told me that I've got "a different mindset" that "doesn't run the same way others do" and because of that, I "don't like to share my pain and sorrow."

In response to her little sob talk, I searched up my name, Alexandra, and then told her that I was rated one of the most open people.

Mom was still stubborn. "Darling, this is not based on your name. you never tell anyone anything- not even an ounce- about your feelings. I know that there's something, so please just try this."

Mom was never really the type to force things on us, so I thought I might as well do it.

Annnnd ta-da, here I am.

Well, this probably has something to do with the fact that Mom is actually my stepmom, and that Katie, Jonah, Noah, and Mariah were all my half siblings. My dad got involved with some girl he liked when he was 20, and then they decided to break up a year after I was born. Soon after, when I was three years old, Dad started seeing Carol (that's Mom's first name), one of his college mates.

They got hitched, and here we are.

Mom is now heading my way- I'd better skip to another page, my "diary page." There, I wrote a diary entry fit for even Miss Little Perfect.

*five minutes later*

Whew! Boy did Mom get excited when I told her I was actually writing in the diary. She squealed (yes, Diary, she SQUEALED) and said that she was glad I took her suggestion to heart.

Let's hope she doesn't get like that again soon, since I'm not really one who kisses up to this type of attention, unless it buys me a PRS Se Paul Allender Purple Burst electric guitar.

My dream guitar.

I've been playing electric guitar since I was five, and have a beautiful acoustic guitar covered in signatures on the back and one of my cute sketches on the front (another hobby of mine is art; it's the only one that manages to sneak into all my activities) and an electric guitar passed down four generations in my dad's family. I've had it since I was born, Dad says. In Daddy-o's story, when they brought me home, he took the guitar and placed it next to me and I had snuggled up against it. I know his version of the story is true because Mom and Dad have the photo of me and the guitar above the fireplace.

Katie and the twins love listening to my music, and love it even better when I let them sit in for a band session with the Constellations. The Constellations are a seven member band made up of me on lead electric guitar, Riya on bass, Shay on rhythm guitar, Skylar on drums, Ash on keyboard, Nicky on chimes, and Trixie, our lead singer.

All of us make up Constellations.

Hey! That reminds me! We've got a practice scheduled at my house in 2 hours! That also means I've got to clean up the basement so we'll have a big space to play...UGH! Why couldn't they hold the twins' birthday party somewhere else?

Oh well. Got to rally up a deal with Katie and the twins so they'll have to help me with the cleaning, or the Constellations won't get to jam.

Bye? ( do you say goodbye to a diary? Oh whatever. More on it tonight)